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Posing for Boudoir: The Rotisserie Chicken

Jen Rozenbaum

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp

Jen Rozenbaum

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10. Posing for Boudoir: The Rotisserie Chicken

Lesson Info

Posing for Boudoir: The Rotisserie Chicken

Hey guys s so here we are sort of on the other side of the studio where we've set up a little studio I guess it looks very similar actually to where I shoot in new york as you'll see on we're going to talk a bit about posing flow today posing flow is something you've all pretty much expressed interest and learning yes you their struggle with this here okay so the posing flow is part of the toolbox that I keep talking about having this is more and also where I said you know there needs to be certain amount of shots like between the posing flow and the best telling shots that you know that these are gonna work so the posing flow is really imp important to have and you know sometimes people say like oh it gets kind of boring I do the same shots over and over and that's it okay sometimes we need to be able to do that posing flow for me is basically moving from one pose to the next with very little effort and getting the most value for that pose ok that's for me with the posing flow is abou...

t um in my studio if I shoot like an outfit I probably do for five what I call foundation poses um usually about four sometimes five um and with in those poses I make small adjustments in the posing flow so I will get about a hundred pictures per outfit about give or take and so we're talking about per pot's about twenty five fairly unique shots per that post does that make sense that math works for you? Okay um so that's what? Posing fluids and why supposing feel important it's really very simple time is money you guys if you're only shooting somebody for an hour or you're only shooting them even for two hours you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck that you can you want to be able to show the most amount of photos that you can to that client when she comes in for her sale session or when you post the pictures online so that you can upset her so you could have enough pictures to even fill an album this's this is one of the areas a lot of people fall down hard on they might have like two or three really good photos but they have a collection. The collection is much harder right? So we see like there's a lot of good photographers online that I see also that I'll say one picture here one picture there and that's a great picture but well how does the whole session look as a whole? We need to start thinking about selling albums right at least in my world that's what I do so I want to make sure that I have as many as I can get so again, don't work harder than you have to look for impact here there's small changes just like in the actual posing little changes can you look up? Can you look down? Can you laugh for me? Can you just move your hands up a little bit? Can you put your hand on your waist? There's a lot of small little things that we can dio to make a big difference in addition to not having to work so hard when when I get a girl in a pose. It's a it's, a lot of work so I don't have to do that like five times per outfit. I just want to get her in the pose once and then start making some small changes. Okay, so I'm going to show you that it's really about being prepared, being confident there's that confident word again and again filling up albums. So, you know, we were talking a little bit about the eight points opposing earlier today and moving a little bit slower and taking pictures. And I gave you my mathematical equation about how many pictures I take during the break. Brian, you mentioned to me you had seen that posing section before you had been in a workshop but tell me a little bit about your experience with it and I know you have the dvd too and like sort of slowing down because this is this involves posing flow also so tell me a little bit about your experience with that well for us the number of images that we've taken procession have decreased but the amount of usable images that we've had have gone up exponentially we show on the average we'll shoot on the average maybe two hundred images in a session and we'll get up now upto maybe about one hundred images that are usable wars before it may have been fifty if you're lucky so I think it's I think it's great yeah get that's a huge I mean idea is better than may it say here it's different um and and that's what we're trying to do here also with posing flow so this is all married together you guys like if you have it if anyone watching hasn't seen the eight points they need to go back on my dad and watch this it's important it all fits together eh so we want to get better shots we're talking about quality not quantity here you guys it's not a matter of how many pictures it's a matter of getting really good pictures there's some clients where I've shot again like you say two hundred pictures and I nailed that I know I haven't least seventy five and show them our hundred. I can show them and there's sometimes that clients take a little more. I shoot five hundred pictures and I have only one hundred and show them so, lauren, that sort of answers your other question to about, like, working with the client. Sometimes clients take a little more time to figure out what this posing flow is definitely going to help with that. So foundation poses let's talk about that for a second. You asked me I think greg and in the foundation posing if I start with the head and work my way down and my answer was no, you ask me that, right? Us that, right? Okay, sorry. I couldn't remember. So, no, I start with the hips, usually depending on the post. But I'll give you an example. Ok? I'm I'm looking for a foundation post. Um, I'm trying to see if there somewhere I can sort of, like lean up against the wall. Um, okay, let's. Just pretend like I'm up against the wall over here. Okay? If I say to a plane I want to do this, I want you to push your touch all the way back and it becomes your anchor and you'll see this also in the hotel shoot cause I did do this with our model there I wanted to be your anchor so she'll push up against the wall and