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How to Take Your Own Headshot


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How to Take Your Own Headshot

Hello everyone it's so great to be back at creative live especially for photo week how exciting so many cool things going on this week I have a lot to share with you and well there's just so much to share I hope I can fit it all in so let's face it we all made a great head shot right whether it's for a business website maybe it's for social media saying whether it's for a business website maybe it's for social media maybe on online dating or maybe acting or even a passport photo believe it or not I'm going to show you how to do it so let me ask you how many of you out there right now are using a head shot that might be a little bit outdated perhaps anybody out there okay I see a couple hands and and why is that why do you still have an outdated head shot because I don't like taking my own picture I don't like having my picture taken very much at all but and I know and I don't feel comfortable with it yeah ok so that's that's a common conundrum a lot of people have is you just don't fee...

l comfortable having your picture taken and maybe taking your own picture isn't so easy to do well as a professional photographer of course I want to say I think you should go out and hire a professional photographer to take your head shot but maybe you don't have the time or maybe you don't have the budget or maybe you're just a little shy in front of the camera or if you're like me and a photographer, you want creative control over how the picture turns out. So all those things to consider so if I would tell you that you could take your own head shot of yourself by yourself and save a lot of time and a lot of money and act, we have a little bit of fun and get a great head shot out of it. Would that sound like a good thing? Yeah, yeah, all right, well, that's it we're going to cover today and I'm going to take you through all kinds of things about how to take a great head shot of yourself. Actually, these two head shots one is up my sister in case she looks a little bit familiar, she needed a good business head shot of herself and she was visiting for christmas, and I basically I'm going to show off the lights here in just a few minutes. I placed her in front of the lights and gave her something great to wear and just kind of worked with her in front of the camera to capture that head shot, but that's something that she could also have done by herself if she'd only taken my class and next to her is also a friend of mine his name's dave and he needed a good head shot for selling real estate in manhattan beach and I had run into him at the grocery store numerous times saying dave, you know you're so much better looking than the head shot that I see in the local newspaper we need to get a better shot of you please let me come take a picture and he's like no, I'm terrible in front of the camera never take a great shot but with just a few little tips about what to wear and just kind of guiding him through how to sit and had a pose and things like that I was able to capture ah great head shot of him so you're going to be able to do the same thing of yourself so here's what I'm going to cover today and we're doing it in these segments so I could make sure I get everything in and I'm going to take it from kind of like the beginning of something really simple capturing those smartphones selfies that we all do right no matter where you are you're going to get a smartphone selfie somewhere and I want to show you how to take a better one and then I'm going to show you howto light attractively because hey it's all about the light I'm standing in some great light right here so things it's you guys for setting that up for me I'm also going to show you just a little overview on makeup and hair, clothing and jewelry I'm not getting into full on depth on that but just kind of a quick overview on what you want to choose to do in front of the camera that really makes for a professional looking head shot and then also we're going to show you how to shoot with this really cool camera I discovered it's actually called an attachable lens camera I'm going to introduce you to that and it's fairly inexpensive to so that's kind of the secret to taking some of these selfies on going to say selfie in a more professional way I'm going take elevate the idea of the selfie up to professional head shot and then I'm going to show you some really cool things you can do with this software that I used to enhance and finish your image so ready to get started I'm excited and I'm gonna show off some pictures that I've taken along the way also to give you an example of something's going to start with smartphone selfies. So we've all seen this one right it's the picture of someone or yourself in the bathroom mirror which is like oh these air so typically so awful because no one wants to see your purple towels in the background or whatever we just want to see you and we wanted to be more professional. Obviously this isn't gonna work so great on a linked in business professional site, is it? And I also wanted to differentiate and make sure we're totally clear on the difference between a headshot and a portrait. So head shots or what? We're going to be focusing on today and for head shot that you see, say in social media, it's cropped in pretty close right now. This is my friend marie. I took her head shot for her, she does acting, and she's