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Styling and Wardrobe Choices for Boudoir

Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

Jen Rozenbaum

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7. Styling and Wardrobe Choices for Boudoir

Lesson Info

Styling and Wardrobe Choices for Boudoir

Who's ready to talk a little bit about word drove and styling I want to get an idea from you guys last time I did this on creative live it was like the most trustful moment ever because everyone was really quiet I'm not sure if they were absorbing the information or freaking out that there was laundry on the screen so tell me a little bit you guys I want to start off by asking your comfort level maybe two or three of you could tell me a little bit I want to hear it's definitely from a guy at least like your comfort level of laundry how you style your client's who's comfortable some greg you wantto chime in okay yeah sure it is a bit awkward being a guy going into like victoria's secret and like china like you know I see all this stuff and identify what each thing is like what you said before the difference between a course said on a busta you know I don't know okay um so I've been doing this six years and I ignored laundry for I think five years because it's very vulnerable for me and ...

I had my own body issues and my own problems with going to try on laundry and be fitted and so because I had my own issues I didn't make it important for my clients and you know some things in my life has have changed and I have grown on dh so now it's very important to me and it's it's so it's my business is changing because of it, so now I'm really excited about laundry and I got your laundry guide and I loved it and it inspired me to have my own to go and be fitted and tio learn the sizes of the stores that I've been sending my clients too what we were we were talking a little bit last night I was looking in some of your photos and lauren, even though you were in my class two years ago, you're still fairly new to boudoir and we were talking a little bit about her comfort level because even though lauren is a woman, she doesn't eso identify and tell me if I'm wrong I want to speak for you with that super girly like she said, I had a client come in with jimmy choo's I don't even know what they were and I don't have a level with her on that. So we talked about that a little bit about maybe boudoir for you is not about lingerie, right? Well, what we were talking about last night is that I need to learn about it just like everybody else and I need to have that education but yeah, I'm finding that my clients you know, I've shot maybe fifteen or sixteen women now and um I'm finding that they're more comfortable either nude or justin abroad panty set and it's probably because that's what I'm more comfortable with and that's what I show in my sight but like full on laundry and heels I just I need to learn more but yeah, I don't think it's really something I'll be doing a ton off right? Ok, well but it's good to know we're going to talk a little bit about that today and you know you guys this is again about your confidence, your comfort level if you can't talk to your client about you know the difference between a thong and a brazilian cut pandey how is she supposed to be comfortable with it? You know, so I I know it's weird, you know a lot of us get like those little butterflies and we walked into a lingerie store but you really if you do more you familiarize yourself with it and then more you're around it you'll sort of desensitized to that taboo newness of it for me personally it's all about lingerie I love laundry I love the dressing up aspect of it I don't shoot nudes almost ever you'll barely ever see a topless girl even on my site it happens like sometimes he will ask me for it I will do it for them but lauren it's funny how you identify with being mourned nude or natural I am like totally the opposite I love lingerie it's part of showing their personality and short of it sort of shedding their inhibitions with their clothing and and I don't you know showing off their real selves so for me it's so much about the lodge right so it could be the way I am that could be the way you are it could be anything in between but regardless it's important to know how it fits and how it works on women so we're going to talk about that so posing is important because oh I'm sorry wardrobe is important because along with posing this is how we create a woman's shape this is how we can manipulate her body posing and wardrobe okay now I'm going to make I want to make something really clear boudoir is not about changing what a woman looks like I don't want a woman to come in and I'm going to completely change her and make her look like something she's not I want her to look as good as she looks in person or better okay whatever that better maybe the better maybe having a more to find waistline that better maybe thinning out her thighs a little bit the better maybe making her chest look bigger making her butt look bigger it's not always about slimming it's about shape okay so we will talk sometimes during posing with slimming and sometimes with lingerie beth slimming, but this is not the goal. The goal is for each individual client to make the shape of her body