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How to Use Live Online Broadcasts

Lesson 20 of 21

How to Market it after it goes LIVE


How to Use Live Online Broadcasts

Lesson 20 of 21

How to Market it after it goes LIVE


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How to Market it after it goes LIVE

Okay, let's go back to the, um The slides were coming into the home stretch here. We're talking about how to market your videos after they go live while we've covered the 1st 1 already use images. And now that you know that you can source them on sites like up work, look for people that have good feedback in a track record up work works kind of like eBay does. You can tell how long they've been on the system, how Maney transaction they've done. You can see ratings of 0 to 5 stars, look for people with credibility and then interview them. Tell them what you need. Asked for samples, find somebody that you like, and then try them out. Cross promoter videos and other social platforms gotta take, you know. So if I post ah video on Facebook, I might go over to Twitter and say, Hey, go check this out. And just like Mari said, every video has its own earl, so you can post that in any of the other social platforms you could post on Instagram. You could tell people on Snapchat go to my Facebook ...

feed and check out the most recent video maybe even show them a little clip on. Snapchat should pick a 12th teaser that makes him go. I got to go over there and watch it. I know where to find Joel is on his Facebook Pts when you are on periscope and some of your guests. But they had their snap a photo on the yes exactly exactly so cross promotion. There's many people for their profile picture on Twitter or Facebook that have their snap code. It's clearly telling people I'm on Snapchat and I want you to follow me there. So look at the platforms that you're on that you enjoy using and think through. How can I tie them together so that the content on producing here will make them want to follow me over here? And you're kind of daisy chaining them around so that they understand your full social presence in your profile where you are, where they could find you. We alluded to using a feature clip. You see this all the time and promotions for late night shows. They'll do a little promo commercial and take a five second sound bite out of you know, Jimmy's interview with George Clooney something that's got this, and they'll give that as a little teaser. Find a great teaser in the middle of your video. Whatever it is that's gonna hook. People put that on Twitter. Put that on Instagram. Shoot that on snap that put it wherever you want and tell people here's where to find this. If you've got a show that's coming up and you're going to interview somebody, maybe get a sound bite from them. You hear this in traditional media as well, Right on radio, you'll hear little clips. Hey, this is such and such, and I'll be with so and so on Tuesday night. So join us for blah, blah, blah radio fill in the blank. Whatever you want those to be in our Snapchat class, you kind of talked about a lot of people. Ah, wonder what the our allies on stuff like this and kind of cross promoting, and you had a really nice kind of answer to that regarding R o E. If you want to go into that again, let's go to yesterday's clip. So when I'm asked what the R a Y of social media is, I shake my hand and say I don't believe in our oi of social media. I don't believe that you spend X amount of dollars on social and get X amount of dollars in return. I believe in R O. E. Its return on experience. It's the experience and relationships that you build with people that bring the return. It's really the core of what do good stuff is all about that. If you seek to put good stuff out there to bring value to the world through your talents, your skills, your abilities, your personality, that burning passion that's inside of you, then you can trust the process that you are bringing value to the world in a way that nobody else can. You're putting good stuff out there, you know, some people call it karma. Some people call it the law of sowing and reaping whatever you call it. I believe what goes around comes around and so do good stuff means you create value with your content and at some point you have to have faith. You have to trust the process that hey, if I'm seeking to do good and help people, then somehow this is going to work out and I gotta tell you I am not an analytical mind when it comes to business. In fact, I don't even consider myself a good businessman. I'm a successful one cause I've done well, but I don't consider myself a good one. I consider myself good with relationships and with people and with my creativity and with bringing people together and shining the light on others, encouraging and helping and inspiring them. Somehow I watch how that works, and it always works. Not always the way I think it's going to my plans Usually, you know, take a different direction, but it always ends up working. So it's very hard, especially for analytic minds to to grasp. How do you do social if you're not calculating the r A y? And I'm fine with those who do. Go ahead. Crunch those numbers. Look at your follower count. See that ad spend brought you this? This one brought you that? That's great. I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in bringing value to people in trusting that when I share my content, you're gonna be impacted. And because you're impacted, you are going to refer other people to follow what I have to say you're gonna be inspired and pay it forward to do good stuff to others Somewhere in there, I think I lost the plot. But there's an answer, the question, because I could just I could go on with that that I almost feel like I get the preaching when that starts happening because that's really at the core. I think what it's about, so in another way you can do that is by finding other social groups. Where do you where can you share your content? Finding groups that are tied to your niche on Facebook? Especially, You know, there's linked in groups. There's the Google Plus still exists. Believe it or not, there are some groups. There's local groups. There's meet up groups anywhere. Where you can engage with people is an opportunity for you to share your message. And this is not a strategy that many people would necessarily subscribed to because it sounds risky. But I'm a big believer and showing up you showed up today. Was it worth it? You guys at home, you showed up. Was it worth it? I see all night in your collective heads because you took a chance on investing your time in time is money in showing up today and you didn't know what to expect. You don't know what you would get from me. You didn't know how it would make you feel. You don't know what actionable material you'd leave with, but you trusted. You leave with something just by showing up. Well, I believe in showing up. It means I go to events where people are, Even if I'm not speaking just to attend because I never know who I'm going to meet. I do things that I wouldn't otherwise nor normally think of doing because it puts me in situations that opens my mind up to new perspectives. Something you might not know this. But a couple of years ago, I took a week where I drove for uber just to experience it. I put a camera on the dashboard and carried one with me, and I interviewed my passengers. And I made a short film about it. A year before that, during a sabbatical of mine. When I was getting tired of being on sabbatical but wasn't ready to start speaking and writing again. I went to work at Barnes and Noble is a cashier for $7. an hour. Not for the money. One shift a week so I can stand behind the