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How to Use Live Online Broadcasts

Lesson 4 of 21

How to Engage Your Viewers with Storytelling?


How to Use Live Online Broadcasts

Lesson 4 of 21

How to Engage Your Viewers with Storytelling?


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How to Engage Your Viewers with Storytelling?

I'm gonna go about the content here. Ah, little uniquely in that Before I get into the software itself. I want to talk about storytelling because if you have the year and you have the apse, but you don't understand the foundation of storytelling than what are you going to talk about, right? So let's talk about how to engage your viewers with storytelling. Everybody here has a story to tell everybody watching at home, you have a story to tell for some of you, it is about your life experiences, what you've learned for some of you. It's about the knowledge that you've gained about a particular area of expertise For some of you, it's because you want to inspire the socks off of people, and some of you just want to be goofy and have a good time half the time. That's me just being goofy and have a good time. It's good to have a general idea of where you're going with this, and the key to live video is engaging your audience with value with content that adds value to their lives, and a lot of...

people ask this question before they get started. How long should a broadcast be, your broadcast should be just as long as is needed to tell your story. And I'm gonna help demonstrate that today when we actually go live on some of these applications. So there's a few basic guidelines that you'll want to be aware of before we start telling our story. First of all is the set. What is the appropriate set that you should use when we're gonna We're gonna hit up on this in just a second. Clothing, hair and makeup. Sometimes I'll go live first thing in the morning when my hair is got no product in it. And the rest of me is a mess, too. I don't mind that because people connect with what's riel in what's authentic. Now I understand. If you ladies want to do your hair and have your makeup on point, totally get it. If you if that's your thing, that's not a problem. What's most important is that you are comfortable with you and turning on the device. Whatever the instances, either way you do it is totally fine. The key is that you are being riel in that moment. Lighting is something that all you've got to do is look at your device, and if I turn on my camera and I look at it, I'm like, Oh, the lighting here is perfect because we're in a studio environment. But if I stand on the other side of lights where it's dark, I might be in the shadows. Just look at yourself and go house my lighting. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just tell yourself that if you start feeling perfectionist tendencies set in, it doesn't have to be perfect. I'm not perfect. You're not perfect. Nobody is. We don't have to be The greatest videos are not those that are polished where everything is just right. Those make us weary like What's going on there? This looks too good. Are they pretending the greatest videos with ones that are shot in the moment and that feel completely authentic? The thing that drives them is not how polished the set in your hair and the lighting are. The thing that makes it happen is this simple formula. Your content plus engagement with your audience equals relationship. Your content, plus how you engage with your audience and how they engage back with you equals a relationship with your audience. If you can make that connection, we're doing it right now. We're connecting. If you can make that connection with your audience via the camera and there talking back to you and your answering their questions and you're delivering value and they're engaging with that you have relationship. This is the key to building an audience using live video. In fact, it's the key to building relationships at all. You just enter into a relationship with somebody and you say So what can you do for me? Then? They're gonna be like, all right, then, gonna move on over here, meet this person instead. The key is being riel. It's about being authentic. And this is how, regardless of the size of your business, whether you are a solo printer, small business person, medium sized business or you're working with a Fortune 500 company, the more real you are, the more people will connect. In fact, if you take it to the largest companies and you think about the CEOs of some of the biggest brands, don't we connect greatest when we know who those people are behind the brand rather than just the logo? When I see a CEO of a large company tweeting and responding to tweets. I'm Maurin dear to that brand than if it's that some faceless social media manager that's behind the logo. And I don't know who that person is. They're just representing a can of soda. I can't have a relationship with a can of soda. Well, we take that back. I guess I can't. But it's not a personal relationship, just that warm, fuzzy feeling I get inside. This was the old way of doing things. And if you have any misconceptions about what live video is today, this is how it used to be. The talking head behind the desk with the monitors and the Polish setting her hair is so on point. It's ridiculous. It's like there was somebody back there like Wait, we have one hair. That's OK now you can go alive and they fixed it. This is the old way of doing it. What's the new way of doing it? This is the new way of doing it. Thank you, Chewbacca. Mom. Thank you, Candice. Pain for showing the world the power of live video off capturing a moment. She had no idea this was gonna happen. She went in tow the department store. She found this Chewbacca mask. If you haven't seen the video than your you've probably been in a cave for the last few months. It's OK. Come on out. We have sunshine and food and water and just Google. Chewbacca, Mom and go watch this video and then be prepared toe laugh until you cry. It's a four minute video she got in the car. She said, Look what I just got. She went live on Facebook. She put on the mask and she started cracking up with this contagious laughter that you would have to not have a pulse toe laugh along with her. Just how popular was this video on Facebook life? It became instantly, within two days, the most popular video live video that had ever been. And the numbers that I captured I'm gonna show you here. We're actually from a little bit ago, so they've changed since then. Let's zoom in on it here at this time. Ah! 158 million views. It wouldn't surprise me if we were Look now in its