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Grow Your Business with Snapchat

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Class Introduction

Inna Semenyuk

Grow Your Business with Snapchat

Inna Semenyuk

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

This is what's happening to the social media world right now. Anyone wanted to delete Facebook yet because of the breech of trust? Okay, no one yet. Snapchat has been in trouble as well. This tweet happened. Kylie Jenner was like, oh, isn't anyone checking Snapchat? I'm not really there anymore. The stock dropped 1.3 billion. People are, the market analysts, they were like maybe it was not her. She does not have that much power. Are we even, does it even make sense to talk about Snapchat when there are Instagram Stories and when celebrities are going to Instagram Stories? If we'll look up at this graph, what it shows is that when Snapchat launched it was growing as Snapshot Stories were growing. Then, Instagram Stories launched and they just surpassed the audience numbers almost instantly. Well, in the life of a social media network, that's almost instant. Why are we even here? Maybe we should just go home and focus on Instagram Stories. (laughing) (audience laughing) Question to you b...

y the show of hands. Do you use Snapchat? Okay, so probably like half of the audience. Do you use Snapchat for your brand? For your business? None, okay, perfect. Who wants to start using Snapchat for your brand? Okay, so three people, it's like for only 20%, 30%. For the rest of you, I hope you will stay with me and see what Snapchat can offer. For the record, I'm not married to Snapchat and I think Instagram Stories are awesome as well, then other platforms test different things. What I hope this presentation will show you is how you can use Snapchat creative tools and thinking to grow your brand. Whether you're gonna apply it on Snapchat or on other platforms. What are we gonna learn today? Is Snapchat right for my business? This is the most important and the biggest question we're gonna ask. They're like, should I actually be on Snapchat, because seems like marketers do not actually use it and celebrities are leaving the platform, so should I use it? Is it right for my business? How does it work? If you were ever confused opening Snapchat, (giggling) you're not alone. How can I actually use the platform to grow my brand? This will be the biggest part of the presentation. Some best practices. It's always good to learn from someone who's already doing a good job, so that you're not risking a lot and you're learning from the best people in your industry.

Class Description

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the big social media marketing players—Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter—along comes Snapchat. Do I really have to learn how to market on yet another social platform? you wonder. Can’t I just let this one slide and call it a day?

Our advice: Don’t skip Snapchat. With more than 200 million monthly active users who send 700 million photos and videos each day, the majority of whom are in the coveted millennial age group, Snapchat is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool for companies and entrepreneurs.

Inna Semenyuk, founder of InnavationLabs and editor of Snapchat Daily, will demystify Snapchat for marketers. She’ll show you how to use the app’s unique features and disappearing content to reach new audiences, promote your products and services in a more authentic way, and win loyal customers.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Target the right audiences for your business.
  • Use Snapchat’s unique features and fun editing tools to advance your marketing efforts.
  • Understand the newly redesigned Snapchat.
  • Tell your brand story with disappearing photos and videos.
  • Evaluate your Snapchat marketing efforts.

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Mta Mta

I was surprised to learn that Snapchat wasn't basically a dead site. It's interesting to see what they're working on. But the presenter left me feeling like working in Snapchat would be more bother than it's worth, unless you want to learn a whole new language