counter and talked to customers and get the other side of what it's like in the publishing world. I'm an author. My books are on the shelf and know nobody ever bought one of my books. I had hoped they would cause I was going to say, Do you want me to sign that for you? Never didn't happen while I was there. But it's a perspective shift. It's a paradigm shift, and now I get to tell that story and it gets people thinking, What could I do that could change the way I'm doing, things that could take me out of my rut? That could give me a fresh perspective that could introduce me to new people in new ideas. That's where content comes from. If you're going to stay stuck in the same thing you're always doing, you're gonna be delivering the same content all the time. Change your own personal story and gives you more stories to tell. That's almost memorable. Almost mean that so another thing that you can do is email your list I send to my email list, and I build my email list from my videos so frequently. When you watch may, I will offer people a free bonus. I will say, Would you like three of my books for free? Go to this u R L and you can download them. All you have to do is give me your name and email address so I use video is a lead generation, so it's not just cross promotion. It's also a way to capture people again. It's the reason that I'm, ah, fan of crowd cast because they automatically register those emails. For me, that doesn't happen on periscope. They can follow me on Twitter. They can watch me a periscope, but I don't know how to reach out to them beyond that channel. So I encourage people to follow me elsewhere. You can do that to have a free report of some kind tips for 10 secrets to shoot a special video that is on a page that they don't know that it's there and say, Would you like my bonus video? It's five minutes that tells you my secret to fill in the blank and All you have to do is put your name and email address here and you give them access to it. We call ethical bribes questions that are you always giving some sort of value prop when you're asked for an email? Are you always saying there's something more to come or you're ever asking? Hey, you want to subscribe? Teoh my email list and always get my videos in your inbox is that it's a really good question. Which do you think would be more appealing to people? Or on wonder what circumstances are you gonna be more likely to provide your email under? Give me your email and I'll give you this or give me your email and I'll keep you notified of what else? I'm doing a or B left hand for a right hand for Be the okay credit like tell me what it depends on. Um, I eat a lot of emails, and I don't nestle want emails all the time, So if it I know it's gonna be one email a month, I'll sign up for the lists. If it's every week, I am not gonna sign up for less a matter if I'm gonna gets me for free. If it's a temporary thing that they're gonna offer, I will sign up and then delete myself from that list way. All do that one. So I get it. So it's a matter of personal preference. Some people don't want to be emailed regularly. I've got other people that are following me that they want to know. Every time I go alive, they actually I'm gonna show you what I do with one of these. And I should have done it today if I failed to without everything else going on. It failed to send out a reminder. But I actually have a text messaging service that people say. Text me when you go alive. They want to know they don't want to miss a certain broadcast. I can count on when I do a periscope or Facebook that some of the same people are gonna be there every time because they're learning for me and gleaning and they just they want what else she got? You'll tell us you know what you're thinking about and you've got people like that that you follow. I don't know who they are in your particular nature market, but you have people like that that you follow as well. So build your list, and then when you mail your list, make sure you give them more value. Don't use it to just pound them and sell them stuff that the path to money is. You know, there is no get rich quick. It doesn't happen overnight unless you win the lottery, all right? And that usually doesn't end up going well for the winner. It doesn't happen overnight. Building your brand takes time. It takes you bringing value and it takes people You know what viral marketing is. Viral marketing is not something you create you cannot create. Say, well, we're gonna make some viral marketing. Just gonna go over here. We're gonna put everything in this and it's gonna come out. Viral viral marketing happens when you tell a story so compelling that other people can't help but retell it for you. That's what viral marketing is. Candace Payne didn't even set out to do something viral, but what she did was so compelling that people they had to share it. And you see the videos that go up on Facebook that have tens of thousands 1,100,000 views and you can't wait to share it when you see them because you're like, This is so great. So and so has to see this. All my friends have to see if my kids have to see it. Mom, this one's for you. Look at the dancing cat, right? It's when we find something so compelling that we can't help but share it. It becomes viral marketing, but it's not something you create. So your task as business people as marketers as brands, is to tell compelling stories. It's all about the story. It is not about your product. It is not about your service. It's about the story that you tell that centers around your product or your service. People don't buy features. They buy benefits. Yes, they want to know what the features are of this thing. But ultimately it's like it's no different from people. You don't hang out with people because of what they know. You hang out with people because how they make you feel. As marketers, we have the same task to provide value in a way that makes people feel good, smart, wise, beautiful, creative, whatever it is that they're wanting to feel if we can authentically contribute that and help them to feel that way. We have succeeded as marketers and his live video creators. I didn't mean to go that way either, but that's what you get. Another thing you can do is build out your own live video site. I'm going to give you an example of that in a moment, and there's a lot of other means you could use to engage with your followers. In fact, it's an exhaustive list. One of the ways that we do it is I set up a live video marketing mastermind group on Facebook started this about 56 months ago. I said, I just want a place where we can post live video stories about where live videos going where people can engage in, ask questions. You guys air free to join it. We've got about 4700 members in it. It's grown that quickly in just five months or so. The short U R L is calmed at us Ford slash live video group. It's a closed group. Everybody just says I went in and then myself for a moderator. Go, come on in and then you get to participate in the discussion. So whether it's this group or another one, participate where other people are discussing this topic beyond today. You're not alone again. We are in the early adopter phase. I started in the pioneer phase. Okay, And over this last year, the curve, the bell curve of adoption has slowly started going up. When we're now in this, you know, 15 to 20th percentile, that is early adopter. This part of the bell curve is coming over the next 1 to 2 years where everybody is going to be talking about live video, and big brands of all kinds are finally going to get the guts to go. Okay, we need to try this because clearly the whole broadcast industry is changing before our eyes. What we know