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Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

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Posing for Boudoir: The Solar System

Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

Jen Rozenbaum

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Lesson Info

11. Posing for Boudoir: The Solar System

Lesson Info

Posing for Boudoir: The Solar System

Let's talk about the solar system it's true see everyone's laughing everyone loves me even more because I've said part now three times I'm creative, but okay, this solar system the solar system is moving around your client rotating around her so she's staying still but you're moving around her capers is her rotating and you kind of staying still right? Okay, uh changing directions, angles, distances we'll give you more variety now I did combined a little bit of the solar I did combine a little bit of the solar system with the rotisserie chicken these air all combine herbal that's what's so great about it, you can use them on your own or combined that erin thinks I'm so funny right now I love it um s so let me show you a little bit of that. This is solar system. I actually can't really move too much around her because she's in a corner this was the tiniest hotel room in all of american history. When I paid six hundred dollars for this sweet, I was shocked to see that the suite was about...

one foot larger than the king size bed in the middle, and it was like, oh my god, what am I going to do? So I'm literally laying on the bed, taking these pictures of her in the corner okay, this was like you have to make it work guys working in small spaces um and so what I'm trying to do is get some variation by shooting horizontal vertical in out it's giving me variation so again like she's pretty much in the same poses but we're getting some variation just making a little bit of a difference moving around her um I'm always making sure that I get that horizontal vertical in out it makes a really big difference in the shots that you're getting this was raquel you asked me when we were doing the opposing foundation what I did with her arm to make a difference I think it was you that asked me that this is what I did and put her arm down and I kind of did this or something like that um and again this is just getting variation like three quarter or closer in another three quarter with less negative space um this was just an in between shot like she wasn't even looking the camera she wants like fix her underwear in the fan blew her hair and I was like, you look hot bonus I don't have to do anywhere right? So just really paying attention um I want to do some solar system stuff with laura real fast, so um can you help up off the bed for me if you don't mind, I'm just going to actually, let's scooch this out of the way. So if you wouldn't mind coming over here now, this is real like this is what I do in my studio studio change way don't have too much time I'm going to rush here, okay? I might even normally use a strip light for something like this, but for argument's sake, we're gonna go real fast here and just use this light and what I want you to do is come over here for me push up against the wall you see, the rest of my body is not attached I'm not like uh um you're on your heels, some pretend like I am, um you're bending from your waist down so this is your anchor, your not going anywhere your knees, they're going to be one over the other and your feet are gonna be together make sure your angles don't kind of go like this feet together, okay, just start like that and I'll tell you what to do from there pretty much exactly what I feel like this was tipping over exactly how I would tell a client to do it. This is exactly how I would start a session part of the reason I started session this way two is because this is the pose I'm going to go to again and again and again and again I'm gonna make a lot of different changes in it, but if she can start getting it down pat like a third through the session I'm gonna go. Can you stand against the wall and she's gonna go here? No problem right now I'm going to go easy, easy, easy, easy. And then grab my camera. Okay, so we're just going to raise this up. I'm not exactly sure how to use this light. Stan. Don't try to move this up for me, okay? This's, the only problem when you're small like me is all the equipment is so much bigger. I think if you squeeze it and raise it up to skin tears, get up a little bit more. It's heavy. Right. Ok, I think we could make that work. I don't know. Look at me for one second. Yes, mitch. Sorry you got all right. We'll make it work. Thank you kindly. Okay, so what I would like for you to do is very simple. Can you put your hands on your waist all the way up? Even a little higher on your waist? Perfect. Relax your shoulders down for me. Keep that, um, all way over. And you know what, I want you to pop your hip as much as you can. From each year yes perfect and now what I want you just to kind of look down and keep your chin out and down and can we go? Can we switch this a little bit let's go the other way pop this hip yes move this way and then looked down this way the other way thank you ok this way that way the other way whatever but I didn't use left to right and she got it right um awesome. So relax your shoulders down for me, laura good and I just want a little more arch in your back perfect and I want you to turn your head a little bit more and then just look to an out and down a little bit more I don't want to see your half eyeballs so I want you almost looking like at your cheekbones makes sense relax your mouth from you just breathe through your mouth perfect I'm still with the fifty millimeter and I'm still all my settings are still the same I met one twentieth of a second um at three, two, five hundred or so and I'm starting here so this is different than on the bed because I'm starting here, right? So I really like the sweetest looks and I can get different crops on her also uh can you close your eyes free for one second? Just really relaxed I typically don't have a girl close her eyes because I find it changes the lash line it makes her look dead if she just looks down she still has that round last line versus story and it just changes the way she looks, but I like a crop like this okay, now we're solar system ing right? So I'm going to go I'm going to move somewhere else I want you to stay just like that this time I want you to turn your head toward me me and looked down this way and pop the hip away from me this time so we're gonna go back to sort of that original good and I love how this looks too I'd like the reflection of the lease on her so I would normally do this with more of like a strip box so we can get a little more definition on her stomach with light but for time considerations right now I'm gonna keep it this way but you see, I'm working around her and I still keep working around her and then I would come on this side and now what I can do also is I can move her so can I have you know I'm I'm solar system ing and I'm gonna have her rotisserie chicken okay, so let's do it this way can you turn around toward the wall yeah, and you know what? Um, I'm I want you to just kind of lets do this. Pull the robe off a little