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Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

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Boudoir Critique

Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

Jen Rozenbaum

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Lesson Info

22. Boudoir Critique

Lesson Info

Boudoir Critique

I am looking at these images based on sort of what we've already covered in the boot camp so it will give the viewers at home an idea of how we're looking at things and you know my word is not the end word it doesn't mean that I'm right or I'm wrong it's just the way I see it so take it with a grain of soft and I'll be gentle I promise um I love this image actually it's really I love the tones of the image warder of wise I love how she went with this color you see how beautiful this color is like it sort of implies nudity because it's so close to her skin tone but yet it covers her so if you have a client that's a little bit uncomfortable with showing her chest this is a great move right here because it shows just enough on its tone wise it's beautiful I love her makeup how soft and her lips are beautiful and her eyes stick out and I really like how how this arm is up and it kind of frames her face my only real concern about this image is that there's a lot of foreshortening in her arm...

right here just making her arm what kind of big do you see that a little bit heavy on because it's so close to the camera I don't know all I see is sort of like this bit just his big circle right here, right? But the thing is, I'm on an image like this a client probably won't notice it, and she'll really love it, and I wouldn't blame her. This is absolutely beautiful. Um, so it's not a huge mistake, but I think that you'll see when we do, like the foundational posing if you go through the eight point supposing if this photographer had done that, they would have stopped at this arm and gotten I don't know if this looks right. Let me see if I can fix it and maybe just by pulling it down just a little bit, having her hand closer to her face would stop that it would give us a little more proportion in the arm remember, we are not when we talk about the eight point supposing we're not looking about body types were looking for proportion. So when I look at an image to critique it's, the first thing I look for us proportion so that would be my only statement about this that this arm is out of proportion and the other way that I know that is because I'm measuring this's how wide her arm is here, this is how wide it is here, they're not the same. I was out of proportion it's never gonna be exactly the same cause one's always a little closer to the camera than the other but when you really look at it that way they look pretty far apart don't they the great job adina I thinkit's a very beautiful photo lots of great choices here okay this is amy um okay couple of things here um this is a good pose I do like it and I do like actually in the the opposite of what we just discussed amy has put the arm down here and now you can see that the arms are much more in proportion so I think that that's really great but remember one of the points that we talked about in the eight points opposing his legs how this leg should always be higher than that way do you see why that happens? Because heard leg here is looking much wider than this light here you know if we measure like the two areas it's looking much wider so amy next time if you switch the legs that will give you much more proportion here I'm for me I'm not the biggest fan of her head hanging down that way it's just my own personal style I would rather have her head up a little bit more so I don't see as much neck but what's nice about it is that we're not getting any of the wrinkles of the far ahead right? We're not getting any like a super under eye whiteness there um and a ce faras editing is concerned I'd probably fill in these little areas just with bed so it just looks a little more even but I think that otherwise it looks nice. The lighting is nice on here just a couple of things and you see even with these legs being the opposite way like this area doesn't look the same so it just makes it look like her legs are a little whacked out but I think that again the client probably won't notice this image and the client will be really happy with it this isn't it picking you know, like I I'm doing it because I have teo but uh it's not picking and I think otherwise it's very nice you know, I think also if you have her head up on the bed like her hair can be more full here and I know that's nice they pay a lot of money I have their hair done so I want to make sure their hair is nice and full okay again similar type of pose but there's a couple of things here that I love in a couple of things I would change I love her expression I think it's beautiful I love her red lipstick on her I think that she look really serene and very happy and she's thinking sexy thoughts but the bottom of her body is really confusing me um I'm doesn't have much of a torso here so I'm a little confused and again this is because this leg is coming over the other one do you see that if her legs were both up like we've done in the eight points opposing and they were both like bent because the second you cross annie over there you start looking amputated it starts looking awkward because I'm even catching the bottom reverse you hear I think and this is a this is for me not the best wardrobe choice I love nude heels but without stockings if she's wearing stockings black heels this way continues that line um and I feel like this arm is very straight so is adding a little bit of bulk to