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Grow Your Business with Snapchat

Lesson 7 of 12

Drive Increase in Purchase Intent

Inna Semenyuk

Grow Your Business with Snapchat

Inna Semenyuk

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Lesson Info

7. Drive Increase in Purchase Intent

Lesson Info

Drive Increase in Purchase Intent

Step #3, when you actually get people to buy your stuff. That can be hard, but you've done all of this job to promote the content, your product, and then to engage with your audience. So now, how do we actually get them to buy? Again, there are different ways to do it, but the most important thing is that you can be explicit about what you want your audience to do, and what you are offering. Because you believe if you've been talking about the product and if people love it, there has to be a way for them to get it. If you're running a sale, that's okay because again if someone loves your product, they will be happy to know that it's on sale, and then they can save money buying it. But you can also tease your audience, and if your content is exclusive to Snapchat, so you can tease them and say there will be a product drop on Snapchat. It's not available anywhere else. This does presume that you either have some following on Snapchat or externally. If not, you can utilize the paid tools ...

that just adds to run that promotion. So it's not only for people who are having massive audience on Snapchat, but it helps of course. I promise this is the last time I mention Kylie Jenner, I think. Again, she's perfect in doing product drops. She always informs people about re-stocks. She tells her audience when something sells out. And she also gives a heads up when a new collection is coming. So even if she is doing it a few weeks in advance of the product launch, she does it on a regular basis, so she builds up an expectation that it's going to be a Christmas collection. And because of the way she shows product... it's so beautiful, and so nicely packaged... people want it. So whenever she does the product drop, it's usually sold out within hours. And then she has a re-stock notification through Snapchat, not notification, but she informs her audience about re-stock. So she's really good, and again, this kind of makes a point about your product. We started with a question like why would someone buy your product, and why they wouldn't. So you can do all sorts of things on Snapchat, and use all these tools, but if your product is bad, or if people do not need it.... Because a lot of start-ups suffer from product/market fit problem when they think they do something everyone needs, but it's not a reality. So you really have to look at the product first, and then use all those Snapchat tools to drive interest to your product. Promo codes: Still a good thing, and you can track your success on Snapchat if you use a very particular promo code just on Snapchat. Promo codes are a great way to track how a a particular platform is performing. This example is a creative way to use a promo code. You're not just saying hey there's 20% off or whatever, you're creating a story and that leads you to the discount. I love this because like who doesn't mind pizza, but also they have done it in a really creative way. And as you can see, what it took, is having a smart phone, having a box with pizza, eating pizza probably, and the box and some markers. That's it. That's your whole production team, studio, content, in probably 10-15 minutes. So I love that example. And then, you're probably familiar with this if you're using Instagram, and actually Instagram introduced this and then Snapchat followed for a change. So, you can attach links to your snaps, so if you are promoting pink sneakers, very particular color, or maybe you sold out on all the models apart from a particular size, you can run a promotion and attach link to that particular product. This again is under-utilized, because you can attach something to anything. It can be your blog-post, it can be your contact page, can be your landing page for the promotion, it can be your sale page. It can be a page specifically that will be tracking women of a particular age if you are promoting to them. So, a very tailored promotion and a very tailored link, and you can attach it to a snap. And someone has to just swipe up, and the actual product will be shown within the Snapchat app. They're not like no new app is open, like Safari isn't opening, you're doing it within Snapchat. You don't have to leave the platform to make a purchase.

Class Description

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the big social media marketing players—Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter—along comes Snapchat. Do I really have to learn how to market on yet another social platform? you wonder. Can’t I just let this one slide and call it a day?

Our advice: Don’t skip Snapchat. With more than 200 million monthly active users who send 700 million photos and videos each day, the majority of whom are in the coveted millennial age group, Snapchat is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool for companies and entrepreneurs.

Inna Semenyuk, founder of InnavationLabs and editor of Snapchat Daily, will demystify Snapchat for marketers. She’ll show you how to use the app’s unique features and disappearing content to reach new audiences, promote your products and services in a more authentic way, and win loyal customers.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Target the right audiences for your business.
  • Use Snapchat’s unique features and fun editing tools to advance your marketing efforts.
  • Understand the newly redesigned Snapchat.
  • Tell your brand story with disappearing photos and videos.
  • Evaluate your Snapchat marketing efforts.

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I was surprised to learn that Snapchat wasn't basically a dead site. It's interesting to see what they're working on. But the presenter left me feeling like working in Snapchat would be more bother than it's worth, unless you want to learn a whole new language