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Going to continue what we did in the last segment, which was to make this super practical to teach you where you can actually use this stuff that we're talking about and so we're going to hit three areas first we're going to hit content marketing, we're gonna hit strategic partnerships and we're gonna hit business modeling and the idea of these three applications is that these are three areas that you can use to reach more customers, to make a bigger impact on their lives and to make more money doing it. And that was the whole point of this whole three day workshop in on selling what you make more customers mohr impact and more money and so these three areas are just three easy places you can make changes in your business too dio exactly that we're actually going to start with content marketing today and that's on page sixteen of your workbook I got uh to the pages mixed up, so we're gonna start with content marketing on page sixteen what is content marketing content? Marketing is the ...

well basically it's everything that's happening on the internet right now and, you know, content marketing happened long before the internet started as well it's it's every book that's ever been written it's every idea that's ever been put out into the world for the purpose of getting other getting people excited about ideas and at the heart of all of our businesses, our ideas, ideas really are the capital of the new economy. Each product you create represents some idea represents an inspiration. It represents a feeling that you're trying to cultivate that's what we've spent the vast majority of today really talking about unpacking in your business on dso content marketing is the way that we create content, videos, articles, blogged, posts, images, any kind of content that you can put online in order. Teo teo, get people too, interact with the ideas that you have, and therefore become interested in the products you have for sale, that's content marketing in a jiffy, and, luckily, it's probably something you're already doing or something you're where you're supposed to be doing. Once you get that etsy shop open, once you get that website launched, you know you're supposed to be blogging, you know you're supposed to be on twitter, you know you're supposed to be on facebook, but I like to move beyond the supposed to because a lot of times we know we're supposed to be doing something. We have no idea why we have no idea how behind beyond the technicals, and so we just don't do it, so I'd like you to leave this particular segment of this segment today feeling really motivated teo either get into your block or get into your facebook page or get into that instagram account that's been laying dormant and create some content that really moves people and that's the other idea behind content market isn't is it's not just getting people excited? It's not about just spreading your ideas, but it's getting people to take action in this case, of course, the action we want people to take is to buy what we make. So the content marketing has to go beyond just getting people aware of our products and has to get people moving toward making that buying decision. All right? So the first thing I want you to think about in terms of content marketing is a word that we've already kind of driven into the ground today and that's a conversation if you think of the web, you can think of the web really as a whole, interconnected web off conversations think about the media outlets that you read on a daily basis. I have a personal habit of waking up in the morning and re laying in bed and reading media outlets for about an hour and a half to two hours every morning. I swear I am not lazy it's research it's information it's good, it feeds me right, but think of the media outlets that you're consuming on a daily basis my kind of big list of things that I hit up it's like slate the atlantic wire slon I hit the local news too and check out the daily historian read oregon live dot com of course check through my twitter feed and through my facebook feed and find interesting things there as well and every time I go toe to these media outlets there's different conversations happening those first few converts their first few media outlets I talked about our having all sorts of different conversations and they're curating them in a way that makes sense to each of those media but but there's different conversations happening there there's also media outlets online and in the analog world that are about specific conversations so think about like pregnancy and newborn magazine that's a pretty specific conversation think about martha stewart living that's a pretty specific conversation the rachel ray magazine that's a specific conversation think about the conversations that are happening on tv as well whether their news outlets or lifestyle outlets each place that's creating content creating media is part of a conversation that's going on in society and your business is part of those conversations on part probably of multiple conversations. So what conversation or conversations is your business participating in? And I think it really helps to think about this in terms of media outlets on dh broader kind of societal conversations I know that sounds really like high level but it trust me this is very applicable to content marketing so what conversation does your business participate in? Let me give you an example from my business and then we'll talk to these guys and get some of their examples as well. But the conversation my business participates in is the conversation