approaching 200,000, 1580.8 million reactions three and almost there, almost 3.5 1,000,000 shares of a video. He never set out to do that. She figured a few of her fans, a few of her friends, family members would get a kick out of the experience as she was sharing right there. This video launched her to fame and stardom and ended up getting her on Ellen and today show in Good Morning America and just became known as the Sensation. And I love it because it is a perfect demonstration of that raw authenticity of capturing a moment of something that you want to share with the world and going live with it. We're going to bring in a friend of mine right now to talk a little bit about capturing that moment. Now we're gonna interview him here in a little later on, I'm gonna bring back I'm gonna bring him back to show you one of his live videos. But he's available now to talk with us. He's a friend of mine. He is the VP of sales and marketing with our con mounts, the people that make the mounts that ah, lot of us air using to hold our devices. And he is my friend, Aaron Roth. I am here. How you doing? Good. Well, I tried to wrangle you in earlier than I was supposed to. And isn't that part of what? Live video is? Absolutely Fire drills every day. It's great. So you are the VP of sales and marketing with our con. Gotten to know you since I met you in San Francisco earlier in 2016. And, uh, this is not a paid endorsement for me. I'm just a big fan of what you guys were doing because you're helping equip life streamers Teoh about their devices so they could be hands free and in broadcast to the world. Right? Right. A earlier I got to disagree with You said all you need to do is have a phone him out. I saving him out. Well, we're gonna in a little bit. We're gonna show ah, clip from one of the live videos that you've done where you are connecting with customers, but talk a little bit about as a brand the importance and the value of using live video to build relationship with your customers and your prospects. Oh, that's great. You know, It's really a game changer for us. We had not been using any live video until August of and 15 1 of the tech bloggers out there had posted on Face big, and he had said, Hey, I bought amount on Amazon and it just doesn't work that great for me he said. I'm hoping to inspire you guys to make a better one. So I actually put one together where it held two bones side by side and he said, That's great. It's exactly what I was looking for. And I realized immediately that I needed to be part of this community and live streaming to see really what's going on with all this live streaming and why are people going on live video to talk about stuff? So if you have done anything like that before, they had you had any experience in broadcasting? No, we are our social media. Um, strategy back then was just actually put information up there to put up a photo of a new product up on Facebook or one of these other fights where we could actually have some information is basically a news page, but nobody went there and live streaming really changed completely. Our ability to brand with people out there and consumers essentially that wanted to buy these products. And so when you go live, what is your intention? When you turn on Facebook or periscope? Well, mine it. My attention is simple. I want to reach as many people as possible. So when I go live, I'm not live streaming on one platform. I'm always dual broadcasting or even I have guests here almost on a weekly basis. And we clawed cast. We have four broadcast going at a time, so we might have one platform on one device, Another platform on another device. We have four total with some of the people in the community. We actually you're actually a try, Castor, you have three broadcast going at the same time. So when that happens, if we get one of those people here, then we go five at a time and we're reaching a lot more people. So for me is a marketer. It's all about reach. I want to reach as many eyes as possible. Teoh, tell my message. You say e I want to get into the message because you said you have guests. So a lot of people would intuitively think, Well, if you're going live is a brand that you're there to sell mounts. But really, isn't that a secondary effect of what you're doing? Because the content seems to come first. Actually, for me, it's the relationship that comes first time, a sales background I've been in. I've been in sales for 25 years, sales, marketing and where our business has actually been around since 1988 28 years and are strongest point is ability to build relationships. And that's what I'm doing with a variety of different people in the live streaming community. I just go and build the relationships because I know the business will follow. I love that philosophy. It takes care of itself. So when you have guests on your your life, streams like what kind of guests and what are they there for? Well, anybody who's coming through a L. A were based in Los Angeles area. We look for people primarily who are influencers, and I don't really consider it influence or marketing. But you, Joel Calm, are able to sell our products better to your audience than I can. That's the simple principle. So all the way essentially see everybody is an influencer. But somebody with 10 followers clearly does not have a much ability to reach as many people is somebody that has 500,000 followers. So for us, we bring these people in here to really get new sets of eyes on our messages. So what, what's in it for them? Because that could come office sounding like we just want to, you know, reach your followers. But there's a give and take in that, right? Essentially, what's in it for them is they get to get some gear that's really gonna help improve their broadcasts. So many people might only be on just one device at a time, like an All they need is a tripod, let's say, But for a lot of these large influencers, they realize that they need to have that reach and they are on multiple platforms. Okay for them, they get amazing year. So as what we talk about storytelling in this segment right now in creative live before you go live, how much do you plan? Is it is it just extemporaneous or do you have subject matter that you know you're gonna cover what is usually your intent. I come planet all I'm very impromptu. I just push the button and go. Okay, So for example, on we're gonna play a clip of that. But if I were if you were gonna go live right now, what would you type into your subject field? It depends on what type of broadcasts it would be. It was I doing a giveaway at that point, and we utilize giveaways all the time on the title is