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How To Moderate Conversations Among Members And Manage Conflict

Lesson 21 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

How To Moderate Conversations Among Members And Manage Conflict

Lesson 21 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

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21. How To Moderate Conversations Among Members And Manage Conflict


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How To Moderate Conversations Among Members And Manage Conflict


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How To Moderate Conversations Among Members And Manage Conflict

we've all been part of an organization or a team at some point and know that conflict is inevitable, it's going to happen and you should not be afraid of it. Respectful disagreement and debate among the community is actually healthy. But you do want to take action when that disagreement turns into disrespectful comments or breaks any of your rules. And so how do you manage the conflict? Well, you prepare and you have a plan in place that's going to help you manage those difficult conversations. There are a couple of steps that I want you to follow so that you can have within your group and as an admin so that you also feel prepared when the time comes to manage conflict between two or even more members. So step one, you want to make sure that you set up rules when you're starting your facebook group. This is probably very important and one of the most fundamental steps and foundations that are going to help you manage conflict. You want to be able to go back And refer to your rules whe...

n people are breaking them. Step two get involved before the situation escalates in my experience being passive admin when conflict arises just doesn't work. You want to be able to manage the conflict quickly and prevent the situation from escalating and remind your community that you care about them and why your present there. So you want to be able to be part of the conversation and stop it before it escalates. 3rd, keep your rules easily accessible. And what I mean is you don't need to memorize them, but just be aware of them so that you're able to refer to them when rules are broken or where conflicts arise. And fourth and finally understand how facebook moderation tools work, understand and know and be prepared with how to delete post comments, send members a small description of what rules they broke, give them feedback or even mute or remove members from your facebook group. So you've set up your rules. You know you have a plan, you follow those four steps in understanding how to manage conflict or possible conflict within your group. You started post content people start interacting, engaging and someone breaks the rules. How do you inform them? How do you tell them that they've broken rules? What are the steps that you should follow in order to give this person the proper feedback. Facebook has a really cool new feature that allows you to let members know if they've broken a rule which rules they've broken and whether they can fix it to give feedback. And so if you go to pending post you'll see on the right side, there's three buttons, I can say the client post and give feedback. So if I give feedback, you know which rule did they break? You can actually select them or you can actually even write a note to the person who broke the rules and send that confirmation? You can also decline the post and block the author. So this is in case someone's just spamming your group a lot. I can actually remove this person confirm and he's gonna be blocked from the group. And also he's not gonna be able to post anything moving forward. So that's a really cool feature that you can use and leverage to manage your spam and also just content so that you can actually inform people if they're just broken rules or you know, and maybe they post something and didn't read the rules properly or just didn't remember. So sometimes that happens it wasn't on purpose and that's a good way to give them a warning. Or if you just want to block people, you can do that here as well. If this doesn't work, consider muting the member who's creating unnecessary conflict for some time as a last resort. Also consider removing the member completely from your group. You're able and you're allowed to ban people from your community as well. It is again your responsibility to promote the right culture and also behavior within your community, so don't be afraid to remove people, other members will appreciate you and also help keep healthy conversations going and thriving. One of the key tools within facebook group that can help you moderate and find comments post people who are spamming your group are keyword alerts. Keyword alerts allow you to write specific words so that when someone writes those keywords in the post facebook will alert you and it's just easier for you to identify them. For example, you can write curse words phrases like DM DM me message me facebook is not gonna block the post, but alert you. So on the left you're gonna see message alerts. If you go to edit, you see that I have spam Dm help support, schedule, cost, miss, lost fails. Those are words that I am tracking and once people use one of those words it's gonna appear within your alert so you can actually track, respond quicker and know that if it's something that you don't want within your community, you can block it. Delete it, ban the person quicker and it's just an easier way to react. The last thing I want to say about rules is that you want to be consistent with them, especially when it comes to enforcing your community. Rules don't give members a free pass just because you know them just because they're your friends or you know them personally, don't give members a free pass just because they're your friends because you know them like them or agree with what they post. Remember a community is not about an individual, but a group of people. And enforcing rules equally will help maintain a healthy community and make everyone feel part of your online community as well.

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