table, but with that hand over there, just kind of touching the robe here. Good. Relax for one second. You good? Okay, I'm gonna move your hair in here. I'm getting roles on her neck from her, turning this by which I don't want to see if I move the hair there. Good. Turn your body toward me a little bit more getting then look down. Excellent. The light and I always seem to battle it's very interesting how that happens. You could just look down toward your shoulder for me and I want you to give me that one, two, three again. But you know what, laura? I want to believe you. I don't really believe you because I feel like we're a little bit like this I want you to, like, come down toward your shoulder a little bit more. There you go. Now I believe you chin out a little bit more good and then give me the one, two, three. Okay, wait. When I can just bury it right once good. So, it's not a surprise, it's, not like it's more of like this, look at me for one second okay so you see I said look at me this happens a lot where clients eyes are down and they think that they don't want to move so they don't and I'll just say okay you have to look at me so you know what I want you to do so I am I don't say demanding what would you call it I am I'm strong in my words with them I'm assertive with them I'm not mean to them but I am like really like no you need to look at me so you see what I'm doing and they like that that's what they're paying me for so it's not a bad thing okay one two three look down for me one two three okay so again I can keep rotating around her thank you laura she can keep rotating were rotisserie chicken ng where solar system ing and this is fantastic even for like two shots like if she wanted to have two shots I would do those now I would show the church and then I would sure like a line of her body down and then I would rotate around this way I would get a back shot that way and I would get a front jet there you can relax for a second I think we're good so does that does that make a little more sense little more clear how that works all right I'm going to come back here this would be a great shot, too, even if it was like, cut this way and we had some negative space. I'm gonna experiment. I'm gonna try all those things that I'm just going to keep moving around and around. We could go back to the power point now, actually, where the keynote, whatever. Thank you. Okay, so how do you know if the foundation post works or not? That's really important to know if the pot's works? Because if you're basing everything off of that foundation pose, if the foundation post socks, you're out of luck. So I'm gonna show you from a real shoot that I did. Um, this's the first post we did this is actually a real shoot. And this was a client I shot for half an hour. She was one of my name, your own price clients. She paid me five hundred dollars, half an hour shoot and a half an hour. You're going to nail that. You don't have twenty minutes to warm up to somebody. You have to make sure you're getting what you want. So this was our first picture and there's a couple things I noticed about it. First of all, I felt like her arms were really adding her book. This is one of those shots that I have in my toolbox is a shot that works for almost everybody okay, but it didn't work on her. I didn't panic, I just made changes and here's what I've noticed again, I feel like her arms added bulk here and I don't know I just I didn't really like what was happening here I want a little more curve of her back I don't love how she's married to the back here so I changed her just a little bit and I brought her arms down it's such a big difference, right? Partially because she has a big chest and a small waist and what I was doing when I brought the arms up like this is I was blocking that small waist which is really a shame. Okay, but I it's okay that I did it because I saw that I did it and I fixed it, okay, so by bringing her back and I took her off the wall so I had her lean forward a little bit that sort of slimmed her out in her torso, okay, so again, let's, just go back to see the difference here tio here she's like a totally different person that's just posing so again I created this nice triangle on her I created some space back here that really shows off now the curve of her back let's go back to see this one did you see like even the curve back here like she looks so much slimmer like I feel like there's so much junk happening back here oh yeah I pushed her arm back to that hit all that stuff so now we don't see that I don't have to worry about it and I'm like okay I'm impressing myself as we go but this this should be how you look at your pictures you should be able to go through go wow you know what that was a smart decision I made mental note I'm doing that again next time that's what I'm talking about right there so again here's one and the other right next to it you can see it's a really big difference just by moving her arms and taking her off the wall two tiny little things that we did here to make a big difference okay, same thing here I shot this through fabric um I wanted sort of like a little bit of a smoke your thing now you think maybe I would have learned my lesson about doing the same pose again but I'm convinced it's gonna work this time right? So but here's the thing here she looks real square doesn't she like really short torso from blocking where her end, where ends and where her shirt begin so I don't know I'm losing something in that torso area so I said to her, you know, it used to be fever and push those hips back remember I told you, when all else fails, just push those hips back. It makes such a big difference. So here we're having her push her hips back, and it definitely lengthens her in the back and it gives her muchmore curve and it makes her look much skinnier and her thighs look smaller too, right? By the way, this is what she really looks like. This is not what this is not good that's, not what she really looks like esso again tried and whose many poses as possible that work on as many different body types. Lauren that's what I've been saying to you, there are poses that work on every single body type figure out what those are for you and just keep doing them again and again. I know I joke before that you take a good to shop, but you do take that for every single client don't think that, oh, I'm not being creative or I'm not a good photographer because I'm taking the same shot over and over again, that is what a girl wants, I'm not saying don't be created be as creative as you want to be, but always fall back on this foundation because then, you know, no matter what happens, you are at least going to sell your foundation poses you're going to say, sell those good shots and, you know they're going to work, so if she doesn't like the creative shots or they're not as successful as you thought they were going to be, at least you have pictures to show her, um and again remembered include your best selling shots. Whenever you're doing, you're posing flow, and I'm going to show you guys, you know, my top selling shots and how to get them a swell. So remember to always include those and make those part of your flow. Um, don't be afraid to veer away from your flow like I said, when you need to, but just know that you have