she'll kind of uses her anchor and when I call it her anger I mean it literally it anchors hurts to the wall she's not going to tip over she's not going to fall she's not gonna wiggle around like there's nothing worse than when you're shooting her client she's doing one of these on her heels nearly can you just stay still that's her anchor and I might say to her bring your knees over and put your hands on your waist and let me just see what that looks like and I'll take a picture of her and then I'll make adjustments from there and now this is the foundation pose and I will say to her do not move when I stop snapping my camera until I tell you to because we worked really hard there's nothing worse than when you snap the picture and she goes oh my god what does it look like and you're like oh my god really I just spent ten minutes getting you there why'd you do that so I let them know this is the foundation okay guys this is what we're basing everything off and from there we go when we do a whole bunch of different things arms down looking down arms up I can't move that much in the short today was a bad choice, you know, hands up go around here, you know, maybe switch your hip this way you go around her and this is the posing flow and we're going to talk about that, but it starts with the foundation, the foundation is really, really important. You need to be, you know you can't build a house on a crappy foundation, your house will collapse it's the same thing with opposed you cannot build a pose on a crappy foundation or the whole poles would not work. Okay, here's some examples jackie in my studio very simple again the girl is the image that the pose is really, really important, right? Because there's nothing else in this image so here's a little behind the scenes, I let her with a pro photo be one and just a strip box and it's very simple, just stand there, you see, I have her standing there with her legs crossed and just her arms doing whatever, and I'm just changing it around, but you see, her body doesn't move that much a little bit. It certainly moves a little bit. I happen to like a lot of motion in my posing also, which we're going to show s o there is a little bit emotion, but as you can see for the most part it's the same exact body just different arms different looking a different way and now we have a lot of different variation okay, I'm going to show her all three of these pictures she's gonna have a hard time choosing which one is her favorite so she might tickle three she might take two maybe she'll take one looking up in one looking down whatever it might be same thing here it's really the same thing the only thing that moved is like her hips move direction a little bit um and I have her arms doing different things and looking up and looking down but you see how like even this image and the last image are the same but different so I'm going to show her both tiny little changes and this is all from that one foundation posts yes, I'm getting a little bit of blank looks so yes sir we're good ok same thing here this is even a better example so I have your arms and this pose now can you raise your arm up in one arm down and now can you put both arms down and now maybe just touch her stomach? But you notice her foundation didn't change at all her foundation is exactly the same in every single picture these are these are like click click click really easy, nice and simple real quick also, I'm sorry. I just want to go back when you can see I have looking down and looking up remember we spoke about either looking at me we're looking down at your body she's not looking off to no man's land, you know, whenever they look off to whenever your client looks off to look out the window or at the light or whatnot, I just want to make sure it's intentional at least tell them a story like that. Are you waiting for somebody? Who were you looking for? There has to be some sort of purpose behind if they're just staring becomes weird, right? So either have her looking at me or looking down. You also notice when I have them looking down, I never have them looking down because that's, what happens? Right? It's an artificial looking down it's like a just bring your chin out and down and just look down sort of toward your cheekbones and this is kind of what it looks like. It doesn't look as uncomfortable in camera if you do it properly, but I never had them look all the way down or else you lose their face completely. This is another perfect example it's really the same pose you guys, all I did was have her drop her needs to decide that's it same pose I didn't have to work that hard to get from here to there looking up, looking down, she lifted her arm when she drops her leg because she had nowhere to lean it anymore. It's really very simple, but two completely different pictures, right? And she's going to end it probably taking both for her album, same thing here different, a little bit of a different foundation. This is more movement. This is sort of like, all right, let's have you dance around a little bit and have a little fun with it? But you can see she's not really going anywhere, she's just in the same spot, doing the same thing over and over, but I'm taking pictures and they look different. This is a great spread in an album, right? This is what we're looking for variation, I'm thinking about filling up albums every shot I pretty much get looking up looking down a little bit of changes here, a little bit of change is in the arms. This is another great example in this image. I actually saw her in the mirror, so now I'm getting variation by not her moving necessarily, but by me moving and taking a picture somewhere, allison getting a little bit of a different shot. So I'm not getting like not every image is like, okay, go lay on the bed, I'll take a picture okay? Now go lay on the floor and I'll take a picture and not go against the wall and take a picture if you're doing that you are wasting so much time and energy it's not even funny so I'm just looking for really small variations and as the time goes on during that shoot the picture changes little by little by little by little the first picture is completely different than the last picture, but everything in between is pretty gradual same thing here okay, this was, um you