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Sales Pitch: Studio MME

I'm an illustrator and writer behind studio me and the whole purpose of my business after college I realized so many people are stuck in boring reality and I have a different perspective on the world and I wanted to help people see into that very silly side of things and rekindle the wonder that they had as children. So I began writing all these little silly stories that I was sent to people and that became a weekly thing and I get emails responses to them and I don't even ask him to respond and it's always I save this till I get home and I can sit on the couch and read it you know it's like that retreat from work that retreat from reality so you were sending your short story's out by email on a weekly basis yes to clarify okay okay on dh then what I ended up doing when I learned from you about the other responders is I actually then set them up as auto responders for their first I have like a three month auto responder siri's so they get stories and then at the three month mark uh I s...

aw someone else do it you thank you thank you you've made it three months thank you for sticking with me and here's a little percentage off in the shop um but I would like tio ad in probably more sales emails to that and because when I'm not prime ng them for anything with the stories, the stories they're very important to the brand to the values but I do think I could do more um to show how my work the product integrates with the message is that I'm sending out yeah for sure I think that's fantastic that you have three months of other responders and I also I want to highlight another thing that you did here which was as you were sending out story is originally I'm sure those old stories were based sickly like a seven in the first segment sitting in a content graveyard yeah not being read by anyone but, you know, still totally viable and fun and interesting yeah, that was the sad thing is you put it on the block and a month later no one's no one's seen it and it was still so good and it made me laugh and I wanted to just send it and I realized, you know, as people sign up they weren't getting the old like, you know, the good ones and I wanted to make sure they could see those two that's fantastic. So I love the way that you've given us an example of how to repurpose content so that you're not constantly having to come up with new things all the time which condemned innately be a time suck for makers and artists and creators who would rather be in the studio and not in front of their computer writing email marketing campaigns s oh that's a great example what other kinds of things have you done with email that's been really successful for you? Well I used it too pitched it embroidery club just give us a thirty second story sure so you had given the advice to do the least viable what was it least minimum minimum viable product so I didn't really have an idea it was I didn't even know how to send these embroider patterns to the people that would by s o I just set up the landing page and told people if you're interested at all in this idea put your name down and if I didn't get a response that was would support it then it just they would never hear from me um and the opposite ended up happening um I have used it to see I've used it actually to get um shocks I put out an email saying you know you love my work you know what it's all about I'm trying to get it into more people's handsome more people can feel like you if you know a shop in your area that we think it would be a good fit in send kneeling if I get in you get something you know a print or something of your choice you fifty dollars in the shop as a way of thanks because you know you've helped your community. Yeah, so that's great, because if you remember back today one one of the questions about the virtual focus group is what customers are actively working to help your business grow. So you used email to get in touch with most valued customers who could actively work to help your business grow by recommending boutiques, galleries in their area that could be potential wholesale customers. So much time, exactly and save you time if I let some of them even said, like I already gave them your card, I showed them off like they brought their stuff in for me, and fantastic. So then instead of those retailers being cool, old calls or cold leads, they're warm leads when you send out that email or when you pick up the phone, you say, hey, one of your favorite customers, you know, mary jane in baltimore said that I should get in touch with you because she thinks she thinks my work is perfect for your story mad that isn't in so that's awesome. You have used email marketing in so many different ways, eyes, there's something that you're considering going forward with with email marketing that you've got questions about her that you'd like to do, some brainstorming around, so I secured rice and I moved. You know, I've been working with you for awhile originally it was always have your picture at the top and now the sign of boxes out the top and the day that I did that I had about five people sign up that day and normally descriptions do you normally have three a week? Yeah like okay, but obviously and it's not even that I mean it moved like two inches and that was enough um and now I am having um so I will be moving home I'm putting in a notice like december first and I want to help that move by moving some product and it will be an exclusive a moving sale just for the mailing list so I've created a landing page that you know and then with all the ads that I put on facebook or twitter that say, you know, if you want this is like this is the big sale like I don't have sales a lot like this is the big one need to be on this list great, so if I don't know if you want to look at yeah is there a direct link there is not on there, but if you do he could type at the top all right, what said it slash and its sweethearts like a liberation like that? So we talked about landing manages well last uh do not get the scroll wheel that is my fault, not technologies there we go so we talked about landing pages as a way to drive traffic to your email list in the last segment. This is an example of that you are using sort of the inn scent of oh my gosh, I'm having a big event which just happens to be a moving now, which is a great reason both tohave a sail and a great reason to get people on your list and so you've created this landing page to do exactly that you put this amazing cricketer of yourself in there on then simply offering up the value here in the first a couple paragraphs describing why people want to get on that list well, she's also included a free able in that list the luxurious life of arrival, the cat I think he read that a lowly so yeah on weekly inspiration and then just that simple often box do you have any results on this yet? No, I haven't looked actually okay, all right, no problem are you tracking sign ups directly from this page as opposed to your home page? I don't know how to do that well, you're using milch empress, there is a male chimp