her right here and again let's look at the proportion this arm is this long right and this arms is long so one arm looks much longer than the other right do you guys agree because you're seeing it from a little further back so one arm looks much over this is one of those images darby if you're out there tell me if you're watching if you shot this with the twenty four seventy because this is one of those images where I look at I go this was probably shot with twenty four to seventy at like twenty four millimeter because it's definitely feeling out of proportion her head is this big let's see and like so is her torso basically okay so that's showing me it's out of proportion but I think manu now that expression and her makeup looks beautiful and simple and I do love this necklace this is really pretty it might be a little busy with this but you know warder wise also we talked about like baby dolls this is kind of like a baby doll and I just don't think it's showing off her shaped the way I want to see it like I want to see more of her body even if it's covered with like a teddy or something I want to see more of her curves there um so darby I think you're in a really really good starting point I mean, this is better than a lot of pictures I took early on in my career I'm not sure where she's at in her career but um those eight point supposing you you watch the foundation posing because there's a point suppose they're going to stop a lot of these mistakes and it will take this pose and kick it up like ten notches because it's a great foundation great places start yeah would you maybe recommend cropping it differently because her face is so beautiful yeah that might work it is so beautiful, isn't it? You know what I love about where her head is by the way it's not most people turned the head toward the camera I really like it up like this a little bit more because we get her cheekbone in there and her nose is still within the lines of her face. Her I still isn't her lips. And I just this is like her face is perfection. So I think you're right. Maybe there's another crop that she can work with that would be like if we took this stuff out of it. Maybe it's hard for me to see and holds it up at the same time. But I think that you're not wrong. Maybe try a new crop. And darby, if you do try and do can I talk to her? Darby, if you're out there, uh, if you try a new crop posted up to the creative live gallery, I want to see it. I think it would be really great. So good suggestion, lauren. Love. Okay, so, there's a couple things I really, really love about this image. The first is that she took it off to the side. Right? Or he actually, she took it off to the side. I love that. We talk about that when we talk about hotbed, pose is making sure you get the body in the pose I I love it and love how simple it is I mean, I don't even know if she's on the bed or on the floor or whatever, but I don't really care because this is all about her and this pose is definitely beautiful I love that she has new chews on and she's pointing her toes it adds just that little bit of length to her I love the coloring and this is the bad and most bad ass tattoo I think I've ever seen I love it like batman and batgirl I love it there's on ly one little change that I would make on here is this backhand I would probably bring it up a little bit more so I see a little bit more of her hand a little less of her arm. It almost looks like it's growing out of her head a little bit so I want to see a little bit more like brought around like that or even maybe touching her leg like maybe she doesn't even have to have it up. Maybe it can just be touching her leg over here like earth. I like just so I get an idea of an arm but I want it away from her head I wanted away from her face it's a little heavy for me and everything else is such perfection, so good job, okay allie, I there's some things I do love about this your coloring is great, her makeup is beautiful um this is one of those images where some things about it feel a little heavy for me like I don't know what this is back here, right? Like I literally don't know I don't know if it's her shoulder or if it's her arm I think maybe her hand is up like this it's like the back of her hand, right? But if I have to think about it for that long that's a question mark right there like that's a red flag have to think about it um also this hand feels really heavy for me just cause it's kind of coming out of nowhere. I liked the intimate crop, vic, I like how she comes up really close to her, but I would rather see you, allie, stand on a step stool or an apple box or something and take it from a little higher of an angle also so that I could see more of her body because right now it looks like she doesn't have a tour so it's just her legs or growing out of her chest, right? We talk about that during the eight points opposing and especially the rotisserie cheek but to rotisserie chicken, making sure you're at an angle that you can see her body okay again, guys, these air ninety nine percent of the time rules the's are one hundred percent of the time rules but here I do want to see more of her body very much and I want some of these heavy parts taken out of it because she's so delicate like her pearls and her really pretty pink lips so we want to lighten it up a tiny little bit next time come up on the steps so I always have a step stool in my studio even if you're tall have a step stool because you might just want to get over the bed a little bit and shoot it a little bit of a different angle. Okay, these these are actually all very similar poses and they're all really working for me except for a couple of little tiny things for me. Carly