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Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

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The Stages of Learning

Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

Jen Rozenbaum

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2. The Stages of Learning

Lesson Info

The Stages of Learning

So let's talk about some other ingredients to get you started in boudoir we're gonna talk about the four stages of learning defining success setting goals and all of this together will help establish we're gonna build that foundation like you can't build we talked about this imposing can't build a house on a crappy foundation so you need a good foundation to build a house so let's first talk about the four stages of learning I will trip over my tongue fifty eight times just so you know this is confusing they are unconscious and confidence conscious incompetence conscious confidence, unconscious confidence of which stage applies to you you don't know because you have no idea what any of this mumbo jumbo means so let's break it down for a second okay? Unconscious incompetence you don't know what you don't know this is the I think I'm awesome, but I really suck stage this is when you first get that camera and you take a picture and it looks better than your point and shoot or your iphone,...

right? So you go out, you goodness and you just start taking pictures of everything in p for photographer mode, right? And you start taking pills that you're like this is this is the this is my jam, I got this, I'm going to be a photographer and everybody else that looks at your pictures goes, oh it's very nice and you like whatever I rule on the best photographer ever and that's what this looks like this is my first food war she would ever ever ever ever um it's cool we were going for the alien principle here where she's green or orange I don't know there's lots of shadows because I didn't know I told candace I didn't realize you had to shut the lights off in the room when you actually took pictures so weird I thought light is light um I shave her armpits smells good she told mei and you know like her bra strap is twisted she's got little nub of fingers I mean this is bad you guys this is obviously really, really bad but I thought it was awesome and I had it on my website probably two years I mean yeah, I know shocking okay conscious in confidence the learner's aware that he doesn't know something or could learn something new but doesn't really know what it is quite yet right this is the wow I suck at this and you still actually do stage you do suck but at least now you know you d'oh right? So that's what this looks like ok, this is one of the cool girls by the way love her um her arm here let's just talk about how long that is compared to her actual body, the funny thing about this is that all the light is behind her all the windows air back here so I put her opposite of where she should be a which is awesome I mean she's tilted she's not even in frame this with this I don't know that it's not good um it's bad but I and you know it was so frustrating cause I would take these photos god, I'm just so bad at this andi I knew I was bad and I just didn't know what to change I just kept working on and you have to do that because if you do that you start going into the next stage is oops okay the next is the conscious confidence you have to think about a task to make it happen correctly now this is I think where a lot of people are in general you have to think about it and this is why it's so important that you stop and you think and you do because you have the tools there this is the wow I suck at this but you actually don't really you're started to kind of come out of the sucky nous, but if you just happen think a little bit more if you would just refine if you would just take a little more time you're gonna really skyrocket there's a couple of you specifically, I said you're in the audience because of that, because if you just stop for a minute think man, your photos will be way better, you know they're great, but they be way better. So that's what this looks like, ok, there's a couple of things here, it's better. I use a real light now, which is kind of awesome. Um, there's a couple of things like, I wish I would have known how to use liquefy or fix this in camera, right? This isn't the best, and this isn't really the best situation here, but if we take this out, you know, I mean, she looks kind of hot, right? I'm starting to get control here. Control over what's happening. I'm not letting the camera take the pictures. I'm taking the pictures there's that moment. I don't know if you guys have experiences, but I definitely remember that moment of experience where I was like, okay, I think I just took that picture, not the camera like I can try told the camera what to dio that was awesome, you know? That's the moment where you going? Okay, I'm I'm getting there. I'm getting better at this. And then there's unconscious competence basically you have so much practice with a skill that it's become second nature and even and when it becomes second nature you still need to take your time and work but this is the moment where you walk and you go oh, this room is really nicely lit this is definitely like I s o two hundred f to a one twenty fifth of a second we would nail this right because you just know you just know by seeing it and that's called the whom I think I'm finally getting the hang of this state okay there's never a stage where you got it never don't look for that stage is not five stages of learning it's only four we stop it for forest still that question where we were saying yesterday how I could take a picture today and love it and think it is the best thing ever and two weeks hate it I hated what was I thinking I should've changes that's a good sign that means that you're growing ok, you should hate your old work that means you're moving and growing. If you love your old work, you