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Introduction of Aquarius

Lesson 20 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

Introduction of Aquarius

Lesson 20 from: Inside the Studio

Anne Geddes

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Lesson Info

20. Introduction of Aquarius

Lesson Info

Introduction of Aquarius

and has it going in here. What's going on? It's going really well running drama as well we've got, um you'll be able to see, um, way you'll be able to see how we live this yesterday. Um, you know, which is the usual thing and spend a few hours. And I really like spinning those few hours just thinking about things without the babies, you know, without the pressure of the babies. And s o, This is a very sort of very colorful image, but and I just want to explain the safety aspects to everybody if you win here yesterday. Safety is is paramount in terms of one of my shoots. And so, you know, which is why I don't want to do a class. I just wanted people to sort of come into my world and see how we do things, but not to actually try and do this because I'm working with a very professional team of people. It's joining here behind have been with me for years and years. No one has made all this beautiful props on DSO and the two people who are working with me with the baby's you'll see today kn...

ow exactly what they're doing. So gel no is going to be standing with the baby. This part is bolted down to the table. Not going anyway. This one of the special plexiglass tables that we've called in perspective in Australia and New Zealand. Prechter guards tables that I've used for years and years because I couldn't like from underneath. Not today and this is instance, but the great in all sorts of ways. And there's a hole through the middle and that's all bolted on. We've already photographed this part You can see here in this illustration with If you guys consider these beautiful moth orchids that come down the side. We've already photographed pot with the moth orchids because they're so beautiful. Whoever's in your first, it's going to reach over and grab drink because they're right and there will be gone. So just in a practical sense today, it's all about the baby. So all of the work that's gone into this is now over, and all we need to do is bring the babys in. We've got six were just too many, really, for what I need. But because we live, I want to make sure that you know, we get it and we always get Um Oh, God. Finger scrap thing is the biggest already, so we can get heading there in a few minutes. Yes, Going make babies. Let's talk a little bit more through. So what? We've now seen this, but people at home are just seeing this beautiful backdrop for the first time. And the theme. This is beautiful watercolor background and Aquarius, obviously with the water sign on the front of the part behind the part here, I don't know if we can show it's Ah, it's an opening that, and it falls back. And so inside the part, It's all lined with felt everything. So it's really soft for the babies. You know the thing today in terms off managing the baby's is is and you'll notice that nobody crowns. The baby is. I don't even crowd the babies. I just sit back there and little this happen. Jonah just knows how to just gotta pretend that it's not happening. Fold the news and just sit them in here. It's all soft and petted and then requires a little track draw back, and a big girl Croat piece goes around behind sounds simple. Let's see. Oh, yeah. And it's gonna be a bit noisier if you're watching yesterday with the newborns. It's always a lot calmer, but it's going to be a bit noisy because nearly will be attracting their attention. We don't need them to be smiling. We just needed that little medical look that we've got with the lion on on Monday. Yeah, Yes. So, yeah, I'll go in there and meet everybody. And this morning hopefully will go fairly quickly. You know, we're just because they're all awake. Next time will be looming, so we just want to get, um, a sense. Usually when you do photograph this age group, this is always in the morning. Christ along the baby's in a photograph. I always do in the morning. I just feel that babies have more energy in the morning. And so I, uh, true. Yeah, so it's pretty straightforward. We've done our lighting plan. If anyone wants to talk about the lighting, Uh, wait now or we're actually after the first baby. We're gonna show the little clip that we actually talked through yesterday about the lighting. But if actually, if we could do it in 30 seconds or so. Now, that's great, too. You know, I cannot. My complicated plotting planning. 