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Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

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How to Prepare for a Boudoir Shoot

Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

Jen Rozenbaum

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5. How to Prepare for a Boudoir Shoot

Lesson Info

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Shoot

Okay, I'm really excited to tell you guys a little bit more about preparing for your shoot how I prepare for my shoots preparing my clients and so forth so you guys feel free to ask me any questions that you might have a zit comes up um but we're going to talk a little bit about like I said preparation and remember we've already discussed this that being a boudoir photographer you are an active participant ok, you are the experience this is so important and I really find that it's so different than any other area of photography you are about creating the experience so there's basically two types of experiences that I find in boudoir is lo touch and there's high touch neither one is right or wrong it's just two different things, right? So at some point in my career I've been very high touch, which is really about human interaction we're talking answering phone calls, right? Talking to people on the phone we were kind of talking about this last night at dinner how do you respond to your ...

clients? So for this it's it's much more impact it's really connecting with them, asking them questions why do you want to do this? Tell me a little bit more about yourself what do you hope to get out of the boudoir session and there's a lot of communication that can happen there so I kind of believe how could you change women's lives without human interaction? There has to be a certain level of that in our business, right? You can't she's going to come in for your shoot, even if you don't answer her email personally, she comes in for her shoot and you don't really talk to her and you don't engage in conversation how you're going to connect with her, which is different than let's say, like a wedding shoot like we've already discussed it, you know, in a wedding shoot, you know, talking to the bride and groom this is about them, right? But this is about you, so you have to make sure that you're comfortable with that communication, and we're going to kind of work on all of that and make sure that we're on the same page with our clients as well, no touch, you know, there's a place for this experience I've done both right now, I'm sort of somewhere in between, like a high touch and lo touch, I've sort of melted the both of them, and it really depends for me on what's going on in my life at the time, um, if I'm really busy with my kids or if I'm traveling a lot on my kids on vacation for a week and I'm not in the studio, I might lean a little more towards, like a low touch type experience answering emails with emails versus phone calls, but if I'm a little slower and maybe I want to really connect with a client or a client sends me a really long e mail with a beautiful story about why she wants to do a shoot, I might call her so you know, it doesn't have to be like all of you it one way all another way, it can kind of be a mix of the two also, but there is definitely a place for the low touch experience. So I do believe that in order to impact women, we have to understand how they work, right? You can't make a difference in somebody's life if you don't understand what they're looking for. So women, I mean, all people, but especially women, are emotional creatures, right? This is how how we operate mostly when people want a book of boudoir shit there's an emotional reason behind it. There are some times where a woman just wants to book a shoot to give a gift to her husband, but we all know, and I'm sure you can all attest this that there's a little part of her somewhere that really wants to do it for her. Right like I don't know anybody that really that's every book that's like I just don't care about this I just want to do it for my husband truthfully if a client said that's me I probably wouldn't take her because that's not you know it's not what I'm looking for I want to make an impact on her life so even if a woman says you always just to give for my husband dig a little deeper you know I'm sure it's for you to somewhere in there um but it's an emotional need really for women to feel wanted and loved and beautiful this isn't emotionally and they don't always get it where they think they're going to get it from so if they're turning tow us to give it to them you need to think about that a little bit so high I touch experiences let's go backto it really starts the first contact like we spoke about okay so first contact think about this how do you want your clients to contact you? What do you have on your website for example on my website I do have a contact page but I do say for the quickest, easiest best results call me because I want to have that conversation with my client now thing that I've learned over the years is most women are doing this on the sly right they don't want their partners to know or they don't one I don't know even their friends know they're kind of just doing it on the sly, so I don't force phone calls if somebody wants to email may I will do it over email because sometimes they're doing it at work or on their lunch hour or they're doing it right, laying right next to their partner and they're like hiding the email on the ipad, you know? So I tried to be respectful of that also, I really tried to both ways I've tried, you know, I have to talk to on the phone, some people like I just don't have time for you, um, and at that moment, I would think, okay, well, maybe she just doesn't really want to work with me if she doesn't want to call me, but then at some point, I think I became a little more, you know, we talked about empathy and high touch I came a little more empathetic about the fact that she might not be working from home like I am, you know, maybe she needs to do it over email on dh let's just see where that goes, so just think about these things these air important, how do you want to be perceived? Emails are funny sometimes they're you know they have a client