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How to Create Photo Books

Photo books are a huge part of my business and it's not something that I sell after the fact to my clients like a lot of people dio they booked him for the wedding and they try to up sell later to get the album and all of that I work a little bit differently and I actually fund a little in and when people hire me to shoot their wedding they're getting me and coverage in an album and I think that's really important especially because obviously in our digital world, tangible things like albums mean more than they ever did before so that's a really important thing and so the plan for today are ninety minute plan it's kind of a short in and out kind of thing, but we kind of a lot to do it so we'll see how it all shakes out. But I thought we could talk about some of the different types of books and photo books, so we're not just going to talk about wedding albums or anything just like that there's lots of different types of photo books that you can make whether for your clients or for yours...

elf on ben, I'm going to talk about and actually show you some of the tools that I used when I make my books and then I'll actually walk you through several examples using different tools, making all different kinds of books and then at the end I'll share with you vendor recommendations because I know when you're starting out on dure kind of new to album it's totally overwhelming, isn't it? And I feel like that's part of why I include albums for my clients is because when you're planning a wedding you have so many choices to make and I think when you have people try to choose how many pages there going to be in their album and what a fight that should be in all of that it can be extra confusing, so I usually do a rough draft for them all right? But first, before we get through all of this, I'm going tio take a quick picture that I'm going to post on instagram because one of the books that I'm going tio show you about is the books that I made with my instagram photos and there's lot different ways you can make instagram books, so we'll talk about that but to show you kind of how the workflow works, I'm actually and take this picture really quick of you guys so smile over there who we're going to get this posted on instagram oh my goodness it's blurry and everything but we're going to rock with that so I'm gonna pass this yea photo week and then we will see how it actually ends up on my computer by the time we actually talk about this all have access to it so that is posting excellent I was worried I would forget that so glad that's out of the way okay so the first type of book and then I want to talk about is what I think tends to be the most intimidating for people and that is what I call the designed photo book so in this case you know it can be for seniors it can be for wedding that khun b for your own stuff it can be anything but the point is that you are actually sitting down using some sort of software program and you are designing an album so you might have multiple images on a page you are choosing a layout and a size and a format from one of any number of vendors and you know it can be a bit of a process and for a lot of people tend to be kind of a stumbling block the books that I make the design books are something like this this is a book that was produced by video and this is one of my sample albums that I show to clients so I can just kind of flipped through these air all its full spread there we go there's something that has a couple of images on the spread so I keep my deadlines pretty simple you know I try to really go go big with the images and I tried to not crowd too many images on my pages uh this is a ten by ten book this is a side that I make for my wedding clients ten by ten and I usually have twenty spread so forty pages and the way that I built these is using in design I don't know if you guys are familiar with in design there's a lot of different tools out there for building designed albums like this but hand down I'll just tell you right now in design that's the best one on dive taught several classes on in design here at creative life, so I'll give you a kind of a demo today just in case you're completely unfamiliar with it so you can maybe get a taste of why it's so great um but I create them within divine and the reason is that it gives me total control which I have a big yes right there, right? Because I don't know about you guys, but as artists and business owners most of us probably tend to be control freaks a little bit. I know I very much and and that's why I love and design so much because when I'm working with vendor software, for example that's an alternative instead of in design you might use whatever software the vendor makes available to you it's often free so it's very enticing but it might be more limited because, for example, if you design an album for one particular vendor to produce. And then you decide I want to take that design. But now I want to try this other book from another vendor. You kind of are up a creek, right? Because that design is going to exist within their format within their software, which is really nice for them. It's. Nice that they get that too, for free. But in divine makes your free agent so you can design one design and have one file and you can send it all different places. And you just have total control and flexibility. And I also really like it because of completely customizable. And I can also show you some books. I think I have them pulled up here that I made recently for my nephew. I made him a alphabet book for his birthday with some illustrations. I made an illustrator, and then I put copy with it together and in design. And then I actually sent that off to blurb to be printed. So we'll talk about that. Um the other great thing about working within design is you khun dio ah whole wedding album in an hour or less from scratch I mean that's not even starting from template or anything like that, which would, of course, speed it up even more. So I think in designs really great, I'm going to show you quickly some basics of that. First of all, I can show you that I'm actually in design right now, this presentation that we're looking at was actually built in in design, and sometimes I export to keynote, but in this case, I'm just right and in design right now, so if I realized that I had a typo in here, which that never happens, right, when you do presentations, we never make typos, but if I had one, I could just fix it right here on the spot because I'm actually looking at my life keynote sort of presentation document so I think that's pretty cool here's an example of a finished album, this is actually for one of my clients that just got married recently, so you can see that in designing this whole album and this one even ended up with an extra spread in here, but it's all one document so I can just scroll through the whole thing. It makes it really easy to edit and change things because it's all right here. So if I want to rearrange my pages, I can just drag and drop in the pages panel like that they just swap is very, very simple on dh you'll also notice if I scroll up here to the top this was the cover, the example that I showed you hear this have a fabric cover and honestly, I love this I brought this to show you because I love this fabric and the pattern on it, but also because the album that I make for my clients with these photo at image covers their metal covers and they're really heavy and I just didn't want to drag it through the airport, so I brought this guy instead, but you'll notice that this cover right here is a different size, the page obviously being the cover is a different size than the spreads are, and I can still manage all of that right with an in design I don't need a separate file to make the cover any size that I choose, which is pretty great. So here we are and in design and we were talking about albums and how easy they are to make an in design, and this is something I've de mode before I've taught actually a number of classes here creative life on in design, so I'm not going to get to into the details, but I just kind of wanted to show you for those of you who are unfamiliar with how easy it is it's