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Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

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Album Design for Boudoir

Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

Jen Rozenbaum

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17. Album Design for Boudoir

Lesson Info

Album Design for Boudoir

I'm going to show you how I designed an album and I choose kiss kisses it is an album company I have what albums from them but for I am not using their albums right now although I can vouch that they are very nice on they're very nice people but they have an album designer online which I really like and there's a few different reasons I like it the first is that it's online? So if I'm traveling and I need to design an album for a client, I can do that pretty much wherever I am we've all had that moment we're like oh shoot, I forgot I need to do do at one time before I left or whatever so I like that um and it's just really easy to use so I'm going to just they create new and I'm going to call it amanda and for me I say I have a new design teo teo okay I'm make keeping the basic design and there's no border my border color is black I guess I use a really small border on my image is in my background colors white I almost always do a white background unless the client asked for black why ...

just find white is really simple yeah great do you have to pay for this is no way I'm gonna show you how this works yeah so I mean, hopefully because after this they might be like whoa charging for this now but no, you don't need to pay for it you can have up to three designs going at the same time for free after that you have to pay for it and there are some templates and what not that you have to pay extra for and I have to tell you if you would have to pay for it, I still think it's worth the money it's it's definitely it's easy like do you guys notice? I don't like to spend a lot of time on all this stuff, so I really the last time that you can spend on this, the better so I am going to and you couldn't pull them right up from smug bloggers and folio I could put it on manual design and I'm saying I'm going to get them from my hard drive, so I'm going to select images and I am going to use where am I here I'm going to go here and I'm going tio use amanda's phone yeah, I have enough here. All right? So I'm gonna call the man is voted cesaire not all edited by the way these are pretty much the basic edits that I've done on them I haven't had time to go in and finish the edits, but you'll get the idea okay, so now that the images are uploaded into the designer, I could go ahead and lay them out. Now, I have not done this before with amanda's photos, so this is real life trying to figure it out. I'm going to show you how it works in this area, you can pick your cover, but I'm not worried about that, because I'm not going to order the album, just using it for the album design. Um, so I switched to the first page. Now what I'm going to do is I'm gonna add pages so you can see on the top of b here, it says page of seven and eight, so I'm going to add as many pages as I want let's say, um, I'm gonna start with twenty, I'll see where I go from there, normally a client, we already ordered a twenty page or a thirty page album, depending on how many pictures they have since I didn't design this yet, I don't know, so we're pretending and not really life here, right? So I'm going to go back now to the first page, and typically what I do is I start with the first pictures that she takes because I want to sort of lead into the sexiness, and typically the last. Grouping that I take of her will be the sexiest because they're usually be the least dressed the most comfortable of the best pictures. So I'm really just going to start with what I photographed usually sometimes I'll go out of order, but I do group them by outfit I for me, it works that way and again that's a usually that's, like ninety seven percent of the time. Sometimes clients want them in a different order, and I'll tell you how I address that in a few minutes, but usually I go by grouping, so what I want to do is I usually want to start the the album with her. This is just rules I've made up in my head, I want to start image it, the images with her looking up on the right hand page. So when the book is opened, she's right there making eye contact men like eye contact, women like looking down, so for me I want something immediately with her looking up. So this is really so easy, it's just like a drag and drop, okay, so it's giving me two images here now one is horizontal, one is vertical, so I'm going to go on the bottom and I'm going to look for the ones that that matches. So easy and I can swap them they changes a little bit recently but I can reverse them if I want teo so I can put that one over here um I could I can change it to this now I'm always looking to see where the middle is here you guys okay because this is a full spread so I like it reversed the other way because then the middle of the page goes into nothing and it doesn't bother me um oh here slip layout so if I just wanted to flip it I could do that let me see there's also they just change that recently okay so that's page one now what's great about this up top it tells me if I've used the picture ready so I don't have to guess so I'm just going tio some of these might be kind of similar didn't flip through this completely but I'm just going to grab some and so I think that these are both the same image I grabbed the wrong one I'm gonna dump that and now I'm gonna put three images in okay oh it says that