around entrepreneurship in the new economy and that tends to take the form of conversations about it solo entrepreneurship even if I don't like that phrase s o solo entrepreneurship blogging ah digital marketing each of those kind of conversations that are part of the larger conversation of entrepreneurship in the new economy and each of you listening online each ofyou here really everyone in this room is participating in that conversation in some way and so my business has all sorts of ways to be I heard in that conversation I can write posts on digital marketing I can write post on solo entrepreneurship I could get super specific and right blogged posts or create videos or create training that fits all sorts of different holes in entrepreneurship entrepreneurship is a huge category and a very varied conversation okay sasha, what conversation is your business participating in? Well, I mean sing trends about singleness living alone dating online dating um uh single motherhood yeah motherhood in general um positive psychology yeah that's a fantastic list especially because you chose to kept keep it pretty high level singleness relationships online dating motherhood single motherhood those are big conversations and each of those conversations has ah hole that you've identified in it where you are bringing your business in to fill that hole you're bringing your voice in to fill that hole on your doing that through primarily through the written word but we also you can have conversations visually as well megan what's your business what conversations your business participating in um both for the illustration and for the sewing embroidery it's reviving these old styles or techniques and bringing them a new life and then subsequently being able to revive creativity in the customer? Yeah, so there's a big creativity conversation happening both online and in the analog world as well on dh I love this idea of the conversation around reviving old techniques as well because we see that not only in marketplaces like etc but we see that just in a number of different blog's a number of different magazines, all sorts of people talking about skills that would have seemed second nature to our grandmothers are great grandmothers were starting tio discover those things anew and all sorts of people are having different conversations about that there's multiple sides of that conversation it's not just how to use it but there's also a lot of meaning conversations I think happen around that what does it mean that twenty year old women are doing these things that their grandmothers you know, put down essentially s o that's that's excellent eso each of us have conversations that were participating in once you know what conversation or conversations your businesses participating in you have an opportunity to go search out media outlets that are part of that conversation now so setting the idea of your own blogged and your own instagram in your own facebook aside because that's his own special story and don't worry we're getting there thinking about the the place is these conversations are already happening naturally what are some of those publications so coming back to the example of my business entrepreneurship in the new economy or even just micro business in general some of the larger, more traditional outlets are things like entrepreneur and ink and forbes and fast company those magazines on those online sites are all part of this greater conversation now of course also that conversation is happening in groups on facebook or on individual facebook pages it's also happening on you know smaller, smaller blog's like copy blogger or pro blogger or um um daily worth and so those publications are also all participating in the conversation that my business is participating in so and what are some of the media outlets that uh participating in the conversation that you're in so my conversation that I'm participating in is events in celebration so showers, births birthdays, holidays on dh then the handmade and d I y industry so the first thing that comes to mind as faras digital media is like blog's like hand mythology and dijon topography that kind of like celebrate and feature like artists and designers like ourselves um as faras traditional media I know that's what I think I'm struggling with that part okay great struggling it's good because then I can help you and then learn right so all right so I love the idea of events and celebrations as a large part of the conversation that you're participating in so immediately I think to an example that I had given before which is martha stewart living where that publication may not be all about events in celebration but you know she hits that hard all the tie right on dso a publication like that would be one place that that conversation is happening ah lot s o every home magazine o magazine excellent other more keep it coming whole living which is the martha stewart yeah under her umbrella public is one that I definitely seen my brand like aligning with okay um what about are there any parenting magazines that you see fitting this yes parent great and that's another magazine that has another large emphasis on events in celebration why? Because events and celebrations are a huge part of any parents life right on dso that's a great way for you to be able to insert your business which were getting teo in into that conversation into that market okay, and then what are they like mommy bloggers? Absolutely. Hey, say mommy bloggers are there any months mommy? Bloggers that specifically come to mind time? Okay, yeah, I'm not talking a bunch