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Grow Your Business with Snapchat

Lesson 6 of 12

Promote Engagement

Inna Semenyuk

Grow Your Business with Snapchat

Inna Semenyuk

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Lesson Info

6. Promote Engagement

Lesson Info

Promote Engagement

Promoting engagement. So you might be showing stuff to people on Snapchat, but if they are not engaging with your content then you know, something is wrong. Again, you don't want to put all that effort and if people are watching it to only know that they're not buying, 'cause at the end of the day you want them to buy, you want them to take action, you want them to come to your store, you want them to book a consultation with you, whatever your type of business is. So again, there are organic ways, and then there are paid tools that you can use in Snapchat. There are, as you can see, a lot of organic ways and some tools that are really fun, and we spoke a little bit about on-demand geofilters. So the most important thing here is to have that approach, when you are actually reaching out to our audience and engaging with them. So if you have watched CreativeLive class about Snapchat, you probably learned some tools there, sorry on Instagram, you probably learned some tools there. So you ...

need to ask questions, you need to ask for opinion, you need to ask your audience to actually perform a certain action because if you're not doing that, people will not be naturally doing your action. Just be explicit, that's totally fine. So what you can do on Snapchat is share tips and tricks. That means that if you are an app, for example, if your product's an app, you can show how to use your product, and you can ask for feedback. You can ask what's your most favorite piece of content? Or are you using this feature? Are you not using this feature? And then you can show how people can use a particular feature or product. So Taco Bell does an amazing job, again, if you need some inspiration, Taco Bell is awesome, because they're super creative and they constantly ask people to snap back at them, to create something and send it to them, and they feature their audience in their own snap stories. Daniel Wellington is an awesome brand that built the entire brand purely on Instagram, and they're doing a fantastic job on Snapchat. In this particular example, you can see that they basically use Snapchat creative tool, which is scissors, and they tell you, and like these are all the different watches we have, use the scissors tool, cut it out, and then so you cut it out, and then it will be available in your stickers. What you do next, and you can cut it out for anything, like that's available in Snapchat tools, so what happens next is if I'm taking a photo of myself with my hand, I'm actually wearing a watch, so okay, I'm taking a photo, and then I put that sticker onto my hand, onto my watch and because Daniel Wellington told me that and because it's fun, I'll do it, and I'll share it with my audience, and I'll probably comment on it. And they ask me to share, and then they ask me to snap back at them, because they will probably feature me in their story, which is really cool, if my snap is creative enough. So basically you're making your followers your brand ambassadors if you're using creative tools like that in a really kind of fresh way. Telling your followers what to do, plus you're basically educating them about Snapchat tools, but most importantly, showing your product. Another thing is snap to unlock. This is a really cool feature that is available to anyone, so before, again you had to do a partnership with Snapchat, right now you have a lot more tools available on your hands. So as a Snapchat user, you can simply take a picture of this particular Snapcode, and then what happens, it unlocks a filter. So in this particular instance, that's Air New Zealand, so you unlock the filter from one hour, and that's what happens if you use the filter. So they show the ticket, a branded ticket, you can add text to it, like take me to whatever, and then you can put the destination where you want to go, and your dreaming and this is such a dreamy filter, and then again, you post it on your timeline, on your story and other people see it. Not everyone will notice that's Air New Zealand, because of the attention span, but some people will, and they might ask you, oh how did you get that? Because they don't see it on their Snapchat, and you will tell them, you will share the code with them, and that's how the machine starts, and more people start using it. McDonald's did the same in Australia to run a hiring campaign. So you could also snap to unlock the filter for one hour, and you could actually submit your video CV back to McDonald's using the filter. You had to use the filter to submit it, and then they had certain rules like it had to be up to 10 seconds long. And of course they're not actually making a job offer to you on Snapchat, but they are giving information like, okay this is cool, this is how you proceed, and these are the steps you follow. So what happens here is that apart from the visual of seeing how you're gonna look in McDonald's uniform and whether it suits you, they actually engage with the younger people whom they want to recruit, signaling hey, we are on Snapchat, we're cool and fun, because in real life that hat was spinning and there was sound and stuff like that. So it's not just a plain picture. And then they utilize the network where the young people are instead of getting them on Indeed or whatever other platforms are there of hiring people, which are never checked by the younger demographic. So that's an example of how that works. And this is super fun, so Snapchat Lens Studio is available to anyone, just go to and find the Lens Studio,, and what happens is if you have a visual designer in your company or hire someone off Fiverr or something if you just wanna play with it. They create a digital picture for you, a visual, and then you can actually, with Snapchat Lens Studio, you can make an animated 3D lens. It's available for free, so you can then create a snap to unlock Snapcode and you can use it anywhere. So again, you don't have to be on Snapchat proactively to create engaging content and serve it to the audience that is on Snapchat. So that's an awesome tool. If you want to kind of get a little bit more inspiration, cyrenq is an awesome creator, she started with drawing on Snapchat, so she would draw all sorts of pictures of celebrities. She started with like me and the celebrity, that was her way to get selfies with celebrities on Snapchat, and now she's all in Snapchat lenses and the 3D lenses and games. So she has a really good grasp of what it is to create engaging content like that on Snapchat. So if you want some inspiration, go to her account.

Class Description

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the big social media marketing players—Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter—along comes Snapchat. Do I really have to learn how to market on yet another social platform? you wonder. Can’t I just let this one slide and call it a day?

Our advice: Don’t skip Snapchat. With more than 200 million monthly active users who send 700 million photos and videos each day, the majority of whom are in the coveted millennial age group, Snapchat is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool for companies and entrepreneurs.

Inna Semenyuk, founder of InnavationLabs and editor of Snapchat Daily, will demystify Snapchat for marketers. She’ll show you how to use the app’s unique features and disappearing content to reach new audiences, promote your products and services in a more authentic way, and win loyal customers.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Target the right audiences for your business.
  • Use Snapchat’s unique features and fun editing tools to advance your marketing efforts.
  • Understand the newly redesigned Snapchat.
  • Tell your brand story with disappearing photos and videos.
  • Evaluate your Snapchat marketing efforts.

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I was surprised to learn that Snapchat wasn't basically a dead site. It's interesting to see what they're working on. But the presenter left me feeling like working in Snapchat would be more bother than it's worth, unless you want to learn a whole new language