these two are different but I actually think they're the same image that I should not have called up so well we'll just pretend like it's different for argument's sake all right, so what I'm doing is I'm looking for some variation and I'm just kind of calling in these pictures and see, I think this is too flip it like that better, and I'm just gonna keep going through it. I'm just gonna keep adding the pictures as I go, and I like that better I'm making. I want to make sure, like the the ratio of the pictures is not messed up to much either, so sometimes you could make it a square for really fits, but usually like, if for me, this is too square. I don't think it looks so good, so I'm gonna make sure I'm keeping them rectangular. And so you see, I'm separating them like here for me, these tour she's too close to each other herself do you know that makes sense that english? So I want to flip it so that this way there's a little bit of room for may and I just keep going and I just keep thrown them in until I've gotten them all and you could put, you know, two pictures, three pictures for pictures I personally like to put in. I don't know like this isn't working for me, so I'm going to take one of these that I like to have no more than three or four pictures per spread and the only time I'll really do four pictures is when I have like four that really go together remember when we talked about like the flow opposing and you have four similar pictures and they want those into spread I'll put four pictures like that, but I won't really put more than that otherwise they start getting really, really, really, really small and that just doesn't seem to make sense now here because she's on the same side of both images I'm going to keep that consistent I like that that looks nice um so I'm gonna keep going through and now maybe I'll go to the next outfit just to show you um I'm going to do some mixtures here now that exclamation point don't be freaked out by it it's just telling me that you know your pictures not the right size it's too small for it to be blown up so big but that's okay because I'm making them smaller it's it's just a little warning again I'm going to flip the layout here and do another one maybe now if the's three were all different, which I don't know if they are they're not but again this is not representative of a true real session because in a real session I have much more variation but maybe I think this is the one where she's looking down so I'll move that there and these two look awfully similar, but let's just pretend like they're difference. Did you see what I'm saying? I'm creating sort of a different look, this is even a little repetitive for me. I'd probably take this one out, enter two of these and then I'm going to keep going. Maybe what I'll do is I'll take one of these and I'll just make it a single page or something like that, and then I'm going to go through again, and I think maybe I'll take this on dh group's, I'm going to make it a centerfold. Yes, eyes is the album this usually do eight by eight, but this is a square album. It really doesn't matter what size it is. It could be four by four eight by eight, ten by ten this's the square album so each side of the square makes the rectangle good question. Yes, chen so when you what about all the bleeds and all the so I'm being careful of it? There is a way to call that up on here for some reason, I don't know where it is. They made some changes on me there it isthe okay, so this red line is the cutoff line, so as long as I'm within the red line, I'm good. Is that specifically for white house custom color? So I found that this pretty much works for everybody. Yeah, this is pretty good and I'm not, you know, some things will definitely be cut off a little bit um, like here is having her head will be cut off a little or maybe her little tiny fingertip would be cut off here, but that's okay doesn't bother me too much as long as you know it's just a tiny little thing it's not such a big deal. So and I'm keeping that in mind when I'm shooting lauren, I'm making sure that there is enough room there for the fifth bleed. So that's a good question, teo so, yeah, here I'm safe like it just and if I wasn't safe, I would just move it up a little bit just so it cut off a little bit of her shoe versus cut off a little bit of her arm for making decisions that way. Um, so I'm going to keep this is a centerfold, and then I'm gonna just throw some in here. Now, if I if I stop talking for two minutes, which I'm not going to do, but if I did stop talking and I just worked, this would really take me seven minutes to design this whole album, um oh, look, we're on page twenty. Ready? So you know what? I have to look at all these extra pictures, so I would probably make this a thirty page out while I had more pages. Okay, um, and you could do that, and I do it, you know, on uneven it's I think white house doesn't like by every five, right? Every five spreads. Um, so here's a great place to add in something like this. And like I said, it's great, because it will tell you, you know, how many pictures? Which pictures do you use? I don't know. Why. Just reverse that. That was ridiculous. That's not gonna work. Um, but this doesn't bother me this. This like the middle of it. Being on her hair doesn't mean I wouldn't necessarily have it down her face. Well, like, split her or put her here anywhere that, like her joy, give, she was laying down. I wouldn't have it here, but something like that doesn't bother me too much. Um, you went backwards. Let's. Do it this way. And let's, throw this in here with it, and I'm really just you'll see