got a business and she's very lifestyle oriented, so she wanted to have something that was fresh and vivacious. And so we picked this particular sweater, and I'm gonna show you how I lit it and how you can like that for yourself. That head shot is pretty evenly lit. I wouldn't call it flat lighting. You can still see it a great nation of tone across her face but it's, it's open and it's light now for a head shot, you know, really any professional use you want to make sure it's pretty evenly lid if it's dark on one side and and you have that profile shot, say, on your real estate page or something, people are going to think you have something to hide, so you want to make sure that it's pretty evenly lit s o a headshot opposed tio a portrait a head shot is a type of portrait a portrait can be many different things this one's much more artistic isn't it? Andi incorporates more of the body it could be really much freer and just much more creative I'd say really in the portrait process but the head shots very specific okay, so working with an iphone just a couple little tips where you hold the iphone if you're taking the selfie is kind of important so this is not that attractive an angle that's a better angle up eye level and are a little bit above eye level and I'm just going to show you this picture come a couple more pictures to show you before I get to the demo this is the photograph this is a selfie of a selfie so I was actually out by my pool and I needed to get a a graphic a picture for this course to show off the course how to take your own head shot. So I'm going to give you the tips and techniques on how you can do that if you need to but how basically we're going to operate another camera with the iphone so that's why captured that shot and notice it's in great lighting I've got on a shirt that really pops and my background is the pool water which makes actually for a nice photograph so just starting off with an example for taking the selfies I just walked outside of my condo complex and there's this beautiful green wall out there and it was later in the day so there was some open shade now in this picture you can see there some brighter light and then just the even open shade so I made sure I stood in the open shade and this was the picture I was able to capture which is you know it's okay, I've got the the phone out at arm's length I've pretty long arms so it gets far enough away so I don't have too much of a big nose shot but I'm still not crazy about this picture because even though it's a solid background not distracting I cropped it in I've got a nice color shirt I'm turned a certain way the background kind of makes my eyes pop out all that I think my nose looks big my nose looks big in this because the camera is still really too close to my face and it's sort of a wide angle look so not all that attractive so hence my give yourself room to zoom whenever you're taking photos of someone or someone's taking a photo of you or if you're taking a photo of yourself the farther away you hold the camera or the longer the lens the better you're going toe look so it's a better perspective so I've I've offered up the really ugly shot of myself with the big nose, like up close, wide angle, and then the shot that says do beneath it well, that's, where I've stepped back from the camera and it's a much more flattering perspective. So what? I wanted to show you next is using the smartphone, so I'm using today just so you know, the iphone five s, but you could use any smartphone for this, so I'm using a smartphone with an extender and a remote, so I've got the iphone in my pocket and I've got a remote right here that I'm using that's connected it's paired to my phone with let's hope it's still paired to my phone via bluetooth. So basically, I've turned this on, and I've opened up bluetooth on my smartphone, and I've pared it, so this is talking to this, so now we're going to d'oh is use one of these it's like a call it the smartphone extender, and then they come in all different shapes and colors and varieties and, oh my gosh, ok, so this has happened right before we went on air and everybody was laughing about it, but basically what hap in this because I've got this shuttle remote turned on. Not on lee is it going to control my camera for taking photos but if he accidentally hit the wrong button it turns on your music so just so you know so I have to be careful not to hit the middle button but to hit the top buttons where I'm actually taking the photograph I know I was kind of freaking out right before we went on air is like, oh my gosh where's that music coming from um anyway, so let me set this down so I could do this easily basically, I've got a next ender and this one is okay you have to kind of twist it to open it up a little bit so this actually will let me hold my iphone out a little farther away from my face and on the top of this is something called the ice stabilizer and it's a little grip and they come in different sizes, so if you have an android phone or windows phone or samsung phone, whatever it is it's bigger, you can get one that will fit that too and it also cantil tw so I've got a little button here amusing to twisted and tilted, so I've got it set up now I'm going to put the iphone in it and they're a couple different things you khun dio I've got um well and move on to the next slide to show you this is how I use it, and this is how I used it against the wall on guy used a couple different aps to shoot with. I happen to, like camera