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Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

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How to Shoot Boudoir in a Hotel Room

Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

Jen Rozenbaum

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14. How to Shoot Boudoir in a Hotel Room

Lesson Info

How to Shoot Boudoir in a Hotel Room

Hey, everybody. We are here in seattle today at hotel max and I'm really excited to show you how I would do a hotel shoot. The great thing about this is that I get to show you real time how I looked through a hotel room. What I see the changes I make and how you can work with the hotel room as well. To be totally honest, we did visit the room last night so I got a little sneak peek as to what it looked like. However, it looks completely different today. We were here about four p m last night. Now it's about I don't know what eight. Nine o'clock in the morning and the room looks totally different. So this is a fair thing for you to see. Because I want you to see what it's like when I first walked into room what I look for and what you should be looking for us. Well, one of the first things I notice is there's. Not a lot of natural light here. Now, lucky for me, I did bring some lights. I have my westcott tt sixes here and I have a nice light as well. A nice light is fantastic for a shoo...

t like this it's really portable and easy to use, you could just throw it honest stand on its easy to carry around so if you don't want to carry something big like the td six is you don't have teo, I'm not sure what we're going to be using yet this is real time, guys, you're going to see it as I make the decisions I do notice that there's a couple of little spots of natural light that are starting to pop through in this room now this room is dark, it has gray walls, gray floor it does have a white ceiling, but overall it's just a darker feeling in this room. In fact, we were joking that the hallway is brighter then the room, which has windows, but I do notice behind me there is a little glimpse of natural light on the wall and I love it. There is when the natural light kind of skims across somebody like that it's really beautiful, so I'm probably going to start in that area because I know the light is there right now, and I don't know what to expect here in the next hour or so. Let's, talk a little bit about this room. It has a bed, it has a couch has a couple of little areas that I would consider shooting in if we could move some furniture around don't be afraid about moving things in a hotel just make sure that it is moveable like for example in one of the walls there was a piece of artwork that I tried to take off to see if I could use the wall is the backdrop and it wouldn't come off don't force it don't push it the worst thing in the world is if you break something or you ruin something and then you're in trouble for it or you have to pay for it or they don't let you back into the hotel this couch in front of me is another great spot to shoot my client or my model today what I love about it is that I could move it and it's not that big right now it's perpendicular to the window and so the light might look nice but if it doesn't I can move it parallel to the window and get some back it's um flat light on her what I was thinking was behind the couch in the back is a lot of stuff back there and I don't want to spend all my time moving stuff around so if I move this couch toward the window the only thing behind it is an arm or and some great wall and so I don't have to worry about editing that stuff out later so we'll see how that goes is the day moves on the bathroom here is really really small so I'm not trying to be able to shoot in the bathroom but there's a mirror on the door on the outside of the bathroom, and if I can utilize that, I definitely will. Also, the carpet in here is not that typical ugly hotel carpet like that vegas style carpet is just a simple gray carpet. So that's, another shooting surface that you can use, you can stand on the couch, stand on a chair, stand on the bed and two down on your client there. So this is just how my mindset is working. When I walk into a hotel room, I want to see what's around and what I could make use out of and what I cannot make use out of that's. My typical plan when I walk into a hotel room, one of the things that I look for first is stuff I need to move out of the way on the bed. Here. They were nice enough to leave us some water bottles and a little note, and underneath the table here we have a coffee maker, things like that. I don't want to get in my shot, so I might move them out of the way as I need to, or I might just move everything out of the way in the beginning, there's a big arm or here, so I might kind of put everything in there so it's totally out of the picture. Just make sure you remember where everything goes. Sometimes I'll take cell phone pictures of how the room looks when I first get there. So I know where to put everything back when I am done. This is johanna. I love her name it's, beautiful and she's also a beautiful woman. And she was brave enough to volunteer today. Tio, come with me to the hotel and have me work with her and very excited to photograph her today. Ah, a couple little things about her outfit I want to talk about. First of all, let's, talk about the lady cuffs. My favorite part of the, uh, in the wardrobe segment of this boot camp. We talked about thies. I found them at the laundry store by me, and I absolutely love them. So I brought them with me to seattle so that we can play with them today in the hotel. I think there will be a lot of fun. Do you like them? I love I'm gonna come. Um also