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Introduction to Facebook Groups

Lesson 11 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

Introduction to Facebook Groups

Lesson 11 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

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11. Introduction to Facebook Groups

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Lesson Info

Introduction to Facebook Groups

in this chapter. I'm going to go over the basics with how to get started with your facebook group before we do a deep dive into the platform with how to configure and get started. I want to go over a couple of important aspects about facebook groups that you should know first, why facebook group and other platforms. I get this question a lot. I've been using facebook groups for a while and have not found a better way to manage, build and grow a community as quickly as you can with facebook groups, people are already there. So here are some of the additional reasons why I think facebook groups are a great way to use and build your community. You want to leverage Facebook 400 million users who are already using Facebook groups. Facebook is on a great job in the past two years in promoting communities and helping communities grow, not just by promoting them online, but also billboards in different cities. And this has led to more engagement on Facebook groups over pages. Before we used to...

engage a lot with content from pages. Now, what you see is people engaging with content from groups and people are using groups every day. So facebook has made it easier for community managers and also leaders of communities to moderate follow up and build different tools to manage communities. So these are all the different things that you want to take advantage and why facebook groups have become a great way to build online communities. The second question, I always get is what is the difference between a private and a public think about public groups as communities open to everyone. What does this mean? Well, every facebook member or user is going to be able to actually see who are the admins, who are the moderators, and more importantly, all of the content that you and your members post and comment on. People are also going to be able to publish content on your community without being members. So people who are not members can also engage with your content and posts. Private communities work very different. Private groups allow you to build the proper community that you want because it's going to restrict who joins and for people to interact with any of your content or even see it. They have to become members in order to have a look engaged and join your community. Keep in mind that you won't be able to change your private group settings to a public one. If you start and configure a group as a private one facebook does this to protect the members and integrity of yourself and also your community members. I usually pick private groups and the reason being is that exclusivity, it's what really thrives on an online community and it helps you grow people feel just more comfortable sharing ideas, thoughts and even engaging with other members in a private community, they're just going to feel more comfortable and safe. You can also moderate spam kick people out of your group if they're being rude spamming or not following your rules. So you wanna pick a private group to build a proper online community for your business or your brand. These are the different types of groups that you can select when opening a new facebook group. As you can see, there's general ones buying and selling, social learning, video games, work, job parenting depending on the ultimate goal of your group. That's going to help you determine which type of community and type of group you want to open. If you're looking into building a marketplace where people can buy and sell stuff, you definitely want to open the buy and sell group because it's gonna allow you to basically set sales listing within the group, which other groups are not gonna have. That if you're a B two B software company and you want to do something more geared towards learning and education, then you want to take or use a social learning group because it's gonna allow you to create quizzes, lessons units, track members progress to see whether they're using the content that you're publishing as well. If you want to do something related to parenting. For example, you want to definitely pick the type of parenting group because it's gonna allow you and your members to post things and anonymously uh and also seek mentorship. So there's a whole unit of mentorship that you can build within your group. So those are the different types of groups that you can select and it's all gonna depend ultimately on one. What are your business goals and what type of business you are to define the type of group that you're going to be selecting and using. The other thing that you want to keep in mind is that a facebook group is not the same as a facebook page. Groups are interest oriented, not business oriented. Yes, you can build a group around the brand, but you still have to think about, what is that topic that is going to bring people together with pages? You can really do business announcements, published content run at think of a page as a storefront where you're gonna be pushing information for your customers. But with groups, You're building a two way communication with your page, you're just pushing content out with your community. What you want is to build a proper two way communication between yourself and all of your community members, or potentially your customers, you're not the only one publishing content. You're not the only one engaging with your community. Your community members can also publish content, interact, comment and be part of the conversations groups, allow member to member interactions and member curated content pages don't. And that's why the beauty of using groups for building online communities. The other thing that you want to keep in mind is that yes, you will get more reach organic reach with a public group because anyone can see it, anyone can go into the group post anything engaged, but you're going to have a much harder time moderating and keeping spam away from your community. Remember, the number one goal with your facebook group is to build a thriving community a safe environment where people can go. They can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, engaging with yourself with other community members. So remember that picking the right type of group is one of the key aspects in building a thriving community.

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