of them. Yeah, no, we got a strategy on how to approach them. Excellent. Excellent. Well, we'll get we'll get that covered a great, uh, well, my conversations that I wrote down were emerging hand craft, handmade craft with technology and then design just in general and then values and how they relate to the virtue braille necklaces that I make but s o I guess I'm a really terrible marketer. I'll just say that, um but s oh, I don't know, I guess I was thinking like maybe wired magazine might be interested in the technology aspect and then blog's like britt and company designed sponge um I don't read a magazine, but I thought that was a really great example, though for like, the values and virtues. Yeah, I completely agree or like real simple magazine too that definitely so I'm actually going to use one of your examples and transition into the next question, which was the you offered up design and technology or the meeting of design and technology, one of the conversations that you're participating him now I don't I have no desire to split hairs here but what I see that as is really the voice of your particular conversation on so if design is the big conversation design meets tak is the kind of the whole that your voice can fill and that's that's the next question so I think wired is a great example and, you know, coming at them with an angle around laser cutting hand made d I y all of this coming together? What does that? I mean, what does that look like? How is this evolving? What air? The new trends? What are some other artists that are doing that those are all ways to extend that conversation and fill that hole with this idea of design meets tech in the larger design conversation or in wired case? I suppose the larger technology discussion s o that's fantastic. Yeah. So this next question is what old is your product? Or does your brand fill in the larger conversation? So back to me entrepreneurship micro business, the hole that I see in the conversation is over the whole that I'm attempting to fill in this conversation is how do micro businesses really leverage what's unique about them what's great about them, the service that they're offering and really impact their customers in his big a way possible in the new economy also talking a lot about the u s economy and the u economy is sort of my spin on the idea that it's not the industrialists, it's, not the traditional capitalists that are in power in the economy anymore. It's, you and I as influencers as producers, as creators that are now the rial drivers of the new economy, and so that's part of the hole in the conversation that I feel as well. You know what? If this is a new economy, what is made up in that and there's, a big hole that I can fill with my brand with my message, with my products? So what a whole does your product fill in that larger conversation, which is your unique voice and point of view bring to that conversation. In other words, how are you really becoming a value to this conversation? What? What are you representing? What is unique about you that allows you to make the statement you want to make? That allows you to say, these are the upcoming trends, that this is how you rekindle your wonder what kind of what's, what a unique skills strength passions are you standing on that allow you to make those statements? When you understand those you could make way more confident pitches to magazines, you, khun, make way more confident statements in your content, marketing and that's really good for you remember back when we were talking about who who thinks of your businesses? A leader? We want you first of all, to think of your business as the leader, and we want to make sure you know why you're leading your market as well. So what holds your product fill in that conversation? Sasha let's, let's, take the online dating conversation because this's something I'm very interested in it's something e I think you've just sort of started getting really into seeing some opportunities there. What? What hole are you feeling in that conversation? Well, there was an essay that I there's an essay that I wrote a few years ago, that a textbook is reprinting, so I send it out again, and it's called radically honest online dating, so the perspective of that piece was just asking the question of what would it be like to just be completely outrageously honest? Um, in your online dating profile to the point of, like, sharing what goes on in your third possessions, whatever, you know, I mean really like that so that I mean, that was sort of a hypothetical, and I'm not really sure that that my advice I mean about authenticity, I think, is one part of it, yeah, um when I think so, like how to do it and be yourself, and I think that what I offer people is there's the profile part of it? But then there's like showing up and knowing howto communicate who you are and appreciate someone else for who they are through the dating process? Yeah, without kind of hiding who you are or quickly discarding people and learning how to communicate. So it's like a humane experience. Yeah, so what I'm what I'm hearing here is this hole is really showing up in this particular conversation as questions that are being asked over and over again, some frustrations and also some fears probably some desires as well, which is good, so the questions might be, well, how do I show up authentically? How do I show up honestly, on an online dating profile or on that first state that's a hole who's talking about that on what's your unique spin on that? The fear and the desire is why I'm afraid if I show up radically honest, dr afraid that if