haven't moved a minute you haven't moved a second you need to keep chugging along and change something and do something new so as much as it's like this is that this is the problem of living a life this is the problem with living life is an artist. You're never going to be happy. Let me put that out there right now. Your work is never going to be good. I always say I know why now why van gogh cut his ear off it's very stressful to be an artist. It was van gogh, right? Uh, you know, it's stressful to be an artist, you're never going to be okay with it. And that's good. Get comfortable with that. And this is what that looks like. Okay, so in six years, thank god I was able to go from this to this. This is in control. This is purposeful. The lighting is purposeful, the poses purposeful. The wardrobe is purpose purposeful. The styling is purposeful. This was a total accident. Okay, this was just me taking whatever I see, and I don't even really know what I saw. Okay? So that is this the stages of learning. So I want you guys to know it's inevitable that we make mistakes. You guys do we talk to somebody about fear? And I'm so scared of making mistake and what if my pricing doesn't work and what if I pose her the wrong way? Good, then you'll learn something I'm helping you guys with this boot camp because I'm sort of speeding up that process because I'm telling you what my mistakes were learned from my mistakes greg what was that quote this morning uh can you say it for me that you posted on facebook yeah the quote was a smart man learns from his mistakes but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others so I've been learning all of your mistakes and now I know everything to avoid yeah I'm going to save you guys a lot of time from this boot camp don't make my mistakes make your own and that's awesome but don't we don't redo mine learn from mine at least so I want to talk a little bit of grab a couple of you tell me what stage of learning that you're in and I I want to pose the question to the internet also like what stage of learning there and and what they think they could do to help go to the next level so somebody ryan you want to talk to me a little bit about what stage of learning you're in I'm really calling you guys out today so pay attention boudoir goes b two or three times in between anybody else wanna tell us recount sorry I've been shooting for a while but I've never I mean confident enough to shoot boudoir I've never done it myself either so I think that was that was a big block for me and just being here I've you know and learning, posing and loan learning although things now I feel like I'm going to be confident to be able to start shooting that good definitely going into the three or any to stop and think that I've kind of been on automatic that I have my very safe poses a very safe thanks I could just click away until, like you said to stop and take a moment and take the picture from good to amazing yeah, I agree that's why I was so attracted teo teo, you and your work I was like this girl's a three right here and if we can just push her a little bit, just get her to stop and think and I think it's already happened I mean yesterday even I think the whole experience of shooting and being shot and everything really like made you see it a little bit differently, I'm really I'm really proud of actually how far you've come and even the five days I think been amazing just about that I would say have a boudoir shoot yourself if you have if you are but our boudoir photographer and you have not had one, you have to have absolutely to the feeling I don't know about the guys I mean I should guys I could set you guys, but just the feeling of being posed and feel how to feel how your body needs to go, then it's a lot easier to show someone else how their body needs two hundred percent the first time I did my own bread wash you in front of the camera, I didn't do it somebody else do it for me the first time I did it completely changed my entire business everything from anything from like, wow, I'm starving I start giving my my client snacks after that I wanted to give some shout out to the folks at home. We have a lot of people that are in the conscious incompetence stage a few in that feeling that they're conscious competence. Sirs it's hard to say these words is the way we call it while I saw but I wanted to share kp photo log says before I watched jen's creative live two years ago, I was at unconscious incompetence. Since then I have made my boudoir my full time income. Yea opened up a studio and shoot around one hundred fifty women a year. I would say now that I am at conscious competence to unconscious competence. Thank you, jen, thank you. That is also a waste. So really cool for those of you who don't know that jen did a class here two years ago and so it's very cool to see how people have changed you have actually provided me with the perfect lead in to talk to some of the girls that were here two years ago I had no idea where I was going to fit that in so thank you um let's spend a few minutes and talk to you guys about so ali lauren and jolene we're here to years ago in my audience and I've invited them back this time because I love them very much and I want to talk to each of you a little bit about how the last class did impact you and sort of what you're looking to get out of this food war boot camp even though you've already done it tell us what you did get out of it even that's fine so just grab mike alley and oh you're might wow you guys are organized a creative life talk to mae okay so two years ago when I start when we came I um I was working full time and I had only shot maybe just a small handful of good war and um came to creative life got a new tool set and a new support system uh and since then I've quit my job um finished a beautiful studio and been able teo supplement income with more boudoir I hope teo expand my boudoir section I love it I love shooting it on dh um I've just really enjoyed it and from