one thing I want to mention I love this outfit. It's. A beautiful slip. Uh, johanna had talked to me originally about maybe not showing her stomach as much what we want to show off her beautiful shape, so this slip really works for me. One of the things I had her do was put a bra on underneath the slip this's okay, you guys, it gives her really nice support it looks nice this is part of what I love about black it's just simple you can wear it over a simple black t shirt bra and you have all the support that you need and she looks smoking hot so like I mentioned, I have not been in this room really before except for last night but this morning I don't really know what to expect what I do know is I'm getting some beautiful light on johanna right now, so I'm kind of rushed everybody in production here go. All right, come on, guys, we don't have a lot of time to talk, we have to go shoot on the while while I have light now it may be good, it may be bad, I we're going to see what it looks like, but you know, an hour I can have even more beautiful light or I can have less light, so I don't want to mess with that. I just want to shoot it while I see it, so we're just going to start right over here. Some of the things you'll notice is that there's an outlet behind johanna and that's okay, I can edit that later but there's a ton of coke chords coming out of there that's just a pain in the butt so I'm gonna unplug everything and I'm going to give myself minimal amount of editing work to dio on this area um johanna what I'm going to do is have you start with your tush right up against the wall so from your waist down just kind of bend it back let me actually show you comes to both the wall for one second I want you just like this okay and it's hard for me too because I have my battery but what I want you to do is just from the waist down bend and push it right up against the wall you see the top of my body is not I'm not like attached the wall just might touch and that'll be your foundation that'll be your anchor basically to keep you from falling down all right so let's start like that come a little closer to the wall for me good yeah we do not have a lot of late here so we need to work with what we got um let's have you bring this leg here over like this so you're gonna put all your weight into this leg on this idea mirroring may so let me just see I want a little more exaggeration like popping that hit back a little tiny bit more perfect keep your feet together for me excellent and just kind of yes much better um it's little slight movements but they're going to make a really big difference and how your body looks so it's just really important to exaggerate as much as you can it's sort of like did you ever dance when you're a little like in a like dance school like my daughters and dance and I'll say to her, you know you have to really exaggerate your movement so the people in the back and see you it's the same thing the camera does not see little movements it's he's, big movements so even if you feel like I'm pushing it as much as I can and I go, I want a little bit more it's okay, just push a little bit more you'll take advil tomorrow it'll be all good. All right, so really nice pasture for me and I'm going to tie up these cuffs for you actually just put your hands closer together for me let's see what we can do with, um you know, actually I'm gonna have you instead of tying them, I'm gonna hold them so I don't keep tying and tying let's try that good. And so what I want you to dio is let's, bring it up, yeah, I like that, but I want it to be uh so I wouldn't believe you let me put this down this is something I say to my friends that I want to believe you so if you're kind of just saying they're like this it's like okay, I'm holding cuffs I don't know what to do but I want to believe you like I want you to bring your arms back a little bit more good bring your front forward a little bit more and just maybe even like hold your wrist it's um yeah like I want it I want to see that your fingertips so face this way yes and here's the thing because the light is coming from here if it hits your arm first it's going to block it from your face and try to bring your elbow back don't bring the other one forward they'll bring them both back more like that good and you can even, like raise one a little bit higher perfect and no yes stage just like that just bring your chin down a tiny bit good one thing I saw you do before it's kind of come down like this it just don't want you smelling armpits. Okay? So just be aware of that chin out and down and I want I want you to believe it, okay, that makes sense all right let's see what we got now the light is actually shining off of we're getting a reflection now also in the latest changed off of a building to take this offer then that's like gold so now we're getting this like, gold reflection on you which it could be really gorgeous so let's see what happens don't be afraid of climbing on furniture and just don't break it okay? So I'm just going to start shooting with fifty millimeter and I'm starting at oh yeah um f too eh one thousand s o at one twenty fifth of a second actually gonna come a little closer now you know why all my jeans erected did you hear that? I was like okay alright really nice posture for me print bring your yes good and then you could bring your chin over and just bring your arms back a little bit more I know it's hard so often you just kind of fade a littles just keep that on that yet is it work out for sure you don't have to go to yoga today good no smile I want to think real serious here yeah, perfect or just let me see what that looks like oh my god the gold that reflection I need right now is kind of really fun I love