guys were asking me about this yesterday, so explain this is actually a shower that she's standing in with a glass door I'm in front of it and there's a window behind me so it's reflecting the window and I saw that and I was like, oh, that looks like a lot of fun but how many pictures can you take with half of her face? And then I take a small step this way and I don't get the reflection and on that last picture you can see almost looks like a mirror but then you realize it's not a mirror, so I thought it was kind of fun just creates a little bit of interest, but again she's not moving very far and ward, you're wise. We were talking about how these are my jeans, this's what I do when I got here take off my pants, you could wear them, they look good, I don't know it does you have to, like, really get involved, guys? Uh, all right. So let's, talk about a couple of different terms that I used to remember when you're posing, I like that you're laughing already. The first one is the rotisserie chicken. This is like my number one favorite posing tip. Um, and you will remember it because it's funny, you see, my husband doesn't think I'm funny, it's weird. Uh, the rotisserie chicken and that basically looks like this. We're going to start with a girl on her stomach on the bed, and then you're going to move her to her side, and then you're going to move her to her back, and then you're going to move her to the other side and it's like a rotisserie chicken get it? We're just gonna give rotating her around and around. So I am instead of just showing you the pictures, I'm going to actually show you how I do this. We're going to work there are amazing model laura today, the only person more nervous than me is her. Uh, so can you come one step right in for us? So even though you look amazing, by the way, I didn't get to see you totally done up. So come on, come on over here next to me. Okay. Um, laura, uh, one thing I want to mention is this is not about wardrobe, but I do want to mention her wardrobe just a little bit. She we spoke about her comfort level, I had her try on a bunch of different outfits for me. This is the one that was the most flattering right we went to, and I was really honest with her, right? Like I said to you know what I don't like where you're boosting a ends it's making your hips look larger than they really are, and you don't have large hips so let's not wear that. So we made this wardrobe choice, which I think she looks amazing, her comfort levels to wear the robe, which I actually really like. I think that it's really delicate and pretty, and it it adds a little bit of fun to it and it's something when I think about posing flow that will be really helpful because she can kind of play with the robe will give her hand something to do. This is a whole bunch of stuff that we already talked about in the eight points opposing right s o I think you look incredible we're going to try the rotisserie chicken are you ready? Okay, let me grab my camera. I think so I think I'm gonna kick my shoes off too. I'm gonna look even shorter now, okay? All right. So right now I haven't even taken a test shot like this could not get any more real if I tried. Um, what I want you to do is lay on the bed and this is pretty much how I start every single bad session and this what I'm going to show you right now are you bed shots that will look good on anybody. Okay, this is really simple stuff. You as if you could nail this, you will have sellable bed shots, period. Um, so what I want you to do is lay on the bed on your stomach. I'm gonna show you right now I would like you to lay with your feet there and your head here diagonal like you're cutting the bed and half to see how specific that isthe okay, it doesn't mean she's going to get it because she's nervous I have to tend to end up on their back, they go somewhere else, but I really, really pacific ok what I want you to use it all the way on the bed good and can you scooch back a tiny little bit now this is a full size bed let's talk about that for one second because a lot of people are like and I shoot on a twin do I need a king what size bed do I need I usually recommend like a fuller queen mostly because if you have a studio it's not going to take a that much room and you can move it around this bed is on wheels my bed in my studio is on wheels and I'm able to move it twin men get twin bed gets a little weird for me because it's small and when you lay her on the bed she's gonna look gigantic and it changes her proportions for me I'm not saying if you only have a twin bed you can't use it figure out a way to make it work that's awesome but if you have a choice I would say full or queen size that is probably the best way to go when I shot in my bedroom when I started my business I shot on a king size bed because that's what I had in the room and that's just the way it was and I made it work but sometimes girls could look really tiny on that bed because it's much bigger so just think about proportionately you know what you could move around what you have room for and so full I think this is a full so because it looks a little bit smaller than a queen but it looks pretty good. Um so can you do me a favor and I like how your legs across just raise them up for me perfect can you cross them the other way for just one second do you guys see this is a very common mistake here, by the way imposing how her legs across this way what happens here? I'm gonna swing over here for once again this ankle breaks up the line of this leg do you mind if I'm just like I'm not going to like touch you but you men if it okay so you see how her leg is coming up and we're topping it it ends right here basically okay can you switch your legs for me good and just raise your feet up a little tiny bit good just see how her leg looks so much longer like that this is a really simple little trick ollie and I were talking about the same day we're looking some of her pictures I was like oh allie switch her legs it'll make such a big difference it's a tiny little thing but it makes a huge impact I love that you're wearing nude color shoes make sure your toes are pointed at all times for me two discrete two inches I love that perfect. Can you please take the arm that's closest to me and just kind of bring it back a tiny