this course I hope to just more focus on posing, flow posing um stopping and thinking and freaking out that everything's not going exactly the way I wanted it teo and just realize that's okay and take a step to go back to your comfort zone and time to go from there thank you really glad you're here learn all right um well when I go back and look at the creative life from two years ago, you can see it in my face. I was terrified I didn't know anything about anything I was like a zero uh not even a one yet and, um with everything that I learned from that it skyrocketed me having you and the girls in the support system and all the information I was able to take that and run with it and like you mentioned, I didn't have to make all those mistakes and that I couldn't put a price on it. I wouldn't even want to imagine the alternative of where I would be in my life today if I didn't get chosen for that course. Um definitely changed my life changed my business changed. I mean, every aspect I was able to go into special is, um I didn't have to see if I wanted to shoot babies or weddings I just was able tio go to boot boudoir have the tools get going and now in booking clients I'm I'm getting pretty comfortable with my prices and I mean I have a ton to learn but it's it's it's crazy to think about and I love you so much thank you and thank you for take your clothes off for me yesterday, julian um, my entire life changed in the last two years that I was here. Um so is twenty eight when he came, I think I've been shooting boudoir for about four, five years at the time, um, I had I had been running groupons and I had been abused by my clients and walked all over to the point that I didn't want to be a photographer anymore. And that's why I sent in a video for your class two years ago because I was ready to throw up my hands and walk away and since your class two years ago and jen has also supported me, you know, outside the class to, um you've been so generous with your time um, I went from making I think I shot one hundred thirty group on clients and I made around fifty thousand dollars s o I was already doing it full time and I already had a studio, but I wasn't keeping any of that money and, um, I was editing and tell, you know, for five o'clock in the morning to get it all done, um I changed my prices after your class and I made one hundred thousand dollars the next year. And then this year, I only took about twenty five clients and I made about sixty thousand, and I worked about ten hours a week, and I just took a night and I took two months off. So I took the whole year to just think about who I wass it changed my entire life. It changed how I felt about myself, how I felt about my body. Um, I did my first boudoir shoot in august. Um yesterday we ran around and I was running around in a body suit, you know, almost completely naked. And, um, I never would have been confident enough or had I wouldn't have had the ability to do that two years ago. Um, it literally changed the entire trajectory of my life, and things will never be the same. Okay, thank you. And I think that that that proves the point that boudoir heals you too, because you guys is I'm just teaching with what I know, but you guys are really making the changes in your lives. You know, I might give you some snippets of information, all of you, but what you do with it is the most important thing, right? I appreciate you guys coming here, yes. Can I share another one? Because now folks who have been here who were here two years ago are starting to share some of their stories too, so this one is janna roller boudoir says since jen's last class my world changed I opened up a studio began shooting boudoir full time the class helped me realize that my real passion which was shooting women I raised my prices drop shooting other genres that I didn't love because of jan I found confidence in my passion I see a theme here, jenna look at what people are doing but it's you know it's really it's not just what I'm doing for them it's what they're doing because it validates my life work and and all of the travel and being away from my family and all that it validates that I am doing something important, so I do you want to say thank you to you guys and everybody out there that does give me that positive feedback because I appreciate it I'm happy because together we're all going to change so many women it's not you know I can only shoot about fifty kleinhans a year I can't reach everybody in the world, but all of us together can reach so many more women and he'll ourselves too so that's super important so many amazing when you stop and think about it yeah exponentially, yeah helping people thank you guys for sharing those stories with mai um so this is a great leading into how we define success so many of us want success, right? That's why we do this? We want to be successful, but we don't really know what success looks like and success is going to change over and over and over. It's it's changed for me so, like in year one, it was sort of be can I do this? I had a lot of naysayers you can't shoot boudoir only no photographers ever made a living doing one thing people are gonna want to take their clothes off for you you don't have a studio, you don't even know what you're doing behind the camera to be honest, but I didn't listen to them I I listen to it, but I didn't keep it I didn't keep it in my head and I just said, you know what? All right, let me see if I could do this let's, test it out, what do I have to lose? So that was sort of year one success for me you're too was wow, I can do this, I'm actually booking clients, people want me, they want to come to my studio, I have some business coming in, I can do this so that year I was my idea of success was really I can do this I'm gonna build a client base I'm going to make this happen and that was really the year of learning a lot of stuff too like should I find a makeup artist do why should I have a contract how do I handle retainer is there was