it all right let's bring your arms down for a second keep everything else the same we're going to keep that foundation pose which is something that we talk about during posing flow keeping that foundation posing going keep that here we're going to change your arms up a little bit shaky here, out on the side for me a little good. Just bring your hands down here and just touch your body real gentle bring this side up a little bit more good and the other side grab the end of your laundry a little pull it up just a little tiny bit and I want you to look down that same direction don't lay hold on the light is changing by the second this is insane. Okay, hold on. Breach your chin up a little tiny bet good. Okay, what I want you to do is raise your chin a little tiny bit more. We're getting shadows from the window on here. Gorgeous. Don't move. Okay, so that the light is actually getting brighter so I need to change my settings as we go. And I'm dropping my eyes oh, six forty. You have to turn your head toward me a little tiny bit good don't move don't move after I shoot that's stunning look up at me for one second. Good. Give me a nice little expression that you were giving me before gorgeous, not too much squint I don't want to lose your big, beautiful eyes beautiful. Stay. Just like that. Your expression has a little bit of a question mark on it. Because this right, you are doing an amazing job. I want you own it just don't want I don't want this. I was a little bit of it. They get smoky and here almost gorgeous. Beautiful, don't move. Okay, you look amazing. I want to show you what do you think? I can't lie to you guys? The most stressful part about putting on one of these creative live classes is the shooting. There is one hundred million eyes looking at you, ready to judge you, wondering what you're doing, and how you're doing it it's the most. And you just want to take a good picture. It's the most stressful part of this to top it off this sun just had the craziest thing I've ever seen. It literally wrapped around the building and start reflecting off another building. I don't know if you could see it now, but it's like the sun's in my eyes, you see that? So actually, the city is acting as a reflector in the studio, which is the craziest and most unexpected thing. So we have to work with it, in fact, it's, like moving as well speak now I only had about three minutes to get the shot that I wanted and then it moved out of the way. I don't know if you could see the wall behind me, but it's done, I can't really use it anymore is insane, so that was kind of intense making sure I got a good shot. I think I did looking at the back of the camera, but it was unexpected and that's, what you have to be prepared for when you do these hotel shoots is to expect the unexpected. Johanna is going to go do an outfit change for me, and I asked her to do that at this point because it's the room is kind of a hot mess of late right now, the latest still reflecting off the building and from what I can, he looks like if I give it another ten, fifteen minutes, it probably won't be reflecting off of there anymore, which could lead me with either no light in here at all or mohr soft light. So we're going to see how that goes and makes some decisions from there. One of the things actually when I was talking to the crew about his head, they change their white balance is there filming me and I have to keep that in mind too, because as the light is reflecting off a gold building, I will get obviously much more warm tone on her. Then I would if the light was weird, just reflecting off the walls and here, which are gray, a much cooler. This is something that you guys will also see. See in my studio segment, my light changes there all the time. Blue, green, yellow. And I have to really be aware of what my white balance is set at that's. Something to think about any time you come into a hotel room. Well, color the walls with colors, the floor where's the light coming from keeping in mind and make sure you're white balance reflects that johanna is now wearing what? One of the things I love the most. A bodysuit or a teddy. This is really more of a teddy again. We're keeping the bra on underneath the teddy to give her some really nice support. And it shows off her shape beautifully. I love it when we see the back of it really fast. I love the lace back here and I love the little place on the tush. Really cute. And it gives us you can turn back around. It gives us a little peek of something sexy without it being too revealing, which I love. Um for her hair and makeup, we kind of went with a little bit of an edge or look for her. I wanted to think a little more rianna um, I made a mood board for the hair and makeup artist that they would know what I was looking for and that johanna saw it also so I knew she was comfortable with the look we chose all black for her wardrobe because we really wanted her makeup in her hair and her eyes to stand out. So we wanted to go with you what I call bold, feminine versus pretty feminine um I wanted it to be like, think about rianna she's, always feminine and beautiful, which he's wearing but she's very strong and bold, and I really think that johanna embraces that today and I can't wait to get her on the bed and shoot her there. So one of the main points of coming here to hotel is to show you what real life shooting it like. It does not get any more real than this. You guys, I'm hoping we get all of our problems that it's great today, but first the room is too dark, then it's too bright now it's back to dark and it's okay, we're going to see how it goes luckily, I brought my isolate with me um the ice like it is a great portable tool for hotel rooms to get some extra light when