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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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More Compelling Sales Page Features

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

29. More Compelling Sales Page Features

Lesson Info

More Compelling Sales Page Features

So let's talk about product format and features. So what does this product look like now? Okay, we actually let me pause for a second teachable moment here. If this was a sales page that you were writing well, it kind of is sales pitch that we're writing ahead of knowing exactly how we're going to make an offer stop there. You don't need to go any further than that to stop there. You're off the hook now. The question is, what are the product features and format that is going to make the rest of that sales page possible? Okay, that's the question so if you're writing the sales page first, like a recommended in the first segment, you're gonna write the lead, you're not even add in some testimonials, you're gonna add your bio, you're why I developed to this section and then you're going to stop and ask yourself the question, what product features or format is going to make the top part infinitely possible? What's going on what features make this mohr and mohr compelling? Okay, that's why ...

this is such a great product development tool, because if you can't find the features and the format that's going to make that compelling, then you're you're stuck, but also you don't need to worry about any features or format issues. But aren't going to make that more compelling another thing that especially information marketers and service providers dio is jam packed their offers with too much stuff again stating you end up overwhelming your audience overwhelming the people who do buy and then they feel shame that they're not using the full totality of your product and then they're less likely to refer I refer you to somebody else that's a huge problem so this is a great opportunity in product development toe edit out anything that doesn't match your core sales message because anything else is completely unnecessary take it out it's not doing you any good it's just making more work for yourself and I know how much you people love making more work for yourselves. All right? So tell me about the product. Well, this is being created on the fly good now, so hopefully you'll have some opinions to recommend creating products on the fly, but okay, so let me give some clarification there because I do recommend especially beta offers creating things on the fly directly responding to your customers needs even if there's twenty customers that poses some challenges in here, right? So let's talk about what some of those challenges are you may not know what the full curriculum iss so one way you could do that is by posing questions, I'm gonna help you answer these questions okay and you don't have to say when you're going to answer those questions because you may not know you're going to pick a starting place and then you're going to see how it evolves but for you all you need to know is that if these questions are answered I've I've created the product that I said I was going to create essentially so that's a really great way to go um yeah and then otherwise it's it's the features that are more important or the format I should say that's more important like how many calls or you're going to get what kind of other media is there is going to be available are there worksheets are their videos are there whatever okay so tell me what you're imagining for the format so far um I think it would be let's say twelve sessions where I work with someone and I mean that's what it is to find your wet basically like what is your pathway to your sensuality because it will be unique for you um and those would be practices that I teach you but also exploring with you because it could be you know you might like a different kind of dancer you might like different kind of central exploration so I'm gonna put individualized practices in this section because it ties back into the key insight right okay uh for I might say homework mark and exploration but us um I mean practises leading to likes a sustainable practices for you like how you carry this on okay for the rest of your life plan for sustainable growth yes um something that I'll say about this too is yes you want to say there's twelve sessions and maybe how those sessions air conducted like six eight of them are going to be group calls and four of them are going to be one on one calls for creating your personalized journey but you also want to make sure you say why you're having these sessions okay so that's you know support of a trained coach oh accountability in support of a group of people doing the same thing so any time you're coming up with something really really specific same thing goes for products you know if you're using if you're going down a set of materials or a set of techniques think about the why why is this technique important? Why is this material important? Okay you can't even do that with quality like quality is great but why it doesn't break is often you don't need to buy it as many times you don't have to worry about this that and the other thing alright so that's also just kind of like a feature that you can qualify and make it more compelling all right so your product format is going to be in wet coaching you get twelve sessions with me I'm going to support which is really the support of a trained coach, the accountability of a mentor and the support of a group of like minded people going through the same things you're going to get in individualized practices for homework and exploration you're going to get a plan for sustainable growth are sustainable development throughout the rest of your life you could take what we learn here and apply it for the rest of your life during