awesome it's by smugmug, because it's kind of awesome it's just gives you some nice, different effects in different ways you can control, actually capturing the picture, and then I retouch yes, I do, yes, I do. I retouch a lot of my photos, but I try to do in a way where it looks really natural, so I use the face tune app to retouching, I'm going to give you a little demo of that. So right now, what I need to do, guys is tether my iphone so you can see it on the screen, so while we're getting the tether together, I'm going tio, open up the camera awesome app, and I'm going to thank you very much, thank you. So I'm just plugging this in so you can see it on the screen, and when I just want to make sure that when you put your smartphone into the little clip that you're not touching the volume buttons here, because that starts to do wonky things to your phone, that you don't want to have happen, okay, so what's happening right now is I have the iphone in and kind of a horizontal landscape position and for some reason it doesn't show up that way on the screen so what I'm going to dio is tilted and I'm going to put it into the vertical position, which I could do like this just by tilting it over and so now it's going to show it correctly on screen and now I'm going to move over here in front of the lights you can see these over here the way I wanted to really start this and now you get to see the whole studio now going toe put the camera around and use the face time camera that's on me you know? So the way I really wanted to start with this is to make it super simple so anyone could do it you don't have have to have a lot of money or obviously in a studio there's no natural light here, so we're just using studio lights and I've actually brought in my home studio lighting kit these air to daylight balanced soft boxes I just kind of flip it towards you here um and it's nice soft daylight balance lights with sort of emulates a window light or being outside and open shade so I like to use these lights a lot and you khun pull him in or pushing back, you know, to adjust the light and I'm standing in front of a gray backdrop which is very much like, say, the solid color wall that was out by my condo complex, or you could find a nice seller, solid color wall somewhere else just make sure if you're standing somewhere near it, you don't get all the way up to where maybe you see a shadow or something had to stand back from it a little bit, and I'm actually kind of looking at a little blown out right now, which is good it's getting rid of all the wrinkles, but what I'm going to do is go in and make a couple adjustments so I can tap this little button down here and I can choose my shooting mode. I think it's, a stabiliser modem, just didn't choose camera mode, and I can also choose other settings in if I want to export it to my camera roll use different, say, a different location, I can pinch to zoom, I can control all kinds of things with this, I can also go into effects and she's different effects if I want tio awesome eyes the picture afterwards, um, right now, actually, I'm just going to tap and hold on my face. I've got my finger on the screen, you may not be able to see it on the screen, but I'm touching my face with my finger on the screen to expose better so now what I've got is the backdrop me and a nice, solid color blue top, which tends to photograph well, I'm pitching in on the screen to zoom in a little bit closer to me, okay? So now I'm kind of turning myself a little bit, and I've got little angle going on, and now I've got to go find the shutter remote. There it is, okay? And make sure that when I press it, that, uh, I'm not turning on music, okay, let's, take the shot, and you also want to make sure that when you're looking at yourself in the lcd screen that you, when you take the shot, you actually are looking into the lens. If you don't look right into the lens, you're going to look like marty feldman when you get your head shot back, not unattractive look ok, I'm going to one, two, three and flow and I'm not paired right now, but let's say I wass and if I were to tap it, it was going to take the shot. Fortunately, my arms pretty long, and I'm just going to tap the shutter button. I've still got this out a lot farther than my arm would be able to reach and my arms on in the shot. It's, one of the things with the bluetooth remote, says sometimes they get a little testy and you might have to repair them, and I'm not going to drag you through that right now, but she gets you get the idea, so I'm going to take one more, all right? So I've taken a couple shots and I set this up tio it's actually got kind of a filter on it, I think it on camera. Osman calls it awesome eyes, which is ok, but it also saved it into my camera roll. So if I take this out of here now, out of out of the extender and look at my pictures on my camera roll, trying to pull it up and there's one there's two okay, couple things on this that I would probably want to perfect, because when I'm taking head shots of myself, I've got plenty of time, right? I don't have to worry about someone getting exasperated with me on the other side of the lens. I could just do what I need to do to look good, and I can see myself in the lcd, so I've got a little button that's glistening, glistening, it's kind of distracting that's what you want to do is cut out all distractions when you're taking the head shot. I'm looking a little bit shiny, so I would say I probably would have put a little more