tutorial on how to actually include a hidden part of your form that will record the sign up location so like on my website aiken truck the side application between the sidebar under the post and from my landing page so for your own information you might want to do that that would be yeah so yeah people just kind of you know, search around the male chimp help archives and that's the service that you're using I'm sure a weber and the rest of them have very similar things as well but I love tracking where people are signing up because then I know where I can put my attention more you know my if my sidebar is maybe underperforming maybe I need to adjust that opt in area a little better if my under block post is overperforming I need to figure out why is it over performing or you know, how can I use that to my advantage? Um obviously my landing page is winning out right now but yeah, I think it's great to be able to track things from this I think the last thing I want to ask you about is the three hundred sixty five day portrait challenge. Have you done anything with your email marketing there or maybe first tell people about the three hundred and sixty five days a portrait challenge? Yes, so december thirty first last year I had one glass of champagne and that was too much and I had this wonderful idea that drying a portrait today would be the most fantastic way to spend two thousand thirteen I'm still doing it. I wanted to quit february fifteenth, I was reading um so what I realized is that so many people they aren't artists and they don't get to be drawn my family members, they're all just used to it they have to be models. So the response was such that I had just intended to draw these portrait's and what turned out was that it's been a huge revenue stream because suddenly everyone wanted to buy them, and that was not my intention even to spell them. So really, all I've been doing is that on my block there's a weekly round up because it was too much to do it per day was too much work, but really all that it has been with the marketing husband to say, oh, my goodness, there are seventy four days left and I only have ten porch it's to draw, so someone used to send me so fast, I just kept up interest through imam cracked awesome, but then I did use that to catapult um, I realized that how they portrait now is the time, and so that became for the first time, an option in my shop, fantastic because it was something again, I just assumed people get drawn, yeah, they teo you've done just such a great job of it really integrating all of these different things, integrating the customer perspective process, integrating all of the pricing and marketing techniques that we talked about on day two and really into using email to integrate all of all of that thinking learning strategy in your own business and turning them into new revenue streams testing the waters, getting people interested, keeping them aware of your business fantastic job uh, anything else? Any other questions on email marketing for your business? Is it okay that some of the e mails have no there like the stories? There is no purpose there's no click here to go to the blood post or to click here to go somewhere else that absolutely that's okay, one of the things that email marketing is so great at is training your audience, and so you are training your audience to know that there are a lot of times when you just want teo as you put in your optimum the sidebar, send them silly things and and that's great because that's going to keep them opening those emails and is going to make your call the action emails, your sales emails that muchmore effective because you're going to kind of bring that trained him for a minute and grab their attention in a very different way on dh allow them to sit up and take notice, so yeah, you're offering value on a regular basis through these e mails that don't have any kind of call the action because that's really what people want from you and they'll understand that when they invest money that they're going to beginning mohr of the same just in a whole new mohr exciting way cool? Yeah, and, um it worked for other people too, but eventually I might consolidate the stories into an actual paid book, certainly, and the same would be true of black person. We're not absolutely great. Thanks, megan. Give a little comment from here. Awesome. So people are actually again if you could remind people, how are you getting from christine stump people? Or what is your plan to get people to end up on this landing page? There isn't a link on your website. Yeah, because I know yours is your profile picture, yes, but I put mine to my about paige instead got you. So what I do is on. So, um, I am creating visuals on facebook work better to get attention, so I'm creating a visual like an ad. So this picture my product and it'll just say, like the big sales coming there is like a date, but I have not said what it will actually be because I haven't figured that out yet, but, um and then it says, like the on ly way and no one this is kind of like the only way to get in, because there'll be a code or something is to get on the mailing list, and then there is a link that they can click from there and that's, the length of its tweeted out, and obviously, everyone on my original mailing list will know already, right? So you're using your social media following to drive traffic to this landing page, and that landing page is allowing people to opt into your email list. Yes. So instead of a social media where people may or may not see what you're putting out it's, always a crapshoot of whether that facebook update is one that's in their feet, or whether they're sitting in front of twitter when your tweet goes out, you're using a muchmore in that you're getting that group of people into a much more in your a face in a good way marketing channel, which is email so that's fantastic, yes, so using email are using social media to drive people to an email list is a fantastic example, which leads me to another tip you mentioned creating image visuals that are like ads. Yeah, I actually used facebook advertising not to advertise products services offer offers, but I used facebook advertising, I pay facebook to boost posts that are related to my landing page and that's been, ah, highly effective strategy for me again, I can use an image, or I can use just a text. I can use a link, or I can use a text update on boost that post pay to have that post seen by more people and friends of fans and you target uh, no, I don't target any further. They're just friends of fans. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah, general, my general facebook ad is is targeted to certain interests, but just friends of that fans for posts on and, you know, so I pay facebook thirty dollars here, fifty dollars there. And, you know, put the put that link out to my landing page, and that's been highly successful for me. So that's, another win that you can kind of leverage social media to get people going to that landing page for a very good reason. Alright, thanks, megan.

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