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Shoot: Post Ceremony in Outside Light

Let's just say they've got to a point okay stop stop stop as they let's just say they've got to a point where if I haven't got my short I'm not going to get it I cannot tell him slaughter on speed up that kind of thing I've got you now move on on our turn over here to get to sean I changed my focusing points again because I was on three d tracking and I'm going to do their bridal portrait hidden shoulders bridal portrait if you are then going into the outside you need to change your eyes so you need to change your white balance I know it sounds like a lot I mean if you're on the green button thing that dallas does it all for you but we're shooting a little high end in that so as you come out what's gonna happen there you get to this area over here come over here guys uh she would she would have been given her flowers back by her bridesmaid right and come forward there and stop if there's sunlight is direct sunlight and it's about to blow out and heavy shadows and things I would stop th...

em just before its time just before they're gonna get out of the sunlight okay that's fantastic just stayed out right there like that all the rest of the congregation are going to be coming behind them so I don't have much time okay, so as you are there, turn your bodies in towards each other quickly put your arm around the back, hold on to it on your feet in toward each other. Shawn, coming with the reflected their hits lesson close together, okay? And I'm going to change. Not only did I have to change a ll the white balance and all that kind of stuff coming running on anything, I didn't have to change the white balance and all that kind of stuff. I need to now change my aperture as well, because I was on two point eight and I need to make sure that everybody's in focus I'm just going to shoot this on four so bodies in nice and close together. It's stunning, beautiful keep it just like that that's. Lovely. Hold it there and I said, happy nice and happy they're going to turn up a little bit there flowers down mayer that's it and give a nice big kiss on the cheek dish on ah, beautiful that's good. Ok, fantastic. Thank you. All right. Okay. This is where we're going to talk about the congratulations or receiving line side of things. Um, that was manic. In terms of what happens in the church and the types of things you gotta think about, do we have any questions from here? Any questions we need to ask questions we do. We have a few questions people people who are mostly wondering when you were standing at the very beginning of the ceremony and mariana but wondering how like what is the etiquette and positioning yourself properly during the ceremony at the front what are the rules of how how close you can get to the bride and groom while the ceremony is actually happening? Can you pass in front of the efficient and what else did that they were wondering um and how you just basically how close can you get in can you be in front of them? Can you cross multiple times during the ceremony and those air from ran rue jasmine and sleepless in vancouver and another addendum do you ever ask the officiant to move out of the way for certain parts? Okay, um your first question is really how long is a piece of strength? It really means uh you need to read the situation. You have to understand body language you have to understand where the people are getting irritated with you. I don't want to be it cannot be about me. I need to get my shots but I cannot have people going oh, my gosh, look at this photographer lying down in the middle of the aisle leopard calling along you know it, you laughing, it happens it happens and I need to make sure that these people think that I am well mannered well behaved because I need to shoot this young lady is waiting oh so I need to behave in a maid in a way that I can get my shots but it's not about me I don't want to get too close to the bride and groom because you've got personal space issues and I mean it's just it's there are no rules in terms of sex etiquette those rules and guide as you would get from the marriage official you would say thing what do your rules and regulations he says you stand over there and you don't move that's what you do he says to do whatever you like but you know don't make don't make a nuisance of yourself I would I would discreet I would never go through the middle of the two of them ever you know I want to move behind the marriage official I want to make it so that you know here here it looks like it's all about me but I'm busy teaching peoples you know I'm really talking while I'm working ordinarily they wouldn't wouldn't I wouldn't be so dominant in the in the ceremony would you get that close to the couple if your thing is if the chapel was this if the chapel was this tight I would have I would have shot the vowels as as I did you know over her shoulder quite tight over shoulder but I need to get my shot and get out because it's an intimate moment I can't be in his freaking he's like you know that's not a cool feeling for him so yeah I think it's it's use your discretion and understand that everything you do is brand representative and people are watching you I'll put thank you so much for christians from you guys you're do they contain this shooting what specifically did you focus on originally with when you were pulling down the button was it her no it's it's on three d tracking so what this camera does is it finds where the movement is and they're coming towards eternal winter coming towards me they're coming towards me and this camera is so advanced in terms of its focussing ability it predict where the focus needs to be and it predicts the movement off that person and it focuses in the right place as you as I'm shooting it's choosing its own focal point I'm not choosing the focal point because she's in a in a in an off white dress I've been told that it's yellow by the designers I'm not allowed to say cream yellow and he's in a dark suit so it's gonna be difficult to find a focal point and by the time they get here it's all over this is I'm shooting eleven frames a second I think I've got about ten or twelve shots of them walking down the aisle, and this arliss, you know, fifteen feet long. Yes, well, they were originally walking into the church, and you had said midway, you change something that's just, for example, because it was short or do you? Actually, we have to make a change before they get to the end when I realize I can't get any more images. When I realized I can't get any more images, and I've got my shot, then I will turn and go in and change them from ah, a f c three d tracking or change it back to a f s with single shot