that we want to accentuate what she has to hide, which we don't want to see. So that's really the goal of bordeaux and it's so important because, like I said, if she shows up with the war wrong wardrobe, we are out of luck and it's not our fault, right? But it is so we have to make sure we prepare them so again, no, no limits with laundry, it doesn't have to be for boudoir lingerie could be clothing. I've done plenty of shoes with the leather jacket and ripped jeans is, or a tank top and shorts or sweater, whatever you want it to be know no limits. So even though we're talking about laundry today, I don't want you to think that that's the only option I'm not trying to put us in a box. I'm just trying to educate you to make sure that when you do suggest laundry, it's the proper lingerie and she feels really good about herself. So what do I base laundry choices on? Again, we're going to sort of go back to that pre shoot concert even if I don't have a full pre shoot concert with somebody, I will ask him a couple of questions even the models that I shot in new york for this class before I shot them I said to him tell me like five minute description about you how do you do you know, consider your style what do you like? And you know, one girl said, um I'm really considered myself more of a natural girl I really like, you know, I'm not really into laundry I don't like anything really tight on me so okay, great. Can you wear it just like a pair of lacy panties and tank top she's like oh yeah I have a ton of those love that idea um the second girl I worked with kelly she was a dancer and I was like, tell me a little bit about what you like to wear and she's like you know what I love the look I love I love abroad and stockings my good where that done it's so eat only worked with them find out what their personality is we want to make sure we talk about their body shape again, which is why I asked him for a picture I want to talk about comfort level let's go back to that saying you could photoshopped this outright I know my nipples are showing, but you'll just photoshopped that right? No, I'm not going to photoshopped that so let's talk about that don't buy something sheer if you don't want your nipple showing, don't buy something big and bulky if you want to look super tiny, okay let's, talk about the body shape if you're concerned about your thighs don't wear thigh highs it's gonna make them look worse, not better so we need to kind of know these things so, you know, we all have these visions of like what we think our body looks like and we see something in a catalogue that we want to wear and it's only besides two perfect body and we don't realize that that might not always translate over to what we'll fit our body so that's our job, we have to sort of be in reality work with what you have, um and again skin tones like color choices, things like that are really based more on skin tone. All right, let's, take a look at a couple of examples personality. First of all, I personally love converse sneakers and I have a full collection of them in like every single color in the world and my models tend to really like them to see these air to actual models they worked with this model here we worked with in our new york city studio so we will see her shooting she's in the three lights segment we worked with her three different kinds of light so she showed up with these purple converse and why fight it? I love it I think it's awesome you know, she's just wearing a simple tank top para findings and converse sneakers like you don't get any more simple than that, right? Um same with with this model I mean, she is wearing lingerie but again I loved her high tops. I was like, just keep this on it's fine. So based on their personality body shape, this is the same model and brook thank I just kept forgetting her name. Brooke, this is brooke she's very square. Even though she is a professional model, she happens have a very square body. Okay? And so when she showed up with this tank top and underwear like you see a square she lives we don't see curve in her way, so she looks really, really square, so if I had more time if she was a client, I probably would've suggested either a longer tank top or something a little bit different, so I had to work with what I had there, same thing here she still looks really square because she has this square shirt over her it's sexy and theory because you can see through it so you can see her body but since her body square it's not really helping us much so we want to make sure we keep that in mind this is probably some bad outfit choices although I'll show you um during opposing segments I show you how I fix that okay comfort level here are two women the first one actually is amanda who we shot for flying the wall she was not very comfortable with her stomach she did not want her stomach shown she's had three children and I thought she had a really great shape but something's fathered her more than other so when she put on a bron underwear which is usually what people bring that's that's women's comfort level right broad panties that's what they wear every day that's what they're used to she said I don't but I don't want to show my stomach so we put this robe on her and I think it's really flattering for her it's really pretty