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Posing for Boudoir: Top Selling Shots

Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

Jen Rozenbaum

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12. Posing for Boudoir: Top Selling Shots

Lesson Info

Posing for Boudoir: Top Selling Shots

Ok, so more posing we're going to talk about my top selling boudoir poses and how to get them when I was making this presentation I have to tell you it's hard to narrow it down it's really it's you know, posing a so individual per person even though I have the toolbox and have all these poses that I use on everybody and I know look good on everyone I really want to showcase my client's personality so this is sort of a c snippet of what I believe always sells this could change it every any given moment with any client but this will give you a good base to sort of start if you haven't started already like cal I know you're a bit newer in boudoir or lauren we were talking about like how do you know how to do this? So these are going to give you some foundation and some idea so in those moments where you're panicking or you're struggling you're gonna go ok, wait I forgot there's five shots that I always want to get let me at least do that let me clear my head and start with that. Um so let...

's talk about a couple of men on the clothing shot I know it sounds crazy right? Um it's like I'm a boudoir photographer why would I take a clothing shop but it's really a great warm up sometimes when clients are a little bit nervous and they come in and a cute outfit I might go all right let's just take a couple pictures in your clothes you so you get a little feel for what's going on um what's nice is something like this like a head shot or something she composed on facebook I mean in this case it's so funny would you don't even know his laundry or a shirt but in their mind it's a shirt so it's okay to post on facebook but the's air great for any type of advertising that they want to do for you because remember referrals are the number one form of marketing that we're trying to work on so clothing starting with their clothing is a really great way to get him warmed up um so showing a little skin or getting some pics of her undressing can also be very intimate uh this is something that we talked a little bit about with wardrobe okay, this is a dress that she's wearing but it's super smoking hot very intimate, very mysterious can you see ok over there. Okay um and you know I have her playing around with it so it shows even a little bit more this was the girl remember I said I shot a bald girl it was like the scariest thing father shoot anybody but but she was great she was gorgeous on you for me, it's really about the shape of her body, so I don't mind that she's wearing the clothes and I could show off the shape of her body that way, that doesn't bother me at all. Uh, it's a good time to get creative. A lot of times we can't do certain poses that we want to do, or we struggle with certain poses that we want to do because of you skin folds or we want to hide this, so we want to hide that, so putting her in some clothing allows you to have a little bit of fun. She could move around without having to worry about all that editing and stuff later and it's kind of sometimes it's a good way to end a session also, when she gets re dress and you go, hey, your hair and makeup is done let's just have a little fun let's move some things around, and for me, most of this is trying again to make the client happy and comfortable and to get an image that she can share on facebook or with her friend without feeling like it's too revealing the headshot. Um, I know that I said, I'm not a headshot photographer uh, butt head shots are really important just because we're boudoir photographer, does it mean that it has to be everything showing all the time. You know, head shots are really sexy. This is one that I took in my studio showing the three different know this wasn't the three different lights. This was the hidden gems class. I think it was. I don't remember, but I shot kelly she's, a dancer in the studio. You guys will see that. And this is just really a simple shot. A simple head shot, but it's sexy and it's fun. And by the way, these smiling shots are super important. We're going to talk about that again as we go through. But this is the girl she recognizes, you know? So we need to have this. This is really great to have. They could be sexy also, you know, we can show some andre. We could show a little more than just a head right and do kind of a half shot. But this is this is fun. This is sexy. You know, we were talking a little bit at dinner last night. We all went to dinner together and we were talking about our competitors and where the industry is going, right? And I what I said was, I think one of our biggest competition in the in the industry is not each other but cell phones. Right? So what's the difference between all those selfies that you guys took today and you're posting on facebook, which I think is awesome, but what's the difference between that and a professional picture besides the quality for a second, as a lot of people don't even care about the quality, the difference is that we want to just think fun and creative something that they can't necessarily take themselves. We want to give them more reason to come to a professional photographer versus just taking their own good picture, right? And sometimes something like this is really all it takes very simple like we showed this picture before. Very simple, very fun. But this is not a picture she's taking herself right but it's fun like I would like a picture like this of me, you know, it's it's, different it's creative, right? All the girls were like, yeah, I know what that to, um let's show like ha little bit of a head shot. How I would coach for a head shot. Shannon, do you want to come join us? This is shannon, your guys. Uh, this is actually again. This is not about wardrobe, but we're going to talk about wardrobe for one second. This is a body suit that I brought from new york you guys will wreck recognize it in a lot of my pictures. It's. Just american apparel. It's, real simple. It's fun. And I had her wear it today, mostly because it's going to show the shape of her body without being too revealing and it's still going to be a lot of fun. And, you know, I love body suit, so I figured, what a better way to show you that actually bring one from new york, but this is actually my bodysuit. I often take the clothes off my back further clients and models. And this is just another example of that. I'm gonna have you come over here against the wall, actually not gonna have you again. So I'm gonna have me a little off the wall, but you can come, like, right over here. Just slip around for me, okay again for headshots. I'd probably usually shoot with an eighty five or seventy two, two hundred. If you have that kind of room. I'm going to use my fifty because they break all my own rules. Um, no, I'm gonna use the fifty because I just I just love it so sharp. It's so amazing! I love the detail and I also love that it goes down to a one four because oftentimes all sort of blurred her hair in the front in the back and make sure her isar and focused just a little bit different than what you could do with a cell phone, right? It's a little more creative? Um, so I want to show personality and head shots a little first thing I wanted to do, shannon, I hope that the hair and makeup team is not looking want you flip your head upside down, shake it out and bring it back up. Her hair is beautiful, but it's too perfect for may perfection it oh, sese! So I like that that's much better perfection is a really funny thing I think we're all sort of perfectionist we try to get like the perfect picture of her hair has to be perfect. I