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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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Your Email Marketing Plan

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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23. Your Email Marketing Plan

Lesson Info

Your Email Marketing Plan

In this segment, we are going to plan your email marketing for your next launch. Earlier in the day, we talked about planning out your content marketing last segment, we talked about how your content marketing really is the key to your email marketing, so I think it will come as no surprise to you that you're about halfway there on your email marketing plan. We're going to finish that email marketing plan. I'm gonna hot seat rachelle so that you can see see how an email marketing plan works from start to finish and yes, she has she makes physical products, and so you're going to get to see how that works for a physical product business as well as, you know, all the examples you've seen from information marketers, service providers and other kinds of idea people as well. So let's, talk again. We are now in page seventeen of the workbook page seventeen um, and we're talking about how to use email marketing to get the best results for your lodge. Of course, one thing that you've got to do...

to get better results for your next launch is to start emailing today or tomorrow. In fact, I'm gonna challenge everybody to send out an email to your list by the end of tomorrow. Send out an e mail to your list by the end of tomorrow. It doesn't have to be one of these fancy pants he launched emails that we've been talking about just needs to be a communication with your people, it's something you want them to know? Sasha was talking earlier about how sometimes she's just really moved to share things with her audience. I want you to find that piece of inspiration communicates something to them that maybe you've been thinking about for a while that you really love it if they knew and send an email to your list by the end of tomorrow warmer, you can keep your list them or expected and welcome your emails are the more the better result you're going to get from your next launch. I also want to think about all the different ways you could be following up with your list and creating creating an experience that not isn't just about the final pitch, but it's really about the ongoing relationship your head building with your prospects, your customers, your clients and I want you to be thinking about the stories that you're telling, telling stories. Creating experiences is a great way to get better results from your email marketing. Every time you launch every time you make a pitch the more stories you tell them or experiences you create through email the better your launches are going to be um I also wanted to address the question that's in the workbook of what role the social media play in marketing launching and selling your next big thing and this is something we've kind of touched on little bit by little bit but I want to say it again because I think it's super important I know you've put on a lot of time and effort into building your social media platforms and that's great you want tohave vibrant social media platforms wherever you like to hang out online whether that's twitter or facebook or pinterest instagram wherever but it is not a great way to sell right like we talked about in the last segment instead social media plays enormous role in helping you test your ideas social media can help you play helps play a part in creating a bigger, more broad, more comprehensive experience of the content that you're putting out but it's no substitute for going to the source and developing email marketing that really sells all right so with that let's talk about your actual email marketing plan and so now we're gonna be on page eighteen and I have got all the different pieces here written out for you and a chart so this is your opportunity as I'm talking as ideas flying around in your brain to write them down don't try and find the right idea right this moment find the idea that's going to be if I find as many ideas as you confined because you could always go back and choose and edit and you know maybe you actually realize you have four different email count pains here, right? Which is great on beacon talk about what to do with that if you d'oh but this is your opportunity to plan your email marketing for your entire next launch, whether that's next week or next month or next year all right, so let's look at again the ark of a content marketing launch for your next big thing remember that the whole first part of this ark is rising action is exposition and rising action it's what prepares people it's what gets them into the story it's what really engages them then at the climax we have the actual product release where people can actually by what it is that you're selling, then you have the active selling period which is essentially the falling action and then you have the resolution, which is your last chance to fight a ll pitch this is it okay, so that's what you're looking at here and now instead of laying just those kind of general ideas of the of the launch on here, we're going to get really specific and layer the different parts of your content marketing onto this ark so first we've got the challenge email that's where your opening things up so if you were to kind of imagine, you know, keeping that list warm that's almost like a straight line that starts over here until you had boom hit the challenge right? Ideally as you are challenging someone's misconceptions challenging their assumptions, you're triggering their attention right now they're paying more attention and to you they're expecting something more from you and that action is going to start rising. So if this is your baseline of email communication, the challenge signals you're moving up here, your action is rising, things are happening, then you have the expand content where you're painting a picture