is TV that's going away, the generation that's growing up. Now when you say TV to them, there won't be a differentiation between network TV and Netflix and live video. It's all becoming soup. It's all it's all like a gumbo, right? Mish mash of this, that and the other anything that is broadcast. And it wouldn't surprise me. Well, we're gonna talk about where it's going in the second of a blow your minds. But before I blow them completely, Joining groups is is important and registering a domain name. If you are serious about live video, there is now a dot life domain, which I'm a big fan of. In fact, they have brought me on as a brand ambassador because I'm a fan, didn't become a fan because they brought me on now is a fan and I went to them and I said, I'm telling people about you guys already. I want to tell more people about them and so I actually own Let me go ahead, pull it up here you guys at your leisure just jump over to the laptop. So this that's pulling up here is Joel dot live. I own goal com dot com, and that is my central repository for all things that I do. But because I'm so vested in the live video marketplace, I wanted to have Joel Doubt live, and this site is. Here's all the places you can find me live, and I still need to write a little bio under each one of these. But this isn't about me being an author This isn't about, you know, me being an entrepreneur. This is all in the live arena, and these are all replays of videos. And I've got a place people can sign up. So a lot of people are starting to take advantage of these. So this is another way that you can let people know about your live videos and to market them out there. Ah dot live website. Would that only be live videos on that that domain? Or is it just a website that you can do marketing up your life? Yes, you can do whatever you want on it. It's like owning a dot com on Lee. Having a dot life signifies that you are invested in the dot live space. It's how you know that a dot gov is a government site dot edu use and educational site dot org's or not. Profits dot live is created so that people that have live video sites can say, Hey, look, I'm dot life make sense. I told you also that I, um I build a text list. So people that want to know when I'm going live somewhere they simply opt in. They send a text to 81010 and they put at Joel. Come in the message. This is another way for me to be able to keep in touch with the people who were interested in my content. There's a number of text messaging services out there. All you gotta do is typing Google text messaging auto responder. OK, text messaging, auto responder or SMS auto responder SMS list. Build my SMS list. Any any of those will show you a number of different services that you can use that you get your own number or name. In this case, the number is shared amongst I think everybody uses a service, but depending upon what you text to them depends their list. Then I can go into an app on my phone and I could say I'm going live on periscope in five minutes. Talking about data joined me. It's hit. Send it immediately blasted out all the phones of the people who want to know. Guess what? They show up and they say, Got your text. We're here. Got your text? I'm here. Thanks for your time. Boom. Case in point. Thank you very much. Mike. Drop like that. So this is not an exhaustive marketing list about being creative. It's about finding new ways. A month ago, I wasn't doing this doing it now, and I'll have more ways to do it in the future Before we get to the future of live video. I want to address this whole financial aspect of it. Right now. You can't charge for a periscope. It's free. You can't charge for Facebook live. You can charge for things like crowd cast because you could put up a wall up on it and have people pay. I have not done that. My approach to it is this. Live video is a platform with which to establish your credibility and your reputation. If what you have to bring to the table is of value to others, then they're going to keep coming back for more. And I treat live video very much the same as I treat books. You don't write books to make money. Anybody has written a book, then you know that the ones who make a lot of money from books are the client, Patterson's and the J. K. Rowling's right and the people that have the perennial favorites that continue to sell the one minute manager of the four hour work week Zig Ziglar's books. They sell for hot and on and on and on, and they keep selling. But most authors don't make money because they make the mistake of thinking that the book is going to make them money, even if they sell 10 20 30,000 copies. Your royalty on a book these days for a first time author is somewhere between 75 cents on the dollar. 25. You don't make a lot of money selling books, and you don't necessarily make a lot of money doing live video. What you do is you establish your reputation and you build credibility, the book and live video. I see them very similarly. By providing value and content. You're positioning yourself as the authority as the expert. Anybody who tells you go make money doing writing books or doing live video. They're trying to sell you something. I guarantee it. They provide the foundation because, as a result of becoming position as the expert and the authority that gets you speaking engagements where you can get paid to 5 10 $20,000 to go and speak the higher your authority of the greater credibility, the more you get paid to speak, it gets you the opportunity to be interviewed on podcasts and spread your message. It gets people knocking on your door saying, I want to work with you. It gets you invited to creative life to teach. It's all that and so much more brand influencer things, invited to events to to come and shoot videos for them on their behalf. Be the on camera talent BBs to write guest articles for publications in your niche Because you're the recognized expert. Our job is to bring value constantly, regularly to the conversation so that people go, Oh, you need to know about that that person, that's who you need to know, and people will start telling other people when you consistently show up. All these people that I've introduced you today, they started were all of us start nothing. We start with nothing and we go out and we do the thing we do and we build our platform. Now there are those that can make money and live video that air the ancillary products. For example, when we start seeing more pay per view concerts of live video 3 60 virtual reality. The ones who create those services that people then pay to go in view those services, those concerts, they're gonna make a ton. Wish I knew who those companies were. I would invest in them right now those that use virtual reality and are the ones that helped bring it finally into the mainstream. They're gonna make a lot of money for that. But as broadcasters, we have a long road of consistently delivering value. But here's the thing. Somebody once said, If you can tell the difference between your work and your play, you're doing one of them wrong. This is fun. This is fun. And if you're doing what you love to do, you're engaged with it. You're having fun, and people are attracted to fund like a magnet. They want to be close to you just because of your passion. They feel that there's something special about you that's inside you that they want to get close to. You know, I'm talking about contagious that is the key to succeeding with this live video, and you don't need toe. It doesn't matter how you look, and you don't need to have crazy charisma. You don't have to be super funny. As long as what you're sharing comes from here and Israel, you will connect with people and they will become fans.