always think like, perfection is really boring and I want to take a really good picture and I want her to look amazing, but I don't know there's something really, really about having, like, one little hair out of place or, you know, have I don't know like that it doesn't have to be so perfect all the time, I just kind of like it when it has that real component to it so I'm not you'll see in a lot of my pictures like I don't always edit out those stray hairs and stuff where some people are so crazy about it I think that that's well that's the way here is I like that and that's just my own sort of theory on perfection I think it's kind of it's kind of boring I don't know maybe it's just cause I'm not a perfectionist but all right let's just fix a couple of these little things that I don't want to have to edit out later sorry okay you see like this over here like this is not perfect but I love it I just feel like it's so real and if I had a fan I would have the fan on her too and I have our blowing all around whatever uh right here's what I want you to dio I do wanna fix one thing sorry this one piece of hair is bothering me. Okay? Much better. All right, let's start like this. Can you turn your body this way good. And I want you to bring your you're so like you're on top of it perfect. Um let's bring the other you know, you know what? I want you to take the other hand I put it up on your neck down here and just kind of let it fall good and then turn your head a little more now what I want you to do is lean toward me a tiny little bit this way yeah good but too much so like somewhere to where you were and where you are and bring your head back this way the reason why I had her lean toward me is because I want her shoulder and her head to pretty much be on the same plane could you straighten back up sorry this way yeah. Okay, so watch what happens here if I was to bring if I was like a wall right and I was coming this way what do I hit first her arm right? And then I would hit her shoulder and then I would hit her face when I have her lean this way a little bit keep going a little bit more turn your head this way to see how her shoulder and her face are now on a much closer plane. The reason why I do that is because everything closer to the camera is larger and everything further away it's smaller, right? So it's going to happen is if she you can relax for one second I tell them that what's gonna happen is if she is just standing there straight and I shoot her her head is gonna look small on her arm is going to look back by having her turn this way just a little do see how I'm already on the same plane now it's gonna look much more in proportion this is a trick were fooling our camera right? We're pulling it into seeing what we see we're being the camera's brain by doing that okay, so do that for me again good don't mean too too much um one thing shattered when you do get to shake out your hair on this this side a little bit perfect good yep and then come over toward your shoulder a little bit more excellent and I want you to please relax your mouth a little bit bring your head up toward the light a little bit more perfect sorry don't move once again I just want to see how the light looks on you you see, I'm very I'm very specific with um also even when I say don't move you know, like there's times you can relax and their sons I just don't want you to move it off thank you. There we go. I want to make sure I have a nice catch light in her eyes her eyes are gorgeous and I'm gonna make sure I'm lighting them properly move your hair to the side a little bit for me perfect okay, get back into that uncomfortable pose let's just see what it looks like uh I'm just not giving her any instruction right now I just want to see what it looks like it's a tiny little bit break so I'm going teo you come off the wall a little bit more thanks sorry this rug is okay try it again okay that looks better for me all right so what I want to be careful of is that when I took this picture um I would I don't like about this here is that I'm not getting any negative space here so either I want to come up tighter or I want to come down lower so I could see the curve of her back there's got to be one way or the other right now she just looks like a big blob right there so I think what I'm going to just come in a little bit closer to you hello good okay relax your fingers on the other side I want you to start up again and then just let them drop put them relax shannon can you raise your turn a little more toward the light beautiful now I want you looking right in my lines for may perfect okay stop it's taking me a long time to get there right so what's happening is this have you ever seen somebody start doing this and they're looking in your lens they're not really there I'm starting to light right? You're not really looking at me you're looking at me right? You see that they start like there's somewhere else even though they're looking here they're somewhere else so we're so I'm gonna be like right snap out of it let's correct that good see wait don't don't laugh like that all pretty when I'm not looking okay I just wanna make sure you're looking right in here right okay okay okay sounds get away yes no, wait don't laugh like that without me okay? Perfect keep laughing like that that's super cute keep doing that. Yeah. All right can you look down at that shoulder? Pretend like it's funny. Excellent. Perfect. Okay, thank you. Relax for a second. All right, so I snapped your really fast but I did it on purpose of that looking those were the moments when you don't look when they're just laughing and you're like I'm just going to get as much as I can get uh I love love right? If this is the thing it's not boudoir but it's intimate it's pretty it's not something somebody is not going to take with the cell phone it's a great warm up and just met you you know a little foreplay make sure she's happy so this is how I would do a head shot and I would just kind of keep working with her notice a couple of things I have the light here and I have her turned it's giving me a nice shadow and her chest, which gives really nice cleavage. So it is still a little boudoir ish. I still am thinking about the goodies, right? But if this is safe enough for her to post on facebook she's going to get fired over this or anything, right? Uh, all right, we can go back to you can pop a squat if you want chan in for a minute. You don't just stand in the shoes the whole time. I already took my shoes off, so okay, the anonymous shot. Raquel, this is a little bit about what we were talking about before about the detail shots. I'm gonna tell you a little bit about that. Believe it or not, the anonymous shots are actually, like the most requested shots that I get it so funny that people's your hair and make up and I'm gonna get my eyebrows waxed and I'm going to get everything done. I'm gonna get my hair color closing time. Uh, I'm gonna get my hair colored and I want you to take pictures and even that my face in it it happens all the time but they're so worried about, like those expressions like what if I can't make a sec? See face what if my face is gonna look good? I don't like how I look in pictures ah lot of our clients believe they're not photogenic because they've never actually taken a good picture but that's not their fault it's usually the photographers fault, which is usually again somebody with their cell phone or their point and shoot so we want to convince him it's okay? But that said, I really do like anonymous shots there are a lot of fun there great in the album, sometimes these are the shots of people blow up toe hang up big and oftentimes they'll sign a model release on those anonymous shots versus the full body shots with a full face shot so they're amazing thing to take and they're they're