I'm authentic will want to go out with me, right? The desire is if I am radically honest, if I am completely authentic that I will be able to find that one person in the world who understands who I could be with so there's that desire and then there's the frustration of well, I'm frustrated, I can't be authentic and I'm also frustrated that other people can't be authentic. And so there's this whole range of content that you can create specifically around those questions that frustration those desires and those fears and it's not just one piece it's probably one hundred pieces that you could write all just on that particular hole in that particular conversation that makes sense yeah, I mean I noticed that people really talked about it a lot when I sent that out and they wrote me long emails and it's this whole dilemma of marketing yourself that people feel like they have to market themselves but it's not really doesn't really feel good and its crate anathema yeah love really and so then the question is yeah, what am I selling to like what's the point I think I could create a whole conversation about that and then but I mean, I think the quirky together thing is basically the product about like showing up is yourself yeah so one thing you said that I want to make sure everyone hears is that I could probably create a conversation about that we're not creating conversations here I want everyone to understand that the conversations that their business ours really participating in they're already happening and that's what we've spent the whole day really trying to figure out is how our people talking about this stuff how are people talking about their needs? How are people talking about their desires? How are people talking about their frustrations? And there questions on what are they trying to accomplish? That's the conversation and then we become the answer to that through our content, marketing through our product through the way we just represent our brand in the world and not like the end all be all answer, but we can become just like we we were talking about your google searches earlier and those questions that people were asking this ghoul questions that keep people up late at night those air that's part of the conversation as well and when they find us there's a lot of relief and I think a really good way to know whether you found a good hole in the conversation for you to fill a leased for a while is when you write something that people have that bigger reaction, teo, but just to remember this doesn't have to be written. I know there's a lot of people who always asked me, well, terror, how do you block if you don't like to write or I can't write which that's a whole conversation for another day, but you know, there's all sorts of ways to participate in conversations usually as well. And, you know, instagram, I think, is a great way to think about the content that you're creating visually and the conversations that are happening there so conversations on instagram might take the form of hash tags, right? So there's if you think of like the cats of insta grab hot stock this is a really, really rad them example that's a conversation that's people one upping each other right with adorable cats and krazy kat positions and all of this that's a conversation that's happening visually now your conversation might be quite different your conversation might be birthdays hashtag birthdays your conversation might be hashtag virtues now those may or may not be conversations that are that are already happening but have you stopped and looked so we have to find those things out um yeah does anyone else want to share about what hold is your product fill in that conversation's hard okay, so I wrote that I represent the blanket that the kid brings everywhere to feel safe and eventually replacing that with just you like my my products are supposed to be this like makes you feel safe, okay? And uh but then eventually you will learn what you need from it and then you will not need it anymore and you can just give it to someone else or whatever like it will make you stronger. Whatever. Yeah, ok, I did not understand it first and now I do so the conversation is fashion just in general on dh I think yes there's definitely a hole in that conversation around safety that's actually a super intra acing angle on dh something I think that you could really bring your own unique voice too pretty easily what does it mean to create fashion that makes you feel safe while also making you a new individual and kind of allowing you to self express but in a safe way on dh you could do that certainly visually you can do that through the written word you could do that through video there's all sorts of content that you create to fill that hole in the conversation really good I'd like to get some online feedback on these first three questions absolutely I think one of the things that I found interesting from steph jay said that I think the whole that people are trying to fill right now is that handmade made in america aspect of my product so that is one of the things that people are looking for unique handmade items they're like supporting smaller businesses yeah yeah yes yeah no it totally does especially if she's in a market where there aren't a lot of handmade mark handmade items because I'll tell you we really like to market thing it's on handmade d I y made in america but those things are no longer real selling points for things I know I'm going to get some blowback on that but I mean how much traction have you gotten on that in the past on dh? Maybe you've got more traction on that for