little bit good and the arm that's for this for me bring it around your hair with your head in your neck meat. Excellent. I want you to bring this me out to me a little tiny bit. Yep. And if you can if you can't understand what I'm saying, I will hop on the bed and show you, but I'm going to try to explain it in words. Take your going to kind of push off the knee and pop your hip up a little bit perfect. I want you to keep your ankles closer together good. And pop oppa's much as you possibly can for me. So it's not an out movement. It's an up movement. I'm going to show you just two guys don't shoot like up. All right, I want you to mirror me. You're gonna see how? Just creating a curve like I'm kind of pulling my legs up yeah, yeah, just keep your your your legs don't even have to be that far apart you just be a little far apart just pop it's more about like, almost like if you were turning over yes like that got it okay, all right, so if she doesn't understand, I'm saying I'm going to show her but I want her to dio do not be afraid to do that guys, you have to do that too it doesn't matter if you're a male photographer a female photographer also notice how I asked if it was okay if I touched her even to show you guys what I was doing you always ask girls always men don't ever touch okay? Brian and jen, you guys have a very unique scenario that your husband, wife and you work together and so you don't have to worry because you could have jen there and she can assist you and not stuff you guys I would recommend finding like a female assistant or makeup artist or somebody that could be there with you to help her put on corsets stockings move her arms, move her hair around whatever you need to do so that would be a really good idea and it's also protection for you because you know there's gonna be some crazy girl it's like he made me take my clothes off or whatever it is there's protection for you as well as it is for her. Okay, so let's take a couple pictures um is this gonna I'm afraid I'm gonna knock this over, can you just help me with us? I'm just on the rug it's like yes um it's not that I wanted closer I wanted to kind of wrap around over here if you could just work with me and moving this sorry okay, this looks better thanks ok let's see where were we um actually lower it a tiny little bit when I say we I mean you uh that looks better maybe a little tiny bit more sorry. Okay good. All right so right now let's just see where I have I'm so not used to working in such a big space this is not my fifty actually it's my thirty five I was wondering why it was looking different than I was expecting uh I'm going to start with my fifty millimeter the sigma fifty art lines I freaking love this line's almost as much as my children it's like the best ones ever so it's sort of my go to staple mostly because I work in such a small space that the fifty's great eighty five is typically a better portrait lens because it was not going to be a much distortion but I don't find it kind of distortion with the fiftieth it's just it's my baby I love it and for me with the space that I'm working in my studio it's what I use so I'm going to do that today as if I was in my own studio for you guys again it's the fifty ah one point four by sigma and let's yeah there you are like that much better all right let's see, I am going to put this on just daylight balanced um white balance just to make my life easier and let's see where we're at okay let's see wow as wait majorly over exposed so let's make some changes here all right I am goingto come but my eyes are down to five hundred typically these air the westcott tt sixes just relax your eyebrows for me breathe through your mouth for me just a little er thes air the westcott tt sixes and ok that's much better okay, these are the best tv six they're also called the spider license just the software is already six by forty eight it's the shallow soft box and there's a reason why I'm telling you oh it's daylight balance light so td six dance for tungsten daylight tungsten is not what we're using we're losing daylight and you know I already went over all the gear that I use but I just want to remind you guys what I'm using here um and I do use these in my studio what's nice is again I can use them with the daylight that I already have but we don't have any daylight in here okay? So let's get back to the flow so now I have her in this spot and, um I want you to just pop your booty up much as you possibly can and I know it's hard I know but you're gonna love it later on and just keep your toast pointed and I think that's great what I wanted to turn your head a little this by and just look down toward your elbow for me but without lowering your ten too much perfect now guys, I'm going to rush this a little like I would take a little more time in my studio but I'm going to go through and show you was that a good oh ok, good because I'm not looking back there I'm looking over here okay something, um now you see I'm seeing the lines of her body which I really love. All right, I'm seeing the landscape of her body what I want you to do is just drop your legs do not uncross them do not move her knees just drop your legs all the way down don't worry about the pillow, I will move it um so I just don't want this ankle to look awkward just relax it for me yeah, good. Okay, now what? I might just get up on a step stool, which I don't have right now, but I'm just going to show you for argument's sake let's there's one hand you have one handy. Yeah, perfect uh, yeah so I haven't changed anything this is basically the same foundation pose right? But I'm just having her drop her leg that's all that I had her do and I'm going to create a totally different interests god, this is like a serious latter time good and just look right up at me perfect and then laura what I want you to choose with down again toward your elbow perfect what say that would make you laugh like is there a word there you have it good that usually works excellent ok what I want you to do is bring your legs back up for me and can you take the arm that you're leaning on a lay it down on the bed and just lay on it for me perfect and they may be bringing armed back up like this I see how she had her hand like this at first I don't want that because her