really, really great in the album they're great album fillers and sort of like, you know, the detail shots just like a wedding you want to have the detail shots in the album so I would start by having a great posed to begin with I'd start with a full pose I'm going to take that picture and make sure she looks good. Okay, so this is an example of that and then what I'll do is I'll crop it from there, I'll keep her in that pose and I will find a way to crop it to make it look good in camera okay that makes sense anonymous shots don't only have to not have a face in it they could just be in the shadows we were talking about this at lunch alley right allie said you know when I was shooting for posing flo how I kind of just get right into the shadows of shadows don't scare me and they used to scare me but they don't anymore I really like shadows ah lot of people just sort of flat light everything and are worried about having shadows I love shadows I think that they're fun and mysterious and they can create a lot of drama in the body in a good way so here's one example of an anonymous shot of brooke and here's another one it's not completely anonymous you can see her face but the focus is not on her face I'm not worried that her face is in the shadow because this picture is not about her face at all this picture is about her body so I'm not scared of that don't leave out certain details like a belly button for example this is really important so if this would be the regular shot which is still kind of anonymous but I'm gonna go in for an even more anonymous shot but if her arms were covering her belly button here you'd almost be like where's your stomach like I don't know what to look at it it's almost like a map certain details of the body give you a map to know where things are the minute you don't see them anymore. Your brain doesn't know howto process it. What part of that stomach is it? If it doesn't have a belly button? What? What is that? Right? And it gets confusing, so make sure you don't leave out details like that. Um, another detail. You don't wanna leave out his lips. I might talk about this in a slide, but I'm not sure, so we're going to talk about it right now. Lips like I see crops here all the time. This is the worst place you could crop somebody, because this is like the widest part of their body right here. Maybe, except for their hips, this's, the widest part. So if you crop them here, you're making them look this wide. Our mind doesn't necessarily know they go like this, our mind things, they just keep going like that, and they're really wide. So we want to make sure that we crop at least have the lips and the lips are really central part of the body. Why would you cut them out so important? Perfect example of this little bit of no, sometimes I might have just one eye in I think I showed you that with brooke before she had one eye but definitely at least the lips now this is a hot shot. Okay, I this I get a lot of request this is one of my most requested pictures can you imagine if it was like this it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun right? Her lips are part of the picture now it's not super anonymous if she hung this in her room somebody would probably know it's her but it's anonymous enough that I've put it all over facebook all over my website and this client was okay with that because you don't know who she is just by looking at it, right? Yeah, I love that shot and again cropping I forget what the slide before they said let's go back playing with different crops um that's okay, just make sure she doesn't look um headless like I said our amputated and this is a perfect example. I cropped it this way on purpose it wasn't an accident. I just felt like it was more interesting than having her like right in the middle of the frame. Um yeah cut off her arm a little bit again. I broke some rules I caught her where her risk means or whatever but does it matter if everybody request this side and I just liked it? I liked off off sent to her a little bit because I felt like it looked a little more voyeuristic it just looked a little I don't know it worked for me I don't know why it just did and so I wasn't afraid of that same thing here it's like I'm kind of just peeking in on her right? So I'm not getting her whole body in there so it's okay to play with some different crops um taking shots at different angles and positions for variation this is true even with anonymous shots and this is a great example of that. Um this is a client who I shot against the wall. I was so if she's here facing this way is the wall I'm about here still diagonal to her and I took the shot and as I was taking this shot I turned around and I noticed I could see her reflection in the mirror that's on the other wall so I'm trying to show you guys this because I think it's important so shannon, can you stand up for one second? This is the client, right? Let's pretend like this is the mirror, so maybe a little further back but this is the client she's up against the wall and taking her picture I see her reflection so I say to her, hey, do me a favor take three steps off the wall and now I come here and take a picture of her. I didn't move her that much. I didn't work that hard for these two images, but they're both anonymous shots. They're completely different, and I really didn't work that hard. She's pretty much in the same pose here as she was there just three steps off the wall. I just solar systems around her and took a picture in different angle. Okay. And now, it's anonymous, this is I love this shot because not only does her touch liquor, but this is I get her full body and she's still anonymous, right? So don't be afraid to walk around, move around and see and, you know, here the hat gives us the anonymity, which is fun. Um, I think I'm going to switch. I'm gonna have laura come in shot and if you want to sit down for a few minutes because I'm going to show how to do an anonymous shot, which we kind of did before, but we'll do it again with her, um and I'll show you sort of that set out sounds like a a stampede in here with you guys. It's okay, I want you to stand right here off the wall. And I want you to again you're gonna pop your hip out let's go this way pop this hip out this thing we'll come over and I want you to very gently just kind of cross your arms not like you're mad not like your cold just really jobs actually you can even maybe hold your um okay stay like that you see I said not like your man not like your cold to it right exactly what I didn't want which is fine when a client does something like this your job is not to say that I just told you not to do that what I was hater is ok this is awesome let me just change your arms a little bit okay so like I'm not judging her I'm not mad at her this is how our communications gonna go you know what I want you to do she's not doing what I asked her dio help what am I gonna do right okay I'm gonna give her hand something to do can you grab your robe on both sides and just kind of like pull it and just real gents I want to see your finger so let your fingers good okay, so see, I'm like okay she's not lauren this is what we're talking about like this thing right she's not doing it what am I going to do find something else for her to dio good. Um you know what? I want you d'oh? Uh, can you put a little tighter? I just wanna see what it looks like that's better for me, I think good and just I want you to look down is if you were looking at it but you're not really can you bring your head to the side? We pop your hip the other way, please. Yeah, good. Okay, can I shake out your hair for you? Thank you. Stay like that. Okay, I'm scouting out the situation, all right? I want you to relax your mouth, breathe through your mouth. The lips parted just a little bit perfect. Stay just like that. Okay, do