again, like, the more you shoot, the more you'll kind of get into your comfort zone with knowing where you want everything to be. And you you already picture it as you're shooting it. You're like, I know that this picture is going to go with that picture, you know, looking up, looking down, photos, things like that. I probably do. This is looking down, so then I'll pick one looking up, but again, I wouldn't probably do like a laughing picture with a really serious picture. Like, I think something like this doesn't look as good because there are emotions are not matching. So even though they're two different pictures, you want to keep the spreads consistent. Um, and again, I would use all the pictures in here. Typically, I miss yemeni spreads. I haven't killed she just let me listen on and on we go. Maybe this one is better here and that's the other thing, you can change it so like, if I like that one better there, maybe I'll put this one here instead, and then I'll pair it up with this one. Okay so you see I'm just kind of picking and choosing and then up tap it will tell me when I'm done using all the photos which I will end up using all the photos unless there's more than one version of a photo in here like a black and white and color so just be really careful about that um you know sometimes I just delete them from up here so I don't use them accidentally so let's say I used all my spreads up now what I'll do is I'll look at all the spreads nigga all right how do I want this to be now if this is a fifteen page album I want the centerfold to be around page eight ish seven or eight right because that is the middle so I try to put the centerfold in the middle so I don't wanna have to pictures like that like one picture per page next to each other so I'm going to move it around a little bit and I'm going to see the way I wanted to go um I want to have some variation so I don't want like this spread next to this one because the pictures are too similar so maybe I start with this one and then you know that these two are kind of similar so let's move that here you know I'm just kind of moving them around so I get some variation so I say back and what I'll do is I'll actually flip through it as if it is the album and see how I like it oh I see we're out of order there so let's go back to that that should not be there it should be here okay so it's important to to make sure you're going through that and I'll just start again and go through it as an album some of it's a little repetitive for me but again this is not a really session I don't have as much varieties I wouldn't a real session and that's really it that's all I do I say okay I like it so I'm going to close this and it's going to save the changes and then I go here in this his export high rise j pegs and I click that and what will happen is it will just start preparing the j packs for me it will tell me when the j pegs aerated to download I download them I save them to another folder in her main folder that will say amanda album and then I upload them to I use an folio right now so uploaded to zen folio and I will send her um a link to the to the gallery and I will say hi amanda your album is ready here it is for you to view here's your password I password protected here's the password for you to see it and I'd love to know what you think now what I do is I used to say you could make up to three changes no charge baba ba now I don't even say that because that thing is you've already planted in their head they have ability to make changes so they will so I would I will do is I will send us them and just say I would love to know what you think as soon as you give me your approval I will order it for you right away and then that is giving them a call to action to say yes approve it so I could order your album right away okay if they have a balance I will say at that point you know once you prove your album all I need is your balance and I can order right away your balance is such and such how do you want me to take care of it for you um or if they've already given you their credit cards sometimes they say just make sure you charge it when I'm ready to place the order for the album so you say just so you know, today you know, once I hear from you I'm gonna put the charge on your card for x number of dollars is that good for you? And then I found that since I've stopped offering them the changes, they stopped making changes so I would say probably ninety five percent my finds don't ever make a change to an album ever every once in a while they might they might want to open up with something a little sexier and closed with something a little more modest or whatever the opposite of the way I would do it and when so when they say you could you make a change to me and then I'll say yes I make up to three changes for you charge have I ever charge anybody to fix an album never ever but it puts boundaries on it so that they're not asking you for five thousand changes can you change us and that could you do this and that has ever happened to somebody ask for more than three changes yes but I always do it right now all my clients are watching going uh but uh no, the truth is I think you know your client's happiness is really important in that so in the sales session when you sell the album and you tell them I'm going to send you an album proof and I'm going to need your approval before I order it um does anyone at that point ask about changes or you know about the layout? I'm just curious if it ever comes up in the cells usually they trust me they know that I'm gonna lay it out the way I see fit sometimes even there I will grab some pictures to go