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Day 3 Pre-Show

Low internet good morning. Welcome to digital photography one o one with aaron manning here on creative live, my name is russ andy's, and we're here on day three of this three day workshop where we have been exploring the fundamentals of visual photography, the things that are really just the elements that anyone who is new to digital photography, whether just transitioning from film or whether picking up a camera for the first time might need to know to go out and take some great pictures. I'm very excited. My name is russ and ease, this is mallory mcdonald. We are going to be your host for today and mallory, how are you doing? So I loved a three it's, always a charm, right? And so excited to learn more from aaron? Absolutely, I've really enjoyed it. She got a great attitude, great personality and really brings that fun and enthusiasm to the teaching, so we are going to do about three or four minutes of pre show here. We're going to check our audio and video levels, make sure that eve...

rything is working for you out there at home and so jump in the chat room. There's a green chat live with class participants link below the video feed, so if you click that open up that room and let us know that everything is working for you, then we can get going so let's go ahead and do that yes and all before I happened I'd love to come in and see who's there when I see where you're joining us from what you learned yesterday would be great to hear a cz well, in addition to all of you out there are students our students cd in from all around the globe we also have an in studio audience that has joined the kind of represent you guys out there they have their own questions in their own stories in their own interests with photography so I'd love to start with alex if you could share your name and kind of what brought you here to this class and something that you learned yesterday from erin that would be wonderful. Uh um I learned that the best photos are ones that air candid not pose uh well brought me here was I just really like photography but I never really got to into it so it's really nice learn all the fine details absolutely. And I love it it's hard to bring out that candid nature sometimes but using some of the techniques that showed yesterday I think you can, uh names christopher harris and um you know what brought me here is I just wanted to learn a lot more about the, uh the behind the scenes of an actor and a writer and sigh and hoped for directing some point so I want to learn that yesterday I also do some stuff on ebay and composition struck me just even just with product, not talking just about people, but just the ideas of having flow and something that breaks it from the normed great, you know, to make my products stand out. So and that's that's, something that I've seen the research like a good photo actually will drive more traffic forties so on. Yeah, those principles of composition and lighting and all that they apply to anything, no matter what you're shooting, it doesn't have to be people. So, yeah, love that. Thank you. My name is julian schwinn. I also shoot a lot of products, I think there's there's just every little aspect there's something that I never thought of. I guess I tend to use the editing software overuse editing software, you know, take out shadows or I mean, I do use the backdrop of these lighting, but not I was sort of in the primitive stage, you know? So I think I learned that you need to play around with things a lot. Take a lot of shots. And I kind of knew that already but I don't practice it so just there's a lot of little things you can change that will make a big difference absolutely and taking a little bit of time ahead of time while you're shooting consider you a lot of time in post so that's great thank you I'm hans iverson and I'm taking this class because uh my model and I like to be able to respond to direction on dh yesterday I was really exhilarated by the ideas of composition just to be able to take my own photos and to be able to better fill a frame with my own body when I'm on photo shoots absolutely love and these are things that as we're taking even just casual pictures at a party you know you could look a lot better despite kind of angling and putting weight on the back foot and all these little things that you can learn it's so much better I love it thanks everybody for joining us we're glad to have you really quickly what do we got online a lot thank you all for joining in with that mira from finland cd six three seven eight from tacoma someone from minnesota gel from brussels all over the world thank you for joining us camera front a guy from dallas, texas howdy in dallas so thank you you're not in the chatrooms join us creative live dot com forward slash chat

Class Description

Are you ready to start taking amazing digital images? Join award-winning photographer Erin Manning for a three-day introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography — frustration-free.

Whether you take pictures with your phone, a point-and-shoot digital camera, or a DSLR, Erin will give you the tools you need to capture beautiful digital images. You’ll learn about light and exposure, including how to work with and modify your on-camera flash. You’ll learn about common errors beginning photographers make and develop strategies for troubleshooting. Erin will also guide you through the basics of digital image editing and sharing your images online.

By the end of Digital Photography 101, you’ll have the creative and practical skills to create, edit, and share stunning digital images.



Good basic or "refresher" course.