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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

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Write a Sales Page That Sells

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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15. Write a Sales Page That Sells

Lesson Info

Write a Sales Page That Sells

In this segment we are going teo help you right a sales page that's going to sell for the product that you have in mind so if you're watching from home have a product in mind that you can outline the sales page for because we're going to do that now so that when you get home you feel a lot more confident in writing it we're also going to talk about creating a loyal customer base because the magical thing that can happen is that they can start to sell your stuff for you and the time that you have to spend marketing decreases of course that time is always there but it starts to snow ball on itself and you spend less time doing it because other people are doing it for you which is so amazing and of course we're going to chat with my carly's from heart made blogged dot com and she's got all a lot of knowledge on creating and telling to jewel products you guys they're going to love her she's so much fun so first when writing a sales paige you want to keep in mind a few things first is that ...

you're never trying to trick people into buying your stuff that's the way to get unsatisfied angry customers who want refunds and who are going to say negative things about your stuff just because they're not the right people for you and it's just not shady so you want to make it very clear who your product is for when you're writing a sales page your job is to help them make a decision yes or no that's what your sales paige is doing and you want people to say no you want some people to not be the right fit if not it's not clear enough it's not branded enough but it's kind of vanilla you know you want mint chocolate chip with rainbow sprinkles so that people know exactly what they're getting if they buy when you write your sales paige you need to provoke curiosity with your headlines and I talked about that a little bit in the last segment but it's so so important I want to reinforce it I want it in your brain so that when you are done with this course this is something that you absolutely remember because if you do this people aren't just going to skim and scan your your sales pages they're going to read them you want to simplify as much as possible clarity always wins over acuteness you want personality you want the cute factor if that's what you're going for or the sassy factor or whatever it is but clarity always wins a confused customer never buys and so also when you're thinking about the length of your sales page consider that it needs to be long enough where everything is very clear you need to establish credibility in trust one of the things that my says to me especially about the clarity is that she uses what she calls the grandma test if granny doesn't understand, I need to make it clearer so that's one of the things that she does would she tests her sales pages to make sure that people are understanding what she says you have to show them that you understand that you get it, especially if you are service based business. If you're selling products, this isn't as important they still need to trust you to buy from you, but they know that you get it because you have the same design aesthetic, right? If you're selling some sort of product, but if your service based business you have to show them that you understand or else they're going to choose somebody else to work with words matter that absolutely matter. But how the words make your potential customers feel matters more so what what's the feeling that they get when they read your sales page and try to imagine it when you've written your sales page, read through it and try to imagine what they're feeling because a lot of times you want to provoke, you want to make them feel inspired, you want to make them feel motivated, you want to make them feel excited about buying your product, right? So you want to make sure that the words that you use do those things and your description your sales page will affect how much you can charge and if people will buy it just well, unless you sell let's say you sell que tous print of all time so you sell something like this from ashley from principal wisdom then people look at this and it's the picture it's the image it's the product that means the most yes, the copy matters. Yes, the product description matters, but if you are service based business, it matters even more because they're not buying this. They're buying working with you are learning from you or e book that you've written a knitting pattern that you have written anything like that, they have to trust you and they have to want to buy into it when they read your sales page. Now I know lots of people say to me so how do I avoid cheesy copy that you sound kind of like a used car salesman, right? So the first thing you have to keep in mind is that you are trying to sell you do want people to buy, but you don't have to sound cheesy and like a used car salesman and news or my tricks for doing that the first one is to right toe one person in mind you may have ten dream customers pick one, imagine her in your head for him and right specifically to that person and when I tell people this they freak out because they think then I'm excluding all of these other people, and they're not going to buy because I'm writing to that one person the exact opposite happens, I promise you, if you try this, you're going to be like that is right, I shouldn't be doing that because what it feels like, even though you've just written it toe one person, it feels more personal and people feel more connected to the copy and that's what you want, whenever I do this, I have I can't tell you how many emails that I get from people who say, I feel like you wrote that exactly to me, and I didn't picture that person in my mind when I was writing it, but they feel a connection to it, so don't get terrified by that concept use it, see