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How to Use Live Online Broadcasts

Lesson 13 of 21

Video Replays & Advertising on Facebook


How to Use Live Online Broadcasts

Lesson 13 of 21

Video Replays & Advertising on Facebook


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Video Replays & Advertising on Facebook

remember that with replays, not everybody will be there to see your broadcast when your life. So they're going to catch it on the replay in you always. Unless you have a compelling reason not to want to make sure that your replays are posted. You also want to save the, um, your video to your device. And you saw how I did that. We finished a broadcast. There was a little download button right next to the upload HD and we pulled that down. And now I had that saved on my phone. By the way, I use ICloud on my IOS devices. So everything sinks between devices. That means I can now go on to my laptop in log in, ICloud in the video that was saved. My phone will soon show up for me to download onto this device. That's really useful, because if I want to edit it in something like I movie, I want to be ableto have it here on this device not over here. And we're actually gonna demonstrate doing that repurpose ing editing and blasting out your video to other places. Have you done any boosting with ...

your Facebook lives and have you seen any, um, value in doing that? So, good question. I am not a Facebook ad expert. I've done some Facebook ads myself. If I haven't done usually, I will secure somebody who is talented in that area to get it done. I recommend that you do as well. I've had some success, but my focus is mainly organic reach and I have not put a lot of money behind it. There are some who make a sound living, running Facebook ads and boosting posts very profitably. I'm not that guy. So your video's gonna view us gonna live on beyond its initial broadcast and views comments like shares. They continue as long as it's on your page. Now, granted, there is attrition over time. So the replay right now is it that we did today is in its sweet spot as a replay because it's still gonna show up on people's feeds. Is recent tomorrow less so unless they're still activity on it, in which case Facebook will go. This is still popular. Let's make sure it's still being showed on the feet. Shonan feeds of people who haven't seen it. And as time goes by, you stop seeing any likes any Commons, any shares over time, cause there's fresh new content. But you can see here the power of the replay. When this video was live, I had about 800 people watch during the duration of this video in which I put together a, um uh, elliptical for under desk that was sent to me. Review set Maggie gadgets sent to me. And so I went live on Facebook and I said, Watch me put this thing together and they dio and 800 people watched it. But since it went in replay, look that over 2099 views, so it actually had more views being available is a replay than it did live. So when we talk about advertising on Facebook live, it's just one slide, because I don't feel like I'm really the qualified person other than to give you a bird's eye view of it. Replays of your videos can be used. His ads. When you go into the ad manager, you can boost your replay posts, as Mari was saying, to let them be seen, and you can target with Facebook very specific markets. So there's a tool that I'm gonna talk about it a little bit that actually automatically shares my personal profile videos. Also to my fan page. That's not the focus right now. What I want you to see right now, there you guys are is that when I scroll down, I can click here to boost post. And when I click that it opens up the the native ad tool, it thinks about it. Eventually it opens it up. And this will give me some options for advertising finding my audience so I can advertise it. Just two people who like my page. I can advertise to people who like my page and also their friends. I can edit it to change their location, their age, their gender. I can create custom markets of people. I can target people who like more ease page, for example, with Facebook that targeting is more powerful than really than any ad tool. I know, and you can set a budget for how much you're willing to spend, how long you're going to run it for, and you can put up a tracking pixel in some or technical things in here that I'm not going to go into But you can advertise on the desktop or you could tell it. This is what it's gonna look like in the mobile feet. I recommend if you are going to boost posts. Mobile is important. Mobile video is a big deal. And make sure you boost to Mobile, and that's is ah, in the words of Forest Gump. That's all I'll say about that, because I'm not qualified to telling you more. Okay, let's bounce back to the keynote, please. Video is extremely powerful for marketing. It's one thing to read it. It's another thing to read it and see a still. It's another thing to read it, hear it and see living, breathing people talking. It just all makes it more believable. When I invite people onto my broadcasts, I tell them you're going to be on a broadcast with me and they come on and they know that they're getting into a broadcast. So I haven't had a release signed ever since I did my reality show back in 2007 and for that we we did them. But even then I don't know why, because they were all friends and they were obviously walking onto the set of a show that cameras everywhere should have been a clue to them that they were being filmed. And they said Okay. So again, Consultant, Attorney, If you have any questions about that, I'm just Internet marketer. What do I know?

Class Description

"Great introductory course to live online broadcasting and the huge opportunities in this space at the moment. Especially useful to anyone interested in using live online broadcasting to market their business. I'm confident and excited to start live broadcasting!"Tracey Lee (CreativeLive Student)

If you are trying to establish yourself online as an expert, authority, author, or thought leader, then building your online community is crucial. Great ideas and even great products are not enough anymore. And it can be intimidating.

How do you stand out? How do you rise to the top and achieve the visibility and success that you know you, your product or brand deserve?

Live video broadcasts can position you as an expert in your field and finally help to get you found in the sea of noise. Joel Comm will break down the process in easy, manageable steps so you can get the most engagement on your videos.

In this class you'll learn how to:

  • Use platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope, and
  • Storytelling techniques to use in your videos
  • Get the right gear to go live including, cameras, software, and apps
  • Applications and techniques for including guests in your broadcast
With this class you will have all the skills and a plan so you can hit that live button and broadcast to your audience. 


Tracey Lee

Great introductory course to live online broadcasting and the huge opportunities in this space at the moment. Especially useful to anyone interested in using live online broadcasting to market their business. I'm confident and excited to start live broadcasting!

a Creativelive Student

Joel is a great teacher and really walks through everything you need to know about Live Broadcast. This is brand new content, never shared before and it is only going to get more important in the coming years as video gains popularity in the mainstream. Take this course if you are serious about sharing your message by leveraging the power of live broadcasts. He also shares some really neat tools available in the market place such as Crowdcast and Allie Camera.


Joel Comm is the King of live broadcasts on social media. This is a fully packed course of information that will help you get up and running fast. He provides great tips for both intermediate and advanced users too. The 4th segment of this course provides a ton of valuable and time-saving information to help you market your broadcasts and videos. I totally recommend this course, and you can't beat the price.