here I do this pose I actually really love this pose, but I want you next time instead of taking the picture from here, take it from here. Okay? Aaron, you and I talked about that. Maybe you could speak about that for one second about the fact that when you see it in person, you realize that shooting on an angle makes such a big difference I'm talking for you, but you know what I was gonna say, you know what I'm talking about, um I have always tried to do your bed poses they could never get them and seeing you shoot I realized that you're not taking it from straight on your coming to an angle and I know that's going to fix every problem that I've ever had with that pose in particular yeah, this is this is a good example because remember you guys I talked about keeping the chin up to see what's happening here her nose is covering her lips that's a big no no for me I always want to see lips if they're in the picture I want to see them so she could raise her chin all the way up here and it wouldn't really matter we still it would still be sort of out of proportion, but if she if carly you take like two steps this way, this is going to be a completely different picture and it's gonna be like skyrocket amazing because everything else is really pretty it's a little tiny hot over here and be a little careful about your exposure because I'm losing like that second half of her leg there which also if you take a few steps over will help, you'll see the bottom half the calf part of your leg because right now it looks a little bit amputated like where are where is the rest of her leg? We don't really know we assume it's there, but I want to see at least a little bit of it. So next time again, we call it the solar system solar system around her see where your best shot is and take it from there, but everything else on this is really very pretty same thing here, cornelia, I totally get what you're doing here, but, um, this I don't dis bothers me a little bit, okay, this is one of those images that we talked about, like, if she's a curvy girl just take a picture of her eyelashes or her eyes, make that and focus and make everything else blurry that that sort of feels like that a little bit and I'm not criticizing I get it, it could be actually really beautiful picture, but her legs distract me it looks like her legs crossed over. I can't guys don't cross legs the second you cross legs, it flattens everything it's pushes it out you could you know, if you sit down on a chair and you cross your legs your thigh hq doubles insides right that's normal it's just muscle and skin and everything moving around so it's the same thing when she's laying down so what's happening here if this is her legs, this leg looks so gigantic and this light looks super skinny and longer and it looks just a little strange also because she has no torso. So it's, like the legs are growing out of her chest. So I understand what she's trying to do. And again, lauren, to your point, maybe if she crops, it would be a little bit of a different picture. Uh, I'm not sure I'd have to see, but maybe there's a better angle to take this that maybe if you go to the side a little bit more, you khun, get still that same, like face and body. But you see a little bit more of the body, and you can still shoot it at a lower avatar and blur everything in the background. But then we get the hints of the curves and the torso, and it makes for a more complete picture for may. Okay, I actually so this is j b, I think. It's jack asses jack's pixels on it. Um, this is also so close. This is another shot that maybe I would think was taken to the twenty four to seven day. Do you see why? Ok, when you really start looking carefully, this is really much larger. Everything here is much larger than everything back here, um, again, j b if you just take a small step over just a couple of steps we're going to see more of her torso she's going to be maurin proportion I think what's happening is that her head is closer to him or her? When hey or her she your hammers whatever j b is taking the picture uh if everything closer to the camera is bigger and everything further away is smaller so it's okay to angle her on the bed and then you be parallel to her. Does that make sense? Because you notice here she looks like she's actually straight on the on the bed and he's shooting her kind of straight on from this where she shooting straight on from this way so we're losing a lot of this detail in the back and again look, this is just the end of her that from her elbow to her fingers, right? Is this big it's like pretty much almost as big as her calf? Uh, her thigh, which is not proportionately correct. Um, so we want to be careful by that also, just be careful about the hand coming toward the camera because it's actually for shortening this. Okay, so we just want to be careful with that allright, these air little little things because I am totally nit picking because that's what this is about the nit picking of the images if a client sees that she's going to be happy and I have to actually say one thing, this image breaks my rule of keeping your hands up here. But I actually really like it here. I really like her hand there because it doesn't mess up her eye and it's kind of I love how the hair is falling over her face like that it's kind of, you know, dangerous, and it kind of just looks like she doesn't give a damn on. I like that, so I think that that's really successful, and this is the idea of breaking the rules when it works for you. I like how that works here, but this is the pose is great, everything is great. I just want him to take a few steps over. It will make a big difference in the image, okay, maggie, this