30 seconds. I dio It's brilliant. You guys have to wait. Wait, we'll go on to say the baby's weight. Yeah. Okay. Come on. So this morning and, uh oh, I need my little photograph. Um, where's where they are based? Um, photographs of the, um, Aquarius. The prints and the print said I had Okay, I'll take the one nearly that may be in there already over there. Thats a bit organic, but this will do. Great. That's guard. All right, Masonry, What has been a little bit more time in the baby's room today? The past couple of days, We, uh, and because I want to show everyone that through the little gift package and introduce them to the team and so on and check out all the babies at the same time. Oh, wow. It looks like a play group. That's what that's what they said in their eye. Hello On. I'll say hello to each of you. Individually end, by the way. Yeah, um, when we're in the studio, Yes. Probably better save walking across here, but some Thank you. So much for coming in. We really appreciate it. And they're all sitting. They will? Yeah. It's very quiet in here for a whole lot of six month old CIA. Um, o e. I spoke too soon. Let me introduce my team. Um, here we have Natalie, who you will have already missed this team of people have worked with for many, many years, So they're very experienced with the baby's. Natalie has been working with me since the mid nineties. This is my daughter, Stephanie, who's my sort of go to person for everything. And she does social media as well, Which is why she's probably hovering and taking photographs. Um, this is Dawn Magellan who does allow the beautiful props and styling that we've done for years. And she's been with me since the mid nineties. Somebody's hungry. Yeah. And Jonah, who is a nurse who works with the baby's as well. Um, because what we're doing is anybody told you. Okay, I'm shooting. This is for the first time, I could talk about that for the first time. Life out. Enough. Any of you have been watching for the last two days here on creative life and starts a new experience for all of us as well. But we're just trying to behave like we normally behave in order shoots that I do. So okay, this is the third image in the serious for a calendar that I'm shooting for 2017 and we're doing the signs of the Zodiac. And today we're doing Aquarius and so you can see the little We've got a little Greek urn with the water sign on there and the model Kurt have two boys here, right call that is called. There's a moth orchid hash that they'll be wearing because the moth orchid is one of the flowers that represents Aquarius. I'm so boringly knowledgeable about Zodiac at the moment, right? We've already photographed the pot with the flowers going. It's not going to look like that will just be apart and which is bolted onto a table, and I'll show you everything that's going to be happening and so we don't need smile us. It doesn't matter if somebody doesn't want to sit in the pot. That's fine as well. Yeah, so that's why I got so many babies. But we'll differently. Try and photograph everybody, Um, and you know, the most important thing right here this morning is that you guys have a really nice time. This is amazing. Mother's room. This is the most glamorous mother's room. I'd be the head on one of my shoots. It's got a really nice feeling in here on. We've got a little gift for everybody. Can I give you that? Oh, here's the moth orchid hat that they'll be wearing. It's really light. And we've got two sizes. Somebody who's got a big kid, is it? Oliver is all about That's all right. Way got you covered it. Yeah. Um and so we've got some beautiful little gifts here. I've got a clothing range which has relatively new. And so the people who make it during the quiting range of really generously donated these beautiful blankets for boys and girls there. Barbara baby dot com. So that's there. After a good start, they've been really popular and a couple of little board books which have just come out. So we're giving you each a package of these, you know, their Amazon and all that sort of thing. If you need any more. And there's a my first year during my first year in their baby record book as well. So just to say thanks for coming in and how much we appreciate it. No, how it funds way spoon. Frenetic. I heard someone. She loves sprint. She's easily pleased. Yeah, just a regular spoon. Okay, that's cool. That's cool, too. With that would make sure you bring that in. Yeah, Um, yeah. It's really important that you have a nice time. Yeah. So if there's anything that you need, just speak up. Because everyone's here to help. Yeah, on. We'll bring the babys in one at a time. It shouldn't take too long, you know, Just sit in the park, do your thing, and that's it. I'm not asking my guys, okay? I'm not asking much. All of us. Like your whatever. Okay, so I'll see you, Insight. Andi, Um, Jonathan. Natalie will help with the, you know, digesting to be in your diaper. Yeah, or you'll have to call them nappies here because that's what a strange OK, I'll see you in there and I'll be able to have a check to you all. Hi. Coat. Hey, swollen there. Everyone sitting here looking at me. But the key now is to move quickly because everyone's been a awake. They seem, Yeah, everyone's happy. And since I started over tired, that's when you know things can go to custody. Um, custard because, oh, you don't know that. That's