you need it. The problem is we have no lights dance, so this happens sometimes accidents happen people forget things now on hotel shoots, I usually have another set of hands even though I shoot by myself in the studio at the hotel shoots. I typically have my hair makeup staff there, or I might even hire an assistant for the day because there's a lot of stuff to bring it's different than when I just show up at my studio. My assistant at home would be diana, who you guys met in the makeup and hair section d as I like to call her today, I'm going to have danielle from creative live assist, maybe you can come on in here. So she's my new d for the day. Sorry, diana, but, uh, you're going to assist me for today and basically with assistance, I really don't overwork them. I'm not demanding of them, but I will just to be really like the communications really important. So I'm gonna have you hold the ice light since we don't have a stand if it gets to be too heavy or you're uncomfortable, please say so because I will get in my zone and just start shooting and you'll be like this you know like I can't hold it anymore so just communicate with me and let me know what works okay all right this is for you all right so what we're going to do is I just want to see the natural light looks on her daniel I almost called you diana now daniel if you can grab the reflectors I can just see I'm going to take a shot of you just with natural light so just kind of bring your head this sway good I just wanted this is um not super pose I just want to get an idea where we're at here and I'm still shooting with my fifty I changed my white balance to just daylight and the ice light is daylight balance also so we'll work well with whatever light we're getting in this room um some twelve fifty I s oh oh sorry trigger finger one twenty fifth of a second at two point five apertures let's just see what that looks like this is the starting point it is too dark and I knew it would be dark um I could drop the aperture but I want to be careful about not going too low I want to make sure both of her eyes are in focus so I'm going to drop down to f too let's just see where we're at here okay it's definitely still too dark so let's bring in the reflector I'm silver please I usually just prefer silver mostly you know, with her we could probably use gold also because she has a little bit of like a gold mr her skin I think silver overall it's just more flattering and the thing is it's not even giving us really that much like there's not even enough light to reflect it so let's bring in the ice light as well. Now there's two ways that I used the isolate first elin's dimmable so if we only need a little bit of phil we can just kind of dim it and pop it in there or what we can do is we can take the reflector and bounce it off of the reflector to give us a little bit of a softer light here is a little harder shadow is this way just a little bit it's late this is a little more of an overall you guys can see there's a lot more light there. Um all right, so I think what I'm going to do is let's start with it this way since we're going for a little bit of a boulder look on her anyway um a little bit of harder light won't make that much of a difference let's just start with that kind of pull here and see where we go with that be good ok do not forget to tell me if your arm starts shaking, okay yeah, I know, but I want you to do is bring this arm back a little tiny bit more behind your hair good. And I want you to bring this arm here little down more good and can you actually angle your body a little tiny morse your legs are back that way also, guys, you notice I took the orange pillows in the orange a portion of the bed's right off the beds. We just have a nice clean white beds. Just raise your legs up for me. Good. All right, so this is one of the standard poses we've already dressed we've done in my studio before, but I just want to show you, um with the ice light how it's really very similar you good, daniel okay, this elbow tuck it back a little tiny bit more good. Excellent let's. See what that looks like? I'm going to come in nice close, tio. All right, so now I'm going to change my settings because my exposure is telling me that I'm gonna be to brake. Can you take this hand here and just bring it over a little bit more? Yeah, just like that. Just let rest it down on the bed for me perfect a little flatter if you don't mind there you go good, so now I am at oh yeah that's so much better now I met isa twelve fifty af two five one twenty fifth of a second with my fifty millimeter and I really like this a lot okay, what I want you to do is I want you to pop your tush up for me as much as you can't even yeah that's perfect. Okay, you have done this before I think awesome let's see key point your toes for me, johanna and give you a little bit of extra length they're gorgeous the one thing I really want to be careful at is I'm getting a reflection in the headboard of the ice lights I want to be careful with that I can I just grab this from you for one second let's just see now we're still going to get it okay? Let's let's get rid of this very night I'm gonna have you turn it a little bit more you see that so we don't get it as much, okay let's try that. That stuff I just don't want to be bothered editing later a little tiny bit is ok but too much is no bueno seattle late is better the other way though okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to change my angle um so let me just move the light that where it was before more like that good you okay? I'm gonna like a okay so I'm going to change my angle little I'm going to come in a little closer and down more so I don't get that reflection. Can you just drop your legs