The Art of Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography with Thea Dodds


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The Art of Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography with Thea Dodds

My next speaker the gods is focusing on a market that is ah, I think under tapped maybe I don't know but she is an award winning photographer and her company's authentic I she founded in two thousand four and she also corrode capturing love the art of lesbian and gay wedding photography with katherine ham who is the president of gay weddings dot com now her work's been featured on cnn abc news, newsweek npr huffington post like a list of its amazing and she's really hit an awesome niche here and so she's here to share that about that welcome so I would like for you guys to take the next five minutes with may and imagine weddings in a way perhaps you've never before considered so I've been photographing gay wedding specifically for last eight years and can you for a moment imagine a wedding that maybe doesn't have a bride just like you said it's not about the guys, right? I'm here I'm here for the guys because you know what? The broad we have an over emphasis on the bride in our industr...

y and that made leave us ill prepared for a wedding with two rooms or what about a wedding with two brides? This is the first gay wedding I ever photographed in two thousand five and I wanted to treat this couple like I would any other client right but what I did when I did that I underserved them and that's because I wasn't meeting that couple where they were, so when I got to that wedding there was no wedding dress. There was no bouquet, there was a boat near though a couple was getting ready together and the rial biggie was the couple was uncover uncomfortable with kissing in front of their families never before had I had a couple on their wedding day uncomfortable with publicly displaying their affection. I'm like how am I gonna photograph right love and I can't get you guys close and kissing, so I missed a number of opportunities on that day back in two thousand five, I missed the opportunity photograph those two dresses hanging together, which is a wonderful way to tell that story of two brides I missed the opportunity to treat that boot near as I would have treated a bouquet and my straight weddings boot nears take the back seat to boo case and that is an absolute assumption that I have had to check not just in my gay wedding snail, but in my straight weddings as well. Most same sex couples have have to invent a way that they're going to come down the aisle they don't have prescribed tradition for coming down the aisle, so even the smallest thing of who's going to come down the aisle first that has implications that has gender rules all tied up in it the same sex couple has to figure out how they're going to do this how it's appropriate to them and how are you as a photographer going to be prepared to capture that you have to know all these different ways that they potentially may come down the aisle now state many and most same sex couples have friends and family and supportive communities around them on their wedding day but it's not always the biological family you need to ask who they're chosen family is in addition to their biological family to make sure that we're covering all of the most important people to them when it comes to couple's portrait ce you may have double the fun you might have to white dresses non contrasting attire you may have you may have couples who look similar who are a similar height who have a similar body physique who have a similar strength similar with of their shoulders and that makes the poses that we all learn a lot harder to impose on a same sex couple now I don't want my same sex couples to look like mirror images I want them to look like individuals coming together in an intimate and connected way and for anybody who's wondering why this matters to you I am talking about nine million people in the united states alone and I am talking about a one point five billion dollars industry this is the largest growing market in weddings but I don't do this for the money, right? My, I'm driven as an artist to produce meaningful and amazing photographs that my couples are going to cherish for their lifetime. The problem is, if you plug and play a same sex couple into oppose design for an opposite sex couple, the results might be awkward. They might even be offensive and that's. Because most same sex couples, many same sex couples, are physically different from opposite sex couples. They're also culturally different because they have a life set of life experiences that is their own coming of age in a hetero normative society is not easy, so this is ignite and I would like to light a fire and everybody who's sitting here all right, this's, a moment in time that photographer's dream of this is historically significant. This is culturally significant. This is our opportunity to celebrate, to capture the love and to celebrate a group of people who have never before had their love captured, never before had their love publicly celebrated, and that is remarkable.

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