hands coming right toward the camera it's not gonna look good so just bring it back like that perfect and now I'm going to move in just a little bit on her give me a little tiny squint in your eyes gorgeous okay, so now again I'm cropping her in a different spot I'm coming in I'm moving out this might be cute even as a full bodies let's see, you know can you come up a little tiny bit on that although good excellent can you lay back down on your arm a little bit more yeah that no you don't do that let's see what that looks like so you see see how she's moving in her own way and then she kind of oh no no no wait, you wanted my arm here but I want to see what it looks like when she does it in her own fashion too this is how we incorporate our client's personalities sort of into the the chute for us this is actually really pretty I'm glad you showed me that can you unturned your head a little this guy good beautiful gonna come real nice and close to you gorgeous okay, so now I could continue working with her with this foundation pose right? I'm going to try to get at least twenty five photos here that I really like but for time's sake I'm going to flip her over you guys good question. Give a question, aaron yeah? Ask please guys, please. Yeah, um I don't think that you moved it there. I think it just kind of landed there but why is her arm her front arm where it's at? I always have trouble with the front arm okay cures by you great question can you come up on both elbows for a second okay for me when her arms like this not necessarily right now, but often times like move it up a tiny little bit the other way like they do this right and now it's blocking cleavage for may I want to see cleavage so I have her bring it back a little bit but I need to counter balance that by bringing her other arm forward a little bit because that's uncomfortable but when she brings her arm forward she's more balanced is that true you feel that way? So then I have her bring her hand around her hair touching where ahead in her neck meat it's the best place because if she comes up here the snooki's gonna happen and if she goes like this I'm going to see her palm, which is ugly. She does this is going to mess up her face. She does this and ruins her eyes so we want to make sure it's right over here and that this arm is back a little bit more it's not supporting any weight necessarily? Why back further? Well, but can you bring it back further yet? Keep going. That looks weird, right? Doesn't it? Harry and it's uncomfortable for her and it's not supporting her and it's blocking now can you pull it back? Okay, I like it so at a certain angle I've now lost the curve of her back I need to see the curve of her back and I need to see her chest I'm a boudoir photographer writing the goodies right? So I need to find that happy place where the arm is right in the middle so I can see both yes helpful ok, ok, what I would like you to do pleases move to your side facing toward me I promise I will not let anything bad happen to you. Okay, what I want you to do is, um I love that bottom leg straight I want you to come up more like on your hit so you're really totally on your side. Yes, just like that again I'm keeping her diagonal guys, I'm not doing it where she's like parallel so that I'm keeping her diagonal on the bed it's more flattering that way um I love this I want you to bring that foot over onto that ankle exactly tiny little thing member I'm going down my eight points even though we're even though this is about posing flow it all ties in together I'm showing you the eight points now she has a roban which is very nice because what happens is we're not going to see her arms okay little trick in case somebody's concerned about their arms but I'm going to pretend like we can and what I want you to do is um, the arm. Okay, put your arm back down, it's. Ok, don't do anything till I tell you to do perfect. Leave it like that. I want you two guys to give me a little feedback. What do you see here? Like what kind of change would you make here? Yeah. Lauren, I just need to grab the mike now. Like you said before, her arm is making her look wider, charlie, but not just her arm, but the laundry because you see there. So much happening here just looks gigantic. We want to fix that, right? I'm so glad you noticed that. What I want you to do is bring your hand more up on your thigh and just drop your elbow behind you as much as you can. Do you mind if I just move your robe a tiny little bit? Ok, so she can't see what it looks like. So instead of just telling her to do it, I am going to do it. I'm not going to get all crazy. Just lift your arm up for one second, okay? I want to see a little tiny bit more skin. Is that look better since I can't say perfect. I want to see her son but she's got like the flattest stomach and like the history of stomach so why would we not show that? Um she wins like the flattest stomach award ever so I want you to um you see her hand okay? One thing when I just want to do is like command about him a little tiny bit it's okay, perfect. Maybe one more just switch the brought over a tiny little bit perfect. Ok, what I want you to do is take your hand you see the hand that's one of my eight points it's gonna mess up this picture, bring it toward you a little bit more? Yes. Ok, tiny little thing. Huge impact, right? Perfect. I want you to yeah, lean into it a little bit perfect. Maybe turn your head this way a little good. Can I fix your hair for you, please? I see she said please she's like yes, fix me its your job. You're the expert. Excellent. Just stay just like that. I'm gonna back up a little tiny, but try to make sure she's all in the frame here, you guys good, can you look down toward that elbow now beautiful and from there, just look up at me, raise your chin up a little bit for me gorgeous I think she's getting in the frame but it's a little hard for me to see here yeah just barely making it but you guys get the idea um what I would like you to do is actually can you come all the way down and lean on this arm now bring it behind your ear ok stop you see how ugly that is right not you not you the hand I don't want that but I see that again and again and again bring your hand around your hair and bring her forward a little for me