says to you, hi what's your pricing how do you answer that? You know, we were talking about this last night at dinner. I I will right back and I will say, I'm so excited that you contact me, I'd love to work with you tell me a little bit more what is inspiring you to do boudoir shoot so I might not answer with my pricing right away. Okay, that might be like another level by cutting it out. Uh, cutting out clients don't work for you. This happened to me recently where a girl said, oh, well, I do boudoir shoot every few months now, the second I read that I was like a red flag that's weird why is she doing in boudoir shoot every few months? I don't want that I want a client who is like, this is an experience, this isn't like a habit, you know? Um and so I was glad that I asked her because she kind of went on with some other things and she wasn't a good fit for me. And I told her this is, you know, this is not what you're looking for, I can't offer you, but I'm happy to help you find somebody who can, and that was all done over e mail, and I was really happy I didn't waste a phone call with her you know, waste that time so think about it there's not there's I'm going to say this a lot in this class there's more than one way to skin a cat you don't have to just do it that one way every client might be a little bit different this is a personal experience and make it personal to that client so I do answer every inquiry personally I do not have a form email that says thank you for contacting me here's my pricing that it yes it is a time saver tohave that and it's okay if you do but maybe customize it a little bit for each girl I'm so excited that you're getting married where you getting married I would love to tell you more about what we do or happy birthday I can't believe you're turning forty I'm turning forty don't tell anyone uh you know that's awesome or oh my gosh I know what it's like to have two kids or um you know I got married august nineteenth also whatever it is put a little personal something in your email don't just send out a form email here's my pricing have a good day let me know if you have any questions I feel like that's just kind of what everybody else does and you want to create the experience from the very first contact so put a little bit of you in each email so what do we do once the client is booked we start with appreciate consort usually okay and everything I'm telling you in this entire boot camp is not one hundred percent and this is just how I do it you guys you have to make it your own you have to create your own experience is how you want it to be done but usually I will start with the priest you consul especially in my high touch experiences okay? Milo touches another story we'll talk about that a little bit but in my high touch I want to do appreciate and it's about thirty to forty five minutes on the phone so it's a lunch hour for a girl you know it's after the kids go to sleep or whatever it might be and I asked her questions okay? And it's not just like tell me what you want to do a shoot although I usually start with that it's a lot more questions like I'll ask her three words for example I really pushed her if you were to look at your boudoir pictures right now close your eyes pretend like you're looking at your album what three words would you use to describe them? Okay this tells a lot about somebody and I get a lot of very generic answers at this point I'll get like sexy, classy and beautiful okay snooze that's really boring but here's the thing she doesn't think it's boring that's how she wants to look so I'll ask her well, ok, sexy let's start with that. Who do you think is sexy? Give me a celebrity give me something I somebody I can identify with an actress, a model somebody and a girl might say I think kim kardashian is sexy, okay? And she is sometimes but no judgments so okay, I think kim kardashian sexy that's great now I know what we're talking about. We're talking about curves. We're talking about a little bit of a darker maybe not so smiley kind of long hair, sleek clothing, right versus like, I think I don't know jennifer aniston is pretty could never talk about her sexy sorry girl next door sexy, right little lighter sunshine you know, maybe she's not wearing a leather jacket, she'll be wearing some pastel colors or, you know, she's very leggy, you know, I'm not as many curves like I think of them totally differently, right? But so everybody's definition of sexy is the same. What is classic classic is like audrey hepburn classic or is it like some people think like angelina jolie is a classic beauty? You know what is your view of classic? Tell me what that is talk to me about it, um pictures pictures, pictures this morning when I got my hair done I said to the hairdresser here is the picture of how I want my hair and so when she did my hair I said thank you I really this is a great blowout I'm very happy of good blowout is really all a girl needs in life to feel good about herself right? So thank you you did my hair bright and she said to me pictures make the biggest difference in the world if I walked in and I say I want a bolo out that might be a totally different look than what she envisioned ask for pictures tell me you guys what do you like? What do you think is sexy? What do you think is pretty what do you think is classic okay, so don't be afraid to push on that a little bit. Um all right, let's see? Okay, so when do I do appreciate consoles? I do them about four weeks before a session and there's a reason why? First of all, at that point she's not gaining or losing very much weight. Ok, because we all hear that infamous I just have to lose twenty pounds or ten pounds I just have to get to the gym at this point pretty much whatever is happening has happened okay, so four weeks is a good time um it gives her time to shop in season, so if you do a boudoir appreciate consul six months before her shoot, the colors might be different. If she's doing into her shooting spring and you're in winter, she might be getting a lot of black a lot of red for valentine's day a lot, you know, it's not really seasonal. So it's really nice to make sure you do it a little bit closer so that you're in the right season. I know it's weird to think about laundry, a