powder on and I always bring powder with me. In fact, I have a powdered that I like to use it's just kind of got it the pharmacy at the drugstore and it's just invisible shine controls that works with pretty much any skin tone you have to worry about matching skin tone and I'm a dab some on in a minute when I get another hand ok, so I've got this picture it's in my camera roll I want to improve this photograph because I'm gonna pinch and zoom in and go, you know it's okay? Actually, the makeup artist did a great job, my skin, but I still want to get rid of a few little wrinkles and things I might not want to have in my head shot here's my digital logic. Ok, hd cameras are super high resolution. They're capturing more detail than our eyes actually normally see of a person in real life. So that's why my logic is retouch it so it looks normal, but do it in a way where it's, you know, it's natural looking, so I'm going to go back and open up the app that I was showing you here called face tune and this is cross platform, it works on both apple and android it's, I think three dollars or something in the apple store to ninety nine, so you open it up and I hit the little camera at the top, and now I'm going to open a photo, so I got to go to my camera roll and open up one of these photos, you're gonna be amazed at how easy this is to do so I just captured a, you know, solid color top on behind the solid color background, looking ok, but I'm going to kind of fix it up a little bit, so I'm just going to guide you through this. You need teo, I would twist it to the side, but it works better. If you look at this vertically, everything works, you can see all the tools here, it the bottom, I can do everything from whiten my teeth to smooth my skin, so I think smooth, my skin is what I'm going to start with, so I'm just going to pinch to zoom in on those lovely wrinkles. I'm going to choose these smooth tool down below in the lower left, and then I just take my finger on the screen and just kind of paint over the wrinkles now that it's subtle, they're sort of going away, but not completely I still want to look really I just wanted to be softened a little bit you see that little blue button in the lower right corner if I tap on that aiken's compare and see before after before after who I'm an instant dermatologist so in the lower left is a move key, I'm going to tap that to move over to the other eye and I'm going to tap this move little tool and I'm just going to rub under that I I also decided to do a couple other things to this picture too, but while I'm at it, I'm going to move around and oh, you get to just like you get to see my dirty underwear drawer here, it's like I'm going to just get rid of these wrinkles on my on my neck. Yes, mom, you're right! I should have worn sunscreen when I was in my twenties at the beach, but I didn't, so I'm just going tio rub over my neck on dh just kind of get rid of some of those. All right? So I get a tap on the move key again, I'm going to go back, teo the original photo I'm going to tap on the little blue button in the lower right see before war after before after I just got rid of a little little a lot right there um maybe a couple more things say on the forehead, although, you know erin, the makeup artists here did such a good job on me that I almost don't have to do too much. Ok, so I'm done now. I made them want a white my teeth, but first I have to commit to the change there's a little check market the top so I'm just gonna tap that and I may want to do a little teeth whitening there's a teeth whitening tool right there and I just rub my finger over my teeth boom, boom it's subtle, but that's what you wanted to be and I might kind of white not my eyes a little bit. Yes, I could have gotten a little more sleep last night. Let me make my eyes look brighter and whiter. I'm going to commit to that change at the top and one more thing, I'm going to tap the detail tool at the bottom and what this does is just kind of really make your eyes pop out. You have to be a little careful with it. I'm just going to kind of run over my eyes like that and commit to the change and boom, I've got a head shot that I, you know, I could use I could actually go in and I could maybe make this button look not a shiny and make it kind of go away there's some other tools in here where you can actually it's called the patch tool it's like, how many of you here use photo shop for shop elements? Okay, pretty much everyone. So it has a lot of things here, a lot of tools here that it's like using photo shop, but it's instant, so let's say you want to take a great head shot, you're out and about you want to pose? Is it a facebook like today? Like right now? I could do that right now with this photograph in the upper right hand corner, there's a little share, but I'm just going to tap on it, and I'm going to save this two bicameral. So that's, how fast you can create a good looking portrait I'm going to go back to, so that was the before it goes in, that puts it into the very last picture, so I might want to go in and do some cropping and just a little note when you're cropping. It's a good idea to get the eyes in the upper third of the image that something called the rule of thirds, and it just makes the image look more compelling that's immediately where your eyes are going to go in the photograph. You don't need any head room really above the head sometimes they even crop off the head a little bit and uh, you know, I'm cropping out anything that