you see how you see what I'm doing with my camera up against my face? I'm like, where do I want to take the picture? This is why I trip and fall all the time because there's some stuff around I'm not paying attention, but this is important. I can't see without my camera doesn't matter what my eyes see matters with my camera sees um all right, so I think I'm gonna have you you were tall and I love it. Okay, um going, tio okay, I'm still shooting her with my fifty I met five hundred eso won sixty eighth of a second at three, two and I took a picture of her which looks pretty. Um, if I was going to make some changes, I actually think I would have you I think you look a little square so I'm gonna have you wrap your arms around your waist me and then kind of bring your hands in this little keep going keep going that's better for me I'm having her skirt of scooch in her robe a little like her robe was hanging and it just looked makes her look really square so let's see what that looks like but I don't wantto look like you have a belly ache so it's raise your hands up just a tiny bit bring him out a little bit can you like maybe let's try something like this shake it out that I don't believe you know let's change it look, reset okay, hands on your waist for may good. Now pop your hip all the way let's try that good and then bring your okay, so see, it wasn't working, but I didn't like make a big deal just let's reset no big deal. She doesn't think twice about it. Um, I want to see these fingers let's just yet good, yeah, oh, okay, just an average day in my life, all right, perfect. I want you to just look over at me for one second yeah good turn you had a little tiny bit towards me there we go I like your head in that position better stay like that perfect good. I want you to give me a little bit of that smoky eyes yeah good, good good I love it um right perfect stay just like that and I want to look down with your eyes. Okay, now I'm keeping her in the same exact pose but I'm going to come nice and close in I'm focusing on her lips here and can you close your eyes for me beautiful stay like that I'm not sure I love that one so we're going to try again close your eyes for me one, two, three good can you leave that hand on your waist take this hand and just kind of like gently touch come down a little bit more beautiful looking down again for mi ri through your mouth one, two, three her eyes closed I'm not sure if I love side crop that out but you see her eyes I could have opened like she she for whatever reason can't look down all the way since either closed or open so I'm going to make it work but what I'll probably do is just take her eye out completely hopefully I did that let's see is this the last picture right then we need to do that again with your eyes closed community is this the last picture? Yes. Okay can you just breathe through your mouth for me? Close your eyes for me one more time I know. So can you cross your legs instead? There we go. Set better. Okay. Crossing her legs gives her a little more of a foundation that kind of being up on that one foot. Okay, I haven't I'm changing my mind. Can you take this hand and bring it up like this and then just raise your chin up and just let it kind of fall down good. But here's what I want you to know I changed my mind again instead of having your chin up, bring it down like this good. And then just kind of bring your chin out for me. Good. Don't turn your head as much comeback this by a little good look all the way down for me if not close your eyes I'm gonna like this better, I think. And then just bring your hand down for may and pop that to shout as much as you can be a good chin out relax your lips I know is a lot of things to remember and just keep bringing your hand down, okay, well, I'm gonna do one more time you're thinking a lot and I'm giving you a lot to think about what's happening is I'm seeing it in your mouth because you're kind of like okay so see I'm telling her what she's doing right so I wouldn't want you to really relax your mouth and just think real sexy math there yeah that's so much better right there is good go ahead good okay, one more thing when you bring your hand down like this you would never do that in real life right exactly I'm gonna believe them you know go ahead you want two three go good I want to believe them like if they do something that I would never see somebody do in real life I stop I gotta believe you sorry and that's ok and they usually lower right and they go all you're right it's totally feels unnatural okay, so let's make it feel more natural so again we're just kind of moving her hand around we're just creating a shot based off of the regular shot that we would dio got it? Okay, have a seat relax for a second. Thank you very much. Okay. Alex want next one's gonna be your favorite herr flick? Ah okay we keep talking about the uh the things that you would do that are different right then it was somebody would take with their cell phone or whatnot and create some interesting things I love the hair flip it definitely takes a few tries worth it for the wow factor I like to do it is the grand finale because we're kind of messing up their hair and their already comfortable with me um but I mean the results could be amazing if you hit it you know what I mean? Erin I'm totally thinking about like you I wanted your hair flip of the year you have the sickest hair yeah so uh and camera did too she had amazing long gorgeous hair and I'm gonna teach you a couple of hair flip tricks uh actually they are going to you shannon for this if you guys can split again laura laura's either like thank god or oh no uh I think you should take your heels off by the way because you will tip over and you're just gonna kind of go up against the wall now the funny thing is actually campers wearing the exact same bodysuit hers is green actually which you can sell here but we're in the same body say so we'll see if we can reenact and I didn't there might be too much product in your hair but let's see what happens um I'm just gonna have you kind of up against the wall we'll talk about that after we'll go to the well go shooting I'm excited to hear foot all right, let me show you hair flip rules ready anchor against the wall are all she will fall over period it will happen don't worry so much here about, like the gorgeous posing we're just we're anchoring right now, okay, you're but it's happened your body you still want to push your touch up against the wall but the toppy ready cannot be near this wall because what's gonna happen is you're gonna crack your head open and please do not do that. I will be so dead. Okay, so what we want to do is, um you're going to kind of bring everything to one side. We'll figure out which side after just watch me first. Ok, alright, andi set up here's this lip, but I see all the time I see this all the time and what happens is you get the big conehead like that. So what we're going to do is we're actually going to flip sideways and what's hard about it is this you're going to end up wanting to do this like and you like pulling your face back and it looks wack it's a really bad. So it's probably take us a bunch of times to really get this down, but I really just want you to think about it doesn't even have to be that dramatic you guys like that the hair flip I should do for looks dramatic but it's really not that dramatic she was just kind of like this and the hair just caught it and it just went a couple of key things when you flip your hair is gonna end up in your face or whatever do not give me this okay if it ends up in your face but I want you to do is just kind of like okay because their shots there too it's not just about the flip it's where it lands it's where it moves it's like how you're gonna move it on we're just gonna have fun and I'm gonna