this programme I'm going to answer these questions for you what is your wet now that's a great question because it's kind of buzzy but now I want you to ask questions that are like the actual questions people have on their minds um what turns you on okay what else? Um I mean there is I don't know if we say this but there's something about what's blocking you and getting beyond it what's currently blocking you on and how teo overcome those things what you really want uh uh detail thing here that I actually started doing what I would consider wrong so bridget if we can make an adjustment on the transcription for this I would say put these in first person what is my wet what turns me on what's currently blocking me and how do I overcome those things and what do I really want and how do I ask for it? Yeah how do I ask for in a relationship at the supermarket but, you know, at work and and like, how do I connect my sensuality of my sexuality to my confidence and my ability? Tio thrive in all of this place is great, so this becomes your curriculum. You don't need anything more than that. Especially so remember again, back to our previous session when we were talking about customer development? Who is sasha selling tio, who said seller, who is sasha selling this coaching program to? Right now? Early adopters, you're early majority, you're late majority. The majority of your market needs this to be better filled out your earlier doctors don't care. They're like, yeah, that sounds good, huh? Yeah, that's me, I would like to know the answers to those questions good enough, I mean that's not really what they're thinking, what they're thinking if this is really exciting because it's now and I've never seen anything like this before, I've never had these questions answered for me before, ok, that's, what you're really adopters, air thinking so this works out perfectly so to switch this, you know, as sasha develops this programme, and so maybe she sells it tio six people first she works through for six people maybe it only takes you a month or two with those six people to realize exactly what you need and then you rewrite this curriculum and you say in the first three sessions we're going to tackle this problem and you're gonna learn this this in this in the next three sessions we're going to tackle this problem and you're gonna learn this this and this all right and then developing it for the late majority people who are more focused on pain or fear we're going you can flip it so that it's the negative right we're going to get you away from not being able to ask for what you want you know stuff like that okay, okay let's talk about it. Thank you. All right, what objections to people have toe wet coaching? Well, something like what you said like is this pg like, you know, I don't know I think people would have some worry that they're going to be asked to do something that will be way outside their comfort. So yeah so this is a sales pages can be humorous, they can be a little reverence you don't have to take yourself so seriously you can totally ask is this pg is this n s f w right back kind of thing I play with it and have some fun right there I think you should hold early start your f a q section off with that question on dh an answer it so what's the answer is this n s f w uh no actually I mean it depends I don't know what you think but I mean everything is what you want to do and um I'm not going to send you pictures of naked people to open it or so you're totally say that well I mean have some fun huh? Okay because the story you told at the beginning is a little heavy like this is an opportunity to flip things around and be playful play is one of your values right be playful in here maybe you say something like well we're gonna talk about stuff you might not want to talk about with your mormon mother but ideally you're going to be able teo and inspired to share your experience with your closest girlfriends and you know the the people that you love most in your life and you know that might be your colleague right so it's not s anna stuff w yeah I mean to me it's all about health it's like healthy you know it's part of life cool awesome other objections um uh other objections let me give you one time commitment okay? Do I have time for this information marketers course creators idea people who are selling ideas this is a question everyone needs toe have on their f ake you paige okay, do I have time for this what's the time commitment? I think the time commitment is like it's just woven throughout your everyday life. So maybe it's a couple hours a week doing a practice or journaling or something like that, right? So I would say you're going to commit teo on our every other week for a coaching call and, uh, you should commit to simple practices like journaling that could take you thirty minutes a day. The rest of what we do is going to be incorporated into your day to day life. Yeah, he's okay, cool. What else? Other objections? Um, is this gonna turn me into a slut or something like that? Like, am I going to become out of control? Are you like that? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. We we well, but what is this selfish? Yeah, both. I think maybe you're important. Yeah. Okay. Is this but yeah, there's a great answer for is this selfish or will I be out of control? Okay, what's, the astronaut is the self and the answer is it selfish is no, because it's, you need to have pleasure in your life to be good and generous to others like, you know your problem, maybe lack of pleasure, nice to be a whole other marketing funnel and key insight teo I think yeah I mean that's a big part of the book yeah, I love that on dh will you be out of control? I doubt it but probably not yes, I love that that's fine too I don't think you need to be like no you're not going to be out of control again play with it have fun with it. Are there any objections like you guys think about this for a minute? Is this something that you would be interested or maybe put yourself in the position of someone that you're someone who would be interested in this coaching? What objections might you have? What questions might be running through your mind about this offer? I think that you could tap into people's shyness around thiss of just like I feel shy or you know what if I'm not an extra vert that kind of thing because I think that that's when when like the topic of sex comes up I think people can automatically kind of pulled back into themselves and those are the people that you want to reach right? So yeah, I think that's fantastic. So what if I'm shy? What if I'm well it's perfect because I'm creating this safe place to talk about this or like, what if I'm catholic? What if I was raised in a family where you know yeah, what will my family think am I gonna get a hell? I wouldn't use that. We've got a couple more comments from our students in here. Sure. Well, I was going to say, is it a safe place and judgment free? Huh? Is this confidential and judgment free? You could also address alternative sexuality here. So if I'm a lesbian, does this apply to is this only for straight people? I would also add to that what if I married like and what is my husband? And I think if I want to make out in brazil a guy kind of think that, you know, like, for a married woman because that story reyes someone who's married it's like who but raid? Exactly. Yeah. That's a question about that story. Yeah. Oh, not quite. You just answer how to answer that, okay? That's good to know. Like teo as someone who sorry, but how does this apply to me if I am married? Uh, I mean, if you're if it's with your husband, I think he'll be fine. Yeah, just to go with that like, can I be married if if just I do this is that going to screw up my marriage? Is it gonna mess up my marriage? Uh, awesome, this is a killer f a q section on and I will I would probably put all of these on your sales, paige this is a touchy kind of offer on and you want to give people a cz much information is possible, but you know, I'm sure there's probably more questions coming in online and there's more questions that other people could come up with here and I'd say keep brainstorming and use that in your email marketing, you could use it in block post where you're not specifically addressing the offer like you could talk about what does it mean being wet in a marriage or what does it mean exploring your own desires in a monogamous partnership that would be a great block post that doesn't even just say, you know, it doesn't ask what if in terms of this particular offer, but you can still wink out to it, right? Just a nice piece of content marketing, and we have actually comment a few comments that are coming in that may apply to the f ake which is, you know, weak sort of asked, you know, what is what is their version of wet? And so we're getting some, uh, chris with the case is letting go of who I'm supposed to be a comedy kumble gumball machine says my appetite when food is around kris with a k talks about cancelling the rules on and then also, uh yeah, the question actually from kanto max was is this just sex talk or do we talk about other stuff? Yes. That's a teo that's also good and just a shout out I have a page sasha kagan dot com slash wet now where I asked people to tell me their definition of wet so those air like if anyone wants to tell me I would love it okay awesome that's good, cool, sweet um so now we're up to the outcome reminder on your called action your pitch. So what are we promising people when you join wet coaching and you join wet coaching, you get turned on for life. Okay? We're gonna use that one last because it's awesome ist for life let's let's do a tangible to start off with. So can you get the practices that change your attitude? Okay, what else? Um well, maybe a safe nonda gentle space to explore all of this sea space with someone. Who's studied it for five years. Um um uh practice of the ability, ability to make better decisions based on what you want and how to ask for it. So I would say when you joined what coaching you get the practice is to change your attitude that that change your attitude practices that change her attitude a safe space to explore it in to explore in with a coach who's been there done that and got a lot of training thie ability to make better decisions based on what you want and how to ask for it and you get turned on for life all right now this is also where you're going to talk about price we didn't we didn't talk about that in the previous segment if you're going to talk about price, this is where it would go you're called action might be a little deaf but how do you envision making a call to action here? Is it abi now is it contact me? Is it a sign up for your free session? I mean, I think that there's some consultation because this is such an end up thing like I wanted I think they want to talk to me and I want to talk to them this is yeah, absolutely so sasha's called the action isn't actually a by now but it's a contact me button or it's a scheduled me button right? I would say contact so here you're going when you hit this so essentially it's when you hit the contact me button below you're going to tell me what's going on for you right now and we're going to schedule your free consultation or you're free coaching session where I'm going give you the wet coaching experience so you can decide if this is the right program for you uh something like that now um the question of investments are you going to tell people the price beforehand or you're going to get them in the cells conversation first I don't know and I've been going back and forth about it you have everything ideo you know all my other coaching stuff so I mean the pro is that people understand that it's an investment uh the khan is I mean even with the conversations