five years ago and you're not getting more attraction there you're not getting that kind of traction now eh? So if you're in if you're in a market where there's a lot of mass produced items and you are unique because your item is handmade more power to you that is awesome that is definitely a selling point I also want you to be thinking in terms of the future because I congar inti you there will be more made in america more hand made items in that marketplace shortly but so in also be thinking about you know what air the needs you know what else are you participating in in terms of your unique product not just handmade in general because handmade is actually it's a really difficulty market teo aligned yourself with and there's there are so many different ways that you could market any individual product so just a quick follow up on yeah steph jae is coming back and saying yes definitely made to order is one that in customized for you because that was what celtic wizard had suggested and she said yeah that's that's really right to made to order yeah customized for you yes that's definitely stronger and you want to hear another one you said you wanted to hear a few triscuit says my product helps people feel comfortable with trash versus treasure man vs nature I use beach combed items rather than diamonds often awesome, yeah, nature is probably the big conversation there because I like to take the conversation part super high level because it gives you as many different places to market your stuff is possible because that's another thing that people ask me all the time is, well, where can I go to find new customers? I think we mentioned this earlier where can I go to find new customers? You know, they hit up all the handmade blog's they've been on the front page of, etc where else are you going to go? You're going to go all sorts of places you're going to go to national geographic, you're going to go, teo, the discovery channel on there's an opportunity if you're using those kind of materials and your and you see your item, your businesses participating in that conversation, you can create content that fits all those different types of media outlets and that's great, and I don't know if it was triscuit that mentioned it, but earlier way earlier in our conversation, we're talking about aligning the values on dh one of our chatters had said that they really value nature and their customers value it. And so this seems like in alignment again, going through the marketing with that message to actually values a big part in both understanding the conversation you're in and the hole that you're able to fill I have a question for you that's from amber g I get tripped up between the conversation customers air having versus that of my peers yeah, she says I sell stationery and I find myself wanting to talk about creativity and entrepreneurship but that is probably not the right conversation for my customers being no that's right? This is so common right people start blogging to promote their work to their customers to market their work to their customers to position to have that conversation about their work and they veer off into well here's how you start your sd shop land or here's? What here's three marketing tricks I learned last week the truth is the customers who want to be buying your work are probably not interested in that conversation and so you might be getting traffic to your website based on those block post about marketing about entrepreneurship but that's not the kind of traffic that converts into sea sales traffic is a vanity metric yes you want traffic you need traffic to your website but what? You really need a sales? So if you're putting out content marketing that's not the kind of content marketing that converts to sales that brings in the people who are actually looking to buy what you have, you're not going to make the money that you want to make your not going to find the customers that you want to make that that's huge and were in just a minute. We're going to brainstorm some headline ideas within the conversation idea that we're talking about here to get you back on track, on that on on blogging like that sweet, cool get awesome! So let's do that, shall we way? Eso s so we want to think about this big conversation that we're having, and we want to think about the whole that were filling in it, and I want you to write down five headlines ins five headlines that have to do with your product or your business in general, the products kind of line that you make that fill some sort of hole in the conversation that pertain to that hole that you're filling in the conversation or the pertain to that unique voice that we talked about earlier, that unique passion, the unique skills, the point of view that you have about what you make, um and yeah, so that's all you need to dio super easy, you don't need to write block post, just write five headlines because most black post start with a headline anyhow on dh you know, I'm using block posts here, but you could also think of this in terms of emails so it could be subject clients, or you could think about this in terms of photos you want to post to instagram and so you could describe the photo that you want to post you might even think about this in terms of pin boards so for pinterest maybe you come up with five new topic areas that you want to start pinning teo that pertain to the conversation that you're having and remember that we're wanting to make this about the conversation not specifically aboutyour product your products might be part of the story it might be the call the action that should be the