perfect drop that elbow that back elbow so as I'm looking through my camera I'm going scanning the body it's like a did it it it it it it did be they fix that right good bring your hand back even a little tiny bit more excellent thank you so much good can you look down your body this pie for me not too far I don't want to lose your face could bring your face back toward me a little tiny bit laura excellent just looked on with your eyes good perfect okay, so now we have her on her side we're going to keep rotisserie chicken ng ng and but again I can come in closer I could get some detail shots here aiken crop her okay and now I'm gonna have you lay on your back to slip all the way over have you have you screwed this up a little so you don't look like a fallen off the bed? And if you wouldn't mind just putting your robe underneath you so it's not all cuckoo bananas perfect. When you say that you're going that you would have taken some detail shots? Yeah, what? Maybe some crops like maybe I would've taken from here to here. Maybe I would have just taken her belly button and some lingerie. Um when she's on her stomach, I probably have taken a two shot. I promised laura that I we're not gonna do two shots today, so, uh, but I would definitely do it to a shot if you want to see a really good example of a two shot. Langdon asked lauren. She takes really good ones, just argue her pictures, but you know, simple things like that where she doesn't even really know that I'm taking the pictures. I'm just cropping different differently, and I'm just taking advantage of his many different things that I see. I am an in camera cropper, I shoot the way I see it. So sometimes I think, it's just a disadvantage and sometimes it's an advantage because it's, like, I know what I'm looking for, and I know what I see, but if you're not in camera cropper, you can always go back to your images after and crop them in different ways to get those detail shots. If you don't think about taking them at the time. So you forgot to do it, you're not out of luck. You could find them in your pictures because you're posing properly. You can get them. Yeah, just different. What do you do in your model? Super nervous? Um, well, so this is going to go back to the whole, appreciate consul and setting them up in the hair and makeup and allowing them that time and studio to kind of calm down and get to know you nerves or totally normal. Uh, I find that nerves are actually good thing sometimes because it keeps them awake. Um, but I think that you'll find in the first ten to fifteen minutes, once they start seeing that you're a professional and you know what you're doing there, going calm down quite a bit. So what I would do is I always start with something even a little more covered. Or I would start with their least favorite outfit and work up to their favorite outfit because it's always inevitable that they like the pictures that the ends better than they like them in the beginning um and I would start to set yourself up for success to where I would start with poses that you know, work so that this way you don't waste those pictures and that you feel confident and you're opposing so she sees how confident you are yes one more question no it's good it's good can you just oh sorry yeah go ahead so now that you have her laying down on her back and doris that you move the light around always your intent with I will show you that actually when I start shooting fair okay um I think that erin had a question if you don't mind in the know do you always shoot the rotisserie chicken from the side of the bed this time I shoot in my studio because in my studio I have a window here that sound like this is a window and if I'm using natural light I will put the window will be here the client will be here and I'll put a reflector here part of the reason is because they're in the studio I have a whole bunch of shit that I don't want anyone to see the bag grab so it's easier for me to shoot this way, eh? So that nobody sees anything in the background and to shoot that way and try to edit that out all later but if I should get a hotel and the windows there, I might do a completely opposite or if the light there or in this case when we're just shooting with a constant light I could have probably moved her any which way I want but this is comfortable for me it's just how I do it most of the time so why not you know, if she has she's this way or that way it's really the same difference? You know, if I shot her that way you would all be in the picture. Well, I think I was thinking more from straight on o like this way you want it I always go this way we're talking yours. This is what we were talking about before in the eight points when I said member don't shoot this with the feet were right over her head. If I had shot her here while she was on her stomach, her feet would be over her head and I wouldn't see her body what I'm doing here bye putting her in the diagonal and then shooting her on the diagonal like that way, isn't it lengthening her? I'm seeing her whole body and she's in proportion because the thing is she's parallel to my lens okay, but she's not apparently cause she was parallel to the bed. They'd be really boring, so I'm creating different angles and and it it works for me to try that. Ok. Ok. All right. So I moved the light, greg, because I'm gonna have her look this way this time. And if she looks that way, she'll be in the dark. This values toward the light go toward the light. Okay, so I want you scrooge about it down a little bit. Just take the robe with you if you don't mind. Thank you. Scooch in a little tiny bit more where she is on the bed is actually important. It's not just the poses, the positioning this is because obviously I want her to look in proportion. So she's all the way up on the side of the bed. It's gonna look weird. Um, do you mind if I fix your hair for you upside down on her back? Poses are the most fusing thing in the entire world, so I often do a lot of the posing for them at this point. Um, okay, so just raise your head up for me. I'm just going to go get your hair out good, I don't like this, guys. Just a personal thing not saying don't do it put your head down I don't know I don't like that I just feel like it's very messy it's not very feminine