maybe isn't important in the picture maybe I'll even crop out that button that I want to get rid of and I'll hit crop and there you go so I've got a decent portrait that I can share and that's just doing the selfie part now I wanted to move on tio making things oh, a little more interesting and kind of showing you how to back up a little bit and really pay attention and some of the things I was pointing out in the pictures I was showing you about clothing and hair and makeup and things you can do to really make sure the portrait the head shot that you're taking looks more professional so first off there's some things you don't want to d'oh you don't want to wear a while look insure in fact I have some wild shirts that we could show as an example so here I am in this picture in a lovely black and white polka dot sure with green earrings all right, this is a definite no these air like christmas here bob's that should only come out for some wild, wacky party after midnight, but this is probably not a great choice for a portrait because it's distracting and that's what you want to do get rid of any distractions and for guys you might have this great shirt that you loved were out about this is my friend david he looks really good in this shirt but it's kind of distracting when you're on camera when you are in front of the lens your eyes immediately go to what in this photo yeah yeah I go you go to the checkers maybe the paisley here the paisley here you look at his eyes but you're mainly looking at the shirt a better idea might be to do something like this where it's a nice solid color and kate's going to fly in some shirts that I brought to show thank you very much so I'm going to show you some do's and some don'ts for my own personal wardrobe and this is one actually was going toe I was going to put it on, but maybe not this is a tank, a shirt that's actually a turtleneck internal next look kind of mod and groovy, right? I were turtlenecks a lot, especially in the winter but not in a photograph because it just kind of have a floating head, the heads just kind of there and you don't look very open I'm going to throw this to you thank you very much so you don't want to wear a turtleneck um you want to wear a shirt with an open neck might leave it kind of like this but not in a fabric like this that's kind of wild and distracting so this is sort of similar to my friend dave's wild and wacky shirt that he had on and then this is a shirt that I put on in that picture it's kind of mod and groovy I think I got it for a sixties flashback party or something but not so great in a photograph because it's just too distracting onto some things that would be good I think I just pick this up with the gap it's just a good nice cotton shirt it's teeny weeny little stripes but these stripes are not goingto moray on camera and, you know, kind of distort especially far enough away it just kind of look solid so it's in my solid color looking shirt and collars sent a look better on people, especially if you just kind of want to hide some of the neck. Ok, so for business let's say you wanted to do a business type head shot and you're thinking wow should I wear a bright white shirt? Should I wear a psychedelic shirt? Should I wear a shiny shirt? No, you should wear a shirt that's flattering on you but think about like pastel colors like this this is a kind of a light blue and it fits really well, in fact, it's kind of stretchy, so I don't when I have it on you don't see a lot of polls and things like that, so make sure that this sure you have is solid past still is good it's better than white, sometimes white, especially if someone has on a white shirt and a black suit is too much contrast, and if you're already a photographer and you've taken pictures of people that way, you know, sometimes it's hard to expose for that, and then this is a suit that kind of goes well with it. So just kind of a nice start, greg suit. So these are things that not only if you're you've got people, you're taking head shots of butt head shots of yourself and, you know, what's photographer sometimes we are like the cobbler's with no shoes aren't we were busy taking pictures of all these other people, but we don't have our own photograph. So these are things that, you know, you may go over with some of your clients, but now you need to start thinking about it for yourself, okay? I have a whole section of my closet that's like camera clothes on camera clothes and this is one of them I bought this in a store I think I have it in every color it's a v neck three quarter sleeve ladies this is a great on camera shirt. Men and women wearing short sleeves on camera just doesn't work that well because if you get cropped here you see a little bit of arm and it looks like a sausage not good um ok here's that shirt again in another color in fact I was almost going where is today? Because I love blue on but really pops on camera so oftentimes if someone's eyes are blue green gray they'll look good in these blues so just some ideas and this is actually a shirt that I were and I'm going to show you some other photographs near the end of the presentation assures that I were to really punch so I knew I was going to shoot on a white background and I wanted it to really jump I want my head shot to just jump out on the screens I thought red and white red and white blonde okay, so think about the color combos of you know of your hair and your skin and what's going to really pop and really show up in a headshot on nam