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Closing the Sale

Does anybody ever feel like when you get to that part of the session and somebody I know are newer? You may not have as many of those experiences, but you get to the end of the sales session and it's like the decision time and you want them to like go, I want one of everything and you're not sure what to say in that moment they would never feel that pain as kind of a painful moment sometimes there's a lot of different ways that you can sort of close those deals aa book I have they recommend I love, you know, reading business books and it's helped us so much what is a book by dave ramsey called entree leadership and that means being an entrepreneur but also being a great leader that's so I guess he made up that we're not entree leadership, but his book is about how he runs and leads his team, which is a nashville right close to where we live. They have an amazing team over there they have, like fifteen businesses three hundred fifty employees that he runs all from one central spot and h...

e talks about closing deals and different systems and methods for closing serena's book read a section on sales it's really, really good two that he talks about is the one that we've done a lot, which is sort of the suggestive clothes where when people get to the end of the sale session you know it's sort of that time to get down to the nitty gritty we ask people you know does this sound like what you guys want to do? Are you ready to buy and do you think this is the canvas that you want to buy and we ask those questions and let people answer so that's a good way to close because if people aren't sure they'll go well I'm not sure about x and then you can answer questions and then go back to that product or whatever it is that you're selling another thing is sort of that assumption close that jodi talked about where you can go so here's the three things and here's what we offer and you want package a package peter package see it maybe is just the canvas b is a canvas in a book and see is the canvas the book and the disk of images and if you buy all three I'll give you fifteen percent off all three so you push people towards the top and that's an assumption clothes which one do you want and they're going oh I guess I want number two you know sign it and you go ok great that'll be x you know you fill it out and you sail just happens if people don't want the sale that happened they won't show up in the first place remember, your pre screening and people are coming to lie, so expect them to buy and don't be afraid of them. Mind, it's, it's, so weird when you're in a celebrations, you're always afraid for people to buy things for you. I always I'm always like todo coffee shy, like the chat, you know, I'm I'm not a great closer, but I know if I accuse those simple system to which one do you think you want? Okay, great. When we signing up e I mean it's, literally that simple, but we make it into a huge ordeal. Ok, quick lesson, quickly coming, lulu studio asked your science. Have your clients, senior print canvas album prices before the ordering session, and if not, how do you prevent sticker shock? Great question. So I think two things on there's many ways to do it, and we're not saying our ways the right way the wrong way when we initially sit down with a client to book the wedding, I'm all of our pricing, stays the same, or albums for pedro is the same. Our campus price is always the same with its a bridal session or engagement, or the wedding, or whatever one is that your pricing, I think I would have to fall in line with your your overall pricing for your service so if your chart, if you're charging fifteen hundred bucks to shoot a wedding, you probably shouldn't have a two thousand dollars canvas hanging on your wall because it doesn't make sense, right? It's completely out of line with your pricing, but if you charge three thousand dollars up front and you haven't seven hundred dollars cameras that's fine, you know that makes sense with your pricing, because it's being added on you're adding onto I could buy in a package for forty, two hundred and get a canvass in a disk, or I could buy it separately for a little bit more like it's gotta fall in line with that we have always done can this is starting at so we have our starting price points, so they know that was the least amount they could spend on something, and nobody ever get sticker shocked as long as you're pricing falls in line with what you offer, so we've never had somebody go, oh my gosh, I can't wait tardiness and stormed out, you know, like that's never happened and I would do I would play it by trial and error if you're finding that you have clients coming in and there is a lot of sticker shock like all munich didn't realize it was that much. And maybe you want to just things. Maybe when you send in the email to say, hey, let's, go ahead and book the session you're attached in your price with it, so they have an idea so they know exactly the investment that they could be making. And I love there's a couple of photographers out there remember all the ones that use this style, but I think julian woods is one of them. She says, you know, my session started this much the average client initially invest this much, and then some people spend between this much in this much at the end, so people have this sort of gamut. They go, some people may come in spending this all the way up to this. I want to go somewhere in the middle and on the initial looking your people know hey, our average bride and we do a bridal session, it's five hundred dollars up front to do the session, and they can spend five hundred to three thousand dollars on the tail in