seasonal, but I want you to think as laundry as like clothing because it is very much so, okay? And we'll talk about that in the wardrobe section about styling and and we talk about thie trends, it is just like clothing, so think about that a little bit. Oh, um also, if they want order online, which I like I've said before, I don't think is the best idea, but if they do want to order online there's on a lingerie store near them, four weeks is enough time to get it. Return it, change it, whatever it might be so about four weeks before is a good time and it gets him excited. You know like sorts building that anticipation and then they're like oh, you know what I have to to have to get my hair colored and I have to make sure I make an appointment you know get my nails done and what else should I be doing and it starts building that excitement that we want so it's definitely hard to get a woman to talk about herself like have you ever you know when you say like oh ali, how are you today you're like good my kids or good my husband's great no but how are you oh, I don't know I haven't thought about that you know it's hard to get women to talk about themselves when you asked women questions like what's your favorite part of your body women automatically go no but that's it's not okay for me to say that it's egotistical narcissistic for me to like myself so we had to make sure we give them a place that they feel safe and comfortable to talk about themselves and sometimes what I'll do is if I see that they're just really uncomfortable I'll say them think about these questions I'm asking you could get back to may and by the way it's okay, you know it's okay to love yourself that's why you're here that's why you're with me so I'm not gonna think that you're egotistical if you tell me that you love your ass or that you think you have the best lips in the world? I think that's awesome. I love that you love yourself and or even offer your own you know what? I love my hair I love the way I feel after I blow out my hair I love it, you know? And this will go home I god, I love that too. You know what else I love? I love my legs. My legs were strong, I ran a marathon last year and I love my legs. They'll open up to you don't be afraid to sort of lead the way confidence is something that we're going to talk about multiple times in this boot camp. I'm talking to a few of you that I know specifically nude confidence work but you guys have to be confident she's not walking in confidence. You have to be confident I'm not saying I am confident one hundred percent of the time. I mean, you know, among creative live it makes me a little nervous that's ok, nerves are good too, but in that scenario she's looking to you to be the confident ones. So you be the leader there, let her let you make it that you could show her that she could open up and be confident too and not be judged, I'm okay so what is the purpose of this priest you consoles the first thing is really trust your building trust building a connection with your client that's really important you want to make sure that you're building that excitement like I said so this trust and this excitement building makes your sessions even better so that's really the first on because they're more prepared like a pep oration it's like how many girls have walked into your studio or your home or wherever you shoot and they like have a pair of like the victoria secret underwear that comes free with purchase on like a tank top it's happened to me and I want to say to myself oh my god that client sucks right she's so annoying how could she not be excited to be prepared for the shoot but I know it was my fault I'm the one that should prepare her if she comes in on prepared or you know upset or nervous or has an anxiety that's my I have to take some of that responsibility so the preparation is really important in that trust number two are we a match okay now this is especially important for people it maybe have somebody else book there shoots like if you have it uh secretary of receptionist or an assisted or somebody else in my book the chute at this point you're connecting with the client I had a client one time that I divorced at this point I've had a few clients I've divorced but one that stands out she ready gave me a retainer she signed a contract and she had wanted some pictures that I wasn't gonna be able to offer her they were she was very into iced teas wife coco I know if you guys don't know who she is looking up it's not my style it's not nothing against it it's totally fine but I cannot give that to hurt a matter how hard I try and I am not willing to bend who I am to do something different for her it doesn't feel natural I don't think I would enjoy that so I said to her, listen, no judgments I think what you want to do is fantastic but I can't give it to you and if you're about to spend twenty five hundred dollars with me, I mean, you know we talk about referrals and how they're the most amazing form of marketing well, the worst former marketing is a woman that's unhappy because she will speak ten times louder than all the women that are happy. So I said to her, listen, I'm going to save you the money I'm going to save you the aggravation I'm going to give you your retainer back I'm going to help you find another photographer that will help you out there's no judgment here but we're not a match so that's really nice when you when you get that because how many times a client walks in and you're like, this is horrible. This is not working. I wish you never came here. We're going to try to prevent that during the pre shoot consul. The most important thing is now that I have information for their custom mood board. Okay, so what I do is I make a custom mood board for every single client to show them what I think will be good on them. They help women prepared they so I do them on pinterest. I might talk about this in the future, sly, but all kind of talk about that. I put together a sort of a collection. Is tara make up anything that I think that will be good for their session, so they get sort of a visual idea. Remember, I told you pictures of the most important part of what we dio so I pin things like lingerie, of course, any props that might have to do with what they