be like and you guys were gonna take one hundred pictures if you get one you're the best photographer ever so I don't know what's gonna happen here but I'm going to give you if you could learn how I communicate with her and how we kind of make it fun and you could see how she could have fun then we're successful first thing flip head over shake your hair out I actually want to feel how much stuff you have in your hair oh boy okay just shake it out have fun with it flip it back up good okay remember you're coming forward toward me a little moved this way a little bit I don't want you hit your head on that thing I swear if you hurt yourself here I'll cry okay? This's why we do it is the grand finale kids they got a black eye no flip it all the one side you could make your arms a little tiny bit wider if you want to you to give yourself a little more of a base look at how awesome this body suit looks on her body she has like the tiniest waste I love it okay, hold on wait for me wait for it also you're gonna want to shoot from a little further back because you don't know how far up are out the hair is gonna go and you have like a great shot and you cut off the hair it's like oh man I wish I didn't do that just a test shot don't panic ok, so two things you're probably gonna want to close your eyes when you flip and then when they're done flipping then open them and look at me and like kind of sexily move your hair around for me okay? We're just don't worry this is either the thing you nail it the first high we're taking fifty eight tries so no pressure just have fun and actually I'm probably gonna change my, um camera to be able to shoot a multiple shots let's see how this goes well then okay, that was just a test all right, keep your head down like this a little bit more even that hello you're so cute I'm going to change actually I'm going to drop my stuff two, two, eight that looks a little bit better for may I tend to shoot a little tiny bit dark to you guys like it's just a habit I don't know why I do it all right we ready good eyes closed you can smile when you do to you what you could be serious just remember don't pull your head back we don't want you to bang against the one two three go okay we're gonna need way more than that let's see what happens yeah because we didn't really get any volume at all we want's um but you're gonna have to almost yeah even a little bit more okay stop don't move good laugh again okay sorry she's super cute and when those moments happen you just have to take them okay one, two, three go get just keep flippant good so one thing I want you to dio maybe that last one made oh you know what I should do here's something smart you guys hello. I should raise my shutter speed so she will not be blurry one, two one two good thinking um especially cause we're not using flash here um so I don't care for hair is blurry, but I don't really want her you know, to be to her face to be too blurry at a little bit of blurs. Ok, like that picture I showed you before with the hair like she's. A little tiny bit blurry, but I didn't really care still work for me. All right. Sorry. Photographer bad photographer, brain moment. All right, one, two, three, go. Okay, you know what it is? And I think even though I said, don't bring your head back, I think you need to make it up more because you're still you're kind of like this, and I'm not really getting enough face. So if you bring your head up more and then flip it like this, I just want you coming back too much. Otherwise, it's not a good situation. All right. One, two. Thirty. Good. Can you separate your feet a little tiny bit more. Give me a little bit more. Yeah, and then really kind of. Okay, hold on. Wait for me. One, two, three. Get good. I want you to at some point when you flip this by just stopped from it. Bring your head up. Let it fall. See what happens. All right. One, two, three go, let it fall, keep going to the other side. Good stop right there when you bring your head all the way over like this then I want you just pick your head up see where your hair falls and then kind of play with it a little bit okay one two, three go yes yes yes don't move don't move don't move give me a little squint in your eyes good do it one more time where you flip it back and you just kind of let it fall like that hurvitz alright just moved out of your weight take both hands wait remain okay this is how I would really talk to a client but it is not getting really take both hands and then kind of a way for may and yeah then make it happen okay but serious or say real sexy okay good night. I'm ready for you look up in the government. Okay? All right, so I'm not gonna spend all day on this but uh this is like like I want you to see how a real and I'm going with what's hap sitting with her like she's not great at the hair flip sorry shannon but that's okay let's find something that she is good and that whole thing she just did just now that you're good at so we need to work with a little bit you need to be flexible and that will kind of stop the stairs they're probably oh my god there's five thousand images a second coming in here maybe if we could find some of these let not the beacon we go backwards a little bit to to that last image I'm not oh that's out of focus keep going will you guys get the idea here? I don't know if these are just not coming in okay yeah like um um abort now yeah uh but you get the idea I mean I this is what I'm talking about weight freeze night freeze and go back forward one okay, thank you. This is so cool you're just talking it happens um this is what I'm talking about like I hate perfection like this is kind of fun it's a little bit different and I would work with it I would just keep saying okay let's just go with it let's have fun and I would just keep playing from there this is for those sessions we just have a few extra minutes you just want to have a good time we could practice with you later uh but does this help it all leads to help it all because I know we didn't maybe get the shop I'm telling you I've done it sometimes ten, twenty times we just keep working on it working on it but it's worth it to get that one shot uh I think we could go back to the power point thank you shine and you can relax for a second is like I showed you when her hair just kind of falls and it's not in the actual flip this is an example of that um she was just doing hair flip and it just happened to have landed there and I just happened to have caught in that one second and um I love you could see like there's movement and there's energy in her hair even though it's a still image and I love when you can see that energy and it's just fun I mean it's a sexy shot on her um the two shots bump a bomb we've talked about this before about giving her a good touch I mean if she if it looks good she can't say no the shot she will always by the shot always they always buy two shots in fact they will buy multiple two shots if you make their toast look good because they've never seen it look like that before uh and it's and it's good it's a good thing we always want to make sure I get her hips were pushed out and her tush is toward the camera right not away not away from um again I'm going to show you these images but it's not only standing up we could do it laying down two this is one of my favorites I love this right it's so fun um and again these air sort of those anonymous intimate little details you can get what this is a rotisserie chicken pose that I just crop came in and cropped um here's our friend jackie again when when the client pushes her twist or do you get that that triangle space remember we talked about that the party I would have if that ever happens to me um that's really important but you only get that if they're really, really, really, really far out okay but that is a desirable