that's normal for us. Then they go. Ok, I can expect to spend fifteen hundred dollars on products after I send five hundred on the session, and then there have they at least have an idea of where they're going. And what work special you just give them that starting number as opposed to sharing how high people will spend because then that kind of scare them off oh yeah because for us you know we'll have people that at the end of the day a day when it comes to after live shot their wedding and we've sold products and in the previous session of them that they've spent like twelve grand honest but if we told the client initially coming through the door yeah, you may spend up to twelve grand on us and they kind of freak them out a little bit so that's why I exact said it's really great to just set expectations of most clients at least by a campus which is x yeah okay question caution here yes hasn't ever happened that somebody came to the session and then was like, oh, we need to think about it and they leave that typically when that happens is because you didn't not that you didn't do a good job right? But that's why it's? Because it's because we haven't set the expectations they weren't sure what they were getting into and they have a massive hesitation anytime somebody hesitates like that whether they're going to buy or not and that's very rare if you have a good system but in the beginning in your business that could happen if people come in and aren't expected we've had clients come in we're expecting to assail session they went all that was great to see you and they just looked at the pictures and left were like, no, you're supposed to buy stuff, right? What did we do run here? So we went ok, we need a better system of communication. There was something this communicated about either what we were going to charge or what they were expecting to maybe spend, so I think that's critical to qualify that client really well, make sure that they are chugging along with you and building up to this, and when they come, they feel like there's so much in a value that they're ready to allocate money to spend on this, and we do that through relationship you're building relationship, you finding out what matters to them and incorporating that into the shoot. All those little things we talked about seem like those this time, fellas, for creative live no like those air so critical, but when you do all those things and customize it to them, it feels custom, and when people have something custom, they want to spend more money on it. It's funny that I can't think of anyone who's broken an iphone and doesn't have their two year deal up that didn't go out and spend the crazy, ridiculous amount of money that this little piece of plastic costs for another one six or seven or eight hundred bucks so many people by millions and millions and millions and millions of people buying these things is it really worth that much? It is because people see the value because apple's created the value, they didn't just create a great product, and somehow you stumbled across it, they marketed it to you. They sold it to you. They qualified you. They brought you into their system and drew you into their world and turned you into an apple fanatic, right? This is all done on purpose, right? This didn't accidentally somehow happens, so we want to do the same thing in a sense we want to turn people on to something that's great. I remember when I haven't fall in love with it and remember the whole point of the session is tio get a product out of it, just not sheet and so that's, why we're setting those expectations from beginning and then something we do for our wedding sales, which are a little bit different that you, for those of you who get are free and three is what we do for them is when the wedding's over we say, hey, we're going to do the sales session is going to be a one day, fifteen percent off, so we give a bonus for them. An incentive for them to make that decision at night. And then we say, if you want to take advantage of the session, let us know and we'll set dates, so right then and there were setting that expectation of you're coming, you're coming to buy if you don't want to meet him, but if you are in that a lot in the last thing I'll say about this, if you're in that situation, they go, oh, we're not sure we want to think about it. Go. Do you have any hesitations that you're thinking about now that I can solve that problem for? Because I love love to learn how to make sure that you feel like you want to get, you know what you want to get and ask them a lot of times we don't find out information about our client because we simply don't ask, and I don't know what is your hesitation? What problem can I saw for you? And maybe I can solve it, maybe I can't, and maybe they go well, I just didn't realize the price is going to be this high. I got to do a better job of educating about my price I didn't realize that I was going to buy something tonight, I got to do a better job of educating on that next time. And that goes along with what I was just going to say is that like when you send them that email saying, hey let's schedule your session you're sales shut session is you want to communicate to them it's at this session like tell them what's going on it's at the session that you I'm going to show you the top favorites of the session and we're going to look at the items that you can purchase and then it's at this night that we need to decide which items that which images you want in the book so we can our but campus whatever so we can have that in time for your wedding so you're setting expectations so they come they're like knowing ok, I'm going to see the images I got fear it with products