it every time that you need it, okay? Ah, I just want to mention my dvd one more time because I do show you the posing flowing and how I worked with the clients to make sure that I'm getting it, much as I can as much bang for my buck as I can, um, any questions on this before we move on, greg, you have a question, yeah, um in like, a normal session for you. Like, how many different, like main pose is what you do like, you know, like, going from the bed like the wall and maybe, like anything else, right? So, like I said in the beginning, I'm doing, if I do three different outfits let's say I would you want off it all on the bed. I would do one off it all on the wall. I would do one off it all by the window. I would pick different sort of sets along with that outfit. And then I would do about four of those foundation poses like you saw the rotisserie chicken. I had her on her front, her side, her back, and then maybe the other side or sitting up or on her knees or doing something else. Andi, I would try to get about twenty five usable pictures for you. Once I get about a hundred pictures per outfit. And then from that hundred pictures, I would narrow it down to maybe thirty to fifty to show her. Would you ever, like you's, like, just like the bed and have our swish, like, do like three different outfits on the bed now, okay, um okay, I never say never, but not usually because when I think about an album, I wanted to tell a story let's go back to all the way back to mood boards and preparing the client, and even if I don't do appreciate concept also ask her like what kind of looks though you going for? And she might say sexy, classy, edgy! And so I'm looking to create one per look so edgy might be in my hallway of the stairwell of my studio because it's, grungy and dirty and gray, and I'm not going to put really pretty laundry there. I'm gonna put her edge your laundry there because that's what she wants and they may be on the bed, I'll do something a little sexier because she wants sexy and then romantic. Maybe I'll do by the window really nice soft light, and she has a really lacey gorgeous robe, some creating these different looks. I'm still trying to keep a consistent see amongst the pictures, too, maybe all the outfits or black or her my hair and make up for the same or whatever, there's some sort of tied that binds all these books. Together however when I think about my album I want to tell a story and I want them in different sections that's just may I'm not saying it's wrong to do it the other way it just sounds like a lot of work what you're doing and then if the shoes in three different outfits on the bed I had to come up with like fifty poses and I don't want to do that you know I wantto create different looks for her around the studio yeah that's great you know like one of my biggest things is coming up with how to shoot the album and doing that makes a lot of sense yeah this will help with that a ton any other questions yeah lauren so when you're doing the rotisserie chicken and you have her diagonal you always want the light bouncing back on her face there is no always zero always it depends on what you're looking for for me it depends on what the light is like that day from the window I might know I might have a really great day and I have to make my own light I might want a flat light her because she's a little older she's a lot of single she's want to show the wrinkles I want a flat light her she might have the craziest six pack I've ever seen in my entire life and I'm gonna put a strip box on her it's like comes right over her belly and shows me the definition in her stomach there is there is definitely no always when it comes to lighting I can't necessarily give you a recipe guide for every single girl posing is easier that way lighting is not as easy it really depends on each person and what you're trying to show for them specifically and I think you know for you when you see the three different lighting scenarios that I created in mice studio that's going to help you a lot I don't understand how the light is different and how it it looks different and how why I would use it in different scenarios okay? Because I have your posing dvd which is awesome by the way, but because I've I've watched it so many times and I always see you laying her this way I I had a client a couple of weeks ago and I walked in and the bed is here and the light's coming from here and I got all backwards because I've seen you do it this way so many times suddenly when I had to propose her that way nothing felt right so I know that I need practice but that's why I'm wondering like it's the same thing but opposite so if you were really not if my window was on this side and I had a reflector on this side, I'd have her this way I would have her with her head here, her feet there. You're right. I have to think about it, too. And I would have this me out popping her hip up, and I would have her looking this way and I would shoot her from oh, god. Really? Okay, we can try that. Let's do that. Hop on the bed. Wait, you were so you're saying, in other words, the wind. Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah, this is fine. So I would have her bring this leg out. And then popper, no. Cross your legs the other way. Yep. Pop your tush up good. And then she would look at me this way, and I would shoot her from here. That's what happened? But instead I went like full on panic. Right, it's? Not it's, not the same. We've all done it. And that's. Totally fine. Um, when you feel that panicky thing happening, it's okay to just stop, take a breath and go. All right, I need to look at I need toe. I need to go to jen's website and look at this and then just reverse it, you know, just think of it in the mirror. Just I think the opposite it's okay to sort of have, you know, maybe put a picture on your phone and go. All right, you know what? Let me just re familiarize myself. I want to do this pose on you, and I just wanna make sure I get it right. Can you give me a second, there's? Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that, right? Practise, practise, practise, practise. Practise is the one thing I cannot give you guys, you're gonna have to do that on your own. But practice is the only way you're going to get good at this. As with everything else, you know, only like mozart was born knowing how to play the piano, right? Like most of us have to practice and do it again and again and again and again and again and that's. True for photography to I mean, I'm so still working on it. And so, you know, it's okay to just keep doing it, doing it, doing it, doing it? Yeah, no more questions. All right. Sounds good. So you guys, please feel free to ask me questions about rotisserie chickens, solar system, any type of posing, flo, I hope that you can come up with your opposing flow that's comfortable. For you, join me in my facebook group to ask me, and everybody else questions on what works for them with posing. In addition, I want to know what the best tip you learned today imposing is so tweet to me at gen rosenbaum it's with izzy and use the hashtag jen's boudoir boot camp. I can't wait to know what you're best tip is that you learned today and how I was able to help you help all those women out there feel amazing. Have a great day.

