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Day 1 Pre-Show

Hello internet good morning and welcome to digital photography one o one with aaron manning here uncreative life my name is russ and ease this is mallory mcdonald and we are going to be your host for these three days of wonderful down to earth fundamental instruction in digital photography this is a great course for those people who might be new to photography in general might be new to digital photography in particular who you know may have been using film before this this is just a great fundamental scores I know that I am excited how are you feeling this morning really, really excited already chatting in the chat rooms with some of you about about aaron and I remember getting one of erin's books at the library years ago so so fun to meet her intellect as a skype guest for one of jimmy warner's classes and got to know her a little bit through there and now we're excited to have her here for her own class so we're going to do about five minutes of pre show we're going to make sure tha...

t all of our audio and video levels are working so there's a green chat live with class participants late bottom left hand corner of the screen below the video feed click that link open it up let us know that you can see us and hear us just say hi and tell us where you're joining us from s so that we can make sure that everything is working before we bring out the lady herself, and in addition to all of you out there, we haven't in studio audience representing all of you that will be asking questions and coming from all sorts of backgrounds in terms of their exposure to digital photography, and I would love for you to meet them, so if you could each go around and show your name where you have, if you've traveled from far away or if you're from seattle, where we can find you online and maybe you are experienced with digital photography up until this point, we'll start with malia, alright, when israeli anus and I live here in seattle, washington, you can find me on facebook at facebook passed back slash random random sunshine photography dot com um, I learned all on film and manual cameras, and though I've been shooting digital for quite some time, I still just only utilize the capabilities that I would have had on my old camera, so I'm really looking forward tio, you know, really using all that's offered to me, I think there's a lot of people in that position where it's you use the basic stuff that you need to know how to do in order to make a picture work, but there's a lot of other potential beyond it like that my name is christopher harris and I'm from seattle area kirkland and I could be found on facebook a christopher harris and really I'm an actor and a writer and I hope that maybe being directing at some point someday so I'm starting the the well the initial process of learning a little bit more behind the scenes of everything so I thought this would be just a wonderful wait oh actually start in and find out more about us again knowing how all this stuff works is essentially being able to tell people what to do I love that thank you hi I'm julian schwind at twitter at josh went um I do product shots but I don't use my camera you know as much as I need to learn some lighting techniques and some tripod techniques cool excellent great happy I'm hans iverson I'm an actress slash model in the seattle area um I have almost no exposure to cameras but I would love to understand how they work so that I could that I respond to a director just in general I love that that's that is really cool great reason to be here I'm alex crass stick and I don't really have any social media stuff but uh I'm really new photography and I was given a camera for my dad and it's just old thirty five millimeter camera so I just really like to get some use out of it turned into a hobby that's fantastic! I know that that's I mean that's how I got started it was just I had a camera and I was like I should actually start using this at some point and so that is great. Thank you all of you for being here for these three days we're excited to have you on dh look forward to your questions and to your insights throughout these three days. Mallory how is the chat room doing? Very busy thank you all for joining us online. I I love this from ellie ellie I'm so excited for this I've been hoping to take a workshop like this for a long time to be able to do so from home is making this dream happen. So thank you all camera guys joining us saying howdy very, very appropriate from dallas, texas on dh we've got robert quiz from newfoundland, canada and wendy brit from minnesota welcome and wendy we have anne from argentina hello annie and fred from portland people from all over. So if you haven't joined us yet head tio arch chat room this creative live dot com ford's left slash chat and join us it's a great way to have access to the instructor I agree it's also just a wonderful way to really extend the learning on what we're doing on air you know there are a lot of people who join us who already know some of the topics that we're talking about and so it's great to be able to have them to share their additional knowledge even beyond what we're covering in the classroom itself. I love the chat, I'm in there all day long, and I really enjoy being in there with us, so I encourage you to join the chat if you haven't before, give it a try, see what it's like and come on down. So I am excited to get ready. Like I said, this is one of those classes that I've been doing photography for years I have been in how many workshops on photography? I have no idea. And yet every single time I take one of these fundamentals classes, I learned something, or I reinforce something that had sort of fallen by the wayside. And so I'm really excited, like you would think it would be the opposite. You think the more that you learn, the less the basics classes would be attractive to you. But for me, these are the ones that I really look forward to because they reinforce what is universal about photography. So I am excited for this course.

Class Description

Are you ready to start taking amazing digital images? Join award-winning photographer Erin Manning for a three-day introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography — frustration-free.

Whether you take pictures with your phone, a point-and-shoot digital camera, or a DSLR, Erin will give you the tools you need to capture beautiful digital images. You’ll learn about light and exposure, including how to work with and modify your on-camera flash. You’ll learn about common errors beginning photographers make and develop strategies for troubleshooting. Erin will also guide you through the basics of digital image editing and sharing your images online.

By the end of Digital Photography 101, you’ll have the creative and practical skills to create, edit, and share stunning digital images.



Good basic or "refresher" course.