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Celebrate Your Successes

So we just dove into a little bit of the deeper, harder stuff of this, and I want to come back to the energy of feeling good about what you're going to do. I want to come back to the excitement of it because you have to deal with the obstacles if you go in blindly, you won't succeed. So I want you to see that we talked about all these different things that can get in your way and that if you think about them from the beginning, you can set yourself up. If I get to this point, I need to ask for help, and I need to get over myself to ask for help if I need to change some environmental cues, I need to change some environmental cues if I need to find a new buddy he's gonna help me do this, I'm going to do what it takes to do that I'm gonna join the wire, I'm gonna you know, I'm gonna find the person. Maybe I'll take the risk of talking to someone I didn't talk to before and see about doing that. I'm going to find a way around these obstacles, so I want to come back all the way back toe why...

you're doing this? I want you guys to say it again, say your goal and why you're doing it. Um I'm going to do one thing when I get home in the morning that I want to put off and I'm doing it because I want to feel more connected to me there comes your smile again yeah how about you, simon I will right for at least fifteen minutes a day five times a week when I get up in the morning because my purpose is to enlighten through beauty lovely you know what there's something to sharing your energy, putting it out there that makes it more real just for youto type it in makes it more real so if you want that accountability is part of the facebook page, start right now by typing in your goal come into it you want to cross the line you want to just, you know, put that steak in and say this is what I want to do and this is why I want to do it and own it own it in the fiber of you own and in the excitement owning it and being pulled toward it not the not the things we talked about the shootings only because it's exciting and you want to do it it's a type of men or ram has put the first one and she's saying I'm replacing chocolate with less damaging foods until I feel I don't need them a tall and the reason I'm doing this for my health excellent I love that and I love that you dial it down toe I'm replacing chocolate you made it into one step that is really, really fabulous and I hope you get very creative with your choices there's a whole world of food out there the kanar issue and there's things besides food that can nourish you when you're craving the chocolate ask yourself what do you really need? Is it an emotional need right now or is it a physical need for calories that's a big difference already you know do I actually need calories or or do I need to be sued because chocolate has brain power and if you need to be sued, what are some other ways you can find that joy? Can you just do the heart math meditation sort of thing, pull up a positive emotion and let the craving pass sometimes that's just enough there's a um there's a coach physician who has written a book on mindful eating and it's really good really, really good, which is another guard rail I want to mention actually when you're trying to change something having stuff to read about, it can be really helpful. I used to have a slide in my presentation of an enormously fat doctor who was wearing a tie that was thegame operation and I don't have rights to it so I don't have it anymore but but it was the point is that knowledge is not motivation, which is why I've spent so much of today on motivation, but knowledge can help us rationalise our motivation, and when we're feeling like we, this is kind of hard reading about why it's important can be very helpful. So if you're trying to change to healthier eating, start reading and I, I mean, by reading like a few paragraphs a day, something about healthy eating, if you want to be writing more reading the artist, taking on the artist's way or doing something that that is validating your choice is really helpful and building your knowledge based on skills, so knowledge itself isn't motivation, but you can use this to to inspire you. I do it every single day for mindfulness. I read a pat I change books that I'm reading, but I read a couple of paragraphs and something that reminds me that I want to live live a mindful life, and I need those reminders. Those were part of my gutter guards, the chocolate example. So is the awareness habit you're triggered by the notion of I want to reach for chocolate, and then that triggers the awareness habit of checking in with yourself, right? Okay, so, uh, checking him with yourself and said, what do you really need isn't chocolate? I have unfortunately answered that way often. But that's a beautiful goal to be just that specific on there's this one little replacement I'm going to make that's the point of this entire course all the parts of it finding the little tweaks that you khun do that add up to getting you closer to where you want to pay that save you energy that save you decision angst that save you worry and let you have that energy for the joy for the connection for the happiness and it is just a little tweak that's that's where power is that comes to the very last and most important part of changing a habit you must must must celebrate your winds this is not debatable when you plan to change something plan for what you're going to do when you finish when you've made it a habit and that doesn't mean you're doing back to carrot and stick this means allowing the success to sink into your life toe own it do you know that if you think about something that you've done successfully for twenty seconds you rearrange your brainwaves to a more positive state which is going to empower your next success? But we don't do I mean because we have unending to do lists we don't stop and say look, I did one through ten we look and say I have eleven through seventy eight to go, but when we stop and say I did one through ten we actually were knew ourselves a bit to do the rest, so if you're trying to change habits which are really you know we've talked about behavior change is hard build in the celebration how are you gonna own your success, simon when you have done this successfully for a month what's your celebration well, I'm allowed chocolate I think that's the way it tio maybe go to a nice dinner somewhere yeah, it can be a number of things it could be that you allow yourself to take another course in supporting your writing you buy a book you've wanted or it can be you know that you take off time to do something but in some way recognize it it could be that you share it with him with an accountability partner that you actually share, you know out let's go to dinner together and celebrate the fact that we actually did this for a month we really, really did it because if you've done it for a month, you're really starting to build the neural pathway do it for two months and you've made a pipeline thirty days is, uh thirty days is a good place to start celebrating yeah it's not like you know who done that, but thirty days is if you've done something for thirty days, you're well on your way and it two months have a huge celebration but make sure you've planned that you're going to celebrate the kind of celebration you could taste here smell you want to be there you want to be that person who's celebrating this victory? What are you going to do that makes you feel like you own this accomplishment? Well, guest actually three, nine, five, six safe come in the celebration is never chocolate for them, but they're going to get a new pair of pants or take some time more time on the beach nice, simple, but yeah, um I'm still