always like that business stuff that I was falling into there your three is the worst year ever uh everybody in the world that once boudoir rehire me that was my goal like anybody that contacted me I wanted to book them I wanted one hundred percent bookings I wanted everybody to only contact me on I was so obsessed with what everybody else was doing I spent so much time in the internet well does she have a blue chair? I need a blue chair does this photographer have ah headboard background I need a headboard background I need to do what everybody else is doing so nobody wanted book anybody else and that was an exhausting year that was the year of three hundred women so on top of shooting three hundred women I'm worried about what everybody else is doing that's why when we talk about pricing we talk about the boudoir parties that's why I started the boudoir parties because everybody else was doing it so I had to do it too. I'm like exhausted, just talking about it it's exhausting to worry about what everybody else is doing so but that was my idea of success if I was booking a lot of women and certainly in my mind I was successful, but as we talked about during the pricing segment, I wasn't as successful as I thought, because I wasn't getting to keep his much money so year four was about work smarter, not harder. It was also the year of not giving a crap what anybody else was doing. I decided to block everybody else out and just live in my own world and figure out what I wanted out of this business. Why I was doing it. What was my goal here? What was really my success in my success involved a lot less working at that point, and when I was working, working smarter, you're five was my year of the why that's really, when I started defining why I shoot boudoir, who I am as a person, what I have to offer other people, all of the stuff that we're talking about, I mean, I give it to you guys, I don't expect you to know it overnight. It took me upto you're five to get to the point where I even wanted to know. I didn't really understand why I wasn't happy I had three hundred clients and I couldn't remember their names and they were giving me money. Why wasn't I happy and it's? Because I wasn't having that intimate connection with them. I need that intimate connection, I know that about me now, so if somebody says I have six girls and want to come in and we want to give you a million dollars, I'd probably say, no, I don't want you to because I won't get to know you guys and it's it doesn't fulfill may fulfill me, okay? And your six is really about now that I know my message, I'm gonna live it and I'm going to deliver it and I'm going to really intentional about it and I am really good and it's hard, by the way, it is really hard to be yourself. They're so hard to be yourself like, right? Jolene, I know you went through a lot of that this year like you figure out who you are and then you're like how I live that and it takes work like it's. Not easy to be yourself. The only thing harder than being yourself is being somebody else. That is really exhausting, but it is hard to be yourself. It is hard to wake up every day and go I'm gonna be the best, jen, that I could be today I'm gonna live my life to the fullest and I'm gonna be shamelessly feminine every single day. I don't always succeed at it, okay? Yesterday I worse my pants and no make up ready all day, right? I wasn't shamelessly feminine. I was tired. I'm just too tired to be shamelessly voted in yesterday, but we still had a good time right now and that was in that moment authentically me. But now that I know who I am, really try hard to live that message, whatever it may be yesterday it was sweat pants and no make up. It was my brooklyn stretcher, which I love you guys now, and it was really about spending more time with my family. My kids are getting a bit older, my son is five my daughter's nine and they're very well aware of when I'm not there now and, um, I don't have a baby sitter anymore. I come home every day, I'm home with three o'clock I'm home with my kids, I'm doing the homework I mentioned this already, my daughter's in fourth grade, that homework is awful. I feel bad for anybody who has held him entry schoolers I don't want to think about high school, but I want to be there for her. I want to support her, I want to help her become the woman that she is capable of being. I want to help my son. I want to you know, he's in kindergarten, he's reading to me. I don't want to miss these moments, so this was about this is about creating not just my business life. This is about creating my personal life too, and the two are hand in hand and that's what we talked about the facebook page being your personal and business your business life on your personal life, the more you identify who you are get mohr and mohr entangled, there is no I'm gonna leave the office and go home and be with my family. You are still that same person with your family as you are at work, you're it is who you are. You're living it all day long so this this your six was about spending more time with my family too. So once you know what stage of learning you're in on how you define success, then you can come up with goals, okay, my goals have changed, I mean, all the time, all the time what are my girls get clients be a better photographer be different be like make money make less money take more clients do you know ever and any given moment my goals change but for me I think it's really important to have them I am the type of person needs a finish line I don't like going for a run I like running a five k I'd like to know when I'm done I like to know I've reached that point and part of the stress of being a photographer is like I said you're never really done so it's like a perpetual finish line but I like to have a goal what is my goal? What am I working towards? This really helps may be realistic and laser focused okay, this is our beautiful model from our hotel shoot, by the way you guys haven't seen that cause you were