I have with people if they don't sign up it's still valuable you know? So I honestly don't know the answer okay? I'm not sure that I know the answer either for you yet and I think you're gonna have to experiment but let's talk it out a little bit I'm of the school of thought that whenever you can put a price down you put a price down uh we'll keep your inbox freer you'll get more qualified leads I grew up my momma taught me that if you have to ask it's too expensive and it doesn't matter how much money I make a year that holds true I feel like if I have to ask it it's too expensive and I can't tell you how many times I have actually asked and it was not too expensive you don't want to give people that impression because for every one person that does ask there's probably ten or fifteen or twenty people who are afraid of asking s o I think if all at all possible you put the price you put the investment down if you need to qualify that and say you know this could help you get that promotion this could help you find the person you want to spend time with this could help you be okay with being yourself for the first time in your life and it's an investment of for the price of this coaching iss um so I'll let you decide on that but that's that's my school of thought not everyone agrees with me on that there's certainly a school of thought that is get them in the door give them the experience and then tell them how much it costs um sometimes that is a good idea some but most of the time I like the price up front all right even when I'm doing kind of ah ah qualifying call with people whitney same issue and actually saw shin I talked to great length about this yesterday afternoon so I don't want to put a single price out there because price does very I have a sort of sliding scale based on people's ability to pay that's far more relevant in a one on one coaching situation that it would be in a group coaching I realize I'm curious to know what the benefit you think the benefit might be of putting a a range of prices like depending upon which package you shoes ranges you know, the price ranges from here to here to find out what a specific price would be for you. We need a conversation. Yeah, absolutely. I think that that's hugely beneficial if you don't feel comfortable naming a particular price yet arrange or a starting out price like often for web designers, I really encourage it hey starting at price, because that way again you're you're making sure that you're not getting contacted by by people who want the five hundred dollar website right? If you're not the five hundred dollars kind of website maker girl or guy um yeah, so I think a range works really well or starting at price. All right, bridget, would it be possible for you to read back what we have so way want teo headline? Could a headline be a question absolutely headline could be a question it can be a quotation it could be a misconception all sorts of different ways you could approach a headline one more very long self pitch good. I even left a space for it. Yes. Do we want a headline? Yes, we d'oh okay, now I warn you, this is the one part of the sales page that I am not awesome with life right like this okay, so I'm not promising a super great headline, but hopefully we can find a great headline so let's go with the question idea we can actually come up with a whole bunch of headlines and maybe take a little pole one question could be when was the last time you felt wet you suggested that six months ago and I made an image and I totally freaked out has been coming to terms your own brilliant branding ideas yeah awesome um yeah I think turned on is probably in fact let's just put turned on up here and let's play with turned on because turned on khun mean so many different things it's not gender specific it's really and it's it's really relevance well in that raises it sort of raises this issue I've had like nobody is going to share this on facebook because it does have that n s f w or you would when was the last time you felt what we would share oh you know write exactly that would be share a ble yeah yeah yeah so turned on I think we'll be great when was the last time you felt turned on um yeah please because I love headlines I kind of liked the idea of are you turned on okay I suppose you want is the last time because from everything you've described this isn't about getting turned on in the moment it's about living life in a more turned on way with good yeah and it might be in the moment but in service of your life yeah right yeah. Um yeah, your sub headline could be something like that like something's really straightforward let me tell you about the time I discovered living turned on living life turned on and what goes away then I mean is it called allowed no, I think you would still call it wet coaching but that's gonna be like, way down here, right? So it doesn't matter because we're not we're not talking about the product until like three giant pages into yourselves made huh? All right, so no, I think you stick with wet but you make the messaging about being turned on, okay? And then you just kind of do this bait and switch with the terminology that za positive bait and switch not anegative bait and switch it's like, you know let's not talk about being turned on let's talk about being wet because it's fine on its playful okay, so now can you read the south where jerry absolutely are you turned on let me tell you about the time I discovered living turned on. So then we tell the story the rock story which I got a lot of the details for and then we transition it tio of we live in a world where women are afraid of aging and drying up there's a lack of creativity in the workplace, women are comfortable talking about and having sex people simply aren't having sex yes, and you don't know what you want in life much less how to ask for it but you're ready to break out of that world you're