how it's going to help you, and then you're going to want to use it every single time, and when I don't do it when I am in a rush, I'm writing a block post and I'm not imagining one person in my mind it doesn't succeed as much, I don't get many comments I don't get is many shares its when I'm thinking about one person that it works the best and it's the same thing with my sales pitch is give everything the friend test this is how you really avoid the sales in language would I say this to a friend? So read the paragraph out loud to yourself when I say this to a friend or does this sound like I'm really trying to sell somebody hard on this and if you wouldn't say it to a friend, switch it up make it more friendly language that khun dio wonders for your copy? I mean, really it will transform it and for the clarity test say concretely understand so you've got all these different tests you can apply to it so that you're avoiding cheesy copy and so you are avoiding the confusing copy and of course, you want to write it for your ideal customer. So what might be confusing to somebody who's? Not your target market would be very clear to somebody who is and you want to go with whatever is clear to your target market so we're gonna look at some of your sales pages. This is going to be fine, okay? It's gonna be helpful and you're helping everybody at home as well. So what we're going to do is bring up a couple of audience members one at a time and share their sales paige I'm gonna give some feedback come on, come on up, okay, first tell us a little bit about your business is the artist jd artistry d dot com and er it is all about designed to empower creative business owners about the legal aspects of their business and to make it not scary because so many creative business owners are terrified about the law. Okay, so first looking at this I would say my first suggestion and you are you aren't alone in your legal questions, so I love this however I would move it down a little bit and I would start with probably something that is lower than this yes, so I know from those of you brave enough to send me e mails that you have lots of questions about the legal aspects of your business, you might be curious to know what steps you might take when someone feels your work online all of that that should go at the very top because you're talking teo your dream customer right away so your sales cage looks agree from this perspective it just needs to be switched up where you place a few things and I think it'll work better for you so I would bring that more up to the top and you can keep it the same format that you have you can turn it into something like pop quiz check all that apply to you you can turn it into questions, so do you know what steps you might take when someone steals your work online those kinds of things do you want to learn when an llc is and why they're a big deal? So those are the questions that you're getting from your potential customers it's perfecto have that stuff at the top because for speaking their language or letting them now that you get them that they're in the right place, they automatically know when they read this yes or no, this is for me this is what I want to figure out or no, I'm not really this isn't really for me that's not what I'm looking for. All right, let's, scroll down what if instead you knew the answer to that question? You've been curious about how to go to resource that explain that answer like a friend over coffee? Well, I like the friend over coffee bit felt like you contributed justus much information to another creative entrepreneur as you took away. Okay, so these pieces as well this is okay, I would have this up at the top and then I would have that you're in the right place because what if instead you had this? I'm the right person to do this for you, and I would tell them why you're the right person to do it for that right underneath of this section, I would have just a small paragraph about a little bit about your background why you're the right person a lot of people come to yourselves page will already know you because they read your log they signed up for your email newsletter but you give them a little bit more in that paragraph and for anyone who doesn't know you that well that's going to help them feel like okay, I can trust this person because she has a legal background she knows what she's talking about I feel comfortable here you have a testimony oh, I love it and that's a pretty good spot for a testimonial because there isn't a ton of copy above it water office hours so you're explaining what they are each month no more than ten of us will gather for office hours while will be meeting online it will be more like meeting a group of friends over coffee okay, I would switch up that language a little bit since you've already said a group of friends over coffee um same I would I would keep the same feel of it but just switch up the copy so a group of friends meeting for cocktails or something like that I would say something like it's going to feel like a slumber party because that's my language and my personality so pick something close to that but just switch it up a little bit since you've used that uli feeling more confident that you know the answer to your questions will have helped out a few creative business owners, by contributing your experiences and knowledge, will know that you aren't the only one struggling with that issue, and it will cost you about as much is going out to lunch. Okay, this is another brilliant one that she has in her sales page. Is that she's showing you this isn't that much in the grand scheme of things it's, like you would pay to go out to lunch? And when you do that, you make the cost, even if it's a smaller cost, you make it less scary, make it people make you don't think I can skip one lunch with friends this month and do this instead, of course. Okay, I would put what I would include on this is a little bit more about what they're going to get and how where they're going to meet, how they're going to be able, teo access it because people will often for me. I didn't have this information on myself pages before, and people would