spit place for negative space so weird I'm teaching that's right um again always make sure you're showing off the arch of her back keeping her arms away from her body we discuss this in the posing foundations but again this is really important I want to make sure I mean this is sexy their hands on her tush it doesn't bother me but I want to make sure that I'm seeing this curve that's really, really important and her hand was just down to the side it wouldn't be as interesting wouldn't be a sexy so shannon do you mind if we use you for a good two shot? All right, I mean it's going to show you guys real fast like the difference between hips toward and hips away from the camera how quickly we can change that so what? I want you to stand right here put your hands right here and I want you to start with the hips away from me like this okay and you are going to push your church out from the waist down as far as you as much as you can so ok, you are flexible that's good alright um feet together yeah good and away from the camera good. Hopefully this works at us. Plan to let's see, this is that same body suit that I did before you have a good time? Well, either way I'm not gonna lie dio and all right, let's see? Don't move. Can you just don't do anything except push your weight on the other foot? Yeah, and push your toe all the way up. Okay? Thank you. Um I want to show can we see those pictures appear the first one and then the second again, all I did was have her move from one hit to the other. That was it. Um, can we go to the first picture first? No problem. They're busy looking at this one because it's so good. Oh, wow. Okay, same girl. Same touche two seconds apart. Right. Um here's the thing to do you see that her thigh here obviously looks much wider than it does here? This tapering like this triangular shape that we're trying teo achieve here is really important also like I'd like to see I mean, in a lot of girls not in shine and so much but like some you know, you get like that little crease of your touch here that's actually a good thing that shows like, you know, definition like you know it's your touch is amazing too, but it's I think sometimes people I don't know it like this cheek looks so small thisbut looks much bigger and then this looks much more in proportion don't you think you have a question? A touchy question, erin I did when I was watching it from over here. Now that I see it not so much, but I was curious why you put her hands forward instead of jonah for this scenario, I wanted you to see her tush. Um, normally I would have her hands kind of here or maybe I even have a lower like, on her touch was just kind of hot or I'd have it up here. It depends on the girl. But just for this scenario, I just thought it'd be good to keep your hands out of it just so you can actually see in fact she's so flexible I'd probably have her hand up here because it really even shows off more that arch that she's that she's pushing out I really like that I would work with that uh I mean, I don't think that this looks bad, but you're right. Her hand is not super flattering, but this is not no, this is just for educational purposes only. This is not the way I would maybe shoot it for a client for a client. I would move her hands a little bit. I just want to keep it out of the way. For this questions, the important thing is that I mean, shannon does not have circulate so she's a good bad example overhead for us. Good for you. Bad for me, but now, but what's so great about it is really when she's pushing her touch back like that, like the second somebody thinks that they're taking it. You're taking a picture there, but they kind of scooch forward and oh, my god, I'm so nervous and the second they tighten everything up all the cellulite comes out really bad so the more I keep telling, the more you push toward me, the less eliot you're gonna have, the better it's gonna look and it's so so, so important. There's pushing out like that. Yeah. Lauren, when do you give him a wedgie? Oh, well, always. I'm trying to be somewhat respectful on creative live, but yeah, this bodysuit so one of the first things actually I'll show you shannon can you stand up for just one second when shannon came and showed me the body said I said oh, I really love it but can you jack this part up so can you pull it down just a little bit so like this is how the bodysuit is supposed to be on what's happening is because it's so low it's making her legs look kind of short right? So if you could just sort of pull this up for me even as much as you're comfortable in the studio I'd be like keep going keep going yeah no worries but you can keep going you can kind of lift that oppa's much as you can in the higher up it goes the longer her legs look and the more booty she'll show in the back so yet in my studio I would definitely do I'm trying to be a little more respectful here my studio that all goes out the door but yeah and that's what's so great about this bodysuit because you could go back and forth depending on her comfort level also okay oh sorry we're gonna go back to the power point thank you the hotbed bed shots are so important and I know that there's there are people that don't do any bad shots and I think that that's awesome in my studio bed shots or work girls one for sure so the hotter you could make them look the better and they're always my best sellers we'll have a bed shots always my best sellers but posing on the bed could be complicated it could go really, really right or could go really, really, really wrong it's hard there laying down when you lay down, everything tends to go this way or you just have to pose differently so posing on the bed takes a lot of practice I'm not gonna lie to you it's it's an area that could go good or really really bad again you guys don't forget to make sure her chin and all the way up member I did that before imposing flow and I had her razor chin all the way so it avoids those wrinkles of trying to look up at you and I think what we're gonna do is we're going to do that bed pose that you had asked me about lauren with the legs up because that will show that as well. This is a perfect example of that just making sure that we can see her uh her whole face we can see her lips we don't have any wrinkles in the far ahead we don't have a huge white mass under her eyes and she looks like the devil were making sure that we're taking this at the exact right angle she's a little blurred over here which we love and her stomach looks awesome and she's got a nice curve in her back this is a great shot for so many different people um right like I mentioned prior make sure you're getting the most variation you can propose this is especially important on the bed I know I already covered it so I'm not going to get so detailed into it but it's a good reminder that the bed is hard to pose on to get the most you can out of each pose far away close in there's a lot of different variables that you could do there um and don't be afraid to try different poses in fact lauren this is the shot that you were talking about right it's nobody ever does this really in bed but it's fun to have this shot it's it's cool yeah it's a little kitschy and cliche but people ask for it so why not do it if it's gonna work let's do it yeah go ahead. I think I've seen you talk about this before where when people shoot this one head on you see the nose and then the chest and then they're like is like out of nowhere we're going to do it let's do look yeah I'm going to show you the angle that is that your is that a statement or a question? I'm sorry I cut you off it's, sort of both. I mean, like, I just wanted to touch on that, because when you move to the side like that that's really beautiful, thank you, yeah, we're going to do it. We'll just do it. I'm sorry I'm blind I can't see uh so let's