in a strange expression. How? We've done a lot of talking about this everywhere. Yeah, but I only need one baby. So, you know, I'll be very relieved if I get it down to, you know, Sooners the first baby guys in there. Um, you know what? We generally try and do we I'm for the first Fabius, where there may be a little bit of fiddling because we haven't had a baby in this before, but hopefully it'll go well, and but from the 2nd 1 on, this should be pretty smooth. Yeah, Cameras locked down from obviously we were shot the place, which was the original image, so we can put it together on photo shop. So we're good to go. Got the lighting all tune. Did you said which was really cool to watch yesterday again? Later will play after the first baby. Maybe we'll play a little couple minute footage of you talking about that. And then we also have that additional behind the scenes footage of, actually you're going through and setting this up, them carrying it out over from the printer and really that step by step. So that's really cool. These backgrounds have been printed on Big Epson printer, and it's the first time I've ever done that in terms of shoots. In terms of using a watercolor and a print. Yes, exactly. Just on the rag pipers. Very much so. It's worked really well. Normally, I have big backgrounds that I sort of drop in, but this is well, good to go. You know, I'm curious. And I thought about this when we were sitting in there. Whether we know if what the signs are. Well, I guess we could figure that out by their birthdays. But way no, the size of the baby's there will have been born night much. Really? I pro. I think that what they would do that Sorry. Yeah. What star sign would that be? 6 to 7 months old. Yeah, that they're born. Yeah. You guys, You guys here put the or dates, but the opposite way. One of the one of the babies date of birth is 3 14 2014 Whereas in Australia and New Zealand were, say 14 73 sellers have to think Yes, so they're kind of watch April. I'm so bad with I should know this I shall not like it. It's just white. One second I've got my book here that's had this. Actually, if I was on my IPod that the Internet could absolutely this is tell us what it is. So you've got wearing. I am here is very much 20th 2 I pull the 19th. I guessed it. Yeah, Onda, we did serious yesterday. Here is the room. So how? Tell us again and we talked about This is the first day we did six months, seven months old and the new borns. But tell us again the difference between what? We'll see what the newborns were like yesterday versus today. Then you've won. So there are a lot of us on set getting the baby into the position because the baby sleep and newborns are just not aware of their surroundings. I mean, which is why they're ideal info graphics two days, then we need them to be asleep. Yes, correct. Now there's a little guys know on day, they're going to be aware of their surroundings. So we just kept it really calm when they come in and just honestly just go quietly through the motions and then Natalie will be the one who distracts them on De So this, you know, this is good example today of showing how we actually manage 67 month old babies. And just for so everybody out there knows that all of us here that are in the room, which won't be mawr additional people than normally might have. We are not looking at the babys. We are. We just stand behind that you can still talk to May right, which is your natural reaction to want to say so, babies. But we are not wanting to give them anything else to focus. We don't want to tie the mouse. Um, I just want them at their pick. When they're sitting in that part. I want to talk a little bit about vaccinations. Not only are you is a major part of what you do outside of your photography campaigns. From action vaccinations. Yes. Talk about the importance of vaccinations on your shoots, right? I'm a global advocate for Children I consider myself that, um and I do a lot of work with the U. N. Foundations shot at Life Initiative, which aims to get vaccines. Too many Teoh Children and general populations in countries were vaccines unavailable, Onder should be, and one child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine preventable illness. around the world. Yes, and I'm a big advocate for vaccinations. And I don't have any babies at the shoot who haven't been vaccinated. If it's age appropriate, because I really feel let you know all the babies in the one room, we need to know that everybody's safe on. That's something that I have instigated ever since I became involved with Charlotte life. It's very, very important. And the crew who were working with the baby's we've all been vaccinated against whooping cough and all of these terrible diseases said are so so preventable by vaccinations. Yeah, okay. And all of us, like you said, we also made sure that all of our vaccinations were up today. Exactly. And you'll loose. I notice that if you haven't been watching for the last two days, everyone washes their hands