come to me and I would get lots of e mails on well, what do I need in order to access the course? And I would say, you just need access to the internet, and I thought, ok, that's that's obvious it wasn't obvious, so I added it to myself also, um making it a little bit less scary for them so that they know what it's going to be like. So is it going to be you on video and they can ask questions? Is it what's the format of amusing uber conference for it? And so everybody, you can either go online, you know, using the earl and hear the audio so it's audio only or you can call it on the phone, so no matter if you have access to the internet or don't, because you're at work and you can use your work computer or whatever, then you've got the ability to join him. Okay, perfect. I would include that information, and I would also let people know that it's audio so that they don't. You wouldn't imagine how many people do not sign up for courses when they think they have to be on video because they're terrified of it and they're introverts and they don't want teo appear on video when they're asking their questions, they feel a little bit scared by that. So when you let people know that it's audio, they know what to expect and you're going to have people who are more likely to sign up. I think that if they're thinking, what is this it's just it's a vague enough where people are gonna have too many questions, you know this, I actually very happy I designed this last week in yeah lands of coming to this course oh yeah this's gonna be back yeah all right I love that and let's see we've got one testimonial and another one is on its way ok she just couldn't get it to me before okay percent yeah with the length of this I think test two testimonials is great and then after you do another round of the office hours I would send out some sort of survey that is really quick for people to fill out and at the end of it you say can I use your answers is the testimonial and I would say ninety five percent of people say yes and then you'll get a bunch more tat all right coming up here and letting us see her sales page I know you see your name next age don't come on up here to the sales page from my digital product way when we find it beginners okay let's do it all right so first off we have a photo visual I like visuals up here okay if you know in your heart that it's time to put yourself first probably for the first time in your life joined me for self paced digital program full of nurturing gratitude productivity and strategic planning and finally understand what unedited edited life can feel like you know we re read really quickly heart that it's time to put yourself first okay, so this starts to connect with your ideal customer. You're not talking about yourself right away. You're talking about what you can do for them. And I would let me see what's below. Here. Do any of these sound like you be? Okay. Alright, perfect. Okay, so I was going to say I would add a little bit more to this, and I have right here. Okay, so, do any of these sound like you be honest? And this feels kind of like what I had set up on my sales page. So I think it works really well. If eat without even reading it. I can tell that this works really well. Another thing that sage is done here that I want to point out that's really good if she's bold id some of the pieces because people skin and scan your sales pages. And so when you bold certain pieces of your copy things that you want to stand out, it works really well, I got these from two places. Uh, the comments on my block post and have the emails that people sent me. Okay, so these are things people are actually saying, tio unfortunately, yes, but you're using their language right away, so it's perfect. Okay what if I were to say that you can have the life you've always dreamed about and it doesn't involve quitting your job divorcing your spouse, moving across the country, winning the lottery or throwing your curtain life into the traffic into the trash like a crumpled up piece of junk mail okay, first of all I love the personality with crumpled up piece of junk mail and that you have you can tell who you're going to be working with pretty much right away with the way that the copy is you know when you read sails pages and they sound very robotic and like a person didn't write them I don't feel like this one sounds like that what do you guys think? Yeah yeah trying to be a robot it's hard though sometimes I I think you get people all the time coming to you with robotic sales pages and they're like I don't know I don't know how to change this right? Yeah absolutely that's the biggest and there's almost a fear to of being vulnerable and putting yourself out there and really being you and it all goes back to that idea that we're fooling everybody into thinking that we're something else so we put on a voice that's like I'm a business owner voice instead of being yourself right so I use words like business people use instead of words like you actually would use yeah so it's huge and if so, what do you think about this one so far? It sounds like sage it's talking to say traitor sounds like her yeah, it does and did it take you a while to get it like this get it to the point where it sounds like you it didn't take me that long because I blogged daily some writing all the time but actually I say it out loud and then I write down how how I say it how I would say it to a friend okay, perfect so that's another great tip saying it out loud, seeing how it sounds and then writing it down especially if you're struggling with how to say it in a way that doesn't sound sales e and cheesy so before that tell us did it take you a while of blogging to get into founding like stage? Yeah, before I became a life coach or a life editor, I had ten years of writing for medical textbooks, so if you go back to my archives, my writing is very stilted and very professional, but yeah, it took me a lot of writing just to start sounding like me and talking to my customers to like, how would I talk to them? I don't talk to them with like I don't know this facade of being like super professional I talked to them like like I know them yeah