just finish talking about this and then we'll actually do it so here's a creative by adding something unexpected that you what you normally shoot you're going to get a different look and here's an example this is I shot this through what I call the gens lens it's really very hi tech you take a zip lock bag you put a hole in the middle and you put it over your lens so first you spend a thousand dollars on the sharpest lens that you could find and then you put something to blur it right over it but I think it's awesome and so what happens is you can control the part of the picture that you want and focus and the rest of it is blurred and that just creates a little bit of a different look same exact pose pretty much guys except this day the light was coming through and the shades were hitting and I my bed's on wheels so I moved my bed right into where the shade the light was coming in and the shade was coming in and now it's that pose I showed you before but it's completely different because she has stripes on her she's like a zebra but it's fun it's different and so now I'm taking a standard pose I do again and again and again and I'm making it look different okay, let's, do the bed pose. I'm glad you asked about this one because this is a good one. Ok, flora, hang tight. Right here. I'm going to move the bed back. Got it. Thanks. Perfect. Thank you. Okay, so I'm going to take the pillows off the bed for this one. All right, let me tell you what not to do first. Let's, start with that. I'm gonna hopefully my pants don't fall down and creative. Did I see this a lot already, right, she's like a two feet away from the headboard, the pillows, they're still there. So glad I got a pedicure and they're shooting from this way and what's happening is you're making her legs are really short, okay? And it's not flattering it's ever. So the first thing that I do with this is I take the pillows off the bed. Okay? Here's, what I want to do it is not the easiest thing this post to get into, but I'm going to tell you how to do it really successfully. You ready? You're going to sit on the edge of the bed like this as close as you can to the headboard and you're going to swing your body around and you're going to grab the edge of the bed if you can and comes close I'm really getting about to get naked too we're going to come as close as you possibly can I want your touch touching the headboard so you just keep pulling yourself as close as you can I want to be right in the middle of the bed. This is perfect. Okay, what she just did is what people normally do. They just kind of cross their legs I don't want it like that I'm going to change hold on I'm going to take you for a little ride ready? Okay, this is the downside of having a bed on wheels sometimes it ends up going somewhere you don't want to get all right so first things first I have her touch all the way up against the headboard that is making her legs as long as they could possibly be ok because if she's moved back like I showed you originally then I'm shortening her legs you see that it is okay, so what? I want to just keep this one straight bend this one for me just a little bit perfect keep those toes is pointed as you can I'm going to flush out your hair for you okay here's what I want you to do pretend like I have a camera in my hand look up don't move your head like I want you to just look up at me stop do you see that that's what most people do? They don't raise the chin up and they're getting all those wrinkles on the forehead in fact let me grab my camera and I'm going to do all the things you shouldn't do let's start with this stay just like that yeah now that ok most people do it from this direction you're right, lauren so maybe we can pop that up oh, and I even got her underwear in there that's impressive because most people don't do that they just get like, wait, I'm gonna come down a little lower we get a lot of that and a lot of this okay? And again I'm not making fun I could say because I've done it okay? And I love that she's got no tour so she has no arms has no phase she has knows and she has boobs and legs and this is very typical you guys laughing because you're making fun of me or because you've seen it right like and done it we're all done here, right? Yeah, we vote on it so this is not a successful shot as far as I'm concerned okay, because I'm not seeing her body she just looks like she's got very big cheeks and uh so I want to teach us so here's the other the other things not to do so look up at me can you raise your chin a little bit yeah hold them the light's really bad here can you turn this way and look up at me yeah and I want you to just raise your eyebrows and really lower your chin a little bit because you're even doing too good of a job good okay, so this is something else I see a lot to really just looking at her face here right and this is actually even not as bad as the things that I've seen but really I mean what if she really looked up at me she would have a ton of white under her eye she looks demonic and all these wrinkles whenever somebody posted the group how do I remove those wrinkles how how do I do it in photoshopped my answer's always you don't do it in photoshopped you do it in camera makes a big difference you know what? I'm backwards I usually shoot it from this side but I'm going to do it backwards just to show you how to do it how about that all right, switch your legs for me thank you so kindly can I have this arm? I'm gonna help you out here. Okay again you're just going to kind of bring your hand here very similar to what we did before and bring the other arm up for me and I want you to raise your chin oh good you could bring this arm down a little tiny bit actually let me move your head for you if you don't mind because I know where I'm gonna be standing and you don't so I'm gonna help you out and it's very hard to arch here but just try as much as you can to give me a little tiny arch and turn your head a little more toward me relax your forehead for me thank you can you start with your eyes looking down down toward your cheekbones down your body just don't lower your ten, raise your chin back good okay, so I am not going to shoot her from back here, although maybe I will just one time to show you the difference and I'm going to shoot her from right here. Can you close your lips for me? Here's the area I really don't want teeth showing because then it's like because I'm shooting her kind of from above a little bit of teeth might be weird especially cause she has dark lipstick on if she was a little more neutral, it would be better can we bring up the picture of me shooting her straight on that I just took to the one that I took on the side I think there's one picture in the middle laura, you okay delay like that for a second, okay? Can you bring it? I know. I just wanna make sure they know I want this one with the one, the last one that I took together. Okay, just making sure I know it takes a minute. Ok? Do you see how like the ad let's? Count how many steps I took one, two and a half this way and it makes such a big difference, right? You guys first off, our legs look way longer in this one. Even though she's got long legs to begin with. But like, by the way, the new choose help with that too. But it's much bigger. Look att the proportion and her face looks much better. She actually has a torso here, right? It makes a really big difference. So yeah, does that? Does that help? So hot bed shot. I mean, I think she looks pretty hot. And then I'll have her look up at me, and I have to do a laughing one. And then you can come really close in and take another one without her legs in. And then you could take one of just her leg. Like off the top of my head. I'm thinking of like, five, six, seven different shots I can get just by getting her into this one