call to action but it's not what the piece of content is about what we want to be doing is giving people a reason to want this product almost on dh so let me give you two quick examples these are actually in your workbook on page sixteen to columbia sportswear, which is, you know, kind of it's just a normal sportswear kind of company rugged, outdoorsy kind of adventure driven company with those same kind of customers they have a app that you can download called the five knots you need to know before wait yeah five knots you need to know before hitting the wilderness on dso I'm sorry they have an app called what not to do in the great outdoors k n o t they could write a block post with a very similar headline right like five knots you should need to know before hitting the great outdoors the thing is with columbia, they don't sell rope all right? So they're creating content about something that's not actually a product that they sell. Why? Because it's a value to the conversation their customers are participating in their customers are participating in conversations about how to stay safe outdoors, how to go mountain climbing how teo, you know, spend more time outside how to go more difficult places and so not become an integral part of that experience. But what do you wear when you need to be tying these knots? Ideally, you'd wear columbia sportswear right? Here's another example meghan omine, who we've been we've been looking at her jewelry all day long she could write a post about her favorite little black dress this season. Why? Because her customers are in search of those kind of accessories to the point where she calls her black and metal or black and gold or black and silver necklaces little black necklaces so see the tie in there she knows her customers are interested in conversations about timeless fashion what's more timeless than a little black dress so one of her, you know, features could be on her block or on instagram or on pinterest black dresses that she loves right? The little black dress that megan up mom and recommends this season would be a simple is that let's get cem shares meghan just some headlines for us yeah so few different paths but how to ditch design blog's and decorate it your way ho ho ho that's fantastic art collectors no longer the hoity toity also fantastic on dh how women reinvented embroidering for the new age thanking you with the price today fantastic that's awesome yeah I don't even have anything to say about that because it's so awesome about you anna okay, no laugh these air just okay uh ten easy and affordable halloween costumes that are reusable after trick or treat fantastic say cheese without being cheesy fun family photo outfits gender reveal parties how to creatively spilled the beans on boy or girl tio don't actually really want to rate generally feel yeah yeah I'm like one of my friends just had room like what is this phenomenon right? Okay so now the balloons out of the pink or blue but here's an idea though you could write that for your own blogged but why not write it up and send it off to parent magazine or pregnancy in new bern newborn right? As an expert as a expert children's clothing designer, why not send that article off to a major news or a major media outlet is a great question I don't know why not just say that you're intelligent way getsem shares on headlines? Yeah absolutely sure actually melrose says why dry clean on lee is a myth because they make fine knitwear fantastic I am family way have d has been participating all day long how could I be fashionable and still keep my carbon footprint small no how could I be fashioned well and green and d make steampunk jewelry fantastic oh my gosh they're coming in earnest to read more you read a couple more awesome views of such great examples okay let's see here tamara says classic designs for modern life his personal accessories with a vent such flair very night anymore more one more one more one more go ahead ok, sure thing how about deb says better for the earth better for your body. Very nice. Yeah. Yeah. Good headline. Yeah. And then maybe so this could be like a whole conglomerate like a gift guide kind of thing or it could be just a list of products that she recommends that meat those two and of course she should throw her own products in there as well but it is great to pull in some other things to complete the story. I love that we've got some more actionable ones coming in that are more headlines like triscuit, what to wear for a beach wedding and bringing the ocean into your home but the what to wear for a beach wedding that's great that's fantastic what can do one more? Yeah star eyes says warm someone's heart by being a unique gift giver fantastic a whole gift guide there perhaps but I love that thing to give someone else right before the holiday very nice I love it all right let's see any questions about content marketing I know that I didn't cover like particular how twos of blogging do you confined those everywhere online this the idea here is to get into the rial foundation of how you're going to create content that gets your business noticed that gets her customers thinking about buying your products and ideally brings it in a way more customers the headlines you guys throughout the headlines you guys throughout those air all pieces that could not only go on your block or in your email or on face your facebook but these are things that you could have published in any number of those media outlets that we wrote down earlier. Megan I've driven on question if there is an area that you would like to have a conversation but it is not