it goes with her look this is actually a model named maggie and she was wearing a very sheer bra and she said to me well you're going to photoshopped my nipples out right like no I'm not photoshopping them out put this is my robe I said put this robe on over your lingerie so this way I don't have to edit that later and she's more comfortable you're never going to get a woman to pose the way you want her to pose or have an expression the way you want it to be if she's uncomfortable right? So we have to make sure that they're comfortable so discussed that ahead of time comfort level comfort level comfort level these items like sheer robes, lace robes, big t shirts anything that you can put over something else really vital to keep in your studio I'm sure I'm going to mention this more than one time because if I didn't have that white robe in the studio I would be spending hours editing out her nipples which is not fun and it if anything you guys will learn I do not enjoy today so I will do everything I can we do to make sure I don't have to edit it later okay question so far don't be afraid to speak up okay good we have movement okay sugar worked okay do you encourage women to bring things that they think might be out of their comfort zone? I find that a lot of times they might think something they won't want aware and then once they get in there and they're really comfortable they will wear it. Yes, I do encourage that at least one outfit out of your comfort zone and I will save it for the end of course so I usually start the shoot with the most covered to the least covered on dh yes, I do have my clients bring all their old laundry even though I talked about keeping some robes and whatnot in the studio it is important that they bring their own for sanitary reasons for fit reasons I can't really imagine having you know certain things in the studio that are like a one size fits all one size never fits all so that I know that some people are gonna ask me that so yeah definitely definitely great. You have a question for the model who you shot with this year? Yeah, if she was did you pick that out for her? Where did she pick out the broad? She brought the brawn under and it isn't fashion ating she just assumed I was going to edit her later and this is and this is a model who's been down this road before this was not her first rodeo. So can you imagine a client who has never done this before was just going to go? Well, this looked good on me but I don't want my nipple showing okay what? So talk about beforehand that's what that's what appreciate console is good for I'm not going to say I've never done it like there are time somebody's coming with the outfit that is so killer I'm like all right, I will edit that out for you no worries but typically no it's not happening it's not and then and then it gets create like it has a pattern on it it's just a headache now talk about it before hands make sure their comfort levels on part with what you want to do so laundry is intimate you guys will hear me use the word intimate all I love the word intimate so much of what we do is intimate right laundry is also intimate it's scary it's it's confusing it's complicated and that's just how your client feels forget how you guys feel right it's even worse for you, eh? So we we really want to make sure that we learned long it's really, really, really important and you're going to guide your clients through this. So how do you learn about lingerie besides standing here and being with me and my lingerie guide and all of that I do want to mention my laundry got again because I do think it's important I wrote this from a place not only of a boudoir photographer but as a woman and somebody with a lot of experience has seen a lot of different bodies come through my studio. What works? What doesn't and little tips and tricks to make sure that you know she's getting the right thigh highs or she's getting a right type of broad because abroad underwear is not enough to slamed somebody there's push up bras or strapless bras there's you know a million different types so the guys are their heads are rolling right now but this will help with that. So other places to learn lingerie stores don't be afraid to go into a laundry sort of ask hey what's your best seller what's the most popular with women here um you know what it what is this? I don't even know what this is can you tell me what this is? Um, you know what who does this work best for? And your experience when you sell this? What type of woman buys this? Ask questions you guys don't be afraid to do that. Magazines are great to look at obviously there's a lot of advertisements, but you know, the like longer advertising should also look at swimwear look att fashion, but you're going to see in the video that we're going to show that there's trends in laundry just like there are in fashion, so keep up with on top of that pop culture let's talk about like the video music awards or whatever awards were recently grammys tony's I don't know where we're at grammies maybe I think every single female pop vocalist was wearing a body suit they don't wear pants anymore these women it's fine, just fine I sound like an old lady but they all wear like these hot shorts right or body suits and this is what they're performing and think