is very pretty. I like this. I like the softness of the image. Um, I like the sheet on her. Here's there's only there's one really nit picky things like I don't see her little tiny toes down here and I know I'm a cropper I do crop things all the time, but that would bother me in my own image I would probably dumped this images because I can't see her toes and that's going to be one of those like eight points opposing when you go down the body and you check all those points that is going to prevent this from happening again, right let's assume that the toes there and, um let's talk about it first again, I actually really like the way the light is coming in from behind on the level or or the shades but it's a little tiny bit bright for me and I feel that it's competing with her I wish she was a little tiny bit brighter and this to me says that maggie needs to have a little better control over her light just a little. Okay, so this might be a new opportunity for you to pop in a little fill light or put up a reflector right and just brighten her just enough that she pops away from the background just a little bit okay, so this to me looks like we're talking about the stages of learning this looks like she's right on the border of like, I'm getting the hang of this and where did my stages I suck at this? I really don't like you really don't suck it this at all. But if you just keep at it, you have a tiny little a little bit more control of your light. It's going to make a huge improvement in this image and just watch those cute little red toes because we don't want to lose those. Actually, this also breaks my rule of having, like, a super straight arm here, but it still works for me. I think it breaks up the sheet like I like seeing her skin there. So I like that. And I like her expression. It's very beautiful in her hair. Looks pretty too. Uh, okay, just this is like a girl after my own heart. Negative space. I love it. However, I think that you took negative space this much too far. Okay, I want to see her come over just a little bit, mostly because her fingers are cut off here. And I want to see that if I can now understand us, I'm not in the situation when I'm taking the picture. Like they're in this and she might say, well, I couldn't back up anymore or her fingers were not cut off there, just, you know, whatever it was I understand that I'm not in that place taking the picture so I don't understand where she is or how it was taken. Um this is just the advice that I can offer you seeing what I see um just scooch er a little bit more there's stuff I love about this post I love that we have this negative he's accurate shows off the curve of her body I would probably have her flip her legs so that the weight is on the back leg right? We talk about hips away it would be tiny little bit more graceful however she's a really beautiful body and therefore it doesn't look bad right? But it would look even better remember we're going for even better all the time if her hip was faced the other way pushed the other way I would probably bring her chin down a smidge also but otherwise I mean, she looks killer and I just want it I want a little tiny bit more if are just a little bit would you guys agree with that? But I love this I love that you're not scared of that jess it's very very, very pretty joanna okay, this is this is pretty and I see what she is trying to do here um this is another example pose is beautiful, you know we're framing the body, she has the hips, the right direction um, this is another example we need a tiny little bit more control of the light, okay, because what's happening is I'm really sort of losing this whole midsection here. Um, and I want to see it a little bit more, so maybe a reflector needed to be put up or a tiny bit of film needed to be added or maybe she just needed to be darkened so I could see her a little darker behind the shades. I'm not exactly sure, like I said, I wasn't there, so I don't know, but this is another small example of we're getting control over the light will make a very big difference in the image. I also think I probably edit out all of this like I want consist seeing the image so it just looks like the curtain behind her, but I think posing wise, you did a really beautiful job and I love how we can see the side of her face and they even loved the little pearl on the boat like it kind of gives you the impression that she's like a good girl but she's standing in front of the window naked, we're just kind of fun like that. Um, so yeah, and I even don't even mind how she's framed with this window um I would just want it brought over shero, okay? This is this is very nice she has a beautiful body she has great lingerie, there's three small changes I would make on this image that I see right away that would make this image so much better. The first is I would have her look down I'm actually seeing inside her eye here and it's such a small little thing but it's freaks me out when I could see like a little bit of bible I say that to my clients all the time and you saw that when I was shooting the other day with the model when I said okay, if you can't look all the way down then just close your eyes I don't want to see half of my ball it starts looking demonic and scary so I would close her I not only that then we would see her beautiful lashes how great would that be under her hair to see those lashes I would love that um I would get rid of the gloves because like when I first saw the image when it first popped up I thought where did her arms go? Because it's sort of blends into the background the darkness of the background and almost she almost looks amputated I got it, I figured it out it