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Lesson 19 from: Social Media Design Toolkit

Janine Warner

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19. YouTube®

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so we've been talking about. YouTube is sometimes overlooked Social media site really one of the most important. Erin mentioned yesterday the YouTube creator playbook. If you are thinking about a YouTube channel and you have not discovered this resource, it is the definitive guide to creating a YouTube channel by YouTube for YouTube and off all the social media sites. I would say they are by far the best at helping their members do better on their service. I just haven't seen any of the other social media sites put the kind of resource is time, money and energy into helping you do better. So if you want to create a YouTube channel and you've been kind of holding back because it seems complicated and intimidating, the first thing I want to reassure you with is there is a a ton of support out there. A ton of help, great tutorials, great advice, great suggestions about getting started, building an audience, all of that stuff. And if you just google the YouTube creator playbook, you'll go ...

to an enormous hub of information. This is the template that we put together for YouTube, and it comes in the collection of templates. Unlike the others, it's got the guidelines about where mobile and desktop cut off, where that sort of sweet spot is that you can trust will be there. What you really have here is this area. Here is what you see on a desktop. The middle area is what you see on a mobile phone, this big area at the top and bottom. This really is a huge image. If you open this up, it's kind of like, Whoa, why is this so big? The only place you see the YouTube banner this big is if you're watching on the television screen. If you're using Google TV or Apple TV, that's the only place you're going to see that really expanded top and bottom part. And for that reason, a lot of people don't even bother with it. Or they put something kind of faded in the background, like maybe have your logo faded in the background. But hone in on this middle area is really the part that matters again. I'm happy Teoh be giving away all these templates if you purchase the class. But even if you don't think YouTube template is one of the best ones out there Facebook templates and some of the others. You'll find lots of them that are outdated. You'll find lots of them that things have changed and they even kind of misleading. But in the world of YouTube, if you're looking at the YouTube template for YouTube, it's a pretty darn good template, and they give it away for free. So if you want that template right away, definitely go grab it and you'll find that in the crater section or you'll find it if you just Google Channel art guidelines is how YouTube refers to that. So notice that's 25 60 by 14 40. That's a huge image, right, 2560 pixels by 1440 pixels. But again, I want to point out that the Onley time you're going to see something that big is on a TV screen. And really, it's in this area here that matters and making sure that that long, narrow banner, whether it's one image or multiple images, that when it's cut off on the mobile devices at these lines, that it still looks OK in the middle and that you're not losing half a word or something when it gets cropped that way. So that's the main take away for the design challenge of YouTube is fitting in that space, saying something about who you are, knowing that the science might get cut and then the bonus area up, above and below I mentioned taste are vistas, YouTube channel. Yesterday I love chases the founder, Creativelive. He's also got just a fantastic YouTube channel. He's got great personality. It's no surprise he helped found this company. He was already doing smart video online. And if you just want to go someplace and be entertained and informed, his channel is definitely worth a visit and his practice and how he puts together videos. I think he does an extraordinary job of being both professional and informative and very playful and very approachable and authentic. And it's a really rare combination to get all of those together on video consistently, the way and some fun cool news. Chase just recently took over as our CEO. Ah, he's now head Helen Show here creative life that I'm glad you're clarifying that because you know, as the founder, a lot of times founder start something and then get out of the way, and he so set the tone for this place. And I want to acknowledge Craig to money, and they're both very important. I love them both dearly, but the personality of the videos on Chase's site really are something to learn. Some super fun. Absolutely. Uh, Aaron Manning, who is one of my guests yesterday, I think, is another one. You can learn from how she did this. She has, if you see kind of this muted color here, and I couldn't find as I was getting ready for this class, the bigger version it's hard to get a screen shot off a television set on. She sent me that I couldn't fight it, but above and below her logo just kind of fades into the background in a way that I think works really well. She also does something kind of different with repeating her image. This is just a photograph that she integrated into here on mobile. If that gets cut off, it doesn't really matter. You still see her logo again? You wouldn't want that cut line to be halfway through the name Aaron Manning. But cutting that image off it still stands alone. Pretty well, because the little image here under the word YouTube is really her profile picture. So this just is an extra image. If you're on a computer seen screen and you see the longer a message, she also I think, does a really good job of with Pretty portable tools doing very high quality video. And she has a lot of resource is like lighting kits and things. I actually have one of her home lighting kits. I have a couple of