Class Description

"Great introductory course to live online broadcasting and the huge opportunities in this space at the moment. Especially useful to anyone interested in using live online broadcasting to market their business. I'm confident and excited to start live broadcasting!"Tracey Lee (CreativeLive Student)

If you are trying to establish yourself online as an expert, authority, author, or thought leader, then building your online community is crucial. Great ideas and even great products are not enough anymore. And it can be intimidating.

How do you stand out? How do you rise to the top and achieve the visibility and success that you know you, your product or brand deserve?

Live video broadcasts can position you as an expert in your field and finally help to get you found in the sea of noise. Joel Comm will break down the process in easy, manageable steps so you can get the most engagement on your videos.

In this class you'll learn how to:

  • Use platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope, and
  • Storytelling techniques to use in your videos
  • Get the right gear to go live including, cameras, software, and apps
  • Applications and techniques for including guests in your broadcast
With this class you will have all the skills and a plan so you can hit that live button and broadcast to your audience. 


Tracey Lee

Great introductory course to live online broadcasting and the huge opportunities in this space at the moment. Especially useful to anyone interested in using live online broadcasting to market their business. I'm confident and excited to start live broadcasting!

a Creativelive Student

Joel is a great teacher and really walks through everything you need to know about Live Broadcast. This is brand new content, never shared before and it is only going to get more important in the coming years as video gains popularity in the mainstream. Take this course if you are serious about sharing your message by leveraging the power of live broadcasts. He also shares some really neat tools available in the market place such as Crowdcast and Allie Camera.


Joel Comm is the King of live broadcasts on social media. This is a fully packed course of information that will help you get up and running fast. He provides great tips for both intermediate and advanced users too. The 4th segment of this course provides a ton of valuable and time-saving information to help you market your broadcasts and videos. I totally recommend this course, and you can't beat the price.