took me like three seconds to figure it out I was a girl she's wearing gloves but when I first came up I thought she didn't have arms on there and I would just be careful about this knee up I pushed this knee down because first of all it's walking her belly button so on the road map of her body I'm not sure where it is and that it confuses my mind okay and it's blocking some beautiful lingerie and it's for shortening the leg it's just really distracting for me in this image so if she put her lay down we got rid of the gloves and you close her eyes this would be a great great great image but you're there I mean the concept is there the lighting is there her skin tones are great um and it's hard to shoot a girl that has short hair I've had over and over and over again so I think in this case it's really great I love how the hair is playing in her face like that okay mario I hope I'm saying everybody's names right um I do understand this image I understand the peekaboo but I want to see a little more of her face I want to know why she's standing there so if she's inviting me in it would be a little bit more of like a hey I'm here you're gonna come and get me versus like I'm hiding behind the window I hope you don't see me that's sort of the message that I'm getting from this uh I want to see more of her face especially her lips and I want her expression softened a little. I want this to tell it's so close to telling me a story I want to know the story I want her to be, you know, giving me a flirtatious face or some sort of eye contact or maybe not even maybe just kind of looking down her body like I'm waiting for you um in the wardrobe section we talk about this material I show it during the the tour I do in the lingerie store about how shiny the material is on this color I don't love the shyness of the wandering I think this is not the best lingerie choice for her. I also think because if she has a larger chest she could use a little more support, so maybe I would stick a broad underneath that lingerie however she's beautiful, she has a great body, I just want to see a little more of her. I wish maybe this was a little thinner or she was just sticking her head out a little bit more and like teasing a little bit, right? But I think it's there I mean again skin tones are beautiful um and the color looks nice on her I just don't like the shyness of it that's just my own personal feeling about it okay mirror shot so megan is brave enough to give us a mirror shot and here is the crazy thing about marriage shots you guys think it's hard to pose one girl try posing to girls because that's really what you're doing with mary shots you're posing two girls so now you don't have eight points opposing have sixteen points opposing okay you have to look at all eight points of every single girl and it's really hard to do mirror shots are really really hard now um and I love this shot of her I'm not as crazy about this shot of her uh I still I like it but I think it's weird when I see her I expect her to be bigger right because you were shooting her from a more direct angle so she looks a little bit larger than this girl now it's hard to do I started just avoiding marriage that's a one point cause I was like I don't know this girl looks good this girl looks bad one of the ways I find mirror shots worked best is if they're sort of right up against the mirror sideways so they're they're both parallel to you okay because the second you have one in front one in back it's much harder or if there's a distance between them I showed an image we talked about the anonymous image where I got the girls push from behind and in the mirror I got the full body that's a great way to do it too, because we want the touch to look bigger. But we want the girl in the background the fooling to be smaller and slimmer. So there's ways of doing it. I do think that this is successful for the beach. The back image. Um it's hard, megan it's hard. But you I mean, you did a good job. She did a good job. I just it was funny when I saw this. I just remember thinking she's really tiny. I wasn't sure if she was his tiny maybe because I'm not seeing any curve on her. Maybe if maybe if you step back a little bit of she could step back and show me more of the girl in the front and more of the girl in the back, I would I would like it that much more. And you know what? I love that you did, megan. You left in the skin fold because, like hello, that's what we all have right on I like it. If she would remove the skin fold, she would have looked just even heavier. I think it kind of makes women just look very square here, okay, um krissy, this is great, this is more dramatic lighting, so I love that there's a couple things I would change about this just a little bit I like that you're showing me more dramatic lighting, I see her eyeballs open here or maybe it's closed and it's just a glare here, so I'd probably just even edit that out, so I don't even see it at all, and I don't love it on her nose like, do you guys see that it's like, first thing I see is her nose. I want the first thing to see her is her chest or her lips, right? Because that's really what this image is about. So how does it look when I covered up? Doesn't look like she just doesn't have a nose? Or does it look better? I think it looks better, so maybe just take down or you couldn't, you know, kind of go in there and take down a little bit of the highlights on her nose or maybe add a little tiny bit of fill light in here just to show me a little more face. I kind of want it one way or the other. Um, but I like the idea of the dramatic lighting it's very pretty. Okay, this image, the posing okay, so here's the thing this image