of what's possible for people you're expanding their vision, you're telling them that not only are their results are the results they want possible but potentially something is even better than that that's available to them. At the very least you're giving them a detail look a detailed look and experience of what's possible you're drawing them into the story and helping them see that what they want is available to them the next piece is thie analyzed piece this is your opportunity to bring your own expertise to bear it's your opportunity to kind of push away some of the things that have been holding them back from moving from before toe after it's what's going to make them see this is the right person for me this is the right style yes ok this really is the right fit for me because that's my problem that's my issue oh that's been frustrating me for too long it's an opportunity to start overcoming objections and also communicate what? How your working style is different than other working styles once again it's a great opportunity to do that with stories then we have the deliver peace the deliver peace is ideally an event and not event is an opportunity to deliver a single concrete result to your audience. Okay, so whether that result is seeing your jewelry seeing your clothing on a runway show or whether it's getting teo kind of maybe view ah living room all merchandised out in a store or in a trade show booth or whether that delivering event is a tele class a webinar free call a free coaching session that event gives people an outcome it gives them an experience of what it's like to either get your results or own your product okay that's, that piece of the puzzle now that's when the pitch comes and the pitch really is the climax here this is what happened this is the being this is the plot twist to end all plot twists right this is where the story turns all right so the pitch comes after the deliver peace that comes immediately after essentially sometimes it comes with but I like it to come after I like to give people a minute tow let those results sink in and then I make my pitch just my preference it works well both ways so I pitch people after I deliver that result to them after I've created a necks piri in ce for them and I use that direct sales email kind of template to do that so I'll send out each of these things in an email or maybe three e mails and event and for me that's often a tele class and so I'll send out that the deliver email will be say, the recording of that tell a class and then I'll follow that up with a pitch email where I'm saying all right this is it it's time to make a decision if you're looking for this that and the other thing and you are on board with my key insight it's time to sign up if that's what your pitches then we get some funny emails I think these air fun emails I don't know why when I started like they seem so much but the follow of emails I think are really fun one that I liked send out is an f q e mail all right and now I'll spend a little bit more time explaining what each of these are since we haven't covered all of this before an f a q e mail is just like what it says it's an e mail where you answer frequently asked questions sometimes I do that in kind of a narrative style but most of the time I just say, hey, I've been getting some questions about the product I just released or about the program that is open right now and I I wanted to answer those questions for everybody and generally that's how I find out what those questions are I actually take emails that my team gets I distill the questions down into their basic parts and then I put them in an email and answer them it's really that easy and it's incredibly effective, incredibly effective um I also might find the questions on social media they might be questions that got answered that got asked in a previous launch there's all sorts of different ways you can find that data but ideally as soon as you make a really direct pitch people start talking back to you and their questions are going to be there in their or their concerns are going to be in there so that that's where we do that uh yes there's going to be f ake use on your sales page yes you're going to try and give everyone all the information that they need but people always need mohr there's always an opportunity to give mohr information overcome mohr more objections and answer questions that are on people's minds and keeping them from buying because that's essentially what happens here, the questions people ask are the things that are keeping them from buying. So if you simply packets that all up and put it in an email, you are going to remove those barriers for people, you're going to remove that friction for people so that they're much more likely to buy the next e mail that I like to send. And I have to say these are not this early in a particular order, but another email that I like to send in the falling action in the act of selling phase of a launches a testimonial email the way I do this personally is that I will take a testimonial that I really like that has a say snippet in it that is super duper powerful don't actually use that snippet as the subject line, so the subject line is going to be something like my best launch ever. All right, so if I were going back and selling this particular product right in the act of selling phase, I might look for a testimonial of this content that said terror, I used your system, I followed your advice, and I had my best launch ever, and so I quote that in a subject line I'd put the quotations in because here's the thing people aren't used to seeing quotations and subject lines so it's really eye catching and then in the body of the email I normally right like a little bit of an introduction I say I met so and so or so and so took this program a little while ago here's the kind of situation she came to the programme in this is what she had to say here's her story boom testimonial those results could be yours too or wouldn't you like to do that for yourself kind of thing with gratitude tara