I want to make sure that it looks like she fell down it's just a personal taste like I said it's not wrong I had put it in writing but I am giving her some volume here remember what I've said the bigger the hair the skinnier the girl right? So I really like a lot of volume in the hair can I take this arm here? I'm just gonna position at nice and relaxed right here and can I have this arm here just gonna relax it right here and I want you to raise your chin oh, away up so it hurts. Okay? I'm gonna move your head for you, okay? Perfect to relax just like that good I love how her legs are. She did it automatically very perfectly. Remember, the leg in the front is higher than the leg in the back. What I want you to use um pop your hip out toward me and a nice arching your back just raise your chin up much as you possibly can get I want your hand almost like more like here just real relaxed ok, and turn your head toward me a little tiny bit nope turn it away from me see how I did that note I already know it's not in the right spot because I've done this fifty eight thousand times before I know and I didn't say to her okay you still look good going to take the picture no it's like no it doesn't look good move it back ok I'm taking command do you feel like I know what I'm doing I fooled you didn't buy okay I need that I'm step stool again I'm sorry so I think we should probably just keep this handy okay have you met me way need a step slow for everything hi there you are okay so what I want you to do is close your eyes breathe through your mouth and I want you to think of the sexiest thing you've ever thought of it fifteen people in the room on dh I want you to when you're ready when I tell you I'm ready after that at any point you can open your eyes and kind of tell me what you're thinking of with your eyes not with your mouth yes with your eyes won't you give me a very sexy expression when you are ready one two three beautiful good okay one changing me to make really fast you see I took one picture and I know what I need to change I'm actually gonna throw some hair and here and just let you kind of touch your hair yeah don't yeah just like that okay hair is covering the mistake I love it okay close your eyes a gun give me one two three look up me beautiful here's what I want you to next time you look up at me I want you to go like this just a little gasp for air okay one two, three good next time do it without your eyebrows so it's not a bit in shock you just took your breath away okay one two, three okay and let me just say by the way I am at because I don't think I said it before right now at one twenty fifth of a second at three two, five hundred esso and again my fifty millimeter and it's a picture up there I think she looks pretty hot right so and this is a great poster everybody everybody it's perfect tonight stay every state everything where it is could I have your arms for a second? Um no, I lied stay like this. Just look down with your eyes but not your chin keep that chin up. This is a good example of another shot that I can get from the same exact pose but it's a totally different shot I didn't change anything except I had her eyes look down okay different crop a little and more interesting I khun do all sorts of detail shots here also richelle without her having to move an inch and then I can also take her arm. Can I raise your arms up like this? Bring your elbow that good? Maybe just bring him over here and kind of just play with your hair. They're good and bring your chin over and down a little tiny bit good. And then look up at me. Perfect. Me a nice little squint. Beautiful. I'm rushing a little, but you get the idea. I didn't move her at all. And now I have another totally different shot. Okay? Different framing of her face. All right, so I'm not doing a lot of work here. You guys, right? Thank you so much. I'm gonna step away from you for once, I get you to take a little nap. Okay. Um all right, so that's the rotisserie chicken were just rotating her around and we're making the most out of every single shot that we get. I think we could turn the lights back on. I'm going to go back to the keynote if you don't mind. So again, that's a rotisserie chicken questions on laura are chicken? Yes, julin two years ago when I was here, I touched my clients because I didn't have the words or the language to describe the poses so I do still touch their wrists and their neck, especially when they're laying down like that, but could you kind of talk about the language that you use so you're not touching their hips and other areas? Yes so you saw it first, but I showed her what to do when it came to the hips they did not touch her hips um also notice that I didn't use words like left and right that's a really no no, I said to her when she was on her stomach can you move the arm closest to me back and the arm furthest away from a forward that's a really good communication because I don't know which is her left or right and when she's upside down like this, I really have no idea which is her left and right I'm sure she doesn't either, you know? And you know it's silly, but those three seconds of going no your other right? Can you move your right now your other arm? No, you're it takes time you guys like time is money we need to make sure we're successfully telling her what to do. It doesn't mean they're always going to get it or sometimes, like I'll be like, can you move your elbow? I'm like, I mean your knee look, I confused body parts all the time because I'm thinking faster than I can get it out, you know, like I'm thinking the next time I want her to move her knee, I met elbow, and that happens. S o just the more you can, you is easy to use language, and the more you can show them what to do, the better off you are showing them is absolutely the number one best thing. Onda geun, you saw how hard I worked to get her in that one pose. Now I'm going to make the most of it, so you don't have to worry about communications so much once you got her in that foundation pose great question, though any other questions on the rotisserie chicken? Yah, do you ever do the feet on the headboard thing? I mean, I've seen maybe, like, one of your shots, but what? Like, what do you think about that? I think it's awesome, I think it makes