could be a really great image I heard, but look, should her body looks good, um I like that I have some negative space here and that's some light here, so I can see the curve of her body there's a lens flare thing happening for me that I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, and because I don't know if it's intentional, that means it's not intentional, because intentional lens flare should look intentional. I think that what's happening is this is a really, really bright day. I'd probably recommend putting something over the window like a curtain, a sheer curtain to control the light a little bit more remember we are, you know, this is not just about posing is about controlling light and in my opinion in this image, uh, think jessica is does not have control over the light and that's okay, it's a learning experience. So how do we get control of the light muting the light? Uh, maybe putting a lens hood ons you don't get as much flair and here, but I'm not, you know, if the lens flare was cool or I saw something in it or added a certain color, but for me it's distracting from her body, so just to control the light a little bit more, I do like the crop on it, though I think that the crop is is interesting and kind of voyeuristic, so that that's really successful um, okay, again. A couple fast things on this picture. I do like it. I like how we're seeing this, especially right here. I love that. I would usually bend the arm down here, but in my opinion, that still works. This is like a rule breaker for me, but it still works. Um, switch those legs. This is what we were talking about the other day. Do you remember? So if you switch the legs the other way, this leg is going to look away longer. Right now, her legs literally look too different. Lengths. Yeah, jenna, just have a question for you again. A lot of people are with us. We're live right now, and we're talking about things that we have already learned here in our studio audience over. You will learn right when those segments dio play in the future again, you can get that full schedule for the boot camp by going to the class page for this class. Could you? Just because we're talking about the different throughout this critique, which is, by the way, here in amazing critique. Er, could you point out what those eight points? Yes question so that people can follow along, and this is a great image to do it on saturday, so I will teach you in the foundation's opposing that every time you click your shutter, you need to check the eight points of a woman's body to make sure it looks good. The eight points are the head, the shoulders, the arms or elbows, the waste, the hips, knees and ankles. Hopefully, that was eight. But basically what happens is every single time you click the shutter. I'm going to scan the woman's body it's like radar. Did it? It it it it it it make sure everything looks good. If tina had done that in this image and she went through, she said okay, this looks good. This looks good. This looks good. This looks good. This is good. B b b b p her legs with two different lengths. Hey, do me a favor, client, can you switch your legs for me so I could see what that looks like when she switched her legs, tina would say peritus that's it because her leg will look longer and you know, it's, you know you made good decisions here, she's wearing new choose and she's pointing her toast. So she's trying to get her legs look longer. But if she had switched the legs, they wouldn't have broken up this. The way her leg is here, it wouldn't have pushed this leg back it would keep it forward and her legs would look the same length. Okay, it's, this is tiny little thing. Okay, this client is gonna look at this photo and go I look hot and she does look hot super hot. Okay, but the head is gonna make her just look much hotter and the chances of you selling this picture at this much more and that's what we're looking for and if we add up all these little tiny this much more is it becomes a big impact on our images. So those are the eight points and in that class, can I teach how to use each point and not just what you need to know what you need to move but how to move it, to make it look the best that you possibly can in that in these eight points, I might have dropped her arm lower here to make this part of her arm looks smaller. Women are very self conscious about the top of their arms, so we have to be careful. That, however, like I said, it's still works for me here I see her chest. She has a great curve of her body here and so I'm not crazy about that arm I'm not gonna go crazy for me the legs or what need to be changed here. Also. Let's talk a tiny little bit about environment in our pictures. I don't have a lot of it. And I find that that's easier for me. You know how much I hate editing. I talk about that all the time. It's. Easier for me to edit a picture of a girl against a white wall than in a scenario like this. Clearly because there's so much other stuff going on. But think about it when you're taking the picture for me. There's. A lot of stuff happening here. There's a wallpaper, there's, the headboard, there's, the lamp, there's a different pillows. It's environmental. Yes, but maybe I would consider bringing her forward on the bed a little bit more, blurring the background a little bit so that she becomes the focus of the picture again. These air small little things, but they make such a big difference. Or maybe I would just remove this lamp altogether. Okay, um, but just think about that a little bit when you look around your client it's, not just the eight points you have just kind of scan the whole picture and see what's around her so that you understand if