for me? Just like that? Yeah, perfect. Good. And what I want you to dio is give me, like, a tiny little bit of laughter. Can I say so? You make you laugh good. Can you put your arm down me good and just lay down on your arm, bring your hair forward a little bit good. And then maybe they kind of bring your hand up here. Yeah. So, like, kind of on this. Yeah. Good. I want your head up a little bit. Yeah, now I feel like we're back to where we started. So we come down a little bit more good and just dropped that hand down for me again. Good. And pull it back a little bit. Good. Okay, let's, just something totally different. I want to get a cute shot behind you so I know you can put this down for a second between poses. I like to shut off the ice light it last for about an hour and a half on full power. But um and you could always plug it in and shoot with it plugged in but I just like to shut it off in between this way I'm sure I'm conserving the power when I need to be so can you? I'm going to see your backside since it's so cute. Yes, perfect. Okay, here is the key to a really great two shot. Okay, what you're going to do is from your waist down you're gonna push your touch out do not lean over the second you start leaning over it looks like you're farting we don't want that okay, so from your waist down your pop it out actually, you can let me see if I want your legs a little bit closer I think maybe even with your knees touching let's see what happens? Um, no, I like it better the other way on dh you see you guys, how I'm communicating with her, can you try this? No, I don't like it let's try it again the other way or let's, go back don't be afraid to do that. I used to think that when I did that, people would think I didn't know what I was doing, but I realize now that when I trialled these things, they think I know what I'm doing even more because I'm perfecting it instead of just settling for whatever I say I want to make sure that it's right um all right so separate your feet for me a little bit good popular is out all the way toward me as much as you can good now what I want you to do johanna I know it's not easy especially on the bed but I want you to kind of put all of your weight into one side perfect can you grab the outside of your um bodysuit more toward the back and I want you to kind of like a pull up like a little playful okay and pop your trust toward me as much as you can okay are you hurting it no okay I think you're not doing it right now I'm teasing okay and you could see I'm walking around her and I want to see where the best angle is to shoot her and I'm going to show you why I do that I mean humpty ice light over here can I just see what happens if you popular it's the other way you see guys how I lift up my camera to look I can't see without my camera my eyes my camera see differently so I have to basically keep my camera up to see the angle that I like and I like it the other way better. So go back to the other way sorry you good alright popular is back as far as you can hear all right, so here's one thing I want you to do we have the angle but your hands are so like talk like this it looks like you have no fingers so instead of holding it so tight can you just kind of lift it with your fingers showing perfect love that okay, usually it helps when you hit the on button of the off button okay, daniel I'm gonna have you stand here and I might have you come around I want to see what it looks best how it looks best lit it I'm talking about your toast like it's in it all right, so I'm going to come down here just I want to see your fingertips johanna it's really important um grow more a little bit but I just know what you're leaning over keep a nice posture. Okay? Okay. Yeah, perfect. I want to see this finger right here. Okay, come start working toward me, okay? Stop right there and I'm just gonna drop my aperture a little so I'm left to right now, which is okay, I don't have eyeballs going on here so I'm focusing on her hand just a little bit dark. This is all the way up but just want to make sure you can come in a little closer to her from me tanya there we go picked and so I'm focusing on her fingers and I want teo I'm really shooting her from about here to hear because her elbows coming toward me. I don't want to get that in. Um, but I just really want to get a nice touch pick for her, which I think we did. Let me just take one more for good measure. Beautiful. I love how that looks. Um, let's. Come straight up. Stand straight up for me. I'll take this from you for one second and put your hands on your waist for me and just push. Push all the way back for me. Okay, it's. A little uneven. Do you mind if I just fix it for you? The lines. Right. Okay. All right. Men don't ever do this. Uh, women just do it. If you ask permission, chances are your client trust you because you've already worked with her before, you know, outfits and laundry and she's, you know, in her underwear, you're shooting her, so she probably trust you. But, johana, I'm gonna have you. I love how you where you are now. One thing that this pose can be kind of funny. You could look kind of. Stop or we can make you a really nice and long which is obviously what we want to do another thing is the way she's sitting here now you guys noticed she's putting weight on this arm here which is causing her tricep to flex which is making it look proportionately larger than it should be s o r arms look like totally two totally different arms right now so we're going to fix that what I want you to do is you're going kind of mirror me I'm gonna happen to bed with you uh you're gonna kind of come over on your side of your hip almost where it's uncomfortable it won't be uncomfortable because you're