girls legs look really long, I think it's beautiful, and I think that we can do it tomorrow or whenever word is that we're doing the hotbed shots. When we talk about our best selling shots, I'll show you how to do it deal okay, good, yeah, sometimes I have clients who doesn't this is very good with the rotisserie chicken, but clients who have decided a certain look is sexy in their mind and keep making that look nomad and it's usually like, and I try to joke with them like there's, a fine line between sexy and angry like it usually ends up being a really angry look on, I'll keep trying to kind of distract them or make the smile a little better look away, but then they keep coming back to that base no matter what I mean spirit of the face, but I can't make a sexy they save my life. Um, this is how I deal with it. I I tell stories, I asked him to think of things or I show it to them and I go, I have to to be honest with you, you really mad at me? Did I just something that bothered you and I'll show them they go, I do look really mad once you show them like, don't be afraid to show them the pictures that don't work for something that they're doing don't make fun of them like, you know, you look like a angry which, you know, that's, but if you say to them, you know what? I really I know you're not mad, I know you like let's work on this together, I'm in this with you girlfriends like let's do this together and what left well what's your favorite celebrity let's think about your favorite celebrity maybe we should send him these pictures you know, like alleys already like all over it like oh yeah I'm stunning but saw that expression but do you know them saying get them to think outside the box here is a big mistake that people do all the time I say let's think about your husband let's like I have a fantasy by the way here's a little tip I love my husband but fantasies or just that their fantasies nobody's thinking about their husband is a fantasy okay that's reality so helped them come up with a fantasy that makes them feel like, wow, this is like a crazy awesome experience, you know? And and I just get to think about anything I want and you know, sometimes I get ridiculous I'll say to somebody like, pretend like we're going to send this look I love bradley cooper okay, so it was obviously if you said to me you know that you love bradley cooper I go pretend like he was having a contest and he was going to take one girl to spend a night with and it was based on these pictures can send him a letter, right? Pictures worth a thousand words so what do you want to tell bradley cooper with your expression? Believe me she's not going to look pissed off and sew and here's the other thing that we have to talk about with expression girls don't know how to make sexy faces it has to just happen so you have to give her something to feel sexy. It's the same thing as when you, um, art a wedding. Okay, how many of you shoot weddings? Okay, so if you say to a bride smile, I'm gonna take your picture and you take her picture or you catch her laughing she's always gonna like the laughing picture better because it's really emotion behind it we have to create that really moshe shin of sexiness also, you can't just expect her to make a sexy phase and have it look spontaneous. That's part of the reason why just now with lauren. But laura oh my god, laura don't ever get your girls names wrong it's the rudest thing in the world with maura. What I do is I say, can you give me like a because it relaxed her mouth, it moved her chest up just a little bit, give her some life instead of just laying there and looking at me, I get I figured out a way to get her a little life in her body without having hurt do too much work okay, there's, little tips and tricks like that figure out a way to make that happen. You know, uh, like, what can I say? It would make you laugh, huh? Everybody laughs. When I say that, you know, if they don't, I come up with something super ridiculous, like fart, and then they laugh, you know, so exactly so you just had the best laugh. If I had my camera, I'd be shooting like crazy right now, so so you need to think of something to say, make fun of yourself, make yourself feel ridiculous, because then you're giving them permission to feel ridiculous, too, like, I feel ridiculous when I say fart, but they love it. Then they go, oh, she's saying, fart, I can relax now, you know.

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I think this course is great, my question was about a Facebook comment made that if a man has a bunch of likes that are female pages..., I agree and disagree in marketing they thought me to like your interest and hopefully future clients. How do I make it safe for clients and future clients? I am a Talent Agent and use to model and learning Boudior is my way of helping my models and business ,I want to also produce a magazine from my agency ,I was going to buy both franchises years ago but I want to do it myself in one company so I'm learning boudior photography to help me a beginning photographer pose women something I do not know I still pose women like family photos. The courses in green screen and other photo classes are just about lighting and position not what position, as a Videographer same thing no posing skill, business video production doesn't teach it all my courses are pro-stuff and tech nothing about what poses my models do. This will help my Video Production Business and Photography Business and my Model Agency...., thanks! I need this course so my models are comfortable and my clients feel comfortable I'm a shy person and I don't want me being uncomfortable make everyone feel weird!

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Thank you Jen great Bootcamp! I'm starting my boudoir photography business and you have given me so many tools to succeed. I would have like to see more of the why in the posing as opposed to I don't like this let's change it as posing is the biggest challenge for me. I was particularly happy to see how you use your TD6 to create window light. That's what I use since my studio windows are too high when the client is laying on the bed. I really enjoyed your hidden gem video as well as the male versus female. You are an amazing teacher, thank you for your generosity!