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Day 2 Pre-Show

Hello internet good morning and welcome to digital photography one o one with aaron manning here uncreative life my name is rest and is this is mallory mcdonald and we are going to be your hosts for these three days while two more days now we're in the second day of this course yesterday we went over a lot of the basics that initial things that you need to know in order to understand how your camera takes pictures and then how to actually approach taking them and how to find the right light that is key to taking good pictures and that's what we went over yesterday mallory how are you doing what you think of the of the day throw good yesterday it was wonderful just kind of revisiting basics and I'm getting to know erin in bed and her style I'm excited about day two me who were going to do some actual life shooting today you're going to see how to actually interact with people it's going to be a great day before we get started we are going to do about three or four minutes of pre show we...

're going to check the audio video levels make sure that everything is working so that you guys at home can see us crystal clear so let us know in the chat room you can jump there's a green chat live with class participants link down in the bottom left below this video feed so you click that open up the chat room and let us know that everything is working for you in addition to all of you out there all around the world on we haven't in studio audience that we're so happy to have back with us for day two and I would love for them to go around and share their name and where there where they've joined us from and also where we can find them online. So as you guys are out there letting us know in the chat rooms where you all are and where you're joining us from I love to start with honda and city audience and go for everybody in homs iverson I live in seattle you can find me on facebook and homes iverson I look like this uh uh yesterday I loved the initial sort of accessibility that aaron made for photography ahs an actor model um I've heard all these terms but I had no idea what they were and so now being able to pick up a camera and maybe mess we just need a little bit know what that means. I love this introduction she's made it very easy fantastic good thank you for joining us I'm alice classic I'm from seattle I don't really have any social media, but what I learned most about yesterday and what it took away from it was I'm like really howto make people look good with lighting like top and bottom lighting is no good side in front it's best yeah and that's keeping and once you start noticing that then you start seeing it everywhere and you're like oh that's why that picture of me is terrible or oh that's why I look so great I love it thank you I like the natural lighting took tio my name's julien when I am from seattle and my twitters at jaswant um I really liked it dr tip about the eye the eye adjustment my camera I'm not sure it is yet but it's really nice if your eyes are perfect, maybe you have eyes that compensate for each other and you want to be able to see sort of like what you see what you get when you're taking a photo at least as close as you can, right sometimes it's that simple like being able to figure out why aren't I seeing? Why are what I'm looking at translating teo the camera? Well, maybe it's because the way that you're actually looking through the camera, I love that thank you my name's christopher harris and I'm from seattle on actor and a writer and I could be founded facebook or linked in christopher harris at kirkland washington and biggest thing for yesterday being really, really new at this and not understanding I last night when I was actually getting ready to go to sleep, I couldn't get thoughts at him. I had a different ways of setting up lighting, and I mean, it was just interesting, you know, it's. A little weird, but, you know, I was picturing this with what if we put a reflection here and had a light here and soft against so it really kind of brought out a lot of creativity, and I can see why photography is definitely something I would want to look into. That's. Fantastic. I'm glad that already it's it's getting its hooks into your head that's that's what we do so thank you all for joining us. We are very glad to have you here. Mallory let's, talk to the folks online. How are they doing out there? Yes. Hello, folks online. Welcome. Again. We've got roof in louisiana and we've got abby coming from georgia. Hello, abbi checker from minnesota. I was just in the minneapolis great city. Where else are we all over? Texas? Toronto, another minnesotan, um, romania. So people all over the place, we're so happy you're with us.

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Are you ready to start taking amazing digital images? Join award-winning photographer Erin Manning for a three-day introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography — frustration-free.

Whether you take pictures with your phone, a point-and-shoot digital camera, or a DSLR, Erin will give you the tools you need to capture beautiful digital images. You’ll learn about light and exposure, including how to work with and modify your on-camera flash. You’ll learn about common errors beginning photographers make and develop strategies for troubleshooting. Erin will also guide you through the basics of digital image editing and sharing your images online.

By the end of Digital Photography 101, you’ll have the creative and practical skills to create, edit, and share stunning digital images.



Good basic or "refresher" course.