pretty slick in in design, so adding images tio a document is really pretty simple I'm just going to grab this frame tool right here and as you might expect, you just click and drag and there's the meat keyboard things you can do to turn that frame instantly into let's say nine by just using my arrow keys while I hold the mouth down and when I let go I've got nine image frames here and populating them with images easiest coming over to bridge and selecting a bunch of images and I can just drag and drop them in teo in design and you'll see when I come back here my cursor is loaded and it told me I've got nine images and all I have to do is click in each each of the uh frame and I can drop the images right into place and you'll notice they fit appropriately and everything it's not awesome so that's how easy it is to make album and then design dragging and dropping from bridge and it really goes pretty quickly so like I said when I'm making a wedding album I can do it in less than an hour from scratch so for example today's tuesday and the wedding I just shot last friday is already done an online their album is finished everything's wrapped up on dh that's a huge part because of in design another thing that's really nifty working with in design in conjunction with bridge it let's say let's say that this image right here um let's say I want to convert this to black and white so first of all I'm going to do some adjustments here in design one of the things that you kind of have to get used to you that's a little different than if you've ever designed like an album and photo shop don't but if you if you have because you didn't know better before that's ok but one of things you want to get used to and in design is that your frame that holds the image is actually separate from the images self so I can use the selection tool here t grab this frame rate but if I want to just be image within the frame I need to grab this guy right down here and that actually lets me select the image so I can move it around within the frame and if I want tio edit this image at all let's say you know when you're going through the design process I do the rough designed the rough draft for my clients and then we go through a couple of revisions and then when it when it's finally approved and they love it just the way it is then and only then do I do the retouching and in design makes that really easy all of your links are managed in your links panel so this image right here shows up here in my links panel and if I want to pop it open and photo shop I can just click the panel menu and say at it with or just even just at original and it's going to pop that image over into photoshopped so let's just do some quick and dirty conversion here just visually so we can see and I'm going to save this right over itself and close it now watch what happens when I pop back to in design that image already updates so I don't even have to replace that image it just automatically happened so that's part of the magic of indesign and bridge and how they work together another thing I can just show you click quickly while we're here is in the pages panel I'm going to rearrange this page so let's pretend that this right here is going to be our cover for our book you can actually combine pages of different sizes within a single document in design so I can come down to the bottom of the page is panel and I can change this teo any number of precepts that I've created or I can customize it so I happen to have ah preset that I've made for my medal covers so I can just click right there and it now changes so if I want to add an image to this and this is my cover I'll drag the frame go to bridge scroll to something that cover where the I don't know I love this image we can throw this on there and that's done or in the example like this book this is that fabric book so it doesn't have a full size cover just has this little cut out but that's easy to all I'd have to dio is come down here to this page button and they click custom so maybe we will call this cut out cover and whatever size for whatever vendor this maybe like a four by four something like that four by four inches when I click ok, I get a four by four square and I can just adjust this hit a quick short cut and the images resized and that's how easy it is then when I would export this I have the choice to export to j peg if my album undertakes j pegs in the case of video that's what they take so I designed things in in design on die save that is my working file but the files I sent to the lab would bj pecs but you can also d'oh pdf or a number of other file formats, but though they're probably the most common one became so that's just a quick look at in design just to show you how flexible it is and how fast it is it's really pretty awesome another thing that I wanted to show you is one of my favorite vendors that I used to make the other kind of books so we just talked about design books, those I did I usually doing in design there pretty quick and painless, but I usually do them manually and I start from scratch or I start from a previous album that I made before, and I just kind of rework it as needed, so it only takes me an hour left, but the other kind of book that I want to talk about is what I called drag and drop simplicity. So these books are are really pretty automated um, and they're semi flexible, they're not going to be as flexible as doing something in in design. I mean, if you want total control, you want to build your books and in design, but I realize not everyone on board within design yet, but it's a mission I'm working on. So this is an example of one of the blur books that I've made with some dragon drop simplicity and also you have to do this with in design are not worth anything with instagram, so let's talk about how this works blurb is a book publishing company, so it's it's, another vendor just like I used to neo for my wedding album. For a lot of them, I use blurb for a lot of the other books that I make some for my clients, but also for myself that we're going to talk a little bit too about books you might want to make for yourself, because sometimes I think we spend so much time in photographers thinking about our clients, which is really great. But we don't make our own books and we don't. You know how many of us who thought I'll make my own wedding off on dh? Maybe we still haven't done that, so blurb can kind of automate some of that for you. So if you want, if you've never tried blurb, they have a lot of different tools for making books they have. First of all, they have plug ins that work within design, which are really nice, but they also have something called blurb book smart, and if you go to blurb dot com and you click on the get started tab, you can see all the different tools they have, and what I'm going to show you right now is called blurb. Book smart and it's a little application that's free you actually download it to your system and you work with it on your own actual computer and blurb was cool enough that when I messaged them and said, hey, I'm going to creative live and I'm going to teach a workshop and talk about how much I love your books they gave me a coupon for twenty percent off now through october twenty fifth so if you want to try it creative live is the coupon code and you can save twenty percent so let's take a look at what that looks like. First of all, I'm going to jump back to bridge and I have a folder here that I called travel images so I've just gathered ah bunch of images in a single folder I think any time you're starting on a book project, you want to first gather images right? And you don't have to necessarily work really hard to choose exactly which one but if you know you're going to make a travel book, for example, just go get a bunch of your favorite travel pictures throwing together in a folder and then started the design process um sometimes people try tio choose all of their images before they make the book and I think that almost sets you up for failure from the from the get go because you have even started the design yet so you know, when I'm working with the client album, I've got all their proofs right there. I don't select the images first, I think that's hard, but I do have everything