about beyonce and um you know all these women that saying like they're just wearing bodysuits body's just a really popular right now and they happen to be one of my favorite styles to wear for a shoot so pop culture really influences a lot of this is well, so let's go through some of them I address some of the video we're going to go through some and then this isn't even covering everything like I said there's a lot more in my guide but we're going to do some basic stuff now all right? So broad panties that's typically women wear it every day, so like I said it's a comfort level thing the first thing that they think of with andres brought underwear uh there's so many mistakes made and brought underwear though I cannot even tell you it's like our worst enemy sometimes I wish clients will come in without a bra on under it all and just like a corset and other things because they tend to want to be fitted more but there's different types of broads there's push ups there's demi cops there's underwire there's t shirt broads there strapless bras there's a million other types of rods I haven't even mentioned here today and they all fit a little bit differently. This is an example of the same girl two different bras to different fits yes, I understand she's laying on her back here but that said do you see how this broad the purple one is a little more of like a push up it gives her a little more lift and a little more volume the one that she has laying down is sort of patted but it's not a push up like there's a difference between the padding on the whole cup and a push up that gives you a lot of padding on the bottom s so this is kind of example how one you know, one girl has two different fits depending on the bra you see that? All right, I feel like I want before I get into garters and stockings I want to talk a little bit more about broads. There is some major problems with push up bras. I want to sort of address that because that's really what I think people go for like women think old laundry chute I'm just gonna go straight for a push up bra I'm gonna give myself lifted fullness a lot of times with these push up bras they they kind of bald too low it almost looks like they're their boobs are down here and they're up here because it's like literally adding another hole boom to them it's really kind of crazy or worse, they push up like up here right? And then you have like a girl maybe that's a little bit heavier and she has boobs up here and there's lots of stuff coming out the side is really, really, really important that they get fitted properly for bras again, you're going to want to make sure they go to some local stores you'll see in this store in the tour that I do with the store that they do free bra fittings um browser weird, weird, weird things so you really want to look into it? Make sure that you're getting your suggesting the proper broth for the girl and what her specific concerns are a ce faras her chest is concerned garters and stockings. This is another area that people tend to be really crazy clueless about. I want you guys, I'm giving you guys homework to go home and youtube howto attach stockings to garters no client knows how to do it ever, ever and it's super vulnerable because usually the garter straps are here and here, so you'll be like, okay, turn around and let me do your garden shop and they're like, you know their butts in your face and they're like, this is weird, I'm like not for me, you know, this is just another day in my life, but I know how to do it because they're going to need help and and they're not gonna want to ask you so you'll have that moment where you like leave the studio you shut the door and you're like what's taking her so long to get ready and you're like, you need help in there, you know? And they're like, I just can't attach these stockings it's gonna happen to you if it hasn't happened already know how to attach them and better yet teach your clients how to attach them because when they leave your studio feeling super awesome and sexy, they're going to want to go put this laundry on for somebody, even if it's themselves and they're not gonna know how to do it when they get home, they're gonna feel ridiculous, so make sure you teach them show them that you're the expert I can do this for you, but I'm gonna show you how to do it so when you get home, you could do it yourself. Um men have a female assistant there to help her. This is not an area that you want to get involved unnecessarily, so have somebody that is able to help her. Um, there are two different types of stockings you guys know this thigh highs anyone know this? Okay, there's the thigh highs all obviously go up to the sky, but there's two different types of one does not have like a plastic lining on the inside a rubber lining. And one does. The ones that have the rubber lining on the inside are actually meant to stay up on their own without a gardener, which is what holds them up typically. Okay, I hate them. Most women by those they do not sell the proper ones of victoria's secret. That will just kind of give you whatever they have, but they're very hard to attach and they squeeze the thigh. So if a woman has skin on her thigh, which all my clients dio, it will squeeze it, and it will make it look like they have muffin