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Leo Shoot: Charles

Wait charles your first wave I see you yeah jonah monsieur she's actually just racing you want to come to me your first lady so you have a look at the suit in fact coming and have a look just be careful of come around this my silver cord so it's beautiful isn't it? We've got a little this is obviously the center of the sunflower and we've already photographed all of this and so he we'll have these shoes in a head on and he's sitting here and jenna jonah please cut the bit out there jonah standing here with him um and so natalie it's going teo going back and forth to the camera and if you sit over on the stall that we show you built to see him and you'll be able to see the screen as well some turns of what's going on does he like this? Where is this one of you want good so it's a little bit experimentalist the height and dawn's about different heights at the back here um and I will try with just happened to go down you know we're trying to keep his feet in this area here so okay you kno...

w come on childs you're the man you could do it to me he's not shine see what oh god he speaks french or your good bye I'm way out of coffin don't turn attracted attention don't get him looking at natalie you know we'll show you where to sit sit really still and let's get on with that holding get my camera I already did your funding thataway what is this d e t o not the lens is quite life wait get that head on brian with fish come aboard I can see a bit of his leg there oh yeah you're outside of the cities oh that's a little bit a little bit yeah no let's just get a few down maybe true sit here on the top left yeah tio what ae you doing you town I cannot he's come forward is that I can get a couple and see what it looks like I've got the head looks great let's go oh don't he's just gonna grab that one there that's good you can grab focus front okay good. The lens is quite loath and very serious e o oh what time is it d'oh you just ten both picks up to yes you're good good just a little yeah and the way you think the town needs to go down away from the body doing who? Donna, can you try and tuck into the background so turn your body sideways so not looking like that this is what I get for the show some just gonna lay the tithe uh would you can't I can fix it you know what you're doing just you know when we waste on way you know I'm a guy tried to hold him john you need teo very serious it just put up a little bit it's going out of that foot yes going get that nice for a good that's a jonah time turn your shoulder your left shoulder hee hee you we can fix the leg gone six on lift that town up a little battalions were bit shored up yet so it doesn't come down the front come out to the other side of the limbs yeah do it yeah that's it that's it that's nice that's nice uh here oh you done come on, come on come on come on let me get the tail and get help come back come back oh, wait he's leaning back of it oh what was in the tent that tasty tails mom, can you just cut you just go behind it that's where it's okay you know it's wondering yeah kill that's nice that's really good what? Oh very cute can you just hold on? No thank you. And there was uh yes they looked on girl let me confirm that last one and this one also both very short that's great good hips yeah that's great good boy charles kind of yeah. What may come to you if you wanna look at you look at you you're so clever no, I beg you come look at it we'll wait for you here teo you you wanna figure out how to get my glasses off you good boy oh and your shoes is a climber's come on. Yeah. Pretty funny oh sure ya gotta help like here. How was charles is very noisy is very hard to talk over. Wait, god came right here. What was it like for you? What was it like for you? E that's very excited and I'm so glad I made it didn't cry a little bit sloppy but he did very well well, thank you so much thank you. Bye bye. Oh all right. So now you are going to go from each one or let's talk about that no, I well just we'll just start a graft them aside come through but it's good tonight through what always sense of relief when you I have to face one down yes, the lighting looks great everything's good and it's not something I do little things actually was going to say was that expected because I hadn't I was kind of hoping I think that it might happen uh but you know you'll notice now that it's good. Now we know that if the other five I don't want to do it which is not gonna happen right we're really good at it, so now we can just relax a little bit, you know, experiment and and so on but you see how quickly you need to be in terms of photographing them because they've got very short attention spans and how did you know when when he was done because he was done? They start to get that on I don't wantto take too long as well because that means the others are all waiting on dh so by the time we get to the end right? I've bean there for a little while so we just keep moving along I think it's such a natural thing a za photographer myself to overshoot overshoots versus your scenario with babies not you can't let a sleeping baby um that's all good but you know what? Today I've got six babies in order to achieve one will be in an image I don't normally do that normally I would have probably three but because we're here live and because of come all the way to seattle and I've overcompensated a little bit, which means we just need to keep moving along pretty quickly so you know they get time, you know, and I also want the mothers to all of the mothers to feel as if they're babies had a fair chance you know, it's really important I'm a mother and I can imagine what it's like in there and speaking of being a mother wi I I don't think we introduced your daughter stephanie did we just because because I believe people might be seeing are running around taking behind the scenes photos on my baby stiffening sorry yes taking behind yes it's different it's also my right hand person and you're just a social media so you know really terrible at social media and I'm not supposed to say this because I know I'm good at talking about what cyber yes they actually doesn't dictate and I davis social for yeah yeah put two hovering around today and see if we cover it with a fine and can you take care of every little thing she is right thank you thank you I just wanted to you know, that's the beauty of this is we're here we're live everyone gets to see everything that's going on so we've gotto fluff the but you know I can't I can't get over it, maggie towards the end of six babies and so just don't just stuffs around you know, everybody knows exactly what they're doing yeah, because they've done it so many times so I get this sense of comfort in the fact that everything's all right in the mother's room u turn around and where's john lauren jumpers their dinner so it's crichton and it needs to be that way with babies yeah, well on the door just opened so I'm expecting a baby to confide around you're going all right here we go

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Anne Geddes is the world’s foremost baby photographer — a beloved cultural icon known for her iconic, playful images of newborns. Join us for a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes look at the making of an Anne Geddes calendar.

This unique event is a rare opportunity to watch Anne at work. Inside the Studio with Anne Geddes gives you an inside look at her practice and process as she creates three wholly new images. You’ll watch Anne as she photographs individual children, all in her one-of-a-kind, signature style.

Anne creates images that are iconic, award winning, internationally acclaimed, and beloved the world over. Don't miss the exciting opportunity to be inspired by a true master.