group, so have this travel folder, and this is the software, so blurb a book smart when you first launch it's going to look something like this, and we'll just say, we're going to start a new book here, you have the opportunity to give it a title you can put in your name because the books that you create with book smart or any other blurb tool you can actually post online and actually sell. So if you have a collection of travel images that are amazing on, do you want to make the coffee table book and maybe sell it? They have a storefront that enables that so that's kind of need, but honestly, I usually leave all this blank because it automate it. Auto fills into different fields on like the spine of the book and stuff, and I just don't always want it there, so I usually kind of skipped that, but you can put that in if you want, they have several different types of books, so for this example, will just make a standard landscape so it's an eight by ten landscape book on we'll go ahead and click, continue. And here they have all different layouts that you can start with my personal favorite is to just click a photo book they show you a preview right here so photo book is going toe by default just give you full bleed so full page images in your whole book so that's where I like to start and then you can go and have a little guidance step by step process or you can do what I do which is you just wing it and I'm going to show you how you wing it so we're going to start that book right now we'll take a look at this by default it's got twenty pages up here um and if we look down below see we can adjust this tow fit there we are here we have sort of a film strip situation where we can kind of scroll through and see our book right now and all these gray areas represent where the images will go. The cover has to full full page full images and also right now it has a flap that comes around so it's a hard cover with the dough s jacket so that's what this area is over here the first thing that we want to do is get photos so we can click that or what I have found and I'm not going to get all of them just for time in memory sake we'll get I don't know maybe however many that is you can also drag and drop from bridge, so I'm gonna just dragged those over and it's going to just load them in for me so then you can sort them by the captured eight or what I usually do is sort by file name if I'm particular about an order that I might want things, then I'll take time and bridge to sort ahead of time, okay? And while we wait while we have bridge here and it's cooperating, I should show you if you're not familiar with bridge it's basically a really souped up photo brother or file browser in general right on when you open it it's going to look like this for the first time and there's lots of panels everywhere and it's kind of messy and overwhelming a little bit and I think it might freak some people out, but if you want to simplify it it's really easy you can just come up to the window menu and just click to hide all these different panels that are open if you don't care about seeing them you khun just hide them and then you're left with just a spacious browser, which I think is really nice and you can also collapsed the whole thing down into this film strip situation that I like to have going on so that's that's how I like to work but once you get everything into book smart, adding it to your book is really simple, so I could come over here and click the first page and I could select all of these so I can do a quick scroll through and then just drag and drop it right over here or if I have nothing selected here but I have this first page selected I can click auto flow and it just makes my whole book and it's done so you can literally open a book dragon drop your images, auto flow, the whole thing's finished if you need to make adjustments which of course we might because some of these are going to be, you know, maybe vertical images and they may not fit very well in this space. For example, this ferris wheel shot it's kind of a funky crop on the horizontal page so you can edit this stuff if you click the page, you can come up here, you can rotate images, you consume the images out, you can click to fit the page. Or maybe I just wanted to be flush, right? You know, fill the page nicely and then this gray area would just be blank so it actually just be white in this case also it's really easy to make adjustments it let's decide what we want for our cover maybe we want a different cover maybe we don't want a full image up here so if we want to change the layout weaken just select the cover down here click up here to choose a different color cover layout and then drag and drop whatever images we went into our cover so you know blur really makes it easy I feel like if you are kind of new to books and you're just you're not ready to jump into indesign although I highly recommended or you just have a little project that's just really quick and easy and you don't even need to fire up in the line you can do it right here in blurb they give you the opportunity to add text into any of these fields right here but if you leave it blank then this is not going to print so you don't have to worry about that andi I usually end up believing that blank if I want any sort of designed text all usually design something in design and then export a j peg that I would put here anyway before you're ready to order then you just click preview and you can actually flip through your book so it's going to show you there's the front cover you'll notice the text doesn't show up um and you can work your way through your book and make sure everything's you know the way you want it and it's pretty simple this page right here, let's, go back to editing. This is kind of if you're making like a client book or something like maybe a coffee book, you want to sell you khun type little messages in here, your copyright, maybe a dedication or whatever, or if you wantto upgrade, I delete all this text because this text actually will print if you don't delete it, so if you don't like it, you have to delete it. And if you don't want the logo to appear here, you can just say, you know, youth custom logo, and you can drag your own right there as well. You can also adjust the layout of any of the pages if you know there's, different layouts available here, but if you don't like those or you want tio change them, you can click at it, lay out and you can actually adjust the image containers however you want. So it does give you a lot of flexibility. It's you know, if you're going to do this amount of customization, I think it's easier to do and in design, but it does give you a lot aa lot of options, so I think that's kind of anything, but when you're ready to order them, you just click preview. And once you're happy with how everything looks, you click order and it uploads for you and takes you straight into the web site and you just pay and it's done, so I really like that about her, but I make a lot of different blur books specifically, I make instagram books on blurb, so let's talk about that really quickly. Ok, so a lot of us love instagram, right? If you are curious, you can find me a k putting it on instagram and what I use instagram for besides social media and all that stuff is I use it for my own life sort of scrap book I never could myself into the whole scrapbooking thing, it just doesn't work for me. I've also tried, you know, every time I download my pictures, I'll pick ten and print them and put them in a book or an album or shoebox any of those things that didn't work for me either, but this crazy little work flow that I'm going to show you works really well for me on dh, this is how I make these little books they're printed by blurb either they're seven by seven square books the's ones have two hundred fifty pages each because I just can't do it often enough to make the books that have left, so um and each page has just one nice a single image um the image prints it for my four and then I'm at it up and also you have to do that to make it to fill the seven by seven page um but these are all done with blurb straight out of instagram so the reason I like it is because those images are already curated right there already selected