oh my god these three I'll call them up together in light released we're gonna make a great spread it can't wait to see what these look like or I'll show them the album samples that I have in the studio and I'll say you see this layout this is similar to what you have here look at how awesome these pictures are gonna look laid out like this this is gonna be great um so I talked to them a little bit about that as I'm going through the sale session I talk about the album process how important it is is that step because I've never shown them album proofs they just select their images and pay and then I put it together in order and I don't ask them to approve it for me that morton for you if it's not the worst reclines at fine but for me I think it's important I think that they're spending an awful lot of money on it and I want to make sure that they like it you know what if they get in there like oh I really wish you wouldn't put that picture somewhere else I mean that's a quick way to make a client pretty unhappy for no good reason whatsoever um and I think that I'm just gonna download see thes actually as we are talking and I think that that's unfortunate you know because you work so hard why not put it together? Chances are she's not going to make any changes anyway lauren so you might as well show it to her and have her feel like she made the final decision you know it's it's really about perception also now I'll be doing that thing yeah uh right so these are just downloading questions while they're down yeah when how does it download does it go as each individual file or is it something they can click through when they're viewing it as it looks like a book it looks like an album it's each individual file and I do explain to him it's a rex you will see a rectangle the cut goes down the middle you're viewing basically ten spreads these are the spreads in the magazine I explain that to them when they're in the sale session so when I open an album and they see the rectangle of the two pages I say to them this is what you're gonna be seeing in your proof this is what you say I've never really had a problem with that some people are a little confused do you have to explain that but nobody's ever sent to mobile I didn't realize that the crease goes down the middle like because I've shown them that I've explained it to them okay so this is downloaded and basically this is what you're given these air the actual files and so I upload them to a gallery just like you would upload images and then when I'm ready to order them from from white house let's say it's very easy I just pop them into the roads it's a folder I take the folder I move it into her main folder like I said and then I just upload it right into the rose and I order the album from there how does this compare? I'm curious to what you guys were doing now I know some of you said that you're doing some some quick things now how does this compare time wise and ease of use anyone anyone let jen jen speak up for one second yeah yeah okay I use miller's designer plus so it's very similar to exactly what you're doing it's just a different way to do it it's right through there ordering company so and they have download the proofs I sent him the proofs they approve it and I yeah, I like this also because you can order more than one thing from one place. So like I might order the main album from white house but if they want like a little mini album kiss does make those who may be able disorder those from kiss and I don't have to redesign the whole thing to fit to a different manufacturer um you know, sometimes I've even printed these as a print and somebody wants to frame something like this is a prince, and now I have the tape and I don't have to go through a whole template process. Lauren so one of my main problems that I was having excuse me is that I bought a template from the album cafe, and I have it in photo shop, and then I have to do my image loader and have to open the temple it then go back to my folder, it takes forever, and then I loaded in, and if it doesn't look right, you know, and there's only a few of the pages, the spreads that I liked to use. So then what ends up happening is when I goto order my album from white house, custom color and it's in five, ten, fifteen, twenty spreads. I usually end up having to stretch it and give them more images than what they paid for, because there's, no way to design the album that way. So this is like revolutionary saved me a lot of headache because I'm always having to give away free images, right? Exactly. And so what happens is here. Let's say I want to go back in I say at it and let's say the clients and you know what I really there's a picture you put in that I don't like and I want you to take it out can you read can you put something else in her? Can you just remove it then I basically just go innit loads up the spreads and then I could go you know what she really you know hated I may find it she really decided she didn't like this image, so I'm just going to dump it done now I just downloaded re download it they paid for twenty though, and sometimes they don't like it and they just bump it down to nineteen they'll pay for twenty got you okay that's one of the things I tell them I still pay for twenty now if they are like on the border let's say they really love twenty, but they can only afford nineteen or, you know, however the price of your priceless works, we'll just say I'll throw it in for you or if they're not sure about an image like I don't know I really like it, but I'm not sure how it's gonna look I'll put it in your album for if you don't like it, I could just take