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How to Use Live Online Broadcasts

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Facebook Live Features


How to Use Live Online Broadcasts

Lesson 10 of 21

Facebook Live Features


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Facebook Live Features

and we're gonna talk about Facebook life. It is the £800 ton gorilla. There are over 1.6 billion people on Facebook. 1,000,000,000. There's just short of seven billion people in the world. There are some countries that don't have Internet, and there are some that don't allow Facebook. So of the world that has access, I would say an estimate of close to half of the people that have access to Facebook are on Facebook. Perhaps more. You have an instant global audience, you know, with periscope. We have that global audience to of the people who were following you on Twitter or Periscope with Facebook immediately. Those who were your fans, followers and friends have the ability to follow your live streams. You're also able with Facebook to take your replays and use them as advertisements to target groups. So once you've got a broadcast about a subject done, you can then use the Facebook ad manager to target groups to replay those videos. And we're not going to go in depth today on using the...

Facebook ad system that is an entirely different class that takes the whole day on its own. But I do want you to know that your video replace can be used as advertisements. Mark Zuckerberg has been very clear on where he stands with live video. He is all in, and Facebook is moving very quickly with their innovation to bring tools and resource is and features to the Facebook life platform. They do regular broadcasts from Facebook headquarters, and they also have set up in influencers on Facebook Channel. And they regularly bring in author speakers, politicians, world leaders to share on Facebook life from their own channel s. Oh, here's something else that's really interesting. That is proof that Facebook is very serious about live video. A story recently broke that they're paying out more than $50 million to content creators for live streaming, who are some of those content creators while on the news and journalists side Buzzfeed, CNN mashable New York Times are all being paid by Facebook to create original content via Facebook, live on the celebrity athlete side. Kevin Hart, Gordon Ramsay, Russell Wilson, Deepak Chopra all being paid, and the actual amounts are actually out there on the Internet. If you want to see it varies anywhere from, I think $100,000 to create videos up to several 1,000,000 for some of the bigger news channel. So they are basically saying We want content here in Facebook live. We're willing to pay for quality stuff and it is my hope, though there's no promise of it, that they will pay other content creators as well as they bring people to the platform. So we've got a lot going on in. Mark Zuckerberg spent through Facebook $2 billion to buy Oculus that developed the virtual reality glasses. I have a set of them. I did not bring them with me cause it's a lot to travel with. But virtual reality is a reality, and it's coming and it's coming soon, and it's going to impact our lives in some pretty interesting and exciting ways. Also, 360 degree live video is soon coming to Facebook Live Right now, you can post a 360 degree recorded video to Facebook, and that's where you can click on it, and you can drag any direction to see the video. You don't have the ability to go live yet with it. You do have the ability to go live with 3 60 cameras to YouTube, however, and we're actually going to attempt to do that a little later today. So Facebook Live really covers a number of different avenues on Facebook, and they've made it easy to publish your live videos to a number of different channels you can publish to your personal page, which is what I actually choose to do. You can publish to your business or your fan page. You can go Facebook live to a group that you are an administrator of, which is really great for NICHD targeted videos because you know the content is going to people who were interested, and you can publish directly to an event that you are an administrator of. So if there is a street festival happening in your town and you want to publish live from that event to the event page, people who were following that event but couldn't be there will still get to participate as close as they could. Not being there and going live is really easy to do. We're going to do it here. In just a few minutes. You simply go to a new post like you would to make any status update on Lee. Now what you'll see is there is a new option amongst photo video check ins, your feelings and tagging. And it is live video. It's the silhouette of the head with the beams, the radar emanating from it, as though we were from us to the world. And so, rather than just make you type in what you're subject is and just instead of posting text, you're gonna tell it you're going to go live. Facebook also provides some basic analytics for you, which you're able to see after your broadcast is complete, similar to periscopes. And before we go live a couple more things here. One is the ability to have two people on a Facebook. Live is coming soon. Maybe by the time some of you see this course in replay, it existed already. But as of right now, we've only seen one example of it on Facebook. They announced it recently. One person did it. People weren't really impressed with it, and I think they got quiet about it for time being. But soon there will be either picture in picture or side by side that you will be able to go live and say, I want this friend to join me and from their phone. The viewers will then see two people on screen, which makes it ideal for interviewing right now. Weaken Do interviews on Facebook life If I am sitting next to you, have the phone on. Maybe in my mountain were sitting having conversation, but from two remote remote locations. We can't do that.

Class Description

"Great introductory course to live online broadcasting and the huge opportunities in this space at the moment. Especially useful to anyone interested in using live online broadcasting to market their business. I'm confident and excited to start live broadcasting!"Tracey Lee (CreativeLive Student)

If you are trying to establish yourself online as an expert, authority, author, or thought leader, then building your online community is crucial. Great ideas and even great products are not enough anymore. And it can be intimidating.

How do you stand out? How do you rise to the top and achieve the visibility and success that you know you, your product or brand deserve?

Live video broadcasts can position you as an expert in your field and finally help to get you found in the sea of noise. Joel Comm will break down the process in easy, manageable steps so you can get the most engagement on your videos.

In this class you'll learn how to:

  • Use platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope, and
  • Storytelling techniques to use in your videos
  • Get the right gear to go live including, cameras, software, and apps
  • Applications and techniques for including guests in your broadcast
With this class you will have all the skills and a plan so you can hit that live button and broadcast to your audience. 


Tracey Lee

Great introductory course to live online broadcasting and the huge opportunities in this space at the moment. Especially useful to anyone interested in using live online broadcasting to market their business. I'm confident and excited to start live broadcasting!

a Creativelive Student

Joel is a great teacher and really walks through everything you need to know about Live Broadcast. This is brand new content, never shared before and it is only going to get more important in the coming years as video gains popularity in the mainstream. Take this course if you are serious about sharing your message by leveraging the power of live broadcasts. He also shares some really neat tools available in the market place such as Crowdcast and Allie Camera.


Joel Comm is the King of live broadcasts on social media. This is a fully packed course of information that will help you get up and running fast. He provides great tips for both intermediate and advanced users too. The 4th segment of this course provides a ton of valuable and time-saving information to help you market your broadcasts and videos. I totally recommend this course, and you can't beat the price.