on the bed thankfully um and you know what? I want you to angle it a little tiny bits to bring your legs out this way a little good you can come up don't go too far down but what I want you to slip over even a little more I had to take off my camera to show you so you see what you're doing is you're sitting on what I like to call the fat part of the butt right like it's comfortable there so you just flip it so you're on your hip there you go and you're going to keep this bottom leg straight and this top leg will just kind of come over good let's have you scooch down this way a little bit you know the reason I have her scooch back and forth also is where I want her on the bed if she's all the way up on this side of the bed she's going to look really short but if she comes down and she takes up more of the bed proportionally our eyes are going to in our brain are going to think that she's actually longer this is why sometimes I see people shooting on twin beds it's not my favorite thing it makes women look overly gigantic because the bed is really small this is a king size bed so we want to make sure proportionally she doesn't look lost in it. The pillows help with that too because it shortens the bed a little bit thes air all little things that you think maybe are just props but they actually serve a purpose. So think about that when you put beds uh pillows on your bed in your studio or wherever you're shooting. Okay, I like this a lot. Bring many over just a little bit now your hand here, bring it back here. I want to see the curve of your body beautiful maybe bring your hand back here a little tiny bit more good and just dropped that elbow down for may much as you possibly can good maybe bring the hand up hand up a little bit more good I don't want you have to worry about twisting so much. I don't mind you like kind of coming back this way and then this arm here can you bring it this way? There we go good so I feel like you're kind of falling back this but can you bring yourself forward a little bit? Where is it? It looks uncomfortable so where is it uncomfortable in that arm okay, so let's move that arms to bring it up couldn't you come up on your elbow a little bit more good I think that that's better are you feeling more comfortable? Ok let's have you turn your head this way? Let me see what that looks like a my side okay, but I'm finding is I want you to stretch your neck up a little tiny, but can you turn your head this way the other way? Actually go back the way you just wear and just look down again. That's a beautiful shot right there. Don't move. So this is ah, one of those moments where I just learned to pose from a client. Um I don't know. This just looks really pretty to me so much to try to find the shot in there, okay, so what's happening is the way, okay, this looks really pretty raise your chin up just a little tiny bit johanna beautiful. And look over at me. Good. Giving out little tiny squint in your eyes. Stunning don't move. Okay, so what's happening right now, she looks amazing, but I'm getting this really hot spot right on the pillow right here. So I want to be careful about that. Maybe what we can do is I see that the sun is coming back on reflecting on something. So we better move fast year let's, try to get a little bit of reflection in here so I could drop my, um I'm going to raise my amateur ups like, two, five let's. See if that works a little bit better. You wanna look over any please? Beautiful. Good. Okay, so, it's, still a little bit hot over here? Let me drop this. A little tiny, but it's, just not a little bit of that light out. And I'm going to go back down to two aperture of too good. Just getting a nice little squint. Beautiful. That looks much better. We dropped the shade a little bit. I gotta work fast because you see there's like sun coming in on her leg. Here. Good. Look down again with your eyes. Turn your head a little bit more toward your shoulder for me, gorgeous. When I say three I want you to breathe through your mouth a little bit just like this look over at me like just a little yet and I want you to try to separate your chin from your shoulder a little if you can okay one two, three good and I'd do it again looking up at me one two three ok don't do it with your it shouldn't be an eyebrow movement it should just be a chest and left thing like I want you to keep that fierce expression no eyebrows it did you think about no I I I know it's like so art is not a shocked thing wait don't laugh like that when they don't have the camera in my face laughed like now you now you laugh thank you right now okay good now give me the serious expression again relax your eyebrows and give you one two, three one, two, three one more time one two, three good beautiful okay I want you to give me a little tiny squint with the because what's happening is it's so let me show you it's so bright eyed that it looks like I I broke into the room and I took a picture of you in your shop to see if I wanted to be a little more yes yes yes yes it's okay one, two three yes, much better gorgeous can we do something with that arm like playing with your hair doing something I don't even care if you're not looking at me for a moment good don't turn so far back I'd rather your head actually be this way you look longer with your head that way good just shake it out maybe lower your eyes for me good just take it out of your face good look over at me once in a while good keep your head turned this way for me beautiful okay so you'll have the one thing I want you to be careful when you're looking like off to nowhere it looks kind of like what laundry should I do later and I want you to think sexy right now see there I want you looking out the window down it yourself