she's the focus, um this is another great example of that because I actually really loved this pose I love what she's doing it's sort of you know she's sort of like voyeuristic like hey you just catch me doing this but this is this is bothering me up here I feel like it she looks like she's wearing a hot so look at what's in the background of your photos also I'm not saying it couldn't work but maybe for this pose is distracting so be really careful about what's going on in your environment I love actually the blue comforter with her blue eyes like it really makes everything pop so that's a great decision to make there um but just be really careful about what's going on in the background here's another mirror shot for me I really love how this is framed it's really, really beautiful how it's framed um I would be a little careful about her arm her and here but again you might not have been able to get into a spot where it was you know you could really see it but this might be a great way to get a mirror shot without having to women in it. Okay, this is a little bit outside the box thinking which I like I'd be a little careful about the brights and getting its a little and this might just be my screen like this screen over what the picture it was like it's a little tiny bit overexposed for me I want to see a little more detail here um and styling wise let's talk about it looks like she has a shaved like part of her head is shaved over here which is ok but my first reaction when I saw this picture is I wish he had had her hair done because she's got a lot of really beautiful hair and maybe she did get it done but I wish it had a little bit more volume for me because it's such a feminine picture and she's very muscular so I want I think that a little more hair a little more softness and her hair will feminized it just a little tiny bit again this is just my opinion maybe she wanted to look a certain away and I have no right to say otherwise but this is just my gut instinct says you know what I wish he had a little more smooth kind of big waves in her hair and that just goes back to the styling and asking what the client wants and you know what if the client wanted this then I should just shut up because it doesn't matter what I say it doesn't matter what the photographer things if clients happy with it that's all that matters um anna this is very pretty as faras I see it's like a vintage kind of feel to the image um it's a smith ok there's a couple things here let's talk about light for a second I see a shadow back here that gives me the impression it was taken with like on camera flash it almost look like um or something a little bit of harder shadows I'm not sure that's the lighting that you're looking for in this type of scenario if you're looking for like an old hollywood type of lighting so again getting control of your lighting and making decisions on what you're lighting should be is really, really important um it's a smidge over edited for me but again I don't really edit anything you ever like I have such basic editing um I just want to make sure anna that when you're doing all of this is intentional that you're doing it with intention that this is bill look you're going for there are some areas that are a little bit bright for me that looked like maybe you edited something out so just be a little more careful with the added a little more cautious with it um there's so much you can do with editing but you could also really ruin a picture with editing I'm not saying that's the case here but taking something too far over editing or editing the wrong way can ruin an image she had to be really careful about that that said I really do like the posing I think very delicate and beautiful. And I like even how her toes are kind of stuck under here. So you don't see it looks, make it. Her feet look even more delicate, which is very pretty. Um, and I like her hand is actually a very delicate too, which is nice. Okay, uh, elena, I'm going to say that it is. This is another example of a lot going on an image for may the conflicting patterns on here and then there's these lines. And then I think this is dream. And then there's flowers and there's a lot going on. And the girl is the last thing I look at and I want her to be the first thing I see. Okay, what's great. Here is she's got some edgy styling going on with her, scott, these dark, straight hair and these red lips and I would love to see her something a little edgier. She almost looks like she's trying to be edgy, like she wants to be like, I hate this comforter or I love this comfort or whatever it is, but I would love to see a little more edginess to her. And so it's giving me mixed messages a little bit. Okay intention you guys there has to be intention in your photos what scenario you're putting her and what is she wearing how do you want it to be portrayed what does she want to be portrayed as because to me this looks like a girl it's ready like rip apart this bed and I don't believe this is her bed I think her bed has like satin sheets on it right like this is the story I'm telling myself at least but this is if this is how I'm reading it then you have to see maybe some other people are reading it and in their own ways um in similar ways but there's a lot there's a lot of patterns and everything going on for me I want this image to be more simple so she can stand out okay this is our last time which I think um this is what this is one of the reasons I picked this image is because it was called something like early morning beauty something like that or morning something about morning and I thought it was so interesting that she made a black and white because it doesn't portray morning