it out I'm I'm not like, you know hard corp bitch about like you only paid for thirty four images. You're only getting thirty four images. I'm not crazy about it. If a thirty fifth images gonna blow her away and it's, you know she doesn't want to pay the extra two hundred dollars or whatever it is for one extra image. I will also, you know, you know, I'll put it in if you don't like it, we'll change it or, you know, we'll see how it looks. We'll see how it goes. And I think that she missed an image and it makes a really big impact in an album. I will put it in on my own terms. Say, listen, I added an image back in you could tell me you still don't like getting all respect that but I think it's gonna look good, and I did that once with a client. I actually made an image that she took out a centerfold like that's how sure I was about this image and she hated it. And I was like, I know your husband is gonna love it, and I put it, it's a centerfold, she agreed to it, and she throws me said it was his favorite image in the whole book. So sometimes I have to just say, you know what? Even though she's paying for ecstasy, this album is representing me and I want to make sure that it's going to be exactly the way I want it too. So I have to have a little bit of a voice in that do you ever have you ever had a client pushed that after you say you know what I'll throw in one more? Well, could you do and just find that it opens the floodgates too? I do it and wanting angular times doing very particular times like, if I find she's really just like going back and forth and were there for an hour it's like, just put it in I gotta get out of here like, because time is money, you know what I mean? It's like all right, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna have you sit here and debate she's gonna take it out she's gonna tell me later she wants what she wants and she's going tell me later she's gonna take it out just gonna want to its just a nightmare just put it in, just give it to her. You know, uh, you guys know me, I'm not saying give away the farm, I never say that, but don't start the session with, like, I'm gonna give you you know, pictures because that'll be awful but the very end if she's struggling or you know she's like I'm really untroubled you know what? Don't stress about it I'm just gonna put it in you'll see what you think about it that's all it's it's, it's only a little bit of extra work for may you know, I but I do say it's work but it's just a little bit of extra work for me don't worry about it if you don't like it it's okay? You know you have to be flexible with them two it's this is not hard core selling that we're doing here. This is making clients happy so they could be our evangelist. Would you rather spend a few minutes editing a photo, putting it in and making her happy or advertising in a magazine? You know, for me I'd rather make a client happy and have her go out and sing my praises thoughts, questions, any other questions? Erin, what about you? I know the editing was really helpful for you as faras I have ah, easy time with the album design that's like the one part that I could do very fast, but the one question I did have his, you said you're using zim folio is that does that keep it so that they can download you can change it either westwards like that would be my concern. Yes, you could make it so that they cannot download it absolutely you can also put, you know, proof over it, if you want teo or put your logo over it, if you want to, I don't do it by the time they get to the album portion, because my feeling is that that might be something they're going to show their friends and you, cnn's and folio. How many people have viewed the album? And there are times it'll say, like, ten people viewed this album, and I'm like, all right, good, I don't want to put my local over that I want them to see the pictures, so at that point, it's okay, even if she took screenshots of number, whatever, I've made my money off of her, and I'm not going to flip over it that's one of the areas that I really like, about which maybe I shouldn't be as lax, but like, if she takes something off the internet, or like I said, she takes, oh, screenshots, or she ordered the an emoto slideshow, and even though it includes images that weren't included in what she bought, like, I'm not crazy, you know, again, this is not family photography, this is not she's, not you know, dividing it out amongst the grand parents and printing printing pictures at walgreens to give to everybody. You know, this is something she's just probably put on her phone so she could show her friends. And I'm okay with that questions and so much I know anybody. You learned to have another question. Now, I was just wondering, um, where do you actually end up going for the actual albums to get printed? What companies? Right. So my classic albums or white house custom color those of the press printed the luster albums, and I only offer those in the black cover. It comes in a lot of different covers and options I find the more options they give, the more confusing it gets for me and for her there's. A bigger chance that I ordered the wrong album or that you know, I just messed up, but I always order eight by eight from them. I often have a drop ship straight from them to my client's. Um, I don't brand those albums. Um, mixed about it kind of sucks. But the thing is that if they love me, they're going to tell people about me anyway, so it's okay, um my luxury albums are from finn ao and video has an app that you could buy for, like ninety nine cents, and you can use it on your ipad or your tablet, and you could you