focus. Anybody else got a bout coming down that you were shooting up a little? Yeah, this is straight on, but the one before that was a little angled. Is that that on purpose? Or yes, it is on purpose. It does give a better sense off the occasion, and I'm shooting a little wider in terms of the lens that I'm using, so as they're coming down, you'll see if we can go back to those images, you'll see that her dress kind of flows out a little bit, and it looks a little bit more grand, in a way, and it's also a different angle you know I need to mix things up you see that I shoot like this I shoot down I should do with a shooter than led a shoot with flash I shoot with available right? I'm just mixing it up a cz much as I can you can see that that's you know, it works really nicely in terms of the perspective and all that kind of thing and I'm very grateful that this wedding is wireless what they're calling it these days when people don't take their phones unplug all right? And I don't like doing so so yeah, very cool if we don't have uncle bob's hand with his cell phone in the middle of that shot but yeah, you know, I mix it up all the time, you know, up with one upon up to the top dawn from below from the side as always it's a flattering shot and I'm not shooting a wide shot of her face, making her look like super wide and about alien you know, it's not going I'm not going to shoot a shot with the fish islands for a portrait, that kind of thing, so it needs to be flattering all the time but mix it up you know, show your diversity I really don't want to go on and on about wedding photography in general but it's not much diversity going on and brett, ian and julie would like to know how do you deal with uncle bob's iphone and leaning out into the aisle? You just deal with it you know I don't get upset with guests because once again people are watching my behavior you know, if if I if I'm about to take a shot and something happens like that I just kind of move out the way and I you know bob and we even get trying my best to get it to get a shot if I am in a situation where I can say to them you know excuse me, please could you just move to the side then I will do that but not when somebody's walking down the aisle you know I can't really make it yeah, I got the way I'm not going to do that um you know and it is what it is do you find that there's less of it in your higher end weddings? No, not really I think it's a common problem threw away get emails or photography I think it is a common problem but unplug this is is picking up in terms of the you know, the popularity off unplugged great. Thank you. Okay, anybody else? Yeah, you made a fresh from him but you go around the thing forget a car or you just crushed them if if the question the question was when I'm moving around to get her saying her vows or him saying his vows do I walk around the back odo I walk around the front I do it whichever way it makes me look better so I'm not going to walk in front of the minister if I can see that there's an area behind that I can go then I will discreetly go around there and we're not talking about discreetly as well um guys just think logically you know your shoes issues that are going to be quiet when you're walking around in the church you can't be wearing you know, walking up and down walking up and down but that's just common sense a lot of I mean, you know for me when I'm teaching and when I'm talking to people about my wedding photography I feel in a way a little bit I mean I'm extremely happy that people have respect for me tio tio listen to what I have to say but so much of what I talk about his common sense you know it's it's not really rocket science that's the part where I say if I can do this you know most people could do it because nothing would have nothing that I've said in the last couple of days has bean anything but common sense you know I saw yeah just common sense to put shoes on there are going to be discreet and respectful anybody else okay, so now what would ordinarily happen the congregation would come out to greet the two of them and have a ll the confetti and all that kind of thing so what we're going to do now this is quite money doing I'm just just doing this thinking about it now it's just grab these petals from the floor and the congregation please stand up, grab your confetti okay and then if you could just move your chairs to the side there as if we were outside that'll be great. Okay, shawn, I know you're not just can you just get the seventy two two hundred from the front there, please? Okay, thanks. Wait okay, so if we look at the lighting situation right now we're in the church just picture just imagine use your imagination were in the church and we've just, uh you guys are still in the church right around the back there you're in the church back of the church this is outside, right? Okay, now uh can we have the sunlight on please let there be light. All right, so we were in the church. Now we come out and it's late afternoon sunlight is shining straight at me and as you can see from this camera it's not the most flattering light squinting into the light not not not the best kind of light so for the receiving line carlos where am I going because now I've got the power they've never done this before they're looking to me for guidance and I was like ok, what do we do next so I've got just taking the the mantelpiece shot as we come out the church where am I going to position him in when I come bringing them here on the left hand side with a beautiful backlighting is going to be behind the bride's hair coming around her nice beautiful halo effect and the guests are going to come past her and congratulate over here and she's going to look absolutely gorgeous or am I gonna paste paste place the bride over here she's looking into the sun and squinting because it's so bright which one I'm gonna choose you don't want eyes however you did say earlier that you want I guess uh carlos was listening way so we're gonna put it I'm confused too you confused too right? I've been paid for the swimming already I got paid two weeks ago I mean paid for this wedding if she's looking into the sun and she squinting a little bit it's fine by me because I want your wedding and I want your waiting and I want you to look gorgeous in these pictures so as they come out it's our fantastic well done guys congratulations that's beautiful you come and stand over here for me come on and then you're going to I'm going to get the court out from underneath you sorry ok and then sean you're gonna come next to her you're going to stand next to her over there and everybody's gonna come past and congratulate you I'll take your flowers from you call and I do this. I'll take the flowers from her and I will go and give them to a bridesmaid or give them to an assistant or something like that. Okay, so, bridesmaid, there you go. All right, just for argument's sake, we need you guys to come back just a little bit for me. No, no, no, this way. This way, way! Keep coming. Keep coming. All right. That's cool. And now to me you're gonna be sideways because the people coming out of the church this way that's where the church is over there. Okay, so now as they come out, you guys are going to come around over here to congratulate them and you would be coming. So you be coming over here, okay, right. