Day 2 Wrap-Up


Digital Photography 101


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Day 2 Wrap-Up

We have had an absolutely wonderful day here today we've been able to see a lot of this actually going to practice we had so much education this morning it's been wonderful thank you very much for everything aaron and thank you to everyone for joining us and for being so active in the chat rooms we enjoy your your contributions that you make in there as well and of course thank you teo both tammy our model and to everyone else for also stepping in as well and for your contributions about today as well we appreciate it so aaron, what are we going to do tomorrow? What are we doing tomorrow? Yeah we're doing all kinds of fun stuff tomorrow first we're going to start off with what we are going to do some things working in photoshopped elements tomorrow so we're going to be working with bringing it all together but first I'm just going to show you some ways toe make people look really good and photographs beautifying tips maybe a couple more posing tips but really getting into photoshopped ...

elements working with the pictures, importing them, organizing him and then going into working with some iphone aps and beautifying things and there's a really cool app called touch retouch I'm going to use where you can make people look even better on the fly right on your phone that is fantastic they sell that well over the past two days and has shown of us not just the technical aspects of digital photography. The lighting camera set up reflecting light. All of that. But she's also been talking about how to really actively be working with their subjects, posing, finding great environments, using your iphone, using music, using it just everything to make that experience as great and with the best outcome as possible with your images.

Class Description

Are you ready to start taking amazing digital images? Join award-winning photographer Erin Manning for a three-day introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography — frustration-free.

Whether you take pictures with your phone, a point-and-shoot digital camera, or a DSLR, Erin will give you the tools you need to capture beautiful digital images. You’ll learn about light and exposure, including how to work with and modify your on-camera flash. You’ll learn about common errors beginning photographers make and develop strategies for troubleshooting. Erin will also guide you through the basics of digital image editing and sharing your images online.

By the end of Digital Photography 101, you’ll have the creative and practical skills to create, edit, and share stunning digital images.



Good basic or "refresher" course.