to me at all like morning I think of like golden sunshine pinks sunrise so tiffany if you're out there I'm interested to know why you decided to name it that not that I don't believe you I just want to know why because I think that I want to see this image and colors so badly um I think for me the black and white seems to have flattened it a little tiny bit I also see she put some fabric or something in front of the lens which is actually interesting um it provides a little bit of texture I have it would have moved it down a little cycle it's kind of over the laundry it's like a little conflicting with the laundry but it's interesting to try something new but then to change it into black and white like I just want to know why so if you're out there tiffany just tell me why and maybe you know you have a great reason and I think it's awesome but when you called it early morning boudoir or something of that beauty I just thought men I bet she's were in my mind I bet she's wearing like a pink and the sun is coming in and lighting her up and she looks so soft and beautiful and I want to see that so those are some decisions to make in your editing I just want to see it I feel like the image this black and white made it a little tiny flat for me but I love the pose I love that she's laughing I think she looks beautiful and I wish I looked like that early morning I woke up like this not at all. Um, so good job. And thank you to everybody who, you know, sent in photos because they were all really beautiful was a tough choice. And I hope that everybody does take what I say with a grain of salt. These air just small, small changes that will make big impacts on images. And I think just to be able to send your work to creative live, to be critiqued is so brave and a step in the right direction for sure. Fantastic. Jen just wanted teo give you some praise from the folks at home because people really, really enjoy this and learn so much. Jana roller boudoir says jenna's such is so amazing critiques I love how she says what she loves about the image and then give suggestions on how to improve it. Just awesome to see such really constructive critiques. I don't want her to jonah because she has contributed quite a bit behind. She has been watching. So thank you out there for watching and your support. That's also? All right, jan so, do you have any final words for us? Yes, of course. Ideo, uh, first of all, another sat out to my boudoir group. We added about twelve hundred people yesterday which awesome and people are very active in protest. Painting there, so please feel free to join me in there and ask questions of me. You can always tag me in their o r anybody else were there to support each other, and the way that I just went through these images is really what I expect from people in this group. Tell me what you love about the images, tell me what you might change in an image, but please be nice. Constructive criticism is all about the constructive, not about the criticism, so we really want to make sure we help each other and were constructive in that way. So definitely check us out on facebook in that group, and I'm definitely active in there as well. I'd also love to know what your favorite piece of equipment in your bag is there in your studio. What do you love? Tell me, tell everybody what you love to shoot with, and you can tweet that to me at gen rosenbaum with d and a creative live, of course, and you can use the hash tag jen's boudoir boot camp. And I know that this is only day two for everybody at home. But so this is the end for us here together today. So I really want to thank you guys. You've been more than amazing. You came in as a ten days, but you're leaving my friends, and I hope that we stay that way for a very long time. And I appreciate your support and everything you've done to come here for me also.

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I think this course is great, my question was about a Facebook comment made that if a man has a bunch of likes that are female pages..., I agree and disagree in marketing they thought me to like your interest and hopefully future clients. How do I make it safe for clients and future clients? I am a Talent Agent and use to model and learning Boudior is my way of helping my models and business ,I want to also produce a magazine from my agency ,I was going to buy both franchises years ago but I want to do it myself in one company so I'm learning boudior photography to help me a beginning photographer pose women something I do not know I still pose women like family photos. The courses in green screen and other photo classes are just about lighting and position not what position, as a Videographer same thing no posing skill, business video production doesn't teach it all my courses are pro-stuff and tech nothing about what poses my models do. This will help my Video Production Business and Photography Business and my Model Agency...., thanks! I need this course so my models are comfortable and my clients feel comfortable I'm a shy person and I don't want me being uncomfortable make everyone feel weird!

Daniella Moné

Thank you Jen great Bootcamp! I'm starting my boudoir photography business and you have given me so many tools to succeed. I would have like to see more of the why in the posing as opposed to I don't like this let's change it as posing is the biggest challenge for me. I was particularly happy to see how you use your TD6 to create window light. That's what I use since my studio windows are too high when the client is laying on the bed. I really enjoyed your hidden gem video as well as the male versus female. You are an amazing teacher, thank you for your generosity!