studio lights that I can set up in my office very, very reasonably priced for the sort of pro Sumer market. I know photographers who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on lights like the ones here in this amazing studio and creativelive. But if you just want a couple of lights to use at home, Aaron has some great advice about that and some great tools. And you can really up your own professional level of quality just by improving the lighting, adding some backdrops, things like that. So she's a good resource for that as well. My own fledgling YouTube channel. Just Teoh, you know, share transparently all of this. One of the things that that I just added recently, and I'm gonna update again pretty soon, I'm sure is this sort of welcome video and this intro video, And one of the things that YouTube seems to like is in addition to all the videos that you upload that air there regularly having something at the top that invites new visitors to your site and something you should know from a design perspective as well as, um, for creating these. Once YouTube recognizes that somebody's been to your site before, especially if they're subscriber, that intro video disappears for them. So it's on Lee, visible to people who arrive the first time after somebody subscribes or signs up for your channel that disappears into the background. So it's really a Hey, welcome to my channel. This is what you can expect to find here. These are the kinds of things that I do here, but you don't have to worry that that's gonna be seen over and over by people who come back. Most of these things are accessible when you're logged into YouTube as yourself. And remember, Google Plus and YouTube are linked, so I'm logging in with I log into Gmail. I'm already logged in the Google. Plus, I'm already logged into YouTube. When I get there, all of those are connected. And if you're using one browser with all three of those sites, you log in once and you're already logged in when you get to the others. So you see your little icon over here tells you that this is, you know, that you're logged in, this is your channel. And then you can get to things like the YouTube settings, which is where you'll find privacy and other options. And the video manager, which is where you do all the things that affect video. I want to show you a little bit about some of those options. So in the video manager, you'll get all these options here on the left screen. And again, if you're a little intimidated by all these things when you first sign in, remember, great help. Resource is from YouTube, and a little stumbling around can teach you a lot. But each video has its own settings. So remember that some of the things you're setting up for your entire YouTube channel some of them you're setting up specific to each video and one of the relatively new things. That's kind of cool is the ability to do annotations that actually link toe other places. But before you can create annotations with links, and this is one of the new things I wanted to make sure to include is a tip. You have to verify that you're the owner of the YouTube channel with a YouTube verify you have toe. Use your Web master tools to set up some code to connect to that site, and that requires FTP access to your Web site and under the advanced channel settings. Then you have to associate that website, and you may be starting to think, Geez, that is an awful lot to go through to get to the little success button just so I could put a link in my video. That's you to being especially cautious about, um, how people in bed links and videos. So if you think about YouTube wanting to protect its world and wanting to make sure that if you follow a link from a video on YouTube, you go to a legitimate source and not to some spam site or worse, YouTube is going through this verification process to make sure that those links don't get abused. So I think one of the most powerful things you can do on YouTube now is toe. Add links embedded in a video to your own website, and that's a very powerful way to draw people to your world. But you do have to jump through some hoops before you can get there. So just be prepared for having to go through this multiple verification step to do it. Or if you're having trouble figure out why under annotations link isn't an option for you. It's because you haven't done all this yet, all right. The other thing people do is set up. Playlists and playlist could be your videos or other people's. This is a little different from sections, and so I'm gonna show that difference. Playlists are just my collections of videos, but when you're organizing your YouTube channel and I'll show you this on mine, I liked having separate sections to divide things apart, so they kind of do the same thing, and it's kind of different playlists or more for you keeping track sections or more. Actually, let me just show you this real quick so you can see sections are how I divided my training videos separate from my travel videos, separate from the presentations I've done in Spanish. So I have different sections in my YouTube page to separate those apart. That's different from playlists on. If you want to organize your page, you do that with sections. I'll come back in a moment to how that works. The other thing that is getting increasingly popular but has some limitations is this idea of doing live events. So I've mentioned Google hangouts being livestream to YouTube, and you can actually live stream other things to YouTube as well, which again is a very powerful tool for both journalists and others in the world. To be able to promote what you're doing in real time, that's kind of a new a new edition. But you do have to get live streaming enabled, and you do have to be a trusted user of YouTube to have that enabled. So I went through and said, Hey, I want to do this and they approved me right away. If you have a really new channel or if you have any complaints against your channel, you may not get improved