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It is a pleasure tio introduce back to the creative live studios like one of the my favorite wedding photography couple in the whole wide world zach and jodi great thing way what's up everybody how's it going we're so stoked to be here um yes I say stoked that okay enough and awesome I say that a lot of video I can't member who for maybe it was one of our own videos I can't remember and somebody was commenting man everybody that he photographs is awesome and cool and awesome and I was like man, I say that a lot so yesterday when we're doing the shoot I was like, I got to not say awesome too many times she's not going to think I'm being genuine we're super excited to be here I mean we're so glad that you guys are here and thank you the online audience for tuning in and the big things of course toe creative live for everything that they have done for us and we're really excited to be here and to share with you today how you can increase your income through bridal portrait sessions yeah s...

o we move in nashville down in the south and it's becoming more popular in different places to do this but it's something we actually shoot intentionally before the wedding there's a strategic purpose behind that because we want tio you know, increase our income and do something really neat for the wedding day itself as well. So that's something that we did. But before we get into all that, we want to first start by sharing a little bit more about ourselves, because we I hope that the audience out there not everybody has heard of us, that there's some new people out there that may have no idea who's that community, other tuning into going do I like these people? I don't know if I like them. So you guys got a chance? Introduce yourself, so we want to do the same thing. So we're going to start, I believe my lovely wife, judy. So this is my boss himself. I think she looks exactly the same, minus the bangs. I mean, I'm start bringing those, uh, my story with photography really came from my mom as she worked in a film developing lab, and I really got my love of photography from her because she always had a camera around her. When we were growing up and me and my sisters, we had the best baby photos ever end. I really just took that love of photography with me. Growing up, I was always the one not with a professional camera, but just with a point and shoot, always capturing those moments, and I think that is what I ultimately love the most about what we do is being able to capture those moments for people, and I think that's such a gift that we can give people and so I really just took that love with me. You know, all the way through college, I got a speech communication to green, and then I started working in nashville for the music industry, and I got a job working for a label down there. I'm a christian record label, doing their international sales and marketing. That was the last position that I had with them, and I love my job and what I did, but but at that time, zach and I had gotten married, and we had started our photography business, and it everything was just taking off, that it was hard to do both successfully as well as have a great marriage. So we knew something had to go and a cz much as I love my day job, we knew that had to go. I quit, and that was in two thousand eight, and we have been doing this full time ever since u s o for me, then I know we say it all the time, but my wife always jokes that my mom had a chip in the bowl, because if you look at the photo, every every photo there's a little it's really? Just a colic there? What a cowlick! Depending on where you're from and yeah, but it looks like there's a chip in the book because I have these extreme bowl cuts on. I'm little we like that do fund. I wish I still have that kind of here. Um, yeah, I grew up in a tiny town in northern minnesota, nowheresville literally eleven hundred people. My parents split up when I was, like, three years old and I no stop going to school and believe it or not, three weeks in the third grade, that was last time I went to school s I didn't get an education. I grew up just sort of not really believing in myself and up feeling that I could really do anything with my life. And since my parents split up, I don't group with just my mom and I didn't have that older guy and my alive. Somebody inspired me howto be whoever it was, I was supposed be so fast forward. I'm now twenty one years old. I get my g e d I'm working at a thai store selling ties. This is a half windsor for those that are wondering I mean really get a time ties for seven fifty an hour I believe or not comes in handy at weddings and what I'm tying all the groups with ties for them to they can't time and then they're on youtube you don't try to time their ties but all that to say um, you know, here I am twenty one years old making seventy five bucks an hour selling ties of the thai store this is not me this is not who I wanted to be, but I was ready to sort of just go hey, this is what I'm going to do and I make my nine hundred bucks a month and I need a little bit of money for my mom to live in my little apartment and what else could I possibly hope to do? I didn't know what else I could hope to do, but luckily a youth pastor for my church took me out to lunch one day and was like and he wasn't from northern minnesota he was from somewhere else he was from a bigger town in michigan and he said, zach what do you do it like why are you doing this? You could do so much more I believe you could do something else and up until that point I really cannot remember one older guy that I looked up to believing that I could do something and when he said that I believed it and within three months I had left moved to rockford, illinois joined an internship there through that process amend an artist we signed a record deal and wanted me to complete professional music and that's really my true passion that's one reason I love photography