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Why AB Test

Lesson 24 from: Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Visitors Into Buyers

Rita Cidre

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24. Why AB Test

Lesson Info

Why AB Test

first things. First, definitions A B testing also known as Split testing, is the process of setting up two variants on your site and comparing which drives more conversions. Here's how it works. Take my homepage, let's say I decide to change the picture from this one of me to a product picture. Those are two variants variants A and B, or what some marketers call control and test. I set up the experiment. So 50% of the people who come to my site get version a. My picture, Also known as the control and 50% of people get version B. The close up picture of my bag. As time goes by, I noticed that variant B is doing better. As you can see in this graph, the B variant has a conversion rate that's almost twice that of variant A. That is amazing news from this. You can see the value of A. B testing. Two questions are probably coming to mind right now. First, what do I test and how do I set it up second, How do I measure success? We'll address both of those in the next two sections.

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