there for the taping? Yes isn't she great? Um but be realistic and be laser focused. Okay? We were talking about the all the prep that goes into for creative life. I'll be honest. I put everything else on the back burner for creative life. I had to I had a sit there and I had to be laser focused on what I was doing to make sure that this was one hundred percent it had one hundred percent of me and this is this is it, guys is everything all my hard work right here, ok, but I couldn't do that if I was off doing a million other goals either prioritize all the things I'm going to teach you prioritize them, make a list, what is the first thing I'm gonna work on? What is the thing I'm gonna work on perpetually that is being a better photographer it's a perpetual process, but maybe getting my priceless together I need to do right away like that's really important, so I'm gonna put that up to number one right now, but I'll keep working on being a better photographer while I do that, so have some goals in mind know what you're working for? Yes, surely you don't need a microphone because you're mike I think, yeah, I just have to say that that that's something you know, I went five years without really knowing what my goals were and, you know, going backto why I even started a business and just remembering why I didn't want to work for someone else and the fact that I didn't want to work forty hours a week, I wanted to work less. Um, I forgot that, you know, in the midst of starting a business, and so it is really important to sit down and think about why you're even doing it and and to actually write them down, especially when you just start because, like, when I just started, everybody would say to me, oh, it's so great, you don't have to work your nine to five job anymore I go, yeah, I just work twenty four seven one now, I mean, you're working all the time, so you have to have that passion. You have to have that like that for me. I have to have the finish line, not everybody's a goal center, not everybody's like that. For me, it works if it works for you, make sure your goals are real clear. Yeah, can you talk a little bit about what kinds of goals to set? Because right now I'm in this stage where my goal is to clients a month, but I'm starting to see that I've said it kind of low so that if I only book one client a month, I say, well least I got halfway there and I feel like maybe I'm doing myself a disservice like, how big do you go? And how do you set parameters for that? Be realistic on laser focused so lauren I two clients a month is good for you right now. What are you doing to get those two clients, just the networking and the so your goals should be more about what you're doing to get the clients versus just getting two clients don't be set on the number. Your goal is I want to have at least two client that's. What? I need financially right now. But what if you got three clients? Yeah, right. So don't be so stuck on that number. Be realistic and save yourself. Ok? My goal this month is to hit up five salons and try to network with them. My goal this month is to reach to lingerie stores and talkto. My goal this month is too blogged four times whatever it might be. Ok, what are your goals? Your end result might be booking the three or two or whatever. Clients. What are your goals to get there so your goals should not be booking the two clients. That should be the result of your goals. Okay, that thank you. That's. Really great. Thanks for asking. Um, so here's again. I'm gonna throw it out to the internet. Throw it out, you guys, I want you think about what your goals are and not just business goals. Personal goals. Like I said, my goal this year was to spend more time with my children to be there after school to be carpool mom to be soccer mom. That was part of my business school, so to do that I had to change the way my business worked. I changed my pricing I tried the name your own price this summer, so it gave me a little bit more time to be with my children, your business and your personal goal was over lap, so think about that a little bit so again, four stages of learning to finding success setting goals. Okay, this is your road map for the boot count. This is how I mean you guys have already been through, but this is how I want the internet to use this boot camp take a little time today after this set some goals down, write down some things that you want to do, pull out the little points from everything that we're going to learn every single dang o this is useful towards my goal. This is useful towards what I want to do in my stage of learning I need to learn more about posing. So let me really pay attention to those posing classes you know, my weaknesses, pricing. So I'm gonna I'm gonna go to those pricing classes and again, everything sort of builds up and it's all together and that's really how we're going to use his boot camp yeah, ryan so many had ryan a microphone piece here allie has ever here so my biggest problem was setting goals is the prioritization so I'll set a goal but then things go the back burner what do you do prioritized d set like one single goal and then everything's in sport that goal so usually for me I'll make a list like if I attended photography class I would make a list of all the different things that that photographer mentioned that I need to address okay? And then I go home and I prioritize it what is the most important thing and the way I prioritize it is what is going to make the biggest impact on my business right now what is the most important? Like if you don't have a contractor, you don't have any pricing or you don't have a website or that would be pretty high priority okay second to that would be learning posing things like that if you don't have clients who cares if you know posing or not right? So first we have to try to be getting people in the door I'm just saying this is how I would process it how you my process it might be different but prioritise it and then be laser focused what is