top. So you want to look for the stockings that don't have the rubber lining on the inside? They are just they lay really nice on the leg. They don't squeeze. There must much easier to attach. Um, they tend to be a little bit more expensive. Like I find a lot of the nicer, um, uh, hosiery companies make them, they can be found victoria's secret, although usually the clients come in with the wrong one. So, just this is a small little tidbit that you can educate your client on makes a big difference for the shoot, and it makes you look like a total expert. This is exactly what I'm talking about these didn't even though these air dark here they did not have the plastic on the inside and you could see that they're laying really nice on her leg they're not squeezing her leg all this's again amanda from our fly on the wall shoot she I wanted to wear she brought stockings I didn't like the way they looked on her stocking sometimes cut off your leg and it could make you look shorter or it can just like ruin the flow of the leg but I just chose to have them hanging down I think it's kind of sexy like that they are removable and most longer I also so you can take them off if you want to the gardeners but I just kind of like having them hanging I think it looks sexy kind of natural okay so you ready for the lesson between the difference between of course in a boost a think about it like this uh of course it cinches the waste think about the old school days where you're putting on the course and they pull those strings and as they pull them the waste gets smaller and smaller and they wear those gigantic dresses like this like I was totally bored in the wrong era because those would look so good on me uh no nobody back then was like is my butt look big because they did it always did so those courses really cinched the waist okay a boost a typically has cups and it boosts the bust that's what they called a boost d a busty a whether it's more about the bus it's it's it tends to have a body on it, but it's not as tight as of course it's not really meant to bring in the waist it's meant to give you ah boost course is typically don't have cups so it's a it's a little bit of a given take on both of them. So if you have somebody who has a really small chester's really square probably wouldn't recommend it as an much is like a bustier we give them a little more um we'll talk, I'll show you a little bit about that um this is an example of a corset without cups and it really worked on her she has a larger chest s o just the way it fit her and the and the way it laid on her was really nice, so it was okay in that example, but this kind of course that that doesn't have cups I don't always recommend it in the flying the wall shoot, you'll see me putting her in it like you guys have to know how to do this, I'm pulling her strings and I'm making it really tight and as I'm pulling, the more I pull tinier waste gets and the more shape she gets and this hourglass figure is natural with the course that it's awesome it's like these courses are your best friend if you have somebody that's concerned about their stomach stretch marks anything this is like home run here even she went shopping and she wrote to me and said, oh my god courses or my best friend so I was like yes, they are they're amazing um this is my friend alicia who also found this amazing corset it doesn't have cups, but I like the shape of it because it tends to flatter her chest just with shape it's not straight across cry see that she looks smoking hot this is more of an example of a bustier so you see it's still covers the body but it has cup so it's giving her a little more shape in the chest and it works for her because she's a little bit smaller okay, so that helps out a little bit you see also where they land like usually they land kind of in this area sometimes boost days are a little bit shorter you want to be careful that you don't get sort of that that skin in between the underwear and the boost because you'll start looking like muffin topping cameras you want to be careful about the length this's a great length it's like a little tease I love it right, it's, like long, but now it's kind of a dress, but I really so again learn how to tie them again will show the scene the bonus video in the fly on the wall, how I tied her into them, they are going to need help even if it's been fitted for them before they're going to need help to get into it again. Men have a female assistant to help her in it. You know, a lot of the courses start with the tie on the top and the bottom, and they mean the middle, they're not all like from the top down or the top up. They tend to have long string sometimes get yourself comfortable that know what you're doing, check it out on the video and it's going to be really helpful. Also breathing is optional. You should let your clients know that, um, so it is true, like sometimes I'll say to my clients and courses like, if you feel a little faint or you know you're really uncomfortable, let me know, but I'm just gonna keep poland. So you talking, not teo. Um, so it's, really optional, but fit is really important here because it's really going to give her an amazing our last figure. One of my favorites is a slip, um, you know, back in the day, like when I was growing up, I