want to do, like a girl who was like, I'm an avid reader and I love reading and I really want incorporate books into my session somehow, um I pan accessories shoes, she was like a pair of nude shoes and a pair of black shoes going every single mood board that ideo so important if they're going to show up with nothing else besides black shoes and new shoes I know I can I can rock that that's fine um hair makeup very important also you know people talk about I want a smoky eye well what's a smoky eye you know what's your level of smokiness that you want is a blue smoky eye black smoky eye purple smoky eye is it smokey underneath is itjust smokey on top? You know there's so many variations of different types of hair and makeup people think they know what they want but they don't really know what they want so you have to show them pictures if you put on a smoky eye and they go whoa that's a lot of makeup good I'm glad you told me now instead of after your makeup artist is your makeup because that's a pain in the butt to takeoff on radio so we're going to get that going right from the start also it helps my hair and makeup artists because if a girl shows me a picture or if I showed her a picture of a hairstyle that she really likes and she needs extensions you know she sends me a picture of her and I'm like, oh, she doesn't have the hair for that we need to have extensions or if a girl says I have really sensitive skin or I have a strange color skin I'm very red or whatever it might be I can prepare my hair and makeup artist for that and I can put it on the mood board and show it to them and say, ok, guys, this is what you need because this is the look that we're going for, um pictures of mine for inspiration so like I had a girl once that I shot who was a boxer, we did a bunch of boxing pictures with her wraps on and longer is really, really hot I loved it and I have another girl who's a boxer, a vehicle you know what? I'll pin some of my own pictures for inspiration or I'll pin somebody that maybe gave me the same three words classy, sexy, beautiful I'm gonna pin pictures from her session and if I can or just some outfit ideas that maybe for some stylish shoes that I've done that I want her to think about doing also, um we will talk about now polish colors that's a big one it's silly but you know women want like this they want to know like down to the tea, how should I have my nails? How should I have my toenails versus my finger now girls are very, very detail oriented for this, so I usually tell them for nails classic or neutral so like black red it's kind of classics, right don't really go out of style neutral like ballet slippers. Everybody does ballet slippers, right? Cibelli suffers, but, like, just kind of a pink neutral something just simple it's, not about your nails, and we want to be able to look back at this and fifty years and go, ok? It was still in style like I don't want you showing up a polka dot now is, I think it's awesome, it's, trendy it's cool, but don't show up with it in my studio, we just want classic right and etcetera. So anything else that you think applies to their session? Anything. So I give my clients a place to shop, okay? We'll talk about that during the war job section as well. I work with lingerie stores that will help my clients, but also I pin a lot of the laundry ideas straight from the lingerie websites on pinterest so that this way they could just click on it and buy it. Yeah, okay, I'm not always one hundred percent, but I'm usually pretty good on the mark like people always say, oh, my god, the outfit you recommended to me was my favorite outfit and that's a really good feeling when you really prepare them properly and you're like, all right, this is awesome. I'll also pin some stores that I want them to go to, like the stories that I recommend so that they can look up the stores and where they are s o I find that's really help awful the laundry stories that I send them to also I will pin from their sites as well, so I will send the mood board sometimes the lingerie store that I'm working with and I'll say, here's, a girl that I'm sending into here's something that I pin that I think will look good on her, so you get an idea of where we're going with it. Um and I also visit the lingerie stores like I said, if we saw that in the wardrobe segment that, um, you know, I go there and I will talk to them and also ok, I love this don't ever put anybody in this I hate this it's a terrible cut it's a terrible color uh, whatever might be so they really work with the clients also on the high end experience starts there, okay? That's really besides the fact that they've talked to you and they've connected with you, they're really experiences their lingerie is so important, you guys and it's so important that they get off on the right track fitting themselves properly because laundry could easily make a woman feel like garbage and then she calls you and says, oh my god, I can't nothing fits, I gotta cancel my shoot. I'm horrible and terrible and it's really not that mr large rice so who want to make sure that we're good with that again? Like I said, I pinned to buy so unlike the larger mass stores, I will find something I really like like, for example, victoria's secret has this one teddy that I love. It looks good on everybody. I almost put it on almost every mood board and they can click right on it and purchase it from there so it saves them time and aggravation and it's good for me and it's. Good for them. Thoughts on high touch. It is more time consuming. I realize this, but it's okay, because you're gonna make more money. Okay, you're going to charge more for this? This is a higher end. Mohr, expensive option. Okay, this is why I'm not always high touch. All right? But I am. I find that it works, but there's certain time it works, it works better than others, and we're gonna talk about that during the pricing segment about, you know when to know when to back off when, too, you know want more money and look for more money and want to know, okay, this isn't working, I need to back off a little bit, so it is more time and it is more effort, but you will make more money. Your clients will be happier. It's a deeper connection, and as photographers, some people are