thinking about this, but I think one thing that I might like to dio is maybe instead of the stickers or in addition, teo maybe, um, like string a bracelet or something for each who are necklace for something or each habit I put a bead on and then my celebration is that I have the necklace and I go on a picnic or somebody that she's going to be leading us seminar any moment I'm hearing that that's right? Could I also have an artifact which I would like to yeah looked ever touch people? Why don't we have trophies? Yeah, yeah, like they mean something they really means something to one of the biggest mistakes I see in the working world is not enough celebration, our false celebration, you know, employee of the month which goes miserably around from desk to desk until everybody uh yeah, whatever but a real celebration if you know let's look at what we accomplished in the last quarter and let's let's own it and then we'll talk about our challenges but let's own what we've done implemented when a production company I was in a different thing, I called it above and beyond andi everybody had to nominate and you have to have a reason you couldn't just say because you know I love cyndi, but somebody who didn't win it have started complaining so much that they gave it to them just to shut him up but I thought just for complaining about it, just get a little idea I was working up to that point, but you're right it's valueless celebration yeah, this needs to be real this needs to touch your heart now love you're saying they're going to buy a bracelet because that's going to remind them off the celebration in the future um uh cat lady's going to celebrate with a massage there was one that sounds so good, right? Virginia says I celebrated passing a year of my university course by trying out a new restaurant and it was really nice lovely some simple ideas yeah that's a great way to celebrate but owning your effort no one said all of this was easy we're trying to make it easier but celebrate when you've done the hard work you own it because it fuels the next hard work and I like the concept too because then when you're done when you're doing the next exercise for the next habit because you've celebrated those previous habits and makes it for me I think it will make it easier tio recall those habits because now when you ask me what habits have you succeeded or goals have you succeeded at it takes me a while to think about the different ones but places you haven't progressed in a right but when you do the celebrations that they're a little bit more a mile post to queue into that the things you have done silently uh wow yeah it's a big whoa ho definitely we should well whom war in this world that's right way need more wu and it's just you know make it fun fun is a great thing it doesn't have to be drudgery it can be fun it can be you I mean that would be putting your creativity to its ultimate best to make what you need to have done in your life to succeed and thrive make it fun that's a creative life well lift so we're getting to the end of this and I have a big question are you all in? I want to hear from the online community to are you all in are you really ready to do this you can cross the line, you're going to do it, you're going to celebrate you're going to celebrate doing this you're going to tweet cindy and tell her I will you guys are gonna email cindy in time e I want to know are you all in whoa all right right there on so we're really reaching the end of this and are there any final questions or comments or things you'd like to share or ask for put out there is a request into the universe right now all I'm saying is rapid yes, yes, yes, yes, yes they're all in all right, collins absolutely well, yeah, great, yeah, it feels good. It feels good to be all in for something and you could only be that when you've picked something that's doable for you really doable for you if you need any support help along the way please ask please come find the resource is find me happy to help. This is the way we do it. This is the way we go through this. So we've gone all the way through this from the very beginning from talking about stress management is energy management and we're tired of having her energy sucked away by stress were tired of having her focus and our motivation and our health and our happiness and even are income sucked away by stress and stress is not actually something that's out there happening to us it's our reaction to what's happening to us so in there is where we have the power we have the power to do something different and that that is part of a system and in that system we have all of this stuff coming at us and our brains doing it's very important job of sifting out whether if all the stimuli in this universe or dangerous or not filtering it through our perception to decide if it's dangerous or not and doing the job it has to do and if it's dangerous triggering a stress reaction so there we have three places weaken jump in there we can reduce what comes at us, we can alter our perception and we can build up our resilience so we're strong so they're all these different choices of ways and you want to make up sort of fabric of those over time find the things that are really, really going to hold you and make you stronger in the face of stress and then when you find those things make habit of him then it's a win win if you make a habit of something that creates energy for you you're winning by saving energy creating energy it's truly going green this is the ultimate green and it's a really wonderful way to look at it and do it with lightness of heart and kindness to yourself compassion I know that you have this power. You have this power to just change your breath work, calm down your body and power up your brain. You've had this power it's like the wizard of odds you've had this power all in all just click your heels and breathe. You really have the power to make a difference in what you feel day today. You may not have the power to go out there and change how all the people around you are acting, but you've got the power within you to decide how much energy you want to spend on it, and that is fun when you start playing with it, it really is so use these creative brains and go out and wire up something that's going to support your best self, create new wiring, create wiring that makes you the best you and the happiest you so that life becomes full of ease and flowing and time doing what you do best creatively not spinning around all the other stuff. So that's, what I have to offer, I hope it inspires and holes and motivates I'm sure it will. I mean, just seeing the reaction there from the chat rooms when you asked his everybody, and I just think he's literally exploded with responsible for what it is that's exactly right? And, you know, these are simple steps. I mean, I think we should just reiterate what this course is called stress is optional it's not something we have to have in our lives and by following the steps that you've put forward in the last few sessions gives us those tools, but you say it's all within us, we can all do it forward. We cannot change the stress sores coming at us, except in some of the decisions we make in life. We can reduce some of those, but for the most, but we can't change what's thrown our way, but we can change how we react, and I don't mean that we're got not going to react to a life of all. We're gonna have a whole blanket of quilt of emotions, but we can change how much we're spending on the stress reaction, and when we take it away from the stress reaction, we can give it to the creativity, fun we can give it to the joy fund, we can take it away from that wasted energy and into the positive energy.

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