unlike facebook where people tend to upload twenty images from you know their picnic in the park or whatever on instagram people are more tend to just post a single image so it's more highly curated and I like that it doesn't require any extra effort so that's great and we have a ton of different options for making the actual books so in on blurb they haven't instagram plug in so you can literally just goto blurb click the little instagram plug in log into your instagram and it'll slurp the last I think it's like fifty two pages or fifty two images or something that you have in your instagram and it makes a little book you just hit order and it's done so it can be that simple there's also a great company called artifact uprising I don't know if you're familiar with them I think they're based in the colorado area they have really great sustainable products and they're all just really gorgeous there so gorgeous you might want to check them out too for instagram books and they make it really really eating so those are the good things right? We love instagram there's great tools from blurb or artifact uprising or a number of other places to make really simple easy quick books now here's the fast pace um for me personally I like more control and aa lot of those tools from even blurb or artifact uprising they limit youto only twenty four, forty eight or fifty two pages or something like that so it's a lot harder you know if you've been on instagram for four years and you haven't made a book good luck trying to make that happen right? So it's kind of a bummer I think but the good news is that I have a work around for you so if you've been on instagram forever you've got all these images and you just don't know how to start I'm going to show you this little workflow that I have and it requires a few different tools thiss first one is called insta archive and you can find them online in the archive dot re collect dot com and this is something that I believed once because once you you that the first time to sort of suck all of your images out of indesign then if you use these other tools that I have here you'll be able to just sort of keep on top of it right? So what is the archive does is you go to their website you log in with your credentials for instagram and it just sucks all of your instagram photos into is that file that you download so however many thousand that might be it will just give them to you in his file and then of course you're free to make these books like we'll show you once you've done that the nice thing is you if you follow this work flow you won't have to do that again because if you use in the archive there's no way to separate like I just want my last thirty photos it's they're going to give you the whole thing so to avoid having two separate photos after the fact then you want to try this website called if this then that so I m ttt dot com if this thing that and what that does is it allows you to create what they call recipes so you khun tell it you can create a recipe that says every time that you post a new image to instagram that you want that file to be copied teo for example your drop box account came so that's how I have mind set up so if this then that and then you'll need a drop box account if you don't already have one I put a link on my facebook page just before the segment on def you use that link to sign up you get some free storage bonus space so you can try that ok, so we're going to slurp are images out of instagram put them in dropbox, but if you do that, if you've ever slept during into that of instagram, what sides did they come out at anybody tiny right? I think it's six hundred forty two pickles wide and told so that's not really great print quality, so once we slurped them out of there, we need tio blow them up and there's different tools you can use for that my tool of choice is called blow up by aliens skin so it's actually a plug in for photo shop they have a plug in for photo shop light room on debt works really, really well, and even when you're ordering from, um, artifact, uprising or blurb, they're all doing some sort of rising up of your files because the only files they're able to get a swell are those lo rez ones. So we're all kind of in the same boat here and then, of course we're going to use bridge and photo shop to make that happen. Okay, that makes sense so into the archives the first time you ever download the stuff. Once you've got that cleared out, set up your if this, then that recipe so all of your images on instagram will be copied into a drop box holder. And then what I do is every when I get to about two hundred fifty images I just go grab those out of drop box and I run through this workflow I'm about to show you and then I make my books so ends up being like three times a year or something like that but they have two hundred fifty pages that works out quite nicely okay so let's take a look at how how that operates um that photo if you remember at the beginning of the segment see if it posted up here yeah a photo week so the beginning of the segment I took a picture of the audience and then put it on instagram and here I am now I'm in finder and I have a link to my dropbox instagram folder that I've created and look what's here that picture is already accessible to me on my hard drive right now and I didn't have to do anything so anything I post on instagram is right here I can find it and find her so I'm going to add this to my ah collection of instagram images here and then I'm going to show you how this works so I just pace it into this folder hopefully I did the right one instagram images we'll refresh there it is down here yea photo week right all right so you got all these images in here but these are currently the small size so I'm going to show you how to create an action in photo shop that will read these up for you, so we're going to pop over to photo shop and let's open one of those images start with this is my cat ymca she's yawning she looks really ferocious and scary there but she she's just yanni um all right, so here I am and push up and I've got my actions panel open and it's unbuttoned mode right now you can't make new actions when you're in but mode we have to get out of but moved by clicking the panel menu will turn off but moon and when then we'll start fresh air will make a new folder to create toe hold all this stuff and we'll call it creative live we have a new folder and now will make the new action by clicking the new action button down here we're going to call this instagram to book all right, so we hit record now the first thing we need to do is restless up and I've got that blowup plug in from alien skin normally when you use it, you could just go to the filter menu and click alien skin blow free, but if we do this through the filter menu it won't be part of the action, so instead we're going to come to the automate menu and choose aliens can blow up three so that's going to launch and here were able to tell it that we want to resize the image from six hundred forty pixels to whatever we desire in this case I like to make the seven by seven books so and I like the white border around it, so the image itself only needs to be four inches so at three hundred pixels per inch and my photographer math skills that's going to be twelve hundred pixels so I can just type that in here and I'm going to save the setting which I call instagram to blurb on dh that way when I run the action it will just know what to do all the time so we'll do instagram to blur but will click ok and it's goingto do that really quickly there we are so you can see it got much larger on the screen already ok, so the next step we're going to do is add that white border around it that's a simple is adjusting the canvas size so we'll come up tio image canvas size and right now the campus is four inches and weird you're going to bob bump out up to seven, so I'm going to tell it that I want the total size of the image including the white border to be seven inches but makes sense there are images currently for and we're going to now fill the space with an additional three inches of white face did we have a question it's about the difference between ah normally or I think they stretching with the number of difference