for live streaming right away. So just be aware before you set up a live event and think you can stream. Make sure you've set this up in advance and you've got that working. When you create an event, you can set up all kinds of things to let your subscribers no promoted. There's a lot built into the whole live event thing on YouTube, and I think depending on what you're doing, not all of us do live events. Creativelive has a pretty powerful example of live on the Internet. Sporting events, parties, news conferences are all good uses of live events. But most of us are producing video editing it curating it and then uploading it later and don't need the live event option. So just realize you don't have to do live events. It's just one of the newest, coolest things on YouTube. Another thing a lot of people don't realize built into YouTube and again helping you to develop things is this is again, you know that under this little icon here, going to the manager, Here's my dashboard down here. Under creation tools, there's a whole audio library toe. Add music behind your videos. There's actually a video editing tool. This is the video editor that you can use to do basic video editing. So even if you don't have, you know Adobe Premiere in a really good video editor, even if you're not musically inclined and you don't want to pay the licensing fees to do music, you can get all that through YouTube. And it's quite remarkable what people are doing with a smartphone that's Internet enabled and video capable. You could basically have the equivalent of a TV station online, thanks to YouTube. Now it's remarkable how accessible that ISS and when you consider how much it costs to get time on television, how much it costs to build a studio like this one. The fact that you can do stuff with a mobile device and the tools built into YouTube really does open up just about everybody with any kind of Internet access in the world to being able to produce and publish things on YouTube. So you tube channels, like I said, are associated with your Google account. So when you open up that top bar at the top of Google, you'll see your Google plus profile associated with your channel And if you've associate it with a Google plus profile, that's not the one you want. It's not easy to change, but it is possible on DSO before I d sections all show you this quick little case study using my client again x X evil scientific animation. When they first set up this YouTube channel, it was associated with the personal Google plus account of the owner of the company, which is common. You have a Google plus account. You set it up. But that meant that his name showed up here and it was kind of associate with him personally when he really wanted it to be for the business. We had to actually petition YouTube to make that change for us, and I give you the URL here. It's support dot google dot com slash contact Why TG plus Okay, I know that's a little long. It took me a little while to find this Get help with Google. Plus on YouTube is probably a good thing Teoh to Google if you're trying to find it, because this page took me a while to find. But of all the social media sites, Roberto Story about getting Facebook to help him manage his profile on Page. It's kind of unusual. I think it really speaks to the fact that he has 6000 followers in a country where that's an especially high number. Google, on the other hand, when I have asked for help with YouTube when I've petitioned them, I've had responses within 24 hours, not always able to do everything I want. They weren't able to fix the thing I wanted them to fix, but they fixed this for my client very quickly. And so, if your problem is that your YouTube channel is associated with a Google plus account that you want to change, petitioning Google to change which account it's associated with, long as you can prove you have the rights to that other account, they should be very happy to take care of for you. What they couldn't do for me was to change the actual u R l of my channel. So I told you I consistently use Janine Warner across all my social sites. But when I first set up this YouTube channel years ago, I wanted it associated with my digital family website, and digital family was already taken turn it. So I put digital family dot com, except you couldn't use a period. So now, looking back at it. Digital family dot com it's kind of a long, convoluted girl. It brands my website that tells you the Earl of my website. It's not horrible, but I'd rather have it just be Janine Warner and I signed up for another channel with Janine Warner. Google doesn't seem to mind the way Facebook does if you have multiple YouTube channels, but now I have the problem that he talked about as well. I have some followers and some views on YouTube, and if I start all over again at the other one, that's kind of a pain. So I started to do some research and, you know, being transparent about my own errors. I always like to say, Learn from other people's mistakes. You won't learn long, you won't live long enough to make them all yourself. Um, I came to a really good best practice that was shared with me, which is instead of worrying so much about what you're you are. Ella is at YouTube. Why don't you just go create a URL for your video channel? And so I went and registered Janine Warner dot tv And there is a girl domaine dot TV that anybody can register. And because it's not as overly saturated as the dot com one, you may find your name available there even if it's not available in other places. Jessica guessing that won't work for you. But we've been joking about that enough already. But I registered anymore, not TV, and now I'm gonna point that I haven't done it yet, so don't test it. I'm gonna point that at my YouTube channel so that I can start branding around that, and I can send people to my using channel with my own. You are well, and that means when I linked to it from my website, if I put it on a business card, if I put