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to switch now to a if, uh sorry excuse me, I want to switch now to a f c again with three d tracking because the camera's gonna pick up the movement all right, so killing wait wait wait you're on poor still move around that way a little bit no no see you're standing over there the rest of the congregation is going to follow and you're gonna congratulate them give them my speak kisses and right there we go but kelly's wedding in the bag thank you. Keep going guys congratulate them stories things that them uh there we go right lovely stuff beautiful. Okay, can you see that look at that nice backlighting coming through from the back the guests look call us look, maybe you're kissing a bit too much they maybe an ex boyfriend or something here. Okay, so are we cool with that? Everybody cool with that? Okay, so now what would happen? I would stand up on a chair or stand up on a little bit of an elevated area and would be right okay for it. Wait just going to be doing a group shot over here so everybody, the whole congregation if you could all come together nicely just into this corner that would be fantastic. Thank you. All right, there we go. Right? I see that the sun's behind us over this if you could get guys just move around the back there for me a little bit keep going, keep going, I promise you I'm going to get you in I've got a nice technique here. You guys come a little closer. Okay, mom, you gonna come over here next to next to your gorgeous daughter? You're over here, dad as well. Ok, go around the back there, guys. I don't want to do a stay. Ah, line off, people. So you guys at the met go around, I promise you I'm going to get you sean fisheye and the mon apart deputy sir. Alright, you're okay, right? They regard now I'm shooting a group because I'm shooting a group. I need to be on maybe five point six. I don't think I need to be on anything higher than that. I am on a ten and a half mil fish eyes. I'm not too concerned about that. Alright, so onto self timer. Okay, folks, everybody, I need you to look at the camera. Don't look at me. Look at the camera. Right? And here we go. Straight at the camera three to one. Here we go. And I could take five, six shots like that. And I've got a great group shot off and six people that were at the zoo that day with all right, so there's, my group shot okay, folks, thank you so much, all the family, please stay behind aunts, cousins, uncles, nieces nephews if you think that your family your family stay behind all the family stay here the rest of the congregation thanks for coming guys you guys can go and have some champagne and kanna pays upon the terrorists off you go thank you right and that would really be it now what we're gonna do is whilst I'm sitting up because so many people ask me you know we're not shoot with the when I shoot with the big fashion and that kind of thing so many people ask me it doesn't take it doesn't take a long time to set up the flash and it's like no I'm not really because I just go like sean just set up the flesh that's it it's pretty easy so if we could get some furniture back in here please with the shays right family shots let's move the chairs over here for a second please right that's great but if you don't mind I asked you a question from the internet it's actually question that was uh asked yesterday in addition to today and it was uh when you were holding the mono pod with the camera on top of it to get a group shot what is your how are you focusing while the camera's up okay right over here just across this way like this it is in the front across like that's beautiful that's fantastic thank you that's perfect okay right so the question is what are my focusing on when I'm doing the wide shot from above how are you focusing all my focus are you focusing from so I'm unlike if eight or a five point six so I've got a little bit off dip the field latitude so what I what I essentially would do would be focusing on the middle somewhere and when you press okay so focused with my thumb I'm depressed the shutter far seconds to go five four three two one when you depress the shutter automatically auto focus and auto lock automatically is functioned it goes into help me oh yeah it starts activates it activates it that's the word so automatically order focus lock and auto exposure lock that's all held so it doesn't matter about if you've got a different type of exposure in the background and your focus one it won't be looking for focus so you focus with your thumb but the press the shutter up on the mon apart and three to one you've got you shot if I was focusing on you right now when I go up on the monitor for the focal distance between me and you hasn't changed so you're still in focus perfect that explains that thing right so we need to have the flash set up over here please sean with the yeah that's cool so if we could just bring the ranger with the doctor the soft box and we can just put it up here beneath the sun if you could just switch the sun off for me that would be great. All right, a couple more questions this is from carlos zambrano I wantto ask brett how to deal with the wedding at night around eight eight o'clock you know you have you have a lot of darkness. You have a lot of situations where like there is no son, there is no darkness. What do you bring to the table in situations like that? All right, well, first of all, nick on defore yeah, it's before we even go anyway, khandi, for then I am going to bring in additional lighting. I'm going to bring in that the range of park back so I can shoot with the soft book and then if I'm shooting in front of a building and I'm doing a group shot in front of a building and it's a it's a late night shot and I can get a little bit of ambient light coming in from the windows, then slow my shutter down, banging the flash to expose for the subjects and the ambient light will come through the building. It's shooting at night is a great opportunity cannot be scared about shooting a night that's like, oh my gosh, I've got the opportunity now to prove my worth

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