I want and I'm going to go ahead and buy. So now the question before you move along yes, I was just thinking you don't want to be fighting for the bottom and I agree, but you do have to start somewhere and if you're hungry or need to pay rent, you're more likely to take something on dive had older photographers tell man like devaluing the market and I think I hate to devalue the market or not valuing it so I don't know how you go from starting at a five hundred dollars for a wedding and then move up to where y'all are right and do you spend that time second shooting you spend that time assisting until you feel ready to just go in at the market at the proper level instead of coming in low and trying to turn yourself into something high because I hear that's trickier than you just start out up here and stay there that's a great question it's a question we get a lot there's a lot to that question there's a lot of things about pricing structure your market high where your pricing fits on that market your experience, your relationships all this kind of things but all that aside in a nutshell toe answer it in sixty seconds in a minute two minutes and we could talk more about that is that's a great question that we get asked a lot but think about this model that I love to use this example which is starbucks model starbucks is not a franchise I've been accused of calling in a franchise the past so I know it's not a franchise but imagine the franchise model and well you starbucks is the example that's a it's a known profitable really great business that people in a brand people love photography is the same way people look love what are the photography it's needed? So if you buy a franchise rights and spend say two hundred fifty thousand dollars to do that which depends on the the company but you could and then you spend two hundred fifty grand and you build your building, right? So these are all probably loans because, you know, have any money in the beginning? Um, and then you go through starbucks training, right? And starbucks takes you through there courses on how to become, and we're in stand alone, of all places to be talking about starbucks. Awesome were the best cop most profitable cop around the world. So you go through the, you know, management training program to learn how to manage the business and that employees go through employee training, right? And then you buy all the equipment and everybody knows howto workin you figured out all the systems and you know how to handle clients, then you open up the door and people walking on opening day of starbucks in downtown, wherever seattle and you go were new to the business or just charging a buck for lot is people would go what's wrong with it, right? They would wonder why isn't five starbucks charging five bucks with dave ramsey calls it five bucks set of starbucks because, yeah, the experience, you know, you figured it out, you know how to run the system, you know, how to produce the coffee and how to do the product, you know, how to create the experience why are you not charging what you should be charging so that same idea but spaced out maybe a little bit longer or shorter depending on how quick of a learner you are, how much experience you get should be applied to photography you go out, you get the experience, you need to feel confident to shoot you, put your brand together, you put your portfolio together once all the big pieces of puzzle or to get together you come out becoming the first shooter that's ready to dominate and ready to charge and that's what we did within a year starting our business, some people it may be two years some people could be six months not saying to do in a year within a year starting our business, we charge five hundred bucks for our first wedding. We moved up to fifteen hundred for the next fifteen weddings than the next spring. We started charging twenty seven hundred dollars in room booking people at forty five hundred we're charging four thousand dollars within a year, starting our business to start and people I was a little aggressive was very aggressive, but I'm a very aggressive person when it comes to that, but we knew what we were doing, so we knew how to deliver the experience we know how to produce the images and we were confident when we're doing once you feel that way and trust me, you can do that. You've got a project, that confidence, and it will just come out of you. But once you have your stuff together, come out and start charging like you should be charging, making the money you should be making and have a five year business plan. If I'm making this money in five years and I'm going to survive, so what do I need to be making? Where do where do I want to be in six months? And then just go and do it?

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Ready to add a key skill to your wedding photography playbook? Join husband-and-wife photography team Zach and Jody Gray for a one-day workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about bridal portraiture.

Wedding photographers are tasked with the intimate, stressful task of capturing the bride on her wedding day — a day packed with emotion and a million logistical details. Zach and Jody will show you how to take control of your wedding portraits by moving the bridal session to a different day. You’ll learn how to create the right environment for your unique style, and how to work with brides to exceed their expectations.

Zach and Jody will also cover natural lighting techniques, off-camera lighting, and how to successfully market portrait settings to your clients. By the end of this course, you’ll be newly equipped to give your brides one-of-a-kind, artistic portraits that they’ll love.