pose. I can come back out of the room and take a picture for through the door with her laying and it's, like, really like a lot of the room. And there you go. You could do this a ton of different ways. You could throw some fabric in front of the lens, take it that way to a little softer. You have a whole different variation just by putting her and one pose. Okay, you can hop down for me. Thank you so much for letting me torture you. Okay. I think we should go back to the powerpoint. So, lauren, does this answer your questions about the hotbed shot and how to take that specific shot? This is part of the solar system. You guys being able to walk around her and see where your best shot is. My best shot is not directly short, her it's on the angle, and the more you talk about it, aaron, the more I realize I shoot on the angle almost all the time, I never even realized it until you brought it to my attention, that's more where the shot is. I also almost never have somebody face like right front to the camera almost always have the almost there are times with this really works but either I'm diagonal or she's diagonal there's always sort of that little bit of diagonal I guess in all of my pictures which I never realized till now thanks okay the laughing shot we've kind of done this already so I'm not going to do it now but this is this is the woman that she recognizes this is a reminder of how much fun she had that day I hope ali contest for that uh I got her last year on we had such a good time and I think she's got the prettiest smile so I love that and when she sees this picture I hope it's like she's like yes I recognize that girl on dh when they're looking through their pictures they want to see that girl I wanna go I recognize her okay I'm comfortable um I don't know I just la woman laughing I think it's like the sexiest thing in the entire world isn't it it's like they're having a good time she's so cute she stressed me out but she's so cute uh just just the hair uh okay the creative shot again you guys were talking about competing with cell phones, right and how we compete with cell phones and other photographers and things that we can dio I'd like to try to push boundaries at least you want to shoot at least if a client is up for it right? So like here I took a girl to a parking garage you know, that's pushing boundaries they're not alone for that but that was fun and it's a cool picture you're not going to get this everywhere right? Um this was in a store that I shot in like an auld anne antique store and the craziest thing is like this isn't even really boudoir e because you don't even see her body I mean a little of her chest but I just love the bathtub and I was like, you know what? Leave your combat boots on and get in the bathtub it makes no sense whatsoever but I love this picture I just think it has a lot of personality and it's fun and she was definitely up for it. This was a shot that I took member that the pictures of the girl with the leopard brought in my genes and suspenders with the reflection on the window. This is the same shower but it's nighttime so I brought a light in there and it was the end of our shoot, so I put the water on and like, how do you feel about taking a shower with me? You know, she was up for it and we had a good time and she didn't care what a hair and makeup looked like after that so that was really fun it's not something she would necessarily want to do, but I suggested it to her. Julian, this is something we've talked about also, about shooting out side and pushing boundaries. Don't be afraid to ask, don't be afraid to suggest, even before they come in. I have a suggestion I've done this before. It will look great on you, push them too. What you want to do a little bit if they say no that's. Okay, um, this was a shot I almost didn't get, but a cz the model was leaving. I noticed that she was walking down the hallway and there were two mirrors, and I saw a reflection of her, and I was like, don't move, go put your underwear back on. We need to take this shot, and so this is all in camera. This is not any special photo shop or anything, and it's just creative she's not taking a picture like this with her cell phone. Right? And it was something I just noticed at the last minute the other day at the hotel I notice something last minute we were shooting in the um I realized we were all done shooting and I was still shooting the model for a few minutes and I noticed that there is a table in front of her that reflected her so I pushed the table up against the couch and I got her and a reflection and it was really fun and that's something just different that's not a picture everybody's gonna have so do your stuff do the things you know pull out of your toolbox do the things again and again and again that you know and you've perfected but also try to push the boundaries and do things that you've never tried before to keep yourself fresh and have a good time with it as well. Questions on that. Okay um again I just want to mention more posing tips on my diva edie and you could see how I pushed the batteries and in my dvd I'm in a freight elevator it's freezing cold and I ended up getting stuck in the freight elevator after the shoot it was really awful um but that was pushing boundaries for me it was well worth it to get the shots um and again you could get ten percent off with the code boot camp. And if you guys don't have any more questions, I'm going to invite the audience out there to ask myself and all the other boudoir photographers in my facebook group. Any questions about your top selling shot, how you get them, tell me everything about it, or asked me any questions, and you could tweet to me about your best selling pose. I want to know what it is. Help us all out, help us come up with some new poses. So what is your best selling pose you khun? Tweet to me at gen rosenbaum with z hashtag jen's boudoir boot camp, and I'm on facebook as well, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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I think this course is great, my question was about a Facebook comment made that if a man has a bunch of likes that are female pages..., I agree and disagree in marketing they thought me to like your interest and hopefully future clients. How do I make it safe for clients and future clients? I am a Talent Agent and use to model and learning Boudior is my way of helping my models and business ,I want to also produce a magazine from my agency ,I was going to buy both franchises years ago but I want to do it myself in one company so I'm learning boudior photography to help me a beginning photographer pose women something I do not know I still pose women like family photos. The courses in green screen and other photo classes are just about lighting and position not what position, as a Videographer same thing no posing skill, business video production doesn't teach it all my courses are pro-stuff and tech nothing about what poses my models do. This will help my Video Production Business and Photography Business and my Model Agency...., thanks! I need this course so my models are comfortable and my clients feel comfortable I'm a shy person and I don't want me being uncomfortable make everyone feel weird!

Daniella Moné

Thank you Jen great Bootcamp! I'm starting my boudoir photography business and you have given me so many tools to succeed. I would have like to see more of the why in the posing as opposed to I don't like this let's change it as posing is the biggest challenge for me. I was particularly happy to see how you use your TD6 to create window light. That's what I use since my studio windows are too high when the client is laying on the bed. I really enjoyed your hidden gem video as well as the male versus female. You are an amazing teacher, thank you for your generosity!