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Leo Shoot: Asher

Yeah you were six this is asher and you've been a slave he just woke up just like you and what's your what's your name again tell you tyler oh my goodness look at those legs I'm just sorry you almost don't need the padding tommy's must scythe so shall we shall we guys just mind your step here and I'll show you what we've been doing with some of the other babies um so we've got the centre of the of the sunflower so you've already photographed the sun player and everything so it's really all about the baby sitting there in uh in the outfit come and have a look you people feel a bit awkward carrying that you could take a friend we'll see space outwards oh yeah how what how old is a six and a half months wow how I have your first born oh come on come on what kind of a look over here look so here's what's going to be sitting he's a big boy how did you turn him around on him? Hey, hey it's just sitting in the center of the flower and um tyler separate and I'll get you to sit on the stool ove...

r there when we really yeah and you'll be able to see the image on screen if you want if he wants to do this john there standing right next to him so you don't have to work big attorney I'm not really time finding my right arm was like oh my god look look at my size yeah you left him afterwards well you wanna lift in hang out all right I'll try it your way let's talk about money when you look in that hold in your arms relax, okay it's probably follow all the dogs around the world looking way ah always the way we owe you will just go show won't even notice just go show just a minute just just we'll bring you in uh we got a water wiggle into this face way go I'm getting beauty you really way so can I see his face? What time do you anyway right come on waiting waiting for redraw come on, stop for good oh, let me know what kentucky is something that you know I wouldn't be going on the edges it feels costumey film has been poured into a letterman extra latte ah lin I don't have to do it if you don't want to hee hee is going to have a couple of I got a couple of brian yeah, you wouldn't know they don't have to do it if you don't want to look a sure starting his ankles get mommy, we got a couple, we've got a couple you don't have to do it if you don't want to, darling, you don't touch it's your first no he's my second second how was your other one? Almost four full he's probably used to me holding him all the time so is almost boy that's fine grammar and rimmer and brother sister sister are watching at home oh grandma and sister watching at home so we better sign something it's gonna shatter teo shut up grandma says how you can turn around grandma hi grandpa and whoever else is watching sister anyway way and he's like do not touch the country sorry, sorry I tried grandma I know whatever we'll take the head off I got you and you went and that's the amazing thing is that you only need to get that one yeah I don't want one shot of each crisis that all six of them way did it when good also exactly get any good smiles we're not after smile we're not a couple but you know just different expressions we've got one nicely on here grew in really fast just for that I'm not carrying him around. Thank you. Yes, thank you. Thank you. So do you want us to think this thank you so much. Thank you. Really push out you're bringing him in. We appreciate the opportunity, okay, thank us sure, thanks for being part of this amazing live experience okay, yeah, our orange, you know

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Anne Geddes is the world’s foremost baby photographer — a beloved cultural icon known for her iconic, playful images of newborns. Join us for a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes look at the making of an Anne Geddes calendar.

This unique event is a rare opportunity to watch Anne at work. Inside the Studio with Anne Geddes gives you an inside look at her practice and process as she creates three wholly new images. You’ll watch Anne as she photographs individual children, all in her one-of-a-kind, signature style.

Anne creates images that are iconic, award winning, internationally acclaimed, and beloved the world over. Don't miss the exciting opportunity to be inspired by a true master.