between the blow up on oh ok not even side and canvas size difference between just and normally stretch a match between a blowup okay, sure, yeah we can talk about that um I guess I can just do it right now we don't have to mess if action but there's a lot of mass involved on but basically I think it's just that the algorithms that are used to compete compute the enlargement are different and they result in a better a better result you could just go into photo shop and use image size and residue up and in this case going from six forty to twelve hundred I mean that's pretty big difference but it's not totally crazy but I think basically using something like genuine fractals or or alien skin blow up it's just give me give you a better results. The nice thing too is a lot of those tools have free trials so you know if you I want to test it out before you buy it I know you can get a thirty day free trial from alien skin dot com so I've used it for years and I don't obviously don't present myself all the time just for specific things like my my instagram books I use it regularly ok, so we're going to take the campus from four inches to seven inches so all types seven in here and I want to make sure down here where it says anchor, I'm going to leave this anchor point in the center her that way it's going to bump out that canvas on all the sides so we'll leave the campus color white on we'll make sure relative is not checked and I'll go ahead and click ok, and then I can stop the action so here's what here's, what our image is going to look like, so we took our six hundred forty pixel image blew it up to twelve hundred pixels and then we added this border around it, ok? And now I'm going to actually close this file because we don't need it anymore and now we'll take this action and we'll run it on this folder of images. So here I am back and bridge and I'm goingto do ah, commander control aid to select all the images I don't I only have like ten or eleven here for time purposes, but like when I was doing this book, I have like two hundred fifty images out of time, so we'll get that going get that selected and then the way that we automate all of this is we come up to the tools menu and we choose photo shop and I'm going into the image processor aa lot of people are used to running bat because I mean, since we're batch processing, but the reason why I have kind of moved away from batch is because these images have never been saved me a photo shop before, right? So they don't have photoshopped doesn't know what j peg compression setting to put and it's going to stop me for every image and it's going to make me approve the jpeg compression and that destroys the whole purpose of automation, so instead we'll go to tools photoshopped image processor and in this box here because the images are already selected, I don't have to choose a folder I'm going to tell it to save it in the same location. Now that sounds like it's going to overwrite the originals, but it doesn't what it actually does is it makes a new folder within the folder, and it called that j p and it just puts them in there, so we'll save it in the same location. We'll save it as a j peg with a twelve quality we we don't have to tell it to resize because that's built into the action, right? So we'll just leave all this blank when it tells me what action do we want to run? We'll just to their creative life older and are actually called instagram to book and then we hit run and then we get coffee or whatever and it's going to run and make all those images ready for blurb there any questions on the action while but choose through it really quick I mean it's pretty simple is this a simple little action that's going to incorporate the blow up and then it's going to incorporate that campus uh change the size of the campus and then these are going to be ready to drag over to blurb when it comes to the cover for into the darfur on the instagram books you can do that right within blur but you could create your own cover in photo shop and added into those images or you could create it in in design and export that as the day paige okay, so let's take a look so here's our folder and if I scroll to jay over here we have the j peg folder so this is what was just created by photo shop by running image processor, so we told it to save in the same location so that's what it did but rather than tossing loose files and there it made a sub folder called shape, so if I open that folder we can see there is all of our images they've been revved up, they've been built out to fit the seven by seven book and now they're ready to go to blurb so where we can close this book and we'll make a new one will start a new book and for for these books I do the small square books small square and I d'oh photo book so the pages are like that we're gonna wing it and again I can drag all these in over here and then if I click on the first picture page right here and click auto flow it'll just make it and it'll add as many pages is that needs to accommodate the photos that I have um and I could you know, design the cover hit order and it's going to upload so it's really quick and simple um and then you have a knife so I have a collection now of like five or six of these you have to have deep aid of each and I think they're awesome and that's what I you know like I don't have kids yeah, but when I do I'm like baby books e I don't know I can't do I can't do the scrapbook thing so these air huge for me and the reason I do them this way and I resume out myself is because I like to do the bigger two hundred fifty page books and if that you know if that's too much for you then just use the instagram blurb tool or the artifact uprising instagram tool and then you know is even more automated than this but the only way to get away with all these pages is to kind of do it yourself so that's, my little trick for that another kind of book that I was going to show you quickly is this little guy, and this is what I make for my engagement sessions, so my wedding claims get a nice big guy like this, and when we do engagements, I make them this little guy. So this is another drag and drop kind of book is just really simple. One image per page, but what you'll notice if I can find here's an example, so we have a horizontal image and a vertical image, and they reached the spitting on the page and, you know, we're not rotating the book, and I don't have to do any design work, so I want to show you quickly how you can make something like that. That is also a photoshopped phenomenon, so we'll go back to our we can look at our wedding images again. So what we're going to do in order to pull this off is we're going to create two different actions one's going to be for a vertical image one's going to be for horizontal image, and then we're going to create a conditional action conditional actions are new and see a six or cc on dh that means that we can just tell we could take a whole folder of images with horizontal and vertical and we can run one action and photo shop a ll intelligently no which action to front the vertical won over the horizontal wind and it will do it with one click and then, you know, we take the file than send them to our lab in were done so I mean that's really great, so we're going to start with just a vertical image, so I'll just open this one right here and we'll come back to our actions panel and I'm going to go in here and we'll create another new action and we'll call this one the's little books that I make are five by five, so I'm going to call them ah brag book five by five vertical right? We'll hit record okay, so the first thing is we have to resize this image so we'll come up to image image size I'm going to come in here you can see right now it's full resolution it's really large on dh you can decide how you want to do this I sort of by messing around trial and there I decided that two point six images for the short side works nicely in a five by five format obviously we want their resolution tio to go to three hundred so that's going to be great? We're going to say ok it's going to resize that image, take all those pixels and scale the whole thing down on dh then we want to add that canvas size back out, so we'll come back up to image canvas