can design your own covers because they have more options than like the universe has to offer, and I find that incredibly overwhelming, like I'm always like, oh, my god, there's so many different options, so I'll ask a client like what's your favorite color, or what color your bridesmaid dresses or you know what kind of look are you going for? And I'll design five different covers for them, and I'll send them the different pictures of the covers and have them choose which one they want, so I limited in that I'm only giving them three to five options, but I'm still allowing them to choose their custom cover and for the the fin e o albums they do branding for you, it's a little bit of an extra charge, but they stamp my signature in the back of the album in a clear in bossing that is the sexiest thing ever, and it literally looks like I signed the album, which is really fun, so, um, I will do that with the financial albums, and I don't drop ship those those gets into me, and then I send them out. Um quiet any more questions about this actual sale session and how I'm working because I know it's a little big zit like the one thing we really can't d'oh to show um but any other like wording or paperwork or anything on there as faras the album's air concerned trying to think if there's anything else I want to show you I just think that this is this is just the easiest way for me that I do it and you know, like I said it it'll create this folder and then you can make changes to just make sure you if you do make changes, you delete the original version like just still lead it off your computer because it can get confusing then you can order the wrong version you don't remember which one it is I find that to be really confusing so I just delete it and again kiss allows youto have three albums going at the same time after that there is a charge so depending on how many you we'll have to do, I think it's maybe, um like ninety nine dollars a year or something we can't even see on here I know this is the album pricing oh yeah kiss designers ninety nine dollars a year for up to fifteen albums I mean it's well worth at at the same time this is so free is three at the same time on dh you get a little discount if you go higher. So for me, I think it's worth it. I really like this it's easy goes with me everywhere that I go. And, um, it's really helpful? Yeah. Do you have sample albums that you show your clients and when you do that is out of the creek consul tw it can be the pre concert if they want to see them, but normally I show them either one of two times. Sometimes I'll just pick up the albums when they're like getting ready for hair and makeup. They'll just start the scrolling through the album's. Usually I will bring them out when I'm doing the sale session after she's picture images that she likes, I will bring out both albums. I have one classic and one, um luxury album. I don't bombard them with hundreds of different albums. I showed one of each and I say, okay, this is the classic this is the luxury here's the difference between the two and really the differences are depending on how many images she has, she might have to go with the luxury because maybe she just wants to add one spread, and I can't do that in the white house album, but I do that in the fin e o so that pushes her towards the luxury the luxury she can get that beautiful red cover that she wants, what? She can't have it in the white house one which she probably could but I don't order it that way I stick to black um so I go over what the differences are she feels she touches you sees with the differences in the weights and the sicknesses of the pages and then she makes a decision which one she wants, but keep it simple guys don't have five thousand different samples um, I really I just have to that's it really simple and plus I save myself money cause I don't have to order like ten samples every year in your sample albums. Are you showing your best work? Are you showing one client to show the flow of it? One client I want to show how I tell a story, so I show one client absolutely andi in both albums are they the same images in in both the albums or different? I don't think so. Um, you don't think it's a bad idea to do that, but for me I do want to show my clients a little bit of variation because I go into the album sometimes and I will say, look, I did a spread like this for this girl it will show me a little more variety and I can get my clients to picture their images being in that album so I used two different girls but I did actually use I think one in studio on one on location if I remember correctly just to give a little bit of variation you just answered my question we're like this uh yeah you know you you decide what is best for you but just make sure whatever you do that is truly representative of what the client's going to get these of client starts looking through it and there is fifty pages there's a hundred pictures they're gonna be really disappointed when they get their twenty page album with twenty pictures you know so I really make it very real I have one album with twenty pages one album with thirty pages and this is what you get this is the most common and I will say to them like the white house custom color ones of my best sellers and I will say this is the typical this is typically what people get this's the standard album you know um I also dont do any like special boxes or anything like I just send in the boxes white house sends it doesn't match my branding and they're not black and pink and white and red or whatever my colors are and given moment but you know it for this seven dollars that I