remember I used to have those, like, silky slips that really are meant to be like a layer of clothing under a layer of clothing so that you couldn't see through it. But nowadays slips have gotten a lot sexier there, tighter, they're extremely forgiving and very flattering. What I love about them is they usually have support in the breast, and I love like where they ends like this one even tends to be a little bit long. Some of them are even a little bit shorter, so you could see a little tiny booty coming out underneath it. Um, great, great, great for women who have a beautiful body shape, naturally, but wanna cover for some reason again, stretch marks or scars or surgeries, and they just, you know, they feel like they want to be covered or they're just not comfortable being in a bra and underwear flaunting around. They want a little more coverage, but they want to show their shape of their body this's fantastic. Ah lot of them also come like a little more sheer, so you could still see a little bit more of their body, but they feel covered. Right they I mean this is not much more than what they're wearing their right this they feel like they're wearing dresses they're a little more comfortable and this is a great way to start a session also in something like this it's more covered they can they usually come with garter straps they don't have to again and removable you could take them off it happened to work on my redheaded frontier I think it really works with her but again and something on a slip that's giving a little more coverage I might try to avoid stockings I don't want to cover too much yeah bodysuits and teddy's these air like I told you bodysuit my favorite I could just live and die for american apparel like I can go in there and buy something for every single boudoir shoot that I'm ever going to shoot I love bodysuits they're amazing they're not very expensive and they're really flattering it's forgiving for almost everybody I love like the how it comes a lot of them come high up on the legs the legs look nice in long um there there's just a lot of fun thes air two examples of actually teddy's which are very similar but they're more lingerie inspired were body suits you could pretty much wear out in public you're good you're nervous you're confusing you I was just thinking your photos are so beautiful like thank you god I felt like something going on there and I was like, oh my god, I'm losing my first audience member as we speak thank you this was brook actually back in the studio now you guys were going to talk about this in the lingerie store tour but I want you to take notice she's wearing nipple covers here because I'm not photoshopping that out later so she said to me oh, I bought this teddy it's sheer but I brought nipple cover should I wear them? Yes and it doesn't look weird at all right? It's almost looks like it's not a sheer teddy but it totally as you could see right through it um this is actually a little more of, like a shapewear that she was a separate broadway that's a great scenario also that teddy this is one of my favorites because really keeps everything in and when I talk about shape where I'm not talking about things that are functional like spanx which I think everybody should throw away right now sorry, but there's just one comical could breathe in that I can't breathe in them. Um you know, I'm not talking about that functional sort of uglier shape where I'm talking about something a little prettier like deke and why has a really nice line in fact two models brought we were doing some wardrobe stuff for this segment two models brought the same d k deacon why shaper and I shot it on the last grade of life was fun too, so it's very popular ah, and it's very similar to this where it kind of keeps you in it has a nice shape on the legs on the body, and you could put your own brought with it, which is great because that takes out the sizing problem for the broth. Um, so I love these and again, these are girls that don't necessarily need body shaping, but look at how you see the contours of their body and their pretty covered, you know, what's nice about that, too, when you pose them and they move this way or that way, they're not getting the skin rules, you know that we always have to edit out or hide somehow, which we'll talk about imposing, but here you're covering it already is so much less editing for us to dio and her body looks slam, and I mean, I think that they both look really beautiful again don't forget how square brooke was. We spoke about that and I really love sort of this deep v it helps with her body shape a little bit, she doesn't look a square in something like that it also they line on her waist gives her more of a little bit of a defined waist line my favorite body suit ever like hello if I had this tosha probably walk around in this body suit always like it's the best on I love that this body suit by american power also especially like it gives that little that little cut there. I love that it's, sexy it's, deep cut it's fun to play with and again, she feels pretty covered. This is also great for somebody who might have some arm issues because now her arms were covered, but she still exposed she still showing things right? So I always think that clothing is a great way to show off a