size and this time we'll make it five by five inches and we can stop the action simple, right? We'll close the file, we don't have to save it, we'll go grab ah horizontal image, maybe something like this and we'll make another new action brag book five by five horizontal hit record same thing we'll resize the image image in size, and this time the short side will be the height. So again, two point six the resolution will be three hundred will click ok it's going to downsize and then we'll adjust the canvas size so back to image canvas size and we'll bump it out again to five by five will click ok and we're done and we can close that as well. Now we need to make the conditional action that's really simple we make another another action will call it again brag book five by five and we'll call it if and when we hit record this action only needs one step and it's from the actions panel menu, so we'll come up to the panel menu and say insert conditional again this is only in six or newer so insert conditional and hear from her shop says if the current document is landscape which they d'oh well if it's landscape we want to play the horizontal action so brag book five by five horizontal and then it says else play action blank so basically saying if the documents landscape do this if it's not or otherwise do this so that would be vertical right so it's landscape we want to turn this it was the vertical in we wanted to run that we click ok we stop the action that's it then we can go back to our folder of images we don't need to run it on ho goodness all of those we'll just pick something like that so I select some images and we come up to tools photo shop again image processor and we'll save it in the same location will save it here we don't have to resize any of that because it's all part of the action so this time when we tell it what action to run do you think we choose we're to go horizontal? We just choose if right, so we tell it to do that and it's going to run through and it's intelligently deciding which action to run and we'll take a look at the results so again they're going to be in that folder called j peg and they're there it's not simple, so that once you make those actions, if you have something for a client and you just, you know, like an engagement session, you can just take that run the action, send it to your lab. This is ah book from video like this also comes from for now, this is called their elements book, and it has people in stick pages. So what I do is I order the five by five prints from my lab, and I order the book that comes blank from video, and then I just peel off the little backing stick the print in it, flipped the page, peel off backing, stick in the print so they're all actual photographs on each of these pages, and they're really easy to assemble. The nice thing is you can order in bulk and order ahead of time, so the there you know, I just have a set of these that are blank just sitting in my office waiting. So that's that's a nice thing of these ellen, his book on dh if if you don't like assembling pages sorry for reaching this is a similar book, this is from m pix pro, and here I just actually sent them the j peg they print the book prince the pages and the whole thing comes to me and it's finished so in this house you know then I can put a cover on it and all of that these books are just fabric covers you might be able to put images on them I don't remember but so you have all kinds of different option uh when it comes to this kind of stuff any questions on the book you can add borders too you'll see these ones here in my example have borders and I've taught that on creative live as well but I wasn't going to get into it today but you can add borders tio if you create patterns in photo shop and then you would just add one more step into your action to police a pattern so you have any questions from internet are good right now awesome ok well let me talk about one other kind of thing that I make a lot of and I think I have an example here that I can show you and these air proof books and no one talks about this so I'm going to um because I like to make proof books for my clients and it's just something that I make for them because I believe in it it's not something I try to up sell them later it's just part I price it into my package so they get the album but they also get approved fuck the reason I do that is because one I just want them to have it their images, of course, are in an online gallery like like everyone, but I just kind of id I don't like the idea of their online gallery expiring, and those images never seen the light of day again on I like to think ahead to teo, you know, maybe their parents there to there fiftieth anniversary and their kids are around on day like to look through that stuff I know when I was a kid, I love looking through my parents images, and I just want them to have that, so I make them a proof book, and I'll show you how you do that, but the other reason that I like to do it is because it takes the pressure off the album design. In other words, they're not super obsessed with which images there in their album because they know they're also going to get approved book so I can design the album that I like and that I want them to have, and that shows off all my favorite images and I don't have to worry so much so that's another reason why I like it. So this is what they look like on. I'm just on blurb right now because I order all of these through blurb onda reason is again page volume just like no. Where else can you get a two hundred fifty page like printed for? And I forget what I pay for each one of these but it's way less from blurb then first of all there's not many other people that even do it and if they dio like if you were to order, you know an album like this with two hundred fifty pages of going to be really pricey on dh that's not really feasible for my little instagram habit. So the same thing with proof books so that's going to have all their wedding images and it so it looks like this here's my cover design and when we flip through the pages, you see that neither eight by ten books, so each each page have basically a contact she and have six images on it, and it also has the file name with it on dh that's you know this's their birth book so it's a really nice hard cover book, and I usually put a dust jacket on it, so this preview even shows the dust jacket that comes with it ondas just really nice, but the weddings that I shoot I usually turn around for my clients I usually give them between maybe three hundred fifty two, forty, fifty images remember back in the day maybe people still do this when you made love loose four by six proofs or whatever and people would put them in a beautiful presentation box and that was really gorgeous, but it always bothered me to think of them getting out of order we're getting lost our like someday their future kids getting their grubby little fingers on them and messing it all up so I really like this format better, but even when you have that many images, you know you're going tohave my proof books usually have, however, that works out I don't know like sixty pages or something um, so it ends up kind of being a lot and it's too much to order from a lab where you know you might make a proof book or a contact sheet book but maybe it only had like ten pages or twenty pages, certainly not sixty so the way to go about this is a little bit like it's not easy there used to be a plug in for bridge actually that would let you out put contact sheets to pdf and it was the glorious thing, but it went away. There might be a way to get it back, but I feel like for some reason I must have tried that and it wasn't working um so instead there's a couple of different ways there's a script for photo shop it's called contact sheet x like the number or letter x andi it's free! You can download it, and it will generate j peg images for you that looked like this that are six up on a page or however you specify, you can actually change it however you want it to be, and it will generate these pages for you and then you'll have a bunch of j pegs and you can just go to blurb just like we've done take all those day paige's throw him into a book hit order and it's done so contact