it about like if you need that price list the laser focus about that the workbook that comes with this class when you purchased the class comes with you guys all have the work but comes with this ciara, I mean, how to figure out your pricing for example, sit down with it, work it, rework it. What do you need to do to support it? Maybe you need to contact a hotel and get a deal with them that allows you to shoot their four times a month for a certain price. Everything you need to do to be in support of that goal. So think of it like an outline, so you're gonna have, like, one, two, three, abc, what are you doing? And if it falls to the back burner it's either number one out of your comfort zone, so you're just choosing to ignore it, which probably means that she go right back up to number one or what's happening is you just it's? Not that important. It's not as important as you thought it wass okay, and if so, then bring it down the list and put something else in its place. Does that answer your question? I find that when we're uncomfortable doing something like marketing or going out cold calling or whatever were all like, oh it's, not that really it's really not that important lives on it I hate doing that it's not that important, I'll just something else instead, I'll work on my logo. You know stop working your logo I mean I love what pretty low goes or nice you know but like suffering your logo that's not gonna get you a client that's not gonna fix your pricing that's you know like either get somebody else to do the logo you know do you know and I'm not saying that's your problem but I hear that all sane people spend tons of time on the logo and the okay who cares your client doesn't care about your logo just get them in the door let start working about this prioritize and really be genuine and honest with yourself about what's important to make your business work other questions too many questions from the internet to her we have a ton of questions but I wanted teo share a couple of what people stated what their goals are yeah oh oh which is great thank you for doing that we have ah janna roller boudoir says goals or purse personal goals become more organized healthy business work less make more blogged more be more organized three average sales per month of twenty five hundred dollars to start anyway so that's pretty good pretty calm down there is be healthy yeah man that's important you know, last time I was here I don't know if you remember but I had bronchitis oh my god everybody thought I was drinking white wine in my mug not then but now I am and after that whole experience, I was like, I have to get healthy, I can't be healthy, I can't be there for my family, I can't be there for my boudoir clients, I can't teach other photographers I can't travel, and I took control of that in my life, which was not easy to dio, you know, you take control of that that's really important. I mean, you know, some of us spoke about it yesterday that it's hard to move it's hard for me to get into certain poses and show my client that I'm doing because I have a little bit of extra wade or, you know, it's hard for me to spend a long day photographing people, whatever it is, getting healthy is a big one, I think, especially for photographers, especially because we're sitting behind the computer all the time editing and gnashing on something or we don't have time to because we're shooting all day. So that's, what that's a really good one that she put in there and that's a perfect example of how personal goals and business goals overlap because if you're not healthy, you can't do any of that other stuff totally agree you just have to start with yourself, yeah. I would like to read another one if you don't mind from kera silver's photography who says my goal is to make enough money for my husband not tow, work a second full time job and be able to keep a stable home for our children, she says coming from being homeless and living in hotels I want to be able to give my girls a good and safe home without them living in at a day care and never seen their parents yeah talk about I know I'm gonna cry a little bit I think that's like that's yeah that's really important and that is where so many photographers are right now, right? So many photographers are struggling and having a hard time making a business and making a life for themselves and so I hope it is my hope that some of this really can apply to so many people to make their lives better not just their client's lives not just their business but to make their lives better. I mean, we can do this through photography, but you guys it takes a lot of work and if you're not willing to do the work, just stop. You know, because I work really hard, I know every photographer that I know works really hard and some people you know, I always say this is not and if you build it, they will come business if you build it, they might calm they might not they might not come back, I might go to somebody else you know, you have to constantly keep on top of it, keep changing things I remember. You know, a few years ago when I was sitting in in an audience and seeing a photographer get up and speak, I would go how they really have their act together. I want to be like that one day now I'm standing here with my act together and I'm here to tell you tomorrow it's gonna be totally different. I'm going to change something, I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna go you know what? I'm not booking clients this has is I want to book them, I have to change my pricing around or my studio. I'm kind of bored in my studio I want to move or maybe I don't need a studio anymore. I'm changing things over and over and over and over again, so you're never gonna have your act together. It's hard work, you know, but I believe she can do it. I believe everybody can do it or else I wouldn't be standing here today. Um I do want to mention again the facebook group I have the address of the girl appear the address I sound like an