client's personality. It's great to incorporate it into a boudoir session again, she feels kind of comfortable in it. Um, this was my sweat pants and high heel shoe. This was inspired by the fact that women can still be sexy and sweat pants and pointy tails, right there might not be walking around in the high heels, but there's hot pants and pointy tails. But just because you wear sweat pants of pony tails is a woman doesn't mean that you've lost your sexiness she's in there somewhere, right? So this was I styled the shoot based on that, and I actually really love those pants on dh I think she looks hot in this shot, it's basically just very simple sporty fun casual but I really think it captures her personality I mean I believe her she's having a good time and she's cozy and comfortable and cozy and comfortable could be sexy too doesn't always have to be about discomfort feeling my nine year old will say to me mommy, my shoes hurt like well welcome to being a woman right but it's it's not always just comfort sometimes we could be comfortable uh here's another great example of some clothing this is actually sort of slip it is a little bit sheer and it's meant to be worn underneath something or have something more underneath it so I put it just a bronze panty underneath it but again she's not super exposed you guys like there is nothing about this that you can't put on social media you know we were talking a little bit on our break about social media and images that are okay to put on the internet like this would be a perfectly acceptable internet image nobody's going to report this yet it's still sexy it's still feminine it's romantic and it's different it's not just brought underwear this was addressed now this model brought this dress with her and I could not resist shooting her in the stress it was so smoking hot you know, for me boudoir is not about giving it all away you know, it's like this is very sexy, leaving little to the imagination and it's, we're just having a good time with it. We're just having fun, so I chose this sweatshirt because it was like rainbows and unicorns, you know, everyone's always like, oh, jan, you're all rainbows and unicorns, yeah, I am I have a pretty bright outlook on life, so why not put brain bows and unicorns on a boudoir model and shoot like that? And it suits her, you know, it's fun and you know what? This picture is all about her legs. So what better way to show off her legs and to cover everything else out and make it about her legs? So I'm using it to my advantage to really draw the focus to her legs here is well, so let's show you some examples of combining war driven, posing for success. Any questions on some stuff that I've shown you for any guys there's so much more to learn. Yes, do you describe mike, please, if you don't mind, I'm from a small town in canada and we don't have lingerie shots, so what would you say I should do? If people want to go to a lingerie shop, they have to travel to and half hours, right? So okay, do they buy on the internet or if you don't have a choice and you know of course the buy on the internet and actually if you buy this class, you'll get a list of my favorite brands in the workbook on dh my favorite sites for inspiration there's plenty of places on the internet to buy what I would do is so I talk a little bit about sort of veering away from the major manufacturers on we'll get to that in a little bit down on the show, so if you could have some patients on that but you haven't even more important job to sort of scout out what you like brands that fit well things that you know we'll work on different body types do some research on different brands I don't care if you have to call the manufacturers and say, hey, you know I mean there's some manufactures that specialized in big breasted women, some that specialized in smaller breast of him and some just make courses do a lot of research guide your clients that way I think shopping online is not ideal, but then you might want to consider doing your pre shoot console six weeks before eight weeks before instead of four weeks before if she's ordering online for sure there's a way around everything I like any hurdle you guys were going to throw at me today I will find a way to counter act it because it's not you know american apparel keep some bodysuits in your studio just have them change their underwear and it's sanitary just wash them when they leave you know there's ways around it um so you have a job on your hands you have to do a lot more research that some of us will and you know, this is something I'm going to be totally honest with you we discussed when we were talking about touring the lingerie store we talked about going into new york city and doing it like in a really fancy shmancy lingerie store and really blown everyone's socks off and I was like, you know as much as I want to do that and make myself look really cool the truth is most of america and canada and whoever else is watching is going to be at a normal everyday lingerie store and that's why I want to tape it under normal every day small town lingerie store so I'm going to show you how that works okay? So this way if you do find one or maybe I should open one thie other thing is speaking of I do so some laundry to my client's I'm just starting