gentilly are you click here to find out with gratitude terra gentilly makes sense testimonial emails super easy to write half of the email is written for you super off active right and the other thing that happens here is even though this isn't necessarily you know one of those pieces of content that where you're teaching someone something where you're kind of creating a lot of value in terms of information it's valuable because it's someone else's story and I think it be surprised how even when it's definitely a direct pitch to people how much people value the stories that they read so it's one of those kind of emails that ends up being both highly effective in terms of conversion and for the people who aren't really interested in buying, they're still interested in reading the story there and often there's something that they can learn just from that story like I told you earlier about sean thinking the abundant mama project and so that might end up very well being a case study or a testimonial that I use in my next email marketing campaign or in my you know, minick sales campaign and um you know just from that testimonial people could learn something right I switched from making veiled uh sales pitches to making much more direct sales pitches and five times the people bought on the first day right? Just that little nugget of information was worth opening the email for whether they want to buy what I'm selling right then and there or not is irrelevant it's still a really valuable email even though it was a testimonial for a product I'm selling right so that's a really handy kind of email then of course your email marketing campaign for your lunch is going to end with the last chance email it's the last chance to get free shipping it's the last chance to get the limited edition it's the last chance to get a free session with me it's the last chance to get this at this price whatever it's the last chance for find something find something and culminate resolve really your campaign with some sort of last chance email try to determine what that's going to be very early on like ideally before you make your initial pitch so that you could be hinting at that urgency the whole way and then that email feels again mohr expected more anticipated so it's not coming out of this is not coming out of the blue things that come out of the blue not generally very successful but something that's very anticipated is s so if you're saying uh in your pitch by now you get free shipping through september third um then your last chance email happens on september third this is your last chance to get free shipping it could be your ps in both your f a q and your testimonial email makes sense very anticipated very expected that last chances welcome because you know another statistic that I haven't mentioned here in this particular workshop definitely should be repeated is that today it takes people between seven and ten times of seeing something you have to see something between seven and ten times to buy it toe want to buy it okay so that's what essentially we're doing here? This is seven emails eight e mails throughout this process people are seeing or having an experience of or relating to the product that you are offering eight times okay or more you can do more here a the end as well you doom or regardless but this is a plan for getting a product in front of someone the number of times they need to see it to feel comfortable buying it okay goes along with that short attention span thing, and it just goes along with, you know, how crowded every single market is. We want markets to be crowded. I I want there to be a thriving micro business industry, right? But I also want people to take my coaching program because I think it's awesome. So I want to put my program in front of people eight times, all right, now, this is one of the benefits of planning a launch longer out is that you can also be putting that program in front of people in facebook, on twitter, in instagram, wherever you're hanging out online, people could be seeing it elsewhere because really what's happening here, they have the opportunity to see it eight times, but they're probably only going to read a few of these emails, okay? So so use every chance you can to even just mention the product that you're launching, okay, or mention the idea behind your product because we talked about not always mentioning our product during the launch, sometimes a lot of times just the idea that key insight is what you need to be mentioning teo get to that point where people have seen something enough or feel comfortable enough with an idea to buy it. Makes sense let me share tomb or suggestions for emails at the end of this cycle and then we'll go with questions from there so be thinking about your questions so two more things you might consider one is a what to do next email I assembled on this one maybe two years ago and it's still an email that I suggest to clients and it's so fun and kind of again kind of jarring in the most positive way what I mean by this what to do next email is that very often at the end of a campaign the day before for my last chance the day before my last chance email I will send an email that says here's what you should do next even if you're not ready for ten thousand feet here's what you should do next even if kickstart labs isn't for you so let's let's use that example for me here's what to do next even if kickstart labs isn't for you I would suggest you find one other entrepreneur in your immunity and you make a regular coffee date with that person, so I'm giving them concrete action giving them an idea here's the other thing I'm reinforcing my key insight because the key insight behind kickstart that labs is being independent shouldn't mean being alone so I'm suggests a absolutely you could do this for yourself go out and find someone else here's the thing it's easier to join kickstart labs than it is to go out and find a friend have a regular coffee date with I know my people and my introverted audience, right? I'm not trying to be