ready to feel more comfortable with yourself know what you want and ask for it you're ready to take pleasure in your body feel turned on it work feel more radiant and attractive every day and have better sex through siri's of practices that regular took me out of my own comfort zone I learned how to take pleasure my body expressed myself and be more creative at work I'm showing you the steps I took and coaching you through taking the steps that are true to you their attitude adjustments you can make and practices you can use to build your skills from being more radiant and attractive knowing more of what you want and asking for it do you remember in italian from the story I talked to a couple of weeks ago and he won't believe what she said braving testimony on life changing moment life changing moment and then we go in your bios you talk about quirkyalone coaching tango training with a gorgeous photo and that transition to I'm currently writing my memoir code what? But that's gonna take me another year or so to finish and I'm ready to help you now I've developed well coaching to help women I'm sort of like blanks blank blank blank now to pull from that language um so that could be you know, know what you want and ask for it feel more radiant now and then we have another client testimonial that's either about how women's sexuality is a thing of beauty or something from your tango retreat and then you're going to get twelve sessions the support of a train coach accountability and a group of people who are all, uh doing the same thing and on the same journey you are individualized practices for homework and exploration and a plan for sustainable growth during this program I'm gonna um ask these questions of you what is my personal wet? What does it mean what turns me on what's currently blocking me and how do we overcome all of those things and what I really want? How do I ask for it whether I'm in the relationship at the supermarket or at work? Um and then we go into a thankyou. So is this program not safe for work to have time for this? Will my family think is this just sex talk when you join wet coaching, you get the practices that change your attitude a safe place to explore it with a coach it's been there done that and oh yeah has a lot of training the ability and make better decisions based on what you want and how to ask for it and you get turned on for life when you hit the content contact me button below you're going to tell me what's going on right now, and we'll schedule a free coaching session where I'm going to give you the wet experience and you can decide if it feels right for you. Contact me good that way love the cool questions that's ago pricing, where else would you put it? Because this might work for this. I mean, I'm sure we'll work for this one, but I feel like, you know, I sometimes look at the self based sometimes I want to know what, how much prices before going we did so before you want to read it like, you know, too much details, like because, yeah, here's the thing, and you can put the price way up high on the sales. Paige, I'm some people do that, I think fairly successfully, but people know when they're they know to scroll down, so if it if it's the kind of person, if you're speaking to the kind of person when we're really we're talking about individuals here, if your audience is the kind of audience that is so price conscious that you feel you need to put it on the the top fine, but I think mostly we're talking about individuals those individuals know at this point to scroll down on the page on dso I personally I mean, my personal opinion is that there's no need to put the price higher up on the sales page them where we just talked about putting it, I'm thinking, making maybe where we talk about the product full mutt like the coach ensure you can put that there. I like putting the price where I'm reminding people what the outcomes are because then you're not buying twelve sessions and a group and a coach you're buying a turned on life asking for what you want all of those things, does that make sense that you get some results of yeah, yes, senator, thank you because the investment isn't about the format the investment isn't about the product it's about what you're how you're using the product to get what you want, right? Every product is a tool there buying what they want done, right? It's the idea people don't buy drills, they buy holes. I can't believe this is the first time I've said that in this workshop people don't buy drills, they buy whole lt's so that's why I personally wouldn't put the price in the format area because you're reinforcing the idea that they're buying a drill, you put it with the outcome reminder because then you're reinforcing that they're buying a holes I make sense, okay, cool other questions booms, wows, clap, boom I love it

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I'm so disappointed I didn't have this information years ago!! Just the sales page information alone is more than worth the price of this course. I finally have a structure and a sense of how it works and ties into a bigger picture. I have a clearer sense of how the pieces fit together. Writing sales pages has always felt like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Now that I know what I know, I'm pleasantly surprised I've had the sales I've had and I'm so excited to now be able convey my message more clearly so I can help more people and generate more income. Thanks so much for shedding light on how this all works, Tara. Your clear and grounded approach are incredibly helpful. After having spent A LOT of money on various online marketing courses, and not gotten nearly as much from them as I have from this course, it was incredibly refreshing to take a hype-free, sleaze free course on marketing, sales and product development. Thank you! Lisa Gillispie


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