eight year old address here the earl we will be accepting photographers in there we need to do it by hand so I have a little patience with us as we you know I'm working right now so I was going back and I will accept everybody as we go and please feel free to ask questions please be nice if your snarky mean nasty negative photographer don't even ask to join because we don't like you we want positivity in this group we want everybody to help each other and raise each other up it's really, really important um and be respectful to everybody in the group fare agreed awesome um I want to pose the question out there to everybody why they shoot but what I want to hear from everybody so make sure you tweet me ah find me on facebook tweet twitter is at general's amount of course at creative live and don't forget generals mama spelled with a z of course and you can use the hashtag jen's boudoir boot camp so that I can find it and I really look forward to hearing from anybody everybody all right jen, do you want to do some rapid fire? Are you going to cover these things is what people do that to know okay? Yes, this is this's from frank do print packages so with boudoir or is it just one print or thing or what people by we're going to cover that yes, we are going to cover that during the ala carte pricing section I talked about being geared more towards albums but I will talk about how to prevent that like one print sail like what can I just buy one picture now exactly yeah now good answer richard rosaria photography this one has several votes said you did a name your own price offer a while ago are you going to talk about how you do that if you're still doing that yes we do almost a whole hour on it actually and I also talk about name your own price and how it help me go back to packages and hit the target pricing that my customers were looking for so yes, we do talk about that quite a bit and I think that in name of the classes actually name your own price so it'll be pretty easy to find you guys are asking the right questions out there I love it all right we have pure joy tisha who says I'm having a very hard time finding someone who will allow me to share their images on my website or my facebook page how do you approach that? Who do you choose to our facebook is a great a great tool for that put that out there hey guys you know I'm a new photographer I'm looking to shoot you it will be for free you have to let me use your images um I choose to do it that way sometimes now I will hire models but if you're not in a position to pay women to do it then just put out a call ask your friends and I started with one of my best friends um you know I love you do you love me? Will you take your clothes off for me? Um and sometimes like anonymous shots work or you know, maybe you want to find there's plenty of women that are not professional models but us aspired to be models that are very happy to trade for portfolio definitely put that out there there is there's web sites there's you know, ask other photographers to like in my group also in my facebook group we have a model docks any models that are in the group will put their information on the document and so you can go by state and find a model that I'd be willing to do boudoir shoot so that's another tool that they can use the women are out there if you say I can't find them again that's just a lie you're telling yourself it's a hurdle women are out there they will do it ask even another photographer you know, ask your makeup artist or somebody in a salon who will share the pictures with their clients you know think it could be a marketing tool also so think about that fantastic, eh? Kind of curious about once again we have since we have pre recorded some of this this is a little bit different than we have live favorite segments are the ones that you've seen so far somebody grab like I really enjoyed doing the life shoot, you know? You know what? Yeah, the male versus female going up against cindy you know, the season a pro and me just starting off so I learned the whole lot from that and you really guided me through the entire shoot so it's a huge mess yeah that's in the bonus material so if they buy the class you guys get bonus make sure you get to see greg and cindy head to head they did a great job. Yeah, julian no, uh my favorite part was actually you and erin with pricing because I mean pricing is probably, you know, one of the things that photographer's ask a lot and you go to w p p I and there's a million classes on pricing um but we got into the vulnerability and the reasons the confidence and the reasons that we're afraid um and it's just so huge it's just a conversation that you have to have and it was very powerful for me great flow posing um that's something that's been holding me back and so it was really helpful to see that jen I'm interested what your take is you haven't said much tell mai e told you today was the day um er I really like the pricing um I feel like we're kind of at a good place in our pricing but we have a private group for some of our past clients and clients that want to book a shoot with us and we put a question up yesterday about what would you pay for boudoir shoot with us and a lot of them were like one hundred three hundred dollars would be a good range and we're like uh it costs us three hundred dollars tio I'm like wow this is so you know what that that education is that you then you know you have to educate them on what goes into a boudoir shoot that is that is telling you they don't understand what goes into a good wash it they think you guys show up take a few pictures, go home have a good day you've only been there for an hour I always tell people like the hour I spend shooting you is a drop in the bucket compared to how much time I'm going to spend before and after preparing and doing and and you know because this is preparation for a boudoir shoot right here you know this is time spent away from your studio so there's a lot that goes into it and so they're