manipulative I'm honestly trying to give like really, I just wish you would do this thing because this is what you need to succeed, but I also know it's easier to part with thirty nine dollars than it is to go out and do that okay, so what to do next? Email is really fun I think it's fun for your audience it's fun for you to write and it has a lot of value to your act of selling face whitney you're sending that just before last chance closes yes, so it gives them an opportunity to buy oh yeah, they still have the opportunity to buy so here's. The other thing that I have seen happened with this email is that throughout your act of selling phase, you can expect your open rains and click through rates to go down. They don't always go down a ton but say started thirty at the well oftentimes you're open rate will go up when you release a product so let's say you got a forty percent open rate on your product release on your pitch email alright, then you might get it thirty percent email open right on your f a q e mail twenty eight percent open right on your testimonial email in twenty one percent open rate on something else when you send out this e mail with that subject line, your email open rate will go back up. I'm not going to guarantee it, but this is what I've seen is that this is a good way to get people opening your emails again, okay, but I still put in a call to action to the products, okay? And then when I put in that call to action, my click through rate also goes up and I get new sales it's happened every time it won't guarantee it will happen for you. It may not be the right message for your audience, but I think it works really well and it's a it's a funny email to send it's a fun email to think about what you're going to send for that then the next one is the why I developed this evil. Why I developed this this is an opportunity if you haven't yet told your personal story or if you haven't yet, said here's. Why I'm passionate about this particular problem it's a great opportunity to sell that to use teo offer that message okay, so lake for ten thousand feet great story there, I used to do lots and lots of one on one business coaching I was concerned people weren't getting the results that I thought they could get and the number one reason I thought they weren't getting the result they could get is because they didn't have people around them actively supporting their efforts and the best way to get people around you actively supporting your efforts is to be working towards similar goals. And so my goal was to combine the best of one on one coaching with the best of a group experience and that's why I developed this program and so now if you had any question about what the form out of the program wass why the price point is the way it is why I'm why we're working with this many people then you know, this is not just about you this is about creating a community of people who are all rising together. Okay, that's the point of that email now, you know not only what the product is, why it's so great how it addresses your particular problem, but you know why I'm posh shin about it? You know why this is important to me? Why the problems important to me? Why the format is important to me, you know that stuff you can feel my passion, you can feel the way I approach problems and you can incorporate the same things in your email marketing questions about that whole process begin for the last chance to have any suggestions of how far in advance before the car actually closes that that should go out yeah, I normally dio probably about eighteen hours ahead of time I know that's a really specific number sorry it's more than twelve and it's less than twenty four okay, so normally I send out the last like if my carts closing at say ten p m pacific I would want to send that email out at say like a m or six a m okay, so maybe not quite eighteen hours thie idea I would do more than twelve less than twenty for you I send that e mail out on that day I think it's a mistake to send it out to early makes sense yeah, okay tiffany for the last chance email like so say that I have a product that I'm launching and I'm going to be having some bonus offers an early bird pricing and so I almost was like would have to last us opportunities we're going but I just into second last chance email like when the bonuses end and then a last final final yep yep yeah so then you've kind of got like like that? Yeah, any quick words and if it's not quick, don't answer it for those of us who are restricted in asking for in publishing client testimonials and all that stuff yeah oh yes so I love you people that have this problem and I feel really bad for you that you have this problem and I've had I've had the pleasure of working with more and more of you remind me are you allowed to send kind of like the names of page to protect the innocent kind of stories yes there is yeah there's stuff about asking for the story that is oh, I see I see I see so weird yeah if someone volunteers a story, I could use it but I wouldn't be able to say exactly who it was or show a picture I could make a pretend picture that's fine and that's what I would suggest is that in some way you say this isn't the real name and this isn't the real picture, you know, in little fine I mean, I hate to say five print cause that makes it sounds like you're being manipulative and I suppose in one way you are but really what putting a name and a picture with the story is all about is creating something that feels more tangible and without the picture and the name it feels less tangible I'm not saying maybe maybe it is a better option to just leave it off um I would tend toward creating some I've seen it done really well anonymously whitney on the sales pages that you helped me to develop off I wanted to include testimonials, but even though I'm a coach and not a psychologist, I have total one hundred percent confidentiality with my clients. So in my testimonials, I am not including pictures, and I'm just including initials so the person knows it's themselves if they were