looking for that. Not everybody. I realized what I am I do. I look for a deeper connection. Boudoir photography for me is not just about the picture it's about the connection with the woman it's about me healing that them healing me, it's, it's a deeper rooted thing than just a picture. Okay, so for me, I'm looking for this connection, but again, there's times in my life that I need to sort of put this on the back burner and go a little more low touch. So what if you don't have time for mood boards and in person consoles? Or however you want to do it? And by the way, I don't do in person consults at all, like I'm in new york it's seventeen dollars, to cross a bridge there, it's like, ridiculous, something ridiculous like that? Um, you know, nobody wants to travel to me again, they're doing it on the down low, but he you're like in a more rural area that people are like oh, I'll just swing by I want to show you what I bought be open to that there's nothing wrong with that I don't do it that way I d'oh do them on skype sometimes which is always nice cause and you really get to see a person and it's even better to do them in person to be honest because you get an idea of their body type without having to ask them or what they're you know body looks like because you know I don't believe in body types but you kind of get an idea oh, I have a good idea what would look good on her I see the way she moves or you know I don't know I like doing it in person but in new york it's practically impossible so I do have ah guide for laundry this is something I just created and it's for me it wasn't just about oh I'm just gonna tell everybody about laundry people don't understand lingerie theyjust don't they don't understand how it works what it looks like on a woman with names are like do you guys know the difference between a bustier and of course it what they dio how they work what's different the guys were an hour like oh my god, get me out of this class but you guys are the ones I have to know it even more like if you're going to have confidence you have to know that so I created this guide and the great thing about this guide is it's an eighty page guy that will educate you guys but there's also a c six page guy that you can customize and give your client so it'll say specifically if you want to hide your stomach here's a great option for you if you want to show off your legs here is a great option for you you need a little lift in the chest here's the kind of broad looked for it this is going to prevent that girl who come is in with a broad that's like a huge you know that gigantic push up bra today and there today it looks like they're boobs are down here and but their boobs really up here and it's just you can't shoot that you know it's just horrible so this is part of the preparation so I just wanted to mention that hair and makeup let's talk about that a little bit of hair and makeup um so I go back and forth about this for the most part makeup has always included in my packages or my session fees however I'm doing my pricing at the two at the time I do think makeup is the most important thing there's a few reasons why the first reason is because I want to make sure they have sort of that what I call fluff time okay, they're sitting in the studio it's about an hour so that they can just kind of sit and breathe and it's not like coming and take off your clothes right it's kind of like foreplay you need a little time to sit and like, be comfortable and get to know people and so I call it my fluff time and I like that I like to have that time and they can just sit there we can talk, we can I can leave the room if they just want to be with the hair dresser, I kind of go back and forth on that. I know a lot of people ask me, do you sit in the room with them sometimes? Yes, sometimes no, I mean, I have a small studio and at this point I'm kind of in one room where other times I've been in two rooms so I'm pretty much with them now, but if I have work to do I have a phone call to make, write e mails to answer, I'll use that hour to my advantage and I will take off and that's okay, I think that they need a little time away from me and the hair makeup artists will say to them like, so excited and they might say I don't know I'm nervous and the oh my god don't be nervous jen's the best I did a shoot teo and I was nervous but you know she's going to tell you exactly what to do and they really make her very comfortable and you could see that during the fly on the wall should you're going to see how they communicate with her so you get an idea of that and that's good that's important for me to have them is my buffer to the client um but sometimes I feel like if I'm sitting there and they say to her you nervous she's going to take no it's fine I'm good jen's right here what am I supposed to say? You know so I think sometimes removing myself from that is really important also by the way there's nothing worse than ah shoot that's ruined by bad makeup so if you have somebody else do the make up and their client comes in and they're late because the makeup artist running late or they have crappy make up and then you take these beautiful pictures of them and they complain that they hate their makeup that's terrible we were talking about that yesterday that that's the word is nothing you could do about that that's not your fault um and that that's hard so I like to have the hair makeup done in my studio hair's optional sometimes it's included in some packages not in others but because it's not as important to me but most my clients do hair anyway they'll add it on or take the packages where it's included but yeah, makeup is really important you have to have a makeup artist you can communicate with so let's talk about hair makeup artist for a minute because they are sort of the bay noble of our existence right? They are representation of us like it or not okay, I fired makeup artist before because I had to make up artist that went through a bad break up once and she didn't stop bitching about men the whole time and I have like bride after bride sitting in my chair and she's like don't get married and so okay okay this is not gonna work for me you know? So I had to get rid of her eye fired people before because of that