very important. You want to catch their attention, and I'm sure you're probably going to cover the importance of titles, But for us, we're trying to grab their attention. Whether it's win a furry mount, we're doing a giveaway. You know, something that tells his story very concisely in what you do as a brand is really sharp giveaways for everybody that is watching, joining us giveaways or a great way to get attention in any kind of marketing, but especially in life video, because you can show them what you're giving away and you can give it away during the broadcast. Get feedback instantly. Hey, what about customer service using live video? You didn't even this. This is what about it? Imagine. All right, well, we we've had customers and I know that they're live streaming customers. They're out there in the community and they say, Hey, I'm having a problem. Maybe it's they're having a problem putting together this tripod and they couldn't figure something out. So what I'll do is I'll say, I'm gonna go over there and I'm gonna go on one of the live streaming platforms and fire but broadcasts in two minutes and I'll show you exactly how to do it. I don't need to go into a call with them with face time, but in essence, I'm able to do customer service. And I'm able to address a lot of other people who might have had that same problem at the same time, and then they can watch it on the replay so I don't have to replicate it, he said. So much there. That's brilliant as a customer service tool to be able to answer somebody's question publicly so that you don't have to answer it ah, times and you're recording it. You're creating content for people to watch right now, and then Aaron Repurpose is the videos and you put them all up on YouTube, right? Absolutely brilliant. What would you say, Teoh? Many of the people who are watching both here in the studio and at home that have never done a live video, and they were going to try to allay any of the, you know, the fears that they have today, either about gear or about content. But coming from somebody else's perspective, What advice would you give to somebody who's brand new with this? I think it's the same advice that you spoke about earlier, where you said you didn't consider yourself a public speaker, and in fact you shied away from it. And I think the biggest challenge for most people who are due to live streaming is that fear of the unknown. They're scared to push the start broadcast button, and when they dio, maybe they think, Oh, how do I shut it down? What happens if I get a troll in there calling me names? So you really have to just actually push that button and get out there? It's It's really a life changer and a game changer. I see myself in the same position as you I'm in sales marketing, but I'm a very shy guy. So life. So I don't believe that for me was the challenge. And I did have a lot of butterflies the first few times that I thought, Oh, I do need a scripted broadcast. I need to plan it out. But now I know so much better. After having done it for a year now, I could just push a button and talk about anything, and it would be a wonderful broadcast. Well, you know, having messed up on my timing here today and being able to use that it is a case study, I think I can't imagine. I wish I would have planned it because it actually works out better and demonstrating how to operate in live video. So maybe share with us a time that you went live and the wheels fell off for me. See, I don't get I don't get worked up. If the wheels do fall off, I just keep driving. That's the hole that you gotta dio. Your car hasn't broken down. It just, you know, you just maybe it's slowed down, but you could do stuff that you can go around the detour and I just keep going. You just have to get over that fear. It's really I really can't see or recall any broadcast that I felt were bad broadcast. They're all great. It's such a wonderful community, the live streaming community. You feel like you're amongst friends, so I really don't have. Whenever you're with friends, you feel safe. So there's not a time on the live streaming. When I felt that you know, these things really going bad, I should shut it down. I should stop. I just keep going. And perhaps part of that is the mindset of it's not not caring. It's just embracing whatever that moment is, where something that could have happened on one of his broadcast might have thrown somebody else because of his attitude towards it. It didn't throw him at all, and he just kept right on going just like it's really hard to throw me, toss anything my way and I don't care. I'll just roll with the punches and we'll just do the next thing. Erin, I really appreciate you joining us today. Last question for you. How often are you going live? I try to go at least every single day Monday through Friday, just for consistency. Purposes. We do do weekly giveaways, usually on a Friday off. I'll fire up a variety of different broadcast. Maybe on my personal Facebook page or a busker or some of these other platforms on the weekend. Those are more personal. I'm at home, I'm at a park. I'm watching concerts, but it does allow me to reach my various audiences that we have out there. Yeah, and as a sales and marketing guy, that consistency is important. I don't want to overwhelm anybody by making them think they need to broadcast every day. Do you have a, uh, is there a schedule for regular people to do this, or is it just stream when you feel the inclination? I was hoping you'd ask that question, because for us, if I and I usually do go live at 11 a.m. Pacific time, especially on Fridays, homemade or give away. But what I've noticed and some people talk about, you got to be very consistent. If you show up at the same time, you're going to get more people, and I don't really agree with that. I I'm wanted. I'm trying to get a different audience. So for us, I might go live at 9 a.m. 11 a. M. 4 p.m. And I'm gonna get a whole different crowd of people every time. Fantastic. Well, Aaron Roth, VP of sales and marketing with our con. Thanks for joining me here today, and I know we all appreciate it. Let's give him a hand. Thanks a lot, Joel. Take everybody and we will actually get to see a clip of one of Erin's videos and one of what he said about community eyes really important, because the people that I've met through the community, like Aaron people that I didn't meet on Facebook or didn't meet on Twitter didn't meet, You know, one of those other places I've met because of this community, and they're, for the most part, all riel people that are navigating their way and just want to use this technology to share their content

