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Fiverr Seller Pitch

Lesson 29 from: Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Visitors Into Buyers

Rita Cidre

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Lesson Info

29. Fiverr Seller Pitch

Lesson Info

Fiverr Seller Pitch

So now that you are almost done with this course, your brain is probably going a million miles an hour thinking, oh my God, there are so many things that I might or could do to improve the conversion rate of my site and indeed there are conversion rate is and conversion rate optimization is just a very vast world with a lot of different tactics that can help you improve conversion rate and grow revenue for your business. Thankfully fiber is a community full of sellers or freelancers that can help you take handle a lot of the tasks that we discuss in this course today. So in this session, I am going to show you first what are some of the tasks that that Fiverr sellers can help you handle as a way to get started with optimal optimizing conversion rate for your site and then some of my top tips in terms of working with sellers successfully on fiber. I think the first thing that you need to think uh think about before you even contact any sellers on fiber is what do I want to do myself? So...

what are the things in terms of all the different tactics that we discussed in this course or some tactics that you've known about previously or have done research about what are the things that I feel like I want to do myself versus what are the things that I want to delegate to other people Once you make that decision, the decision of what, what you wanna do yourself and what you want to give to others. It makes it a little bit easier to decide which tasks you can reach out to Fiverr sellers for We discussed a bunch of different tactics that can help you improve conversion rate for your site but I'm just going to run through 10 things that I think Fiverr sellers can help you with today immediately. Um it could be really impactful for your business so if you do choose to delegate some of these fibers, I think a great place to get started and it's certainly how I've gotten started for my own business because um I have a full time job in addition to teaching courses and so I really rely heavily on fiber talent to help you get things done. So let's quickly run through these 10 things. First five or sellers can help you build a website or a landing page. Uh they can help you improve your site speed. So remember the results that we got from the google page insights. Some of that stuff is really technical and I'm a semi technical marketer and it's still technical for me. So you can hire someone on fiber to help you improve your site speed. Someone who's technical and actually understands um what needs to be done. You can hire someone to translate your site, let's say that you have a global business or supporting a global business translations obviously can help us help you reach more people and help you improve conversion rates in various parts of the world. We talked a lot about the importance of social proof content. Everything from gathering testimonials to writing case studies to even like Code Academy, the example that we looked at in the course, be able to produce video content of testimonials of folks that are using your product. Fiber is a great place to find freelance talent for video editing or any kind of content creation. So yeah, I think this is a really great one to get started on with fiber installing google analytics. I showed you various walk throughs of different reports that google analytics offers that are critical in terms of understanding where you are right now with your conversion rates and how to improve and measure conversion rates going forward. Uh including the installation of the e commerce suites in google analytics, which is a bit more complex. So you can hire someone who's a bit more technical on fibers to help you get that done for your site. Uh, create a B test copy if you're going to pursue a lot of a. B. Testing, multi variant testing, you'll need various iterations of copy or various iterations of even just creative in general. You can hire someone to do that for, you can also hire someone to develop, put photography or illustrations. We talked about the importance of directional cues and photography and illustration sort of pointing to the area on the site or on the landing page that you want. Uh, the viewer's eye to be looking at. Usually that being the C. T. A. Or the call to action, you can hire someone to create those types of assets for you. So you can use them and leverage them on your site. A five or seller can help you make your site more accessible. They can help you conduct user research using any of the methods that we discussed in this course, from uh, just funnel reporting in google analytics to Kuala resurvey to remote user testing. And then finally, you could hire someone to do a full landing page audit or even a conversion rate audit of your site. Mm hmm. The way that I've worked with the seller and freelance talent in the past has been very much I sort of said the direction of these are the things that I know needs to happen. So I've conducted sort of the audit myself and then once I have a sort of list of things that I want help with that I'm able to reach out to the right people to help me with the different pieces of the project and make sure that I find the right people for the right for the right areas since all this list of tasks is obviously you won't find one person or it'll be hard to find one person that can do all of these. Um, but if you don't want to do the strategy, this course has now helped you understand what's important in terms of conversion rate optimization. So even if you decided to hire someone to conduct an audit or a strategy review of your site's conversion rates for you. Hopefully the skills that you build in this class allow you to look at this freelancers work and understand whether it's effective, it will be effective or not for your site. My tips for success with fiber sellers first pay attention to reviews and labels, fiber has uh, just a wealth of reviews. Um, and so if you have a seller, you're hiring someone with thousands of five star reviews, obviously there's a lot of folks that vouching for that person, same as if you're hiring someone with a label such as fiber pro, which is sort of a stamp of approval from the fiber um, community that this person is qualified to do the job that you're hiring them for. So pay attention to those things. The second tactic is really important. Um, it's really tempting to just hire someone off the bat, but I would definitely recommend you contact before you hire so date before you marry and when you contact them. Um, don't just say, let's say you're, you're wanting to produce a testimonial video. I would definitely recommend that you don't say I want a great testimonial video for this page, but that you provide concrete specific examples and direction for this person. Uh, maybe you want to do a video that is similar to the one that we, that I showed you previously as an example from in the Code Academy landing page. Maybe send them that video and you say I want to make this for my business, the more specific you can be in, the better direction. You can provide, the better the results that you're gonna get um back. You have the ability on five or to, to save your favorite sellers. So do that. Once you find sellers that you really like, you can use them over and over again. It could really be a timesaver. And finally, um, we talked, I mentioned this previously like conversion rate. Most marketing projects require a variety of talent. Uh, you need to potentially a copywriter, you need a video editor, you need someone to create motion graphics. I'm talking here about producing some kind of video asset for your site. Um, don't limit yourself to one person per project. You can hire different people to do different pieces of the project and then sort of bring them all together into one of the coolest thing is that fiber is just such a vibrant community of talented people that you can hire to help to help execute on the tactics and the learnings from this course. And I really hope that you take advantage of it and you know, maybe we'll get a chance to work together

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