between babies. Yes, we've got a little a little portable unit over there on DSO. I'll go and wash my hands. The center's first baby comes in. It is all of these rules that we have in place, and we have for many, many years really emphasizes the safety aspects of what we're doing. And in fact, I think the baby will be here in a couple minutes. Right. Well, I might go and do that, you know, belong. All right. All right. Actually, this I'm gonna grab. I'm gonna say I'm gonna grab my ipad and see what the folks at home are saying, but I'm really excited. What we saw on Day one was those six babies as well. And in fact, getting those all six of those babies through the set and getting the shots was actually faster, then working on the four newborns working with the four newborns yesterday. So I thought that that was really interesting. Even though perhaps the newborns are a sleeper or hopefully they are getting to sleep. And that allows a little bit more time on. And now, with e six months old, as we saw day one, you really do you'll see the teamwork really quickly in order to to get the expressions and such that will be created once again. I think it's really, really fascinating to see and her team will work together. Those safety aspects. Jonah a swell as Natalie, are always just Somebody always has their eye on the baby, and I find that to be fascinating even when they're building the sets and the dolls air in there that they're using to light and all somebody is still always has their eye on the baby. So I think it's really fascinating. Let's see what the final things we're doing over here now. Always checking everything I am, uh, paranoid baby photographer in a good way because, you know, I feel responsible for everything and everything is very comfortable in here. Just everyone's run their hands over everything that's in the part. It's all padded with. Felt like it's very cozy. And NIA positive thoughts. I just got word now we're gonna the baby that we were about to bring in now needs to feed. So we are going Teoh gonna work on getting a 2nd may be ready to go. Uh, that would be nice if you guys don't mind heading over here. We were just talking about vaccinations, and we haven't yet really tough in depth about this project that is just protecting our tomorrows. That is just status work. Yeah, I was going away. Really, really. This'll is a project that I just completed in December last December, and it's being No, no, no, Let me. I'm sorry, Joe February losing Track Bean because it's we've been traveling so much. I shot this in Sydney and Toronto and London, and they are 15 survivors off meningococcal disease, and I know most babies have vaccinated for meningitis. But there's one strain that most of the people who contract meningitis some suffer from, and it's the best train and the people in this Siri's have all been affected in quite dramatic ways by by this disease. And when I was asked to um, photographed these 15 survivors, I had to think very carefully about how I would do it, because I was literally photographing little Children with no arms and no legs. It's It's a terrible disease. There's an hour vaccine available. Sound a valve in America at the moment. Yet we're getting there, and we're really pushing for it. Um It's available in Canada and Australia and New Zealand and some countries in Europe. But it's for the B strain, and you know when it does come here, you guys, you need to vaccinate your Children. But on the cover of this'll book these twin Sophie and L. A who are from London Twin girls and one of them got the B strain of the virus and unfortunately, lost both arms and both legs. I met some incredible families through this. Seriously? Yeah, yeah, they're just a really, really powerful in a way that I had never heard of this terrible disease. It's relatively area, which is a great thing. Uh, that said, it's it's very, very devastating. And, you know, they say, healthy by Breakfast Inn did by dinnertime and its exact quick and the symptoms are flu. Basically, when they start on the people rational, that sort of thing. But some of these little Children were pretty amazing. This is Little Victoria who was from Spain and a photographed here in London, and she had only had the disease, which is a bacteria six months prior, and she lost a lot of fingers on both of your legs And so she was an incredible little girl, and her family brought her to the shoot to help in her rehabilitation. And she was the saddest little girl that I've ever come across in for the first year and 1/2 in the studio, she didn't say a word and until I photographed her. And this is the beauty of digital photography now. And she saw her image on the screen, and this big smile just lit up her face on. So she came into the studio uncertain, and she left saying, No, I don't want to go when I take more photos. So speaking of taking photos now, probably that just gonna wash my hands again. Uh, the spoon baby here, huh?

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