sheet x free, wonderful! I've used it for many, many years, then creative cloud came out and the script didn't work with creative cod and actually e mailed the developer and he was really great and really responsive on dh he was like, oh, I'm working on it all, you know, I'll get to it, but obviously the free script so it's not his priority in life. And last I checked, I was still having some problems with this, so I sought out an alternative and the alternative that I found that I really love is actually an indesign alternative and it's a script, you can get it from creative scripting dot net, I think they're I think I did pay like thirty bucks for it or something, but oh, my goodness, so worth it, okay, so creative scripting dot net and the way that it works is also through bridge so to give you an idea we'll just trash this folder for right now to give you an idea of how it works if I take some images I don't know how many tio choke it with here but some images here and then we go again to tools this time in design create in divine contact sheet and I made a little priest that here called blur proof book and I'm going to click ok and look at it generate so now we're back in in design and this is going to generate the contact sheet and I can't tell you the happy dance that I did when I discovered this I have ordered I forget the count but it's like one hundred different blur books maybe even more than that it might be like one hundred forty by now but I've been making these proof books for my clients for long as I can remember and um they're just an important part of what I like to deliver now when we look at this I'm going to hide all of these frames and all this junkie stuff by pressing w to hide all of that and you'll notice that we have black boxes around all of these images and the neat thing about this script is that it's really customizable so I kind of just went with some presets but I've already made but the other neat thing is that we're in in divine so what school is bob stuckey, the guy who made this case he's great and knows his stuff and he built a lot of flexibility into this and one of the things that makes into line so awesome is something called stiles, right? So in photo shot, for example, we have layer styles and we know how those work in design you have all kinds of different styles, you have objects, styles, you have paragraph styles, and so we're going to take a look at how we can fix this in the whole document you see, every page has this black box, I'm not a big fan, but you know what I'm even less of a fan of is going through and having to manually remove each one, so thankfully we don't have to we're going to open up our objects style, so I'm going to go to the window and you two styles and I'm going to object styles, and if I want to get rid of the box that's around the images, you'll notice there's a style called images I'm going to double click it, go to the stroke option so you can see it has a black stroke, I'll click none, okay? They're all gone throughout the whole document now we still have a box down here under the caption so we'll go down to captain same thing doubleclick were editing the style of click stroke if I don't want black stroke maybe one young green whatever suits your fancy, you can go ahead and do that, but in this case I'm going to go ahead and say none and click ok and you can see it's gone so now through the whole book I mean, that happened really quickly, but the was generated I just think that's amazing contact sheets for some reason seem to sort of have just vanished off a lot of people's radar, but I still think they serve a really great purpose, so I don't know for the foreseeable future I still like to make these books for clients, so once I have this finished, then how would I get it out of simon? So I would come up to file and choose export and here's where we have all kinds of different options I could export to pdf, but uh just because of the way this is built in what I'm planning to do with it, I would go ahead and say j peg instead and we could put this on the desktop and we'll call it blurb j pegs because everything that was on the desktop on going to tell it to export all of these pages hopefully there's not too many with the maximum quality three hundred pixels per inch that all looks good and I'm going to hit export company pages are there it wasn't too many I hope but then it's basically going to turn this into a signed document in each page will be a separate day peg and then I can throw it into blurb and upload it so it's really simple um oh and it's finished already so we can take a look blurb j pegs there they are it's just awesome I think that's so fast how that works so you know I mean not that everyone has to make those kinds of books for your clients for your wedding clients but that could be good for smaller projects to even if you just wanted to send them a nice pdf if you didn't even end up putting it in a book I just think that that's a huge thing that that's been important to me and I'm so glad I found bob script so that's creative scripting scripting creative scripting dot net um let's see just another example you know to take this kind of to another level it can just show you this is a book that I made for my nephew who turned three recently his name's oscar so I decided that I've been working myself on learning illustrator so I decided to give myself a lot well, fine mint and I was going to illustrate a whole book nothing like I don't think right in with both feet, right? So I wrote and illustrated this book and put it all together within design and ordered it from blurb and I think of a picture of the finished product in my instagram the nice thing is not all your blur books that looks not like that oh that's because it's via there we go so this book also from blurb is just a nice thin, flexible it's really like something you find out you know, on the shelf in the bookstore um and it was great it was only twenty pages I think it costs me twenty or twenty five bucks to do the whole thing. So I built these in illustrator and then built this whole document in in design. So I added the text here in inside so that's just another example of how you can really combine all of these things together from different software programs for a different purpose. So it's similar to building a photo book although then of course we have the text here so but this is live text, you know, right here in in design on dh then this was exported to pdf and also sent to blurb so there's a lot of different options when it comes to your photo books and what you do with them okay, so we talked about those brag book that's what I call these guys and these guys that they're quick and easy and they really take just two minutes to d'oh o I should show you actually if you don't have six or newer there's still a way, you can do that what you'd want to dio so if you don't have six or you or you can't do the conditional actions right, so that means if you have vertical and horizontal images, you're gonna have to run the action once for all your vertical images and once you're horizontal images but it's kind of a nightmare if you think oh my gosh, how am I going to do this? How am I going toe select all my verticals or my horizontal images but bridge makes it really easy. So hearing I mean bridge in the folder of all these images you can see they're mixed, but one of the things that you can do is go to the view menu and she sort by dimensions and it will instantly sort everything by dimensions like the name of. So now all the vertical images are all together and the horizontal images are all together and then what you do is just select you know your verticals however many of those are and then go to tools photoshopped image processor and you would just choose from your action instead of running it because you could it upgrade right? But if upgrading not in your stars just yet, then you would just run the vertical actions so you'd click run and then when that's complete, you'd go back and you'd go find your horizontal images and you'd select all those has a lot more of those and you repeat tools photo shop, image processor only this time you would choose your bottle so it's like one little extra step, but it's kind of