telling you not that you're not worth it they don't understand why you're worth it so you need to educate them I wanted brian actually talk a little bit about I'm forgetting the point but we spoke about this yesterday oh you guys had taken a workshop of mine before about posing and you wanted to talk a little bit about how that change so maybe you could give the audience a little bit of a guidance and how they could use this course also I just made the comment that we did a workshop with you I think it was in october and if you look at the way that we posed in number of images we had to shoot in order to get usable images just by following the tips that you provide everybody hear that we spend less times are the same all the time shooting we don't capture as many images while we shoot but the usable images have gone up exponentially we're now it's not all right let's do our best to find ten to fifteen images to fill an album now it's how does the customer choose less than the seventy five that were able to show them from a session? Yeah that's great I was really flattered when you told me that that was awesome so I'm glad that that worked for you and I hope that everybody gets that out of proposing we do here too ali so, can you talk a little bit about what you just told jennifer that they need to educate their clients? Can you talk about that a little bit? How do you educate your claim about what goes into their boudoir session without a making them feel like you have so much editing? I can't even or sar, we're feeling like, um, defensive making I feel defensive if I have to tell them. Well, why it cost that much? Because sure so maybe it's not always an outright education. It's. Not like. Well, do you know what I put into the shoot? You are ruining me three hundred dollars, you know, maybe it's more about blogging. Hey, guys, you know what I did today? I took a day and I went to five different lingerie stores, and I want to show you guys what I love. And I spent a day doing that and I researched it for you. I know you your body. You're concerned about your thigh. So I went to a store and I found the perfect lingerie for you. Or you know what? I spent a day creative live learning more about posing and whatnot, and I take this so seriously that I just love educating myself. Or I bought a new lens I can't wait to try my new lens whatever it might be blogging is one way facebook is another way if you have a group of your clients or your potential clients, talk to them a little bit like, you know brian and I spent all day painting or studio and where, you know, don't maybe overtly, you know, and then maybe there's some nicer ways of doing it too, like maybe in that laundry guide, you need to put some over they've already booked, but maybe you need to have, like, a welcome packet ord information email like, let me tell you what I'm gonna give you, I'm gonna do dedicate x number of hours of my time picking out thanks for you making a mood board for your talking to you about your session, then we're going to spend about two hours shooting, you're going to send an hour and a half and make up, you know, after that I'm carefully going to spend time choosing the best photos for you, and I'm a hand going to hand design your album for you. I mean, these are all true things, aren't they? But it doesn't sound confrontational, but you're letting them know I'm not just done with you the hour that you spend here, I'm not just with you, I'm with you the other hours that we're not together, I mean that's, partially, why I try not to take more than one client a week when I'm doing the ala carte, you know, the big packages, because my feeling is, I can't give myself to two or three people a week that way, it takes me many hours to do that. So, yeah, I don't finish the shooting go, oh, my god, I'm gonna go home, and you're gonna have fifty eight hours of editing. You know, the point is, I don't want to have any editing, but, well, I designed their album. Will I have to order their album? Will I have to ship their album and go to the post office? Yeah, all of that is true, so there's ways to present it without it being confrontational.

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I think this course is great, my question was about a Facebook comment made that if a man has a bunch of likes that are female pages..., I agree and disagree in marketing they thought me to like your interest and hopefully future clients. How do I make it safe for clients and future clients? I am a Talent Agent and use to model and learning Boudior is my way of helping my models and business ,I want to also produce a magazine from my agency ,I was going to buy both franchises years ago but I want to do it myself in one company so I'm learning boudior photography to help me a beginning photographer pose women something I do not know I still pose women like family photos. The courses in green screen and other photo classes are just about lighting and position not what position, as a Videographer same thing no posing skill, business video production doesn't teach it all my courses are pro-stuff and tech nothing about what poses my models do. This will help my Video Production Business and Photography Business and my Model Agency...., thanks! I need this course so my models are comfortable and my clients feel comfortable I'm a shy person and I don't want me being uncomfortable make everyone feel weird!

Daniella Moné

Thank you Jen great Bootcamp! I'm starting my boudoir photography business and you have given me so many tools to succeed. I would have like to see more of the why in the posing as opposed to I don't like this let's change it as posing is the biggest challenge for me. I was particularly happy to see how you use your TD6 to create window light. That's what I use since my studio windows are too high when the client is laying on the bed. I really enjoyed your hidden gem video as well as the male versus female. You are an amazing teacher, thank you for your generosity!