hey, we're the five dollars whatever that I pay white house to put it in a box for me and ship it out. It seems me having to go to the post office, having to repackage it, having to buy the boxes and again, if you are changing your colors and changing things around all the time, it's a pain to buy all that stuff into storage so it doesn't bother me, I just let them ship it in whatever box day want to put it in any other questions. Uh, I can't remember if you said this before, but when the pictures that they select for that their album, did they get the digital version of that? If they purchase that, they d'oh okay, okay, so I'm my ala carte pricing, they have to purchase it. It is included in that nineteen hundred dollar package that we spoke about that is like the one I'm looking to sell. The digitals are included on the new packages that I just created. I don't remember, I think they all get digital some on ly get digital, some get album plus digital's. Allie, you and I talked about this that on your price list, it says, like a fifteen photo album plus fifteen digitals, if you put it on like that on your priceless make sure they know the fifteen images that they're getting are the fifteen images from the album because it can easily read oh, I get fifteen images in my album and I get fifteen separate images have to those are like the little tiny things that you can only learn the hard way that somebody is gonna go well, what do you mean? I thought I get thirty images so think about how you how you word that you know, so I will give you a fifteen plate page album or fifteen photo album plus those fifteen digitals in high resolution form with a print release so you can do whatever you want with them good, you understand a little bit more about how the sale sessions go that little tips and tricks that you can get to get people to sort of purchase it and now you understand also why I go by photo versus by spread, you know, because it's like, how do you sell by spread? How do you sell, you know, and also here's another thing you guys with pricing and albums, I see this a lot people will say, oh, I spend two hundred dollars on an album at white house let's just say, so I'm going to double it or I'm gonna I'm gonna charge four hundred dollars, but what if your album has fifty pictures in it you know it's like just because it's a twenty page album doesn't limit to twenty photos, you could put his many photos as you want in a twenty page album this is why I started charging by the picture because I felt that it wasn't about like I don't let my vendors decide what my pricing is going to be number one number two you you might put twenty five pictures in a twenty page out my my put twenty pictures in a twenty page album it more work to put twenty five pictures and so why wouldn't you charge more money for that than I do for my twenty photos in an album? So do you understand why I love it more now? I charge by photo versus by spread because that that's that's misleading because you can fit, you know, six pictures in a spread so that's why I charge by image okay, I think we're good then I'm sorry I would love to hear from you guys and tell me a little bit of how you design your albums you conjoined my facebook group it's jen rosenbaum's boudoir group I think it goes by uh or you can tweet me at general's mount with z I'd love to hear your tip and trick about designing albums or anything that you can offer us and again you khun tweeting it at gen rosenbaum with izzy

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A beautiful collection of boudoir photographs has the power to transform a woman’s sense of self. Suddenly she realizes she can be beautiful, glamorous, and sexy – no apologies needed. Jen Rozenbaum shows you how to make that magic happen in Boudoir Bootcamp.

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I think this course is great, my question was about a Facebook comment made that if a man has a bunch of likes that are female pages..., I agree and disagree in marketing they thought me to like your interest and hopefully future clients. How do I make it safe for clients and future clients? I am a Talent Agent and use to model and learning Boudior is my way of helping my models and business ,I want to also produce a magazine from my agency ,I was going to buy both franchises years ago but I want to do it myself in one company so I'm learning boudior photography to help me a beginning photographer pose women something I do not know I still pose women like family photos. The courses in green screen and other photo classes are just about lighting and position not what position, as a Videographer same thing no posing skill, business video production doesn't teach it all my courses are pro-stuff and tech nothing about what poses my models do. This will help my Video Production Business and Photography Business and my Model Agency...., thanks! I need this course so my models are comfortable and my clients feel comfortable I'm a shy person and I don't want me being uncomfortable make everyone feel weird!

Daniella Moné

Thank you Jen great Bootcamp! I'm starting my boudoir photography business and you have given me so many tools to succeed. I would have like to see more of the why in the posing as opposed to I don't like this let's change it as posing is the biggest challenge for me. I was particularly happy to see how you use your TD6 to create window light. That's what I use since my studio windows are too high when the client is laying on the bed. I really enjoyed your hidden gem video as well as the male versus female. You are an amazing teacher, thank you for your generosity!