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"Great introductory course to live online broadcasting and the huge opportunities in this space at the moment. Especially useful to anyone interested in using live online broadcasting to market their business. I'm confident and excited to start live broadcasting!"Tracey Lee (CreativeLive Student)

If you are trying to establish yourself online as an expert, authority, author, or thought leader, then building your online community is crucial. Great ideas and even great products are not enough anymore. And it can be intimidating.

How do you stand out? How do you rise to the top and achieve the visibility and success that you know you, your product or brand deserve?

Live video broadcasts can position you as an expert in your field and finally help to get you found in the sea of noise. Joel Comm will break down the process in easy, manageable steps so you can get the most engagement on your videos.

In this class you'll learn how to:

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  • Storytelling techniques to use in your videos
  • Get the right gear to go live including, cameras, software, and apps
  • Applications and techniques for including guests in your broadcast
With this class you will have all the skills and a plan so you can hit that live button and broadcast to your audience. 


Tracey Lee

Great introductory course to live online broadcasting and the huge opportunities in this space at the moment. Especially useful to anyone interested in using live online broadcasting to market their business. I'm confident and excited to start live broadcasting!

a Creativelive Student

Joel is a great teacher and really walks through everything you need to know about Live Broadcast. This is brand new content, never shared before and it is only going to get more important in the coming years as video gains popularity in the mainstream. Take this course if you are serious about sharing your message by leveraging the power of live broadcasts. He also shares some really neat tools available in the market place such as Crowdcast and Allie Camera.


Joel Comm is the King of live broadcasts on social media. This is a fully packed course of information that will help you get up and running fast. He provides great tips for both intermediate and advanced users too. The 4th segment of this course provides a ton of valuable and time-saving information to help you market your broadcasts and videos. I totally recommend this course, and you can't beat the price.