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Don't be a Pecker with Benjamin Edwards

My next speaker is actually a very, very good friend of mine one of my best friends from my hometown of bend, oregon, and I photographed his wedding over ten years twelve years ago, and he since has become an amazing wedding portrait fashion stylistic photographer and he inspires me now with his beautiful work and ideas and I love working together. One of things that inspires me about benjamin is he looks for ways to use photography to benefit the world, and this is something that I think all photographers I think have it in their heart and maybe try to do but don't know how to do sometimes and so he's his past presentations have been very much inspirational, and I think this one will be too it's called don't be a peck thanks, kevin mentioned, I have spoken in the past about changing the world and I believe in that I think it's awesome we need to do it! We need to use our gifts there's something that's been really prevalent in the last six years of my business that I want to talk to yo...

u tonight about and that is peckers. I have become increasingly frustrated with pecker's. All right, so you have the bride and groom coming together for the first time, the first look and they're their bodies are like six miles apart and they lean in and they do this there's no passion in there, so I'm frustrated with peckers, I've had a lot of them, so I've decided, though, I don't need to settle for a pecker, right? I don't need to settle for that. We spend time and we educate our clients on what they're going to, where we talked to them about the timeline, what it's going to cost him? Why it's going to cost? I can talk to them about not being a pecker and how to kiss for the camera a little bit of lip science, so the lips had thousands of nerve endings in them, okay, it goes to the brain and brake system. I don't know that I want more of that. If you do a little kiss, you're going to have less of that, right? So I have created ten steps to ditching the pecker. We're goingto we're gonna kevin cleric ahmad okay, ten steps ditching the pecker. You might need to add steps if you're peckers bigger. So here we go. Okay, so absolutely no details. The first thing that the bride and groom do so many times in my passes, they come together, they see each other, they say you look great, and then they start talking about what's not working like this. This isn't right and this sucks and your hair is a little off so don't talk about the details let them know that all right number to remodel the a frame so we've got this distance here we want to bring them together way want to get kevin here? We want to bring them in. We want a tree in a sexy little s curves we want to remodel a frame, right? All right. So next we've got the moment before. This is what I tell the couples it's not just the kiss. It's. Great to have a couple pictures of their faces being smashed together, but it's the moment right before so you guys kind of very beautiful like that. Beautiful. Okay, so what I want them to do next and I want them to tease each other. Okay, so claire, tease him, make him work for guys like vipers. They just want to go in and smack and nail way. Want to tease a little bit? We want to tease and it's fun when the woman cheeses. I want them to get handing out kevin kevin kevin writes mountain bikes so his buns a really nice they're taught so I want her to get her hands on his bus. I want one hand up here on the back here on the next plane with the hair I want them to use their hands it makes him get close I want them to next kevin kiss kiss her neck here now claire's really ticklish so this lends to a smiley lappi picture right? I want them to neck all right, so I contact I want them to look at each other I don't want them to worry about details stare at each other sometimes they might giggle sometimes it's like I am so gonna make babies with you in ten minutes I love that so I want them to have eye contact and look at each other beautiful I want them to go tetris I want them to figure out how their mouths best fit together, right? So let's see? Open up open up! Oh, good, good tongue ok, theo tongue is on the inside of the mouth or reason that's where it should stay we don't want to see it lifts are on the outside tongues are on the inside let's keep it that way that's kevin terry chest action and it works really well this is okay comes like this. They're okay. All right, but what we're talking about is encouraging the couples to get together to get close and like this next image it's the moment in between the case it's not the faces pressed together it's just a happy fun moment sometimes depending on the couple it's super, super sexy sometimes it's super super fun. You guys were still sexy to sexiest peckers. I know I love them. All right, so once you know the rules or have created the rules, you can break the rules. Right? So it's okay to get that one shot that everybody loves, where you guys were standing just a little far apart and maybe you've got your thank you sign and you're leaning in your packing that's. Okay, once in a while you don't want a whole portfolio that everybody I have photographed this kind of groom, like one hundred times he is going to devour his new wife, right? He is going to go home wrong. None of it's ok to do one or two of those, but not a whole portfolio, right? Even albert einstein didn't like peckers. Ok. Any man who can safely drive while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. Einstein is really right. Right? Okay, so you guys can keep making out a few. Really good. All right. So basically, what I'm saying here is I want you guys to encourage your couples, show them how to show them how to kiss and then it's really that that candid moment in between

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