to see it on my page, I did ask if I could include it, but I would not identify them, and I'm finding that other people really appreciate that I'm not naming my clients because they don't want themselves to me name, so they're recognizing wow, this really well will be confidential. Yeah, and and I think that that's like that you went to my participants, I think they want to see it. Wait, I hope she's not goingto take what I've been saying, right? So I want to I think you want to think about what the particular values ofyour business is, one of the values and my business is that people want to be seen, right? They want to be well known, they want to make a name for them cells, even if they're not looking to be, you know, a big celebrity in their field, they want the recognition, so to me, names and pictures are really important, and it signifies a sort of milestone for them to be featured there, I think andi certainly aspirational e it does for prospects but yeah so you guys have their different values at play and your businesses and so if confidentiality is a big value then I would look for other ways to make those stories feel more grounded yeah I'm trying to think like you might try like grayed out images of like really good stock photography so that it's clear that this is not this person but that it's a really person or like you could almost do like a background thing and make it really soft and put the testimonial on top of that be a great thing to talk to your web designer about and say hey I really want to make it clear that this is a really person this is a real story this is really something people should read and I also want to make it clear that I'm not outing anybody good thank you yeah other questions for shell what about a feedback that you get on your etc store because that's public I mean anybody can see that great question s o as he feedback facebook people saying on twitter how wonderful you are how much your program changed their life my personal policy is that anything that's in a public space is fair game for me to republish publicly I might ask permission to use a different photo or two maybe published their full name if their full name isn't associated with it but otherwise if I'm just you know, wanting to add in a new testimonial to like an e book page or something like that I will definitely pull something straight for twitter or I would totally recommend pulling something from your etsy shop it's sort of like highlighting what's already there sasha I have a similar issue to you, jessica, and people send me stories or reflection it's about what has come out of the work we've done together but it feels like it's part of the process, you know, that's more personal and then I feel really uncomfortable with like, how dowe I sort of get into that space and say, can I share your story? You know, because I think there's a value and sharing it for everyone else and they could see that, but I don't want them to feel violated or that I've I'm violating the confidentiality the sacredness a relationship? Yeah, so sasha, I think you actually might have an easier time with this than jessica would because jessica's coming at it from kind of like I'm a care provider practitioner almost academic perspective whereas you're coming from it from yes is a coach but also as a memoirist and so a large part of the service that you provided us telling your story and so you could create a conversation with those people to say, hey, I'm so glad that me telling my story has helped you would really if it's okay with you and today no is totally fine. I'd really love to share your story with readers because I think that they could benefit in many of the same ways makes sense. Yeah, yeah, you can put your first name, your initials you choose you choose your own adventure, how you want to be, how you want to be shown. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely yeah, and rishel just to the point that you made about the public feedback my name was actually my name and a testimonial that I gave was actually featured in an email I had no idea about but natalie lucy a who just developed a new plug in, well, the original plug inisfree it's called pop pop up ally, but she released the pro version ah, couple weeks ago, which I have been very much anticipating, and so I bought it right away and I put it to use and I really, really like it, and I tweeted her to say exactly that I've already got it up on one site. It looks phenomenal. I can't wait to see how it converts I forget what else I said in one hundred forty characters it couldn't have been much more than that, but she had just achieved like an email that was one or two after the announcement that it was available had taken my tweet and a whole bunch of others and just put him right in a row in an email and said these are the kind of people who are using and loving this tool you already think I'm sure I mean obviously I don't have numbers but I'm sure it was a highly effective email she had great names and their people with good followings well respected on dh saying really great things because it's a great tool and so why not that's that because otherwise that stuff is just going to die in your social media put it to use where it really matters in your email marketing seventy so for the faa queue and testimonials email if we're gonna have faa cues and testimonials on our sales page is it ok to do duplicate those in the e mail order we want fresh never before seen stuff to go into the email yeah say ideally it's fresh never before seen with the faa cues it might be something like this is on the this is on the information page for the product but I really wanted to bring this particular point to your attention and here's why it would be like extra information same thing with testimonials I normally recommend and I'll talk about this more in the coming segments but I really recommend short testimonials for the most part two to three sentences really concise but of course clients loved to send big long testimonials love them that stuff's great and