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Social Media Design Toolkit

Janine Warner

Social Media Design Toolkit

Janine Warner

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Class Description

Presenting yourself, your brand, or your business on social media is a key part of marketing, job hunting – or even making new friends. Join Janine Warner for an introduction to the design principles that will help you put the best face on your social media presence.

Over this two-day course, you’ll learn how to combine engaging images, fundamental Adobe® Photoshop® skills, and your own artistic point-of-view to make your social media presence more visually engaging and unique. You’ll also learn how to work both with and around the design limitations of social networking sites. Janine will cover ways to create eye-catching Facebook® cover photos, distinctive Twitter® backgrounds, and YouTube® channels that look great on any device, from smartphones to televisions. Janine will also provide a complete set of templates and design instruction guides for every top social media site, including Facebook®, Twitter®, and YouTube®.

Whether you’re a photographer showing off your latest images, a designer who wants to display your creative talent, or an entrepreneur trying to make the most of a limited marketing budget, this course will help you leverage your design skills to take your online presence to the next level.

Class Materials

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Social Media Design Templates
Creating Animated GIFs with Adobe® Photoshop®
Social Media Design Template Guide
Facebook® Template Guidelines

Ratings and Reviews


I picked up some great tips about the different social media platforms. I found some of the social media templates a bit confusing to use, but the course was useful overall.


amazing course

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