it anywhere else, I can send him there. Of course, mostly I sent people to my own domain name because I want to own that traffic anyway. But this is another way to make sure that you're owning your audience. And if something happens to YouTube down the line or another video channel ends up being more popular and you want to migrate people over. You can just forward that domain to a new place, and you don't have to worry about contacting Google to do it. Although from what I've seen, I don't think YouTube's going anywhere very soon. Again. YouTube has some great advice about telling her story about sharing your information. We talked about YouTube space. If you go Teoh, if you're in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo or New York, or you're visiting any of those places long in or Google YouTube space and check out the events that they have, the classes that are free to anyone, the production facilities that are available if you have more than 10,000 subscribers, the happy hour on Friday night, which really does seem to be OK, they're gonna keep me for inviting everybody in the world to their happy hour. But they publicized, um, pretty broadly, and they're really trying to build a community and get people more involved in YouTube. So it's pretty impressive what happens there. So I just wanted to show you you log in here as I mentioned next to this upload button, you need to be logged in as yourself, but once you're on your channel, you'll see the dashboard, video manager, analytics and settings these air. The main things you'll have to think about YouTube settings is where you'll find privacy settings. You can associate accounts there, but video manager is where you'll probably spend most of your time. This is where you'll have video by video, how you can change the settings, the info, the annotations, the enhancements and the thing I wanted to point out. Because it's about money is this is how you monetize the video. So if you actually have a video that you think is gonna attract enough of an audience that you want, I'm just gonna pick when I havent monetized. Um, so I I got a video of some dancers in Sri Lanka that I thought was kind of fun to throw up there, and I don't believe I monetized it. But if I click on that dollar sign, we'll see you. Okay, um, this is the settings to monetize with ads when you first log in. If it's not already set, you'll see just monetize with ads. If you click on that, you'll see that there are multiple ad formats. So not only do you have to turn on the ads. If you want to make money on YouTube and that's an option, you don't have to have advertising on YouTube. You don't have to use it in this way at all. But if you choose to, you actually have the option of three different types of ads. And this gets into what is the look that you want on your site? How overtly do you want those ads to appear? Do you want to err on the side of making as much money as possible, even if it means there's an ad that appears before your video even starts? Or do you just want the overlays? So overlay and video ads versus true view in stream ads means they actually put a video ad in before your video plays versus just that little box of an ad that appears over the video. So if you're looking at a video on YouTube and you see an ad before it or under it, it's because whoever uploaded that video went in and set these t do that advertising. Now if your ad contains a paid product placement, if your video is itself an ad, YouTube wants to know that because it's going Teoh, um, affect how they want to monetize. That adds over ads or less popular, shall we say then? Then then having adds over content, that's not so Let me let me stop there. Actually, let me just show you. See where we've got, like, two minutes. But yet let me just end with ease this monetization stuff. So I've been kind of hinting at YouTube stars and what they make this I found in an article on the web, and I compared it with some of my contacts that Google Latin America when I was doing something recently and they did not dispute these numbers. Um, I won't say that they're written in stone. I won't. Uh, but this seems to be the rial range for the top YouTube channels. They really are in the millions of dollars of revenue. And that represents the revenue share that the person who created that channel is getting from YouTube on an annual basis. Definitely somebody is doing something real. This is how it works. For every 1,000,000 views, approximately $7000 to quickly YouTube pays about $7007 per ad views on your videos. So you do have to have pretty big numbers before you're going to see much of a return. If you're just getting 20 or 30 views on your videos, turning on the ads may not be worth the time. But if you're starting to get hundreds of thousands or millions of views on your videos, turning on those ads can turn into real dollars pretty fast. This number is not hard and fast that I will tell you right away. The price per 1000 varies by a number of different factors, not the least of them. If people don't watch the entire pre roll before they watch your video, it doesn't count the same way. So it's not a hard and fast number, but this is a General Gage to give you an idea of how YouTube is monetizing thing. So just to clarify that so that's the skip right? You could people skip right. If somebody skips your ad, you may not be getting paid for it. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Excellent. Eso YouTube is a global network. It has a global audience. It has tools to even help you figure out how fast you're connecting to YouTube. It's kind of amazing how they do that. And from a social media perspective, if you're thinking about all the ways to present yourself online and all the ways toe leveraged social media out there, I definitely think YouTube is one of the tools you want in your social media tool kit. Thank you. Do awesome. Thank you so much.

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