email not so great on a sales page, right? So that would be an opportunity where I would totally use a snippet of it on a sales page but put the whole thing or muchmore of it and any mail thank you, yeah welcome anything else on following up or crafting your email sequence? Obviously we're going to keep talking about those, but I thought I got one more question that be relevant to a lot of people who are working one on one with people as you were talking about everything, I was thinking to myself that this would be a great process to go through this whole thing from before and after to where we're at now for my one on one work and set it up is part of the auto responder that's exactly what you should do with an auto responders siri's pick the product that people are most likely to buy right off the bat and work them through a siri's of emails you may not do quite a cz much following up you might go more from like content sequence to content sequence to content sequence but yeah absolutely used the challenge expand, analyzed, deliver model and and then make a pitch and that's how you kind of draw people into your world if you look at my e mail, auto responders, syriza terror gentilly dot com that's how it works the very first email is stop trying to make money from your passion so that's a challenge email jamboree feedback that kind of relates to this online from stacy are w who asked how do we adjust the launch email sequence for products of various amount if I have a product for fifty dollars and another one for five hundred how doe I adjust the emails? Is it the same process yet by and large it's actually the same process? Stacy really great question one thing that I would think about is frequency and just kind of overall length so if you're building up to a higher priced product especially if maybe you've not made up a new offer for that higher price product in a while maybe it's new price point for you I would take that content sequence and double up on things things okay so you could do challenge, challenge, expand, expand, analyze, analyze, analyze, deliver and then pitch it because that's going to build up the cons except of the value of the product over time. Pete and plus people have just a better understanding of what it's all about what you're all about because largely when you're selling a product at a much higher price point it's also amore intangible job that it's getting done for your client you might be trying to shift their identity or change core beliefs that they have and so those kind of jobs require more trust they required a mohr ah longer term relationship with you very often and so the longer you make your launch sequence that the more you build that up organically and then you're maur ready to make that that anaugh for at that price point largely it's relative to each business so kind of play with it and maybe even draw it out like this is a great opportunity to just kind of draw stuff so you might say ok, I have product one at fifty dollars and really I just need a really short ah siri's and I'm going to send out an email here and email here and email here and then remind people about it okay that's fine like you can combine some stuff in here and just make it super simple and this might be your auto responders siri's okay, so when people sign up to your list these air the four emails they get right off the bat ah but then later on, maybe twice a year you launch that five hundred dollar product and you do a really so slow build up to that pitch here, so this might be email here email here email here email here email here email here evil here or event right and then follow follow follow up last chance okay, so you could actually draw this out for yourself and think this is these are my products. What would each of these launch sequences look like? What would ideally, these email campaigns look like on dh, then, that way, you're, you're sure that things make sense relative to each other, because that's going to help your whole business feel more cohesive. It's, one of the important parts of business modeling.

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Linda Makes Impressions

The timing of this course was perfect. I am in the middle of a launch and able to immediately apply what I am learning to my sales page. I have confidence that I can use the tools to catapult my next big thing to even higher levels. I am grateful for Tara's bonus gift, free month in her Kick Start Labs. I am taking advantage of the knowledge and resources there as well. Tara is a role model of action, authenticity and clarity, that I aspire to be. Thanks! Linda Germain

a Creativelive Student

I'm so disappointed I didn't have this information years ago!! Just the sales page information alone is more than worth the price of this course. I finally have a structure and a sense of how it works and ties into a bigger picture. I have a clearer sense of how the pieces fit together. Writing sales pages has always felt like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Now that I know what I know, I'm pleasantly surprised I've had the sales I've had and I'm so excited to now be able convey my message more clearly so I can help more people and generate more income. Thanks so much for shedding light on how this all works, Tara. Your clear and grounded approach are incredibly helpful. After having spent A LOT of money on various online marketing courses, and not gotten nearly as much from them as I have from this course, it was incredibly refreshing to take a hype-free, sleaze free course on marketing, sales and product development. Thank you! Lisa Gillispie


Took this course and followed along in order to get my new product launched. Wow was I surprised at the amount of sales I had right away. Doing the work is paramount. You have to want to create, edit, rehash and be persistent. (Guess that is called discipline!) Tara is well spoken, methodical and full of the business advice I was lacking. Got a product to get out into the world? Tara's course will be a great help in your success. Do it.