or up in may okay I just want you to kind of have a little fun with your hair keep your head turning that way oh, you know when you raise your arm up like that I see the car of everybody and I absolutely love it so can you bring your hand maybe like all the way back here just look down toward your shoulder so I don't want I want to try if you can avoid your shoulder and your chin touching feel like we're gonna lose your neck that looks beautiful stay just like that bring your arm all the way around for me just kind of all the way down good raise your chin up a little bit keep the arm down for me I want to see your hand keep your eyes down for me good and I look up at me what can you let your head drop a little bigger slight all beautiful stay just like that okay spring your arm back down you know can you bring your arm down and touch your other arm with it brings forward maybe a little tiny bit more oh, yeah but right yes stock I'm bringing brought up on this I just a little tiny bit just so you're even perfect yeah try that good drop your hands down this is beautifully ana good look out the window for me good and looked back over it may gorgeous I love it good job. Okay, it's time to use the couch I think the light at this point is pretty nice in the hotel room it changing us again when we were shooting on the bed but right now it's pretty muted ah soft light here so you hannah why don't you come over here and I want your head over here since the light is coming this way um well, you see what this looks like? I will have order um that looks really pretty actually comes scooch down even a little tiny bit more toward the window good and I want this hand kind of away from your body here yet in this hand I love actually what you were just doing just now so I'm actually going to don't tell anyone we're stand on the table if I could move it booth okay let's not break the camera so I want to kind of shoot over you and the reason why I'm doing that you guys is because there's so much stuff in the background I don't want to get this stuff in the pictures it's just I have to just edit it later which is a pain in the butt so I'm going to kind of come up here high now you're right weird up here okay on dh okay, so here's what I want to do the leg for this for me once you drop it a little bit just not yeah just a little lift this leg up a little bit the one closest to me good not to farm just a little bit good can you put your hand on your thigh for me here and here's the hard part because it's so comfy can you give me a little bit of posture perfect and then bring your head this way and then you can play with your hair like that good one thing I want you to johanna is I feel maybe let me have you screwed up a little bit sorry, I know I moved you I'm actually kind of like that if you sit up a little bit more can you bring the hand back? Yeah just like that actually yeah so not straight to spend it just the way it was good and then play with your hair and look down toward your shoulder here so because I'm above you johanna if you come all the way down I'm not going to see your face at all so once you more like this yes just like that don't touch your chin to your shoulder and drop that shoulder as much as you can for me if you can drop it a little bit more can you raise your chin up a tiny bit? All right, I have to come going back up to f two eight right now uh see what that looks like oh, yeah I'm coming down a little bit see if I come down here I'm getting all that stuff in the background so let's try this again um it's not perfect so I want to adjust it a little tiny bit more johanna, can you come down again? Let's just go back to that for a second sorry. Keep going good. Maybe what I'll do is let's move this out from underneath you can you just lean yeah, we see where you're at um put your shoulders back up a little bit yeah let's do that okay I want to see your body this is the most important thing you know it can you have off the catch for just one second yes let me try something I don't want you to look too smushed maybe if you came appear see how I'm sort of leaning my uh back up against here let's try something like that because you've been kind of push your trust back and get a little arch in your back all right let's try that it's hard to know if somebody can physically do something unless you try it yourself sometimes so that's why I always say ok hop up let me try it myself switch your legs that this leg is up a little bit more good I like that um your hand is just kind of doing nothing so let's do something with it can you see if you bring it down though I don't like how that looks to bring it back up it's okay that looks look good and I want the other hand to touch any good maybe make that arm straight if you can and touching your knee so like it's more like this good I just want some attitude in you right now you know what I mean like I don't want to look at your comfy sitting on the couch I want like don't you dare come on this couch right now because I'm I'm on this couch okay this is my couch like that table in my way I got excited raise your chin up a smidge okay say no can you just move this stuff from the back round there and actually can you grab the orange thing off the bed too so it's not in her head there we go now we don't have too much stuff in the background which is nice good give me that nice fierce expression that you're giving me for good come over this late I think oh yeah I like this a lot okay, I'm sorry. One more thing the orange thing is still in the frame if you wouldn't mind thank you. This is what's nice about having an assistant with you make you just move the stuff in the background so you're not going back and forth a thousand times good. Relax