salon mentality you know that sort of cattiness judgmental salon mentality and that's not accepted in my studio you that cannot bay so if you're going to do a girl's hair makeup and you tell her she looks beautiful in the minute she walks out of the room you go oh my god did you see her hair it's like nestea? I don't think she's washed it for five days like no not acceptable in my studio s o I don't allow for that so they are representation of use to choose them carefully um they can definitely serve more than one purpose my you guys will meet diana in my video shortly she's my makeup artist slash assistant so that's great she was looking for more work and I was looking for les work so we collaborated on that I gave her some of my work and it works out and she's really great and she's trustworthy and what I love about my hair and makeup team is I can collaborate with them and I can communicate with them without any problems um I can say to them you know what? I don't like the lip color you put on her could you change it and they change it and it's not an issue it's not like I'm a makeup artist and I think it looks good and that's it no, she listens to me you know it's fine it's good and she knows what I want you know, the can't make up for camera is different than make up for like a wedding or for a party and this is what a lot of our clients don't understand so that's really important to discuss with them also if you're just gonna goto a salon and get your makeup done blindly, it might not look the way we wanted to look for camera okay? My makeup artist knows that I really like individual lashes a set of strip lashes, for example, so she'll always do that. But if I have a girl come in with those strip lashes that looked like she's the baby dolls, you know that close your eyes and you lay them down that's, like, reflects all the light it's all I hate those, you know, um and I can't control that when she gets in. So it's really important for me to have the makeup done in studio. So when deciding on looks for a client, um, this is something that comes easier for some people than for other people. Okay, I think for men it's probably a tiny little bit harder, generally speaking, but also for some women that are not, like super girly and into fashion and hair and makeup so, you know, educate yourselves also you guys eso work with what you have, ok, if a girl has short hair like if lauren, who has short hair, comes to me, says I want to do a shoot, I'm not gonna pin really long pictures of hair for her unless she specifically says, okay, I wantto have extensions put in and I'm gonna do this the debt work with what you have don't work against what you have, I always ask my clients for a face picture and a full body picture okay, you can be a little specific. Let them know the body picture could be in anything. I've gotten a lot of weird sex over the years of pictures of women in lingerie and like, who is this? Like, it doesn't have to be a lingerie. I'm not judging you. I just want to get an idea of what their body shape is like. So I understand, you know, a lot of women are also delusional. They'll be like I have a really big but and then they send me a picture like, okay, no, you don't, you know, so I know what to work with. Women love to tell themselves lives that over time I start believing more and more and more so they tell you things that are just not true. You have to kind of block out what they say and actually see a picture. So work with what you have is the first keep in mind, any challenges? Like I said, thin hair beds, skin. If a girl concert, she has really bad skin, you're not going to start side lighting her and doing a whole bunch of edgy stuff with her because it's only gonna make her skin look worse, you're probably gonna wanna flat light her. Right? And do something a little more flatter, and you're going to want softer makeup on her versus something really heavy and hard. So think about that when you're pinning ideas and inspiration don't show her really edgy, crazy lighting if you're not gonna do that on her. Okay, um, ask him about allergies. This is important. A lot of women have makeup allergies. I do. I have very sensitive skin. So this morning I brought my base to the make up artists a do you mind using this for me? Do you mind using my mascara very sensitive eyes, but not a lot of women think about that. They they forget that or they go, I forgot my mascara, but I can't use this or that, so ask them about allergies so they know ahead of time. Um, the hair and makeup team what they need to be working with, um, you can have them bring their own lip color, which is nice, so my team will do hair makeup and then leave. They don't stay for the whole shoot. So if a client brings her own lip color than she could touch up her lips throughout the session, which is really the only part that fades after, like the two hours or so makeup holds up um extensions my makeup, my hairdresser provides the extensions uh, they're just snapping and snap out of it. The end I will take them out for her and I'll just leave him in the studio. But make sure if your clients want extensions, you know that if they're bringing their own extensions, make sure they're real hair. Okay, they're more expensive, so not a lot of people show up with um but you can't curl fake excited like fake hair. You put that in a curling iron it's going be melted in two seconds, so make sure that they have the right hair extensions or at least you have your hairdresser provide them for the clients. Um, again now polish keep it natural, classic or no nail polish at all. Don't show to my studio with chipped nails I'll cry cry there's like my famous expression you could just photoshopped that, right? No, make your real clear right now I'm not photoshopping your now not spending time photoshopping your house not happening? Um, so if they're doing more than one look of hair makeup, make sure you build it up, start with something more neutral and then build up the makeup versus going really dark in the beginning and then trying to take it off that's a nightmare like don't put on red lipstick for your first look, if your last book is going to be looked lost, that she'll have stained lips. So make sure your building off those looks.