the one that your customers having would it at all be detrimental if it does get published in something large? Absolutely not. No, I don't see that being detrimental it's the problem is when it becomes the focus of what you're doing and I really often recommend that if there is a conversation that you're excited about andi you can position yourself is an expert that you do have it published elsewhere because then the integrity of your brand is still solid on your site, but you do still get exposure somewhere else, and ideally, you're still going to have a byline that says you're an artist and illustrator and here's, where people could buy your stuff on so you might not be attracting, you know, tens of thousands of paying customers within that you might still find a small percentage that's really excited about what you do, and so, yeah, I think that it's totally applicable, yeah, anything else, any other questions? Content, marketing questions? Yeah, we have a question from g gant, who is saying this was kind of broad, but what resource is can you share that can help us find what people are talking about other things that have been twitter, or how do we know what those conversations are? Once we identify who that person is? Yeah, so this is a really great question. So the one question I want everyone to kind of forget about unless you're actually selling business branding marketing services is the entrepreneurship question. I don't say that because I don't want you to compete with me that's ridiculous, I say that because it's not going to serve you in your business, if you are here to learn how to sell what you make, then there's something that interested you about that it's, not your it's and it's not your process, it's. Not necessarily the materials, it's not the business side of things. But there is there is a separate conversation there's on bit's, very broad. Don't worry about being super specific, you're most you have to identify that very broad conversation first. And that could be a simple as great gift giving. Or it could be a simple as events in celebration's or creativity or wonder imagination. Those are for really, really conversations that are happening right now. You know, if you're just looking for ideas in general, I would look, I know these don't exist very often anymore, but go to a bookstore, I would go to a real bookstore, not amazon, and I'd look att end caps, and I used to manage a borders, books and music so I can tell you that those end caps are based on actual conversations our customers had. And this is where I first started playing with these ideas. And, you know, so if we had five, customers come in in a week and they all asked about creativity! I was in charge of merchandising, and you better believe I would take a whole bunch of books on creativity and put up a display about them, and each of those books represented a different hole in the conversation that we that authors were trying to fill. But the end cap itself was the whole kind of creativity conversation, as we saw or is I saw it? S o I think book stars are great place to go. Also just newsstands magazine racks look in kind of just your general industry area on dh again, this isn't necessarily this well, it almost definitely is not the craft industry area look in the women's magazine, look in the men's magazines, looking the home magazines and then look there to see what more specific conversations are happening. Look at the names of columns, look at the tables of contents and just get an idea of what the conversation is. My friendship friend bridget lions that bridget lyons dot com is a pr strategist for small businesses, and that's, always one of her number one tips, is spend a lot of time in the magazine rack. This is a good opportunity to buy magazines as business expenses, this's market research, right on dh, so make sure that you're buying and keeping up with media that your customers are reading. And it's, probably media that's, super interesting to you as well. And just remember that there was a time in your life where all the media you consumed was not about small business, right? I know that's what people are thinking. All the media I consume is about small business, but there was a time in your life when that wasn't the case. There was something that inspired you to start creating, reclaimed that make a particular time of the day, the week where you do that that's, why I lay in bed for an hour every morning and read, read, read, because there are conversations. I want to make sure I'm up to date on, and they're not just business conversations, their global, you know, societal conversations, so I hope that helps that's awesome.

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Taught by business strategist Tara Gentile, this course will help you think like a service-based business to maximize positive customer relationships and sales. Using and applying basic pricing strategies and psychology, you’ll learn how to set prices that reflect the value of what you do while still remaining realistic for your customers. You’ll learn how to write marketing materials and create an online presence that piques the interest of clients.

You’ll also learn how to effortlessly guide customers through each step of the purchasing process, from the first spark of initial interest to the final transaction. Tara will show you how to apply your skills in online venues like Etsy®, real-world settings like craft fairs, and beyond.

This course will give you the concrete, pragmatic tools to connect with customers, make sales, and share the unique things you make with the world.