yeah. And that's why people want to work with you as opposed to other people who offer similar services. Yeah. It's what makes it work just to upstage person anyway? Okay, so you see how much is already here before she's introducing herself? That is perfect. So if you're talking about you right away, you just want to switch things around. You just want to make sure that people are understanding what the product is first. Hey, there I'm saved grayson. Ok? And I like how you talk like a normal person and it's not in the third person because we all know you wrote it, and it seems really weird when you're reading the third person on somebody's paint like this, it just seems very that's what? It sounds very robotic because we know you wrote your sales page. So why are you talking about yourself? Like somebody else knows your product and wrote that about you? And then I like the pictures. Are these pictures that you took? No, actually, these are pictures from my beta testers of them filling out the worksheets. And I asked them to send them to me as I was creating the sales pitch. I love it, I love it, that's fantastic. They're real people, like come out, but there were people, you know okay and then you have some example pages this is something that I like to do on my sales pages as well when especially if it's in a book or something like that that people can kind of see what they're getting when they sign up um embarrassed to say that these were made in microsoft word so if you don't have anything extra fancy you can make something like this in word is very doable I like that you don't have to be embarrassed about that but they were pretty q thank you after yesterday's session up a bit what's life editing for beginners okay so this is a video testimonial video testimonial how did you get it I I asked my beta testers hey would you please send me a testimonial if you send me a video testimonial that's ninety seconds or shorter I will give you a free one on one call so that's how I got that the video testimonial okay perfect because it takes a lot of time for somebody to sit down and make a video it so the fact that you offer something in exchange you're going to actually end up getting some okay and then you have some more information some more testimonials yeah I have a five step framework that I use for all of my products in all of my coaching but this digital product isn't I guess an entryway to it this is just learning the five steps okay that everything else gotcha and I know michael yeah e probably watching we've got more testimonials see how she's got testimonials but it doesn't look like it doesn't feel overwhelming with testimonials. Okay, bye now your final button is prominent it's right there for people to see we know exactly what to do sometimes you'll read sails, pages and the buy button. It is kind of confusing like you don't know that's what you're supposed to click it's not really clear and one of the reasons that this one that you know that you're going to be able to click on it is it's got this drop shadow on it, which is very easy to do inside of did you do inside of word actually used photoshopped elements for that part? Okay, yeah, I usually use illustrator are these more pictures from your beta testers and you've got all these nice inland images here's, what you get okay, so these are the features those of the features and you've already talked about some of the benefits, right? Yes, obviously I think there's more, but yeah, yeah, big white space for personal self care that's a benefit so we've got the benefits in the features you've got more testimonials, what results can you expect when you apply the tools and practices in your in life editing for beginners? I love this, too, because then people know if it's right for them or not right for them, this is a way to kind of filled throughout the people that it's wrong, for I'm definitely not for everyone and even were that perfect exactly what I was saying, so this works really well, frequently asked questions now you can have frequently asked questions on sales page. I think it works really well now near the end of a sales page usually get that from people who email you, they've read your sales page and they still have a question that's how I collect my frequently asked questions, and I usually set up a blogger post for them and send people to that post. I always send it out as an email at some point, and I will get a rush of sales right after I send out an email with frequently asked questions, answer in the email, another testimonial, okay, so we know this is this is pretty darn good, you guys and we have a picture of sage. I would say that if you feel comfortable, you should put a picture of yourself on your sales page if your service based business, because people want to know who they're working with. So there we go. Have a quick question here on regarding this, julian want to know, what do you think about having a video sales you mention having a picture of yourself? Is there value to have sort of a video on the sales pages? Well, yeah, absolutely. I have had sales pages where I have an intro video at the top. I think you still need the copy, but yes, yeah, video can be great, because then people know they feel this connection with you right away that you don't get from reading copy, so can be really helpful to have a video. Great. Thank you. All right.

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Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business.

This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. You’ll pick a product that complements the creative work you do – from ebooks to patterns to digital downloads – outline a sales page for it, and develop a plan to market it to potential customers. You’ll design systems for managing the day-to-day process of running your business, while planning a response to both failure and success. You’ll also learn essential techniques for continually marketing your online products and launching new offerings successfully.

You’ll leave this course with the ability to – literally! – sell your digital products in your sleep.

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