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A beautiful collection of boudoir photographs has the power to transform a woman’s sense of self. Suddenly she realizes she can be beautiful, glamorous, and sexy – no apologies needed. Jen Rozenbaum shows you how to make that magic happen in Boudoir Bootcamp.

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Jen will cover every aspect of owning and operating a boudoir photography business. You’ll learn how to:

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In Boudoir Bootcamp you’ll learn exactly what it takes to add boudoir services to your client offerings or establish a boudoir-only business. No matter what services you offer or how small your space, Jen’s insights and ideas will help you make every woman feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Make your boudoir photography business a thriving one. Join Jen Rozenbaum for Boudoir Bootcamp and learn what it takes to make women look and feel strong and beautiful.



I think this course is great, my question was about a Facebook comment made that if a man has a bunch of likes that are female pages..., I agree and disagree in marketing they thought me to like your interest and hopefully future clients. How do I make it safe for clients and future clients? I am a Talent Agent and use to model and learning Boudior is my way of helping my models and business ,I want to also produce a magazine from my agency ,I was going to buy both franchises years ago but I want to do it myself in one company so I'm learning boudior photography to help me a beginning photographer pose women something I do not know I still pose women like family photos. The courses in green screen and other photo classes are just about lighting and position not what position, as a Videographer same thing no posing skill, business video production doesn't teach it all my courses are pro-stuff and tech nothing about what poses my models do. This will help my Video Production Business and Photography Business and my Model Agency...., thanks! I need this course so my models are comfortable and my clients feel comfortable I'm a shy person and I don't want me being uncomfortable make everyone feel weird!

Daniella Moné

Thank you Jen great Bootcamp! I'm starting my boudoir photography business and you have given me so many tools to succeed. I would have like to see more of the why in the posing as opposed to I don't like this let's change it as posing is the biggest challenge for me. I was particularly happy to see how you use your TD6 to create window light. That's what I use since my studio windows are too high when the client is laying on the bed. I really enjoyed your hidden gem video as well as the male versus female. You are an amazing teacher, thank you for your generosity!