this hand I want to see fingers actually can you bring it up more like behind your hair oh, you know what I like in you? Yeah let's do something like that. Okay, it's coming in a little closer to you it looks like you you turn your body your chest toward me a little bit there you go, we get a little less armpit like that you guys I hate editing armpits were more thing daniel, I'm sorry. Can you grab the orange pillows off the bed too? Having the bed in the background doesn't bother me having the white pills on there doesn't bother me having the orange pillows is distracting so I'm just going to try to keep it neutral back there you can actually like when your face has turned a little more toward me yeah I'd like to see your fingertips like that alex and I stay just like that again I'm shooting with the fifty so you'll see me moving in and out because I'm not shooting with a z and lands I'm shooting with a prime I'm trying there's a lamp right behind her is like literally I'm going to take a picture so I could show you guys literally lined up with her head so I'm trying to make sure you keep that out of the frame gorgeous stay like that I want to try to get backup here good look up at me raise your chin up a little bit more johanna beautiful give me some nice posture and you're back for me there you go gorgeous can you look down at yourself again good maybe just touch your lips for me real gentle yeah good and look up at me again raise your chin up beautiful I'm having her raise her chin up because when she's below me and she's looking up getting a ton of white under her eyes I want to make sure that her eyes are in the center of her I lives just beautiful I think you did awesome e so you guys in the bonus week I talk about hidden gems in my studio but there's hidden gems everywhere one of the things I was just playing with the production crew was kind of doing their own thing over here is I put johanna on the couch and I push the table in really close to the couch so I got a reflection of her I'll show you what that picture it looks like what's great about that is it gives a little bit of a different look this hotel room although nice is fairly plain it's pretty boring right we're so working kind of shooting in small boring spaces like we have been the whole time the point here is to find some creative things that you can do in any hotel room in other rooms that I worked in in the past I've shot in the hallways and bathrooms and elevators get creative find some places that you could shoot that are not on ly in the room but give a little bit of variety and different look so in this segment I showed you how I shot in three different areas I shot on the by the window I shot on the bed and I shot on the couch that's only three areas in this small room that I found that I could probably shooting two or three more if I look hard enough there's a mirror by the bathroom. I would work with there's, an armoire here, that's large enough to serve as a background itself. Like I said, hallways, elevators, any little crevice that you confined make it happen. You could also bring things into hotel rooms, reels of paper or a backdrop. Something else you might want to change with some bedding get creative. Not having a studio doesn't mean that you shouldn't be shooting boudoir. Find a hotel that will work for you. Sometimes people ask me if if I tell the hotel's I'm shooting in there. This is sort of an iffy question. It depends on the hotel. I always want you guys to be honest and open and maybe even work out a cross marketing with the hotels. Sometimes they may not like it, and you may just check in and do your chute and leave that's okay, too. But the best case scenario is to find a hotel that you can build a relationship with this way and you could have the room for the hours that you want, and hopefully they'll give you a little bit of a discount on the rate.

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I think this course is great, my question was about a Facebook comment made that if a man has a bunch of likes that are female pages..., I agree and disagree in marketing they thought me to like your interest and hopefully future clients. How do I make it safe for clients and future clients? I am a Talent Agent and use to model and learning Boudior is my way of helping my models and business ,I want to also produce a magazine from my agency ,I was going to buy both franchises years ago but I want to do it myself in one company so I'm learning boudior photography to help me a beginning photographer pose women something I do not know I still pose women like family photos. The courses in green screen and other photo classes are just about lighting and position not what position, as a Videographer same thing no posing skill, business video production doesn't teach it all my courses are pro-stuff and tech nothing about what poses my models do. This will help my Video Production Business and Photography Business and my Model Agency...., thanks! I need this course so my models are comfortable and my clients feel comfortable I'm a shy person and I don't want me being uncomfortable make everyone feel weird!

Daniella Moné

Thank you Jen great Bootcamp! I'm starting my boudoir photography business and you have given me so many tools to succeed. I would have like to see more of the why in the posing as opposed to I don't like this let's change it as posing is the biggest challenge for me. I was particularly happy to see how you use your TD6 to create window light. That's what I use since my studio windows are too high when the client is laying on the bed. I really enjoyed your hidden gem video as well as the male versus female. You are an amazing teacher, thank you for your generosity!