to kind of get into that now I have a wholesale account with a couple of manufacturers at this point for brands that I know look good on almost everybody I haven't enough experience with them, I've seen them on clients like again and again I go you know what? Maybe this is something worthwhile having in my a studio for sale okay because I started noticing my clients coming with a bag with thousand dollars of andre and they're like I only want to buy an album for seven hundred dollars you know I'm like wait a minute maybe if I can get that money on this money together you know? So I said to myself you know what? I'm losing some money this way and clients are not always coming in with the best stuff maybe I can help them and I can fit them so this is something that I've recently started and I'm looking more and more into and it might be an idea for you as well thank you you're welcome any other questions before we move on to combining yes lauren when are you going to start designing laundry jenna is a good question can I finish the class creative lives get me a little busy the past few months all right let's go back teo are shot of brooke with her shirt on that doesn't look good at all on her right? Eh? So how do we how do we fix this? Okay let's say she didn't want to take it off she really felt comfortable with it on I really wanna wear the shirt it's meaningful to me for whatever reason or I feel comfortable in it well, now I'm thinking of way I compose her to give her more curve now again, she doesn't have a lot of curve in her body to begin with, so this sure that's making her look even more square I have to kind of get rid of it without her taking it off, right? So in this case I'm able to sort of create the shape give her a little more waste with her hand and I'm creating the swoop here, which is giving a curve, giving the illusion that she's a little curve bigger than she really is you see that I'm not making that up right? So it's a much more successful pose here to combine and I and I had her lift up the shirt a little so we can see her underwear and a little bit of the curve on her thought is well, I really have her pushing her hip all the way out okay again brooks tank top and underwear super square and this tank top is landing in the worst possible place ever because if she actually did have a waist, I wouldn't see it anyway so I was doing a ton of poses with her standing up and nothing was really working for me and I finally said, you know what, brooke, just get on the floor and sit down and you know what that did? It created a booty that she really doesn't have but we created these curves on her and I took out of the picture anything I didn't want to see we don't see a way so I just took it out of the picture it's gone now and I still think it's a pretty sexy picture it shows off her personality and we're creating this beautiful shape this like teardrop shape of her body this was a photographer I shot in miami and she didn't really want to do boudoir she wanted me to shoot it but she was like I really don't want laundry I want something to show off my personality and she made the skirt which I almost stole from her if it would fit in my suitcase it was really beautiful and what I love about this is it was a big skirt it was a long and she kind of got lost in it a little bit so I was like you know what? Why don't we have some fun and play with it do something with your hands on what I love is we see this like this strip of leg here you know which I just think it's so sexy it's like she's kind of lifting up her skirt it's a little invitation to like what's going on into their but yet it's not giving away the farm right? We don't see everything and I don't know I find it really sexy little miss serious because of the crop and that's. Another way we can use the wardrobe like you can't just look at a wardrobe and go oh, my god, this is terrible. What am I going to do is think of a creative way to make it a little sexier bodysuit. So I love bodies. This is actually that decay and why bodysuit that I spoke about this is for my first creative lives. You guys remember? So this is I love how she's playing with it and I did that on purpose with both of these girls because they're both really short and I want their legs look longer so I grabbed the bodysuit and I have them pull it up like this and it makes your legs look even longer. She was a little more skin and it's fun to play with. Um, this actually has lace that comes down almost like to hear. And I had her tuck it in because if you do that, it like cuts off the legs could make her look really short. Okay, so have a little fun with the wardrobe. Play around with it. A little, um again, simple brought underwear. She was wearing a little crop top over it it's nothing crazy, you guys, this is probably just straight out of her draw nothing crazy, but let's. Have a little fun. Let's. Play around with the shirt let's, take it off with lifted up let's, rip it off whatever you want to do, let's, have a little fun with it. Wardrobe and posing are married, you guys, you can't have one without the other, unless you're doing a nude, really, you can't have one without the other. You have to consider both of them together to work together.

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