nice to just be able to just run it in done it right? So that's kind of ok, so brad books so these air, the vendors that I end up working with and that I recommend the most sofronio very are online if new online dot net and then of course, and picks and picks pro, which is, respectively, at m pix dot com and picks pro dot com artifact uprising, I don't have a sample of their book, and to be honest, I've never actually ordered from them, but I want tio I just always end up making these two hundred fifty page books and and I haven't I don't know that they can do that, but their books like they're so beautiful, you almost want to eat them, they look so good, they're really gorgeous, so I recommend definitely taking them out on dino they really run a sustainable and lake green business. So I always like to support that. And of course, blurb. And we have that coupon again. Creative life for twenty percent off for for the next month. Almost more than month. So that's. Pretty awesome. So any other questions or anything else? Anything from the on are you? Are you ready to wrap this up? Are you are yeah. Let's do a q and a section let's do it. Okay, I'm coming up. Bring it let's do it hopes that I just trust that we're doing it. We're doing it. Okay, you get to come up here. E o, please thiss segment is blessed with all kinds of technological. Do you guys have any questions? No time way have won and will it make a change in the actions? If the major's off the verticals off santa's are different likes let's say you have our critical six by four or six by five with its ratio different? Yes, that would make a difference so you'd want to make sure in this case, the images that I'm working with are either square as in the interim book or there too by three aspect ratio, so you would just create a different action for a different ratio, but, yeah, good question you want me to stand up to, like wait, you rocked it out, girl oh, you teo teo theodore, you okay? Let's do a little q and a and I kind of say these to the end because I didn't one do you get you off track thinking so question came in within design software are you limited in creating your photo book files with print lab's our most print lab's able to create your books exactly like you created it are the layouts of books and in designs something each lab has to support and can you just use any lab within designs? A photo book project? I love that that ten question is why they were very useful in good. Well, I hope there look at all that right now I think so basically, the answer is in design is so awesome you can create anything and in divine, including app and e books and all kinds of things so you you can use it for out putting any kind of way you want. But the other nice thing is a lot of labs don't support into keep dreaming. I actually call your labs and say, hey, you should support in tonight but actually the way that in design works is pretty much I mean, even if they were to support in design, what would that mean that would mean providing in designed templates that's about it because anything that you create and design you're pretty much never going to send the indesign file to a printer for to a lab just kind of never the same way you never would send a photo shop document you would send ajay paige me but or you would send a pdf maybe but you would never send a pfc file you would also never send an indesign files so when you're preparing for your lab whichever lab any lab even if they've never heard of in designing their life you can send them you can still build your book and in design and then just export to j peg or two pdf or whatever kind of format they need you just need to know their specifications the same as if you're you know you are yeah anywhere you just need to know what science does the page need to be in all of that on ben you just exported like that. Okay sweet but it's really simple actually okay great let's see uh club jay wanted to know what the pen and pad combo that you're using if you just start I've seen you use it and a lot of people were asking I know they're great so this is a walk home into us tablet actually this is one of the new ones because I just recently got this I my older one the different bit the dust because of either overuse thinks it's my fault. It was not walk on twelve's their their products. I don't know how they saved this is honestly because their products never go bad like I've never had them go bad from like them, you know, like, if I destroy it that's my fault, but so this is just a little intro for traveling. I forget what it's called what model? Yeah, andi comes with this little pen and it's basically, just instead of using the trackpad or the mouth pad here or just a mouth he's this and I think it makes the work much easier, so I'm kind of at a loss if I don't have this, I feel like I'm like I did earlier when bridge wasn't working, I feel like, what am I going to dio but it's really great and it's really easy issues and it's pretty inexpensive this was maybe I don't know like sixty something or something, but really reasonable people reasonable and they last forever and they're great and if you have any problems, you can call them and they just they take care of you. They're good. I still I also have a bigger one at home on my desktop, and I've had it for like twelve years, all right, a couple people asking about light room r l boston and future photos wanted to know about do you know how this compares the light room, print module and future photos? Wanted to know if I create photo captions in my room, can I have those automatically flow into an indesign template? Oh, that would be really cool, I don't know for sure, but my guess would be I doubt that that exists right now, but but that would be a cool thing, so scriptures and developers out there work on that. Yeah, ok, but I don't use light rooms print ah module kind of ever because I'm having designed and in designed one of those things that once you have been designed, you kind of just never go back because it just gives you all the power and you're like, why would I mess around with the module when I have this whole software that the made for this? Yeah, I can't speak to that too much other than I know I've fiddled with it and then I was like, what am I doing tonight? Let's? Take a minute to talk about the question how do you manage color profiles? Wouldn't your different printing cos well in divine you manage color the same way that you do in photo shop or any of the adobe products, and you can actually synchronize all of your color profiles? Through bridge right so you can synchronize all that their bridge on dh when you export from in design you have the option to include the profile and you can change profile I mean it just gives you all the options ever so usually your lab should be able to tell you what profile they want you to you you know and blurb is very particulate especially if you're you know trying to upload them a pdf it better be perfect so if you're doing any kind of books with blurb where you want to send a pdf I would recommend using their plug in for in design because then you just tell it which size book you want to make and it creates the blank document for you and it's perfect so all you have to do is do the design work and hit upload and it'll pass their system with flying colors in the past when I've tried you know I'd be like whatever blur of I'll just make my own pdf on and I'm gonna go teo I would go that route on I can't tell you how much hair I pulled out in the process where I'd upload the pdf and they would tell me something was wrong about my pdf x three profile something worth yeah huge nightmare you know? Yeah you love in design and you love blurb use there in divine plug in um, learning from our mistakes. Yeah, you could keep your hair.

Class Description

Printed photo books are prized possessions and important family keepsakes – learn how to create photo books your clients will love. In this class Khara Plicanic will teach you how to assemble awesome photo books whether your are working from a template or starting from scratch. Khara will introduce a variety of options and methods you can use to move your images from pixels to print.

Software Used: Adobe InDesign CC 2014