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I think this course is great, my question was about a Facebook comment made that if a man has a bunch of likes that are female pages..., I agree and disagree in marketing they thought me to like your interest and hopefully future clients. How do I make it safe for clients and future clients? I am a Talent Agent and use to model and learning Boudior is my way of helping my models and business ,I want to also produce a magazine from my agency ,I was going to buy both franchises years ago but I want to do it myself in one company so I'm learning boudior photography to help me a beginning photographer pose women something I do not know I still pose women like family photos. The courses in green screen and other photo classes are just about lighting and position not what position, as a Videographer same thing no posing skill, business video production doesn't teach it all my courses are pro-stuff and tech nothing about what poses my models do. This will help my Video Production Business and Photography Business and my Model Agency...., thanks! I need this course so my models are comfortable and my clients feel comfortable I'm a shy person and I don't want me being uncomfortable make everyone feel weird!

Daniella Moné

Thank you Jen great Bootcamp! I'm starting my boudoir photography business and you have given me so many tools to succeed. I would have like to see more of the why in the posing as opposed to I don't like this let's change it as posing is the biggest challenge for me. I was particularly happy to see how you use your TD6 to create window light. That's what I use since my studio windows are too high when the client is laying on the bed. I really enjoyed your hidden gem video as well as the male versus female. You are an amazing teacher, thank you for your generosity!