is because it's like music music is scientific and its artistic it's both there's math behind it but then there's also creativity and photography is the same way and that's why I like both of them so much and I started touring that's how I ended up in nashville in that process I met my amazing life we got engaged we were about to get married I quit playing music because I ran into this problem this is about what we're talking about today which is how to increase our income and at that time even though I was out touring and playing music and doing all this stuff I didn't understand the business of music I didn't understand how to make money at what I was doing and I was just hoping it was sort of just somehow work and then I realized it was never going to somehow work three years into it and I'm frustrated up to here and who in their business congar oh I did something because I love it I did music originally and then somebody said I should get paid to do it so I thought that's a great idea but then it just never really worked and it wasn't enough tio build alive to build a family toe put my kids to call once a pay cash for their kid to go through call it would be amazing who wants to bought by a home and pay it off before you're sixty maybe in ten years five years why not? Who would love to have enough money to raise your kids and not be worried all the time and by the way for in any of those who don't know us my wife does not have a little got going on here no she doesn't drink or anything like that bill that this is our son is in there and this this is my little lot bracelet reminds me that it's a boy that's what it says forget my step mom gave that to make this like don't remember yeah so have a little boy due november first we're super excited about it another massive life change for us and for all the photographer like how do you do this with kids? We don't know yet that will be the next creative way so to wrap up my story and then to get into the rest of the day um my wife and I get married and I didn't know what to do with my life and I got a day job shooting school yearbook photos which I despise but it was a job my my my my wife was sort of the bread winner for the first two three months of our marriage I called her my sugar mama she's still she's still pretty much is because if it wasn't for her this business would be a disaster and I came home one day and I said instead of me shooting for this company, what if we became photographers together and she was like and she's this other person in my life jodi's a huge inspiration for me because she married the kid with the g d and the poor background and not really knowing what what I could do to take care of her, but she saw something in the eventual what it wass but she saw something in me that she I was excited about obviously enoughto he was just cute value I was playing to talk with my guitar down here, national style and yeah, the rock star by maybe pulled her in I don't want it wass thank goodness snow for that job because it got me my wife even I never made any money doing it but she said, I believe in you I think we could do this I think we could build a business and we built a business and we were really lucky to build a successful business and we realize that another big passion mars was not just shooting cool photos and documenting you know, weddings or shooting, you know, cool bridal portrait or anything like that, but it was helping other photographers achieve what they want to achieve. So that is a huge passion of jodi in eyes that we every day that we get up, we strive to do something amazing with our business and get up into help as many people as possible. So we do that constantly. We're constantly out helping and sharing and teaching and doing as much as we can. So before we get right into our talk today, we have some goodies. Thanks to the amazing companies that we sponsor within our in the studio audience, you guys get some extra special duties, but for all of them tuning in online, we have some freebies for you. So today we're going to cover how we do bridal portrait sessions and all of that good stuff, but we have included an additional mp three that's almost an hour long and it's called the three steps to bigger sales and what this is is it goes even more detail and how we do our after sales sessions with our wedding clients. So everyone who signs up for our newsletter, you were going to get that as a gift from us to use it. Thank you for signing up and willing to do that a bit of live dot com slash zach in judy we also live second, hated live dogs. Active duty dot com. What you see on the screen. Go to that length promised way. Also have some amazing offers from all of the sponsors that have helped us out with today from kiss wedding books, bay photo, lens, reynolds, smugmug music, that expo imaging, bunch of amazing companies that we've used for a long time that we love. And when you sign up, you're going to get a bunch of discount codes and a bunch of amazing, cool stuff from them as well.

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Ready to add a key skill to your wedding photography playbook? Join husband-and-wife photography team Zach and Jody Gray for a one-day workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about bridal portraiture.

Wedding photographers are tasked with the intimate, stressful task of capturing the bride on her wedding day — a day packed with emotion and a million logistical details. Zach and Jody will show you how to take control of your wedding portraits by moving the bridal session to a different day. You’ll learn how to create the right environment for your unique style, and how to work with brides to exceed their expectations.

Zach and Jody will also cover natural lighting techniques, off-camera lighting, and how to successfully market portrait settings to your clients. By the end of this course, you’ll be newly equipped to give your brides one-of-a-kind, artistic portraits that they’ll love.