these back to you thank you that was that was on clothing but also just a little tip on make up make it natural and especially here when I show you this really cool software at editing program you're going I think I don't even have to put makeup on you're going to look great once you use this editing software but keep it simple you just don't want it to be distracting you don't want it to look like you're going tio that it's a fashion shoot really if you're doing a head shot for business professional use even if it's like a lifestyle kind of look you want it to look natural and pretty and if you've got hearings like I was showing you before the green those are kind of a wild example but where something small like right now I have on he's my favorite little hearings that I like to wear and they don't pop too much they're not too shiny but it's just a little bit of my personality so I wouldn't say don't get much bigger than this so something very small and necklaces air distracting and guys you know if you're taking a portrait and it's gonna be cropped anywhere your arms aaron it take off your watch um and big rings and things like that because it's just like it's too distracting all right so now we've kind of talked about how to quickly get yourself shot if you needed on the fly how to look good whether it's makeup hair oh the other thing here so those of you that have taken shots of other people you've noticed when you have to go in and do the the photo shop retouching you got some errant hair whatever going all over so again on yourself you know just use a little product or something to make sure you don't have to do a lot of photo shopping later with the hair okay so now I wanted to get into lighting and backdrops and I just started off really simple here because it is super easy and super simple to get started it doesn't have to cost a lot of money you could just be outside and natural light and you know be taking a selfie of yourself on the extender stick and have a look great but maybe there's some other cool gadgets you want to try out you can think about getting and I'm going to kind of be bringing some of those in a cz we go through this and show how to take some amazing pictures that way, eh? So what I'm going to start with now is just kind of showing off the lights and show you what I'm using what's really easy to use I briefly showed you these home studio lighting kitt lights it's got a diffusion panel on the front and it's a daylight balance bulb I've got my hand on it it's you know it's a little warm but it's basically cool to the touch and it's got this reflective soft box so it's just produces really nice pretty light whether you've got this diffusion panel on it or not and there's two of them and this is actually my kid it's called the aaron manning home studio lighting kit just in case you're wondering this is something I do with westcott and I use this for all my video shoots too, but I just like kind of dragging these around wherever I'm at I've even you know, just take it off and sometimes use it however I need to use it but it's nice and daylight balance and I've got this backdrop back here but there's another backdrop I wanted to show you maybe you don't have a solid color wall or maybe you don't have room perfect backdrop like this and really, you know, I want I want this would to appeal and to everyone to know that anyone could do this whether you are a total beginner have never picked up a camera before for all the way up to a season pro and everyone in between there are all kinds of tools that you can use so we're showing these off of what I wanted to move to next is I'm going to show you how to set up this really cool backdrop and I use this and yeah, kate, you could bring that and thinks it's called the x drop and it's super light and actually it folds up to about this long these legs are just pulled out right now on guy use this all the time for backdrops so it's got it's got a decent sized footprint, but you can also bring the back leg and a little bit so you set it up like this and thank you and it's got these three polls you just pop in like so and the backdrop itself is five by seven I'm going to go over here and get it it's a five, five, seven backdrop and it come, you can get him in all different colors. I'm just don't step on it. I'm using the white one just because I kind of like the white background and they're these little hooks up here. You just put it on the hooks like that, line it up and try not to knock it over, and so I've got it on these hooks and then there's some hooks on the bottom and once I get this all set up and the magic begins and it all happens back there, but basically what I'm going to do it just lengthen these polls so it stretches out the entire backdrop and you can use this anywhere and it's great it's a perfect size for headshots, so I'm just going to raise these like so now I've got this and white I've got it in a green screen I've got a gray one a black one I've got it's all different colors and you just pop it on give us a general price point on that piece right there it's lovely yeah ballpark this's one twenty nine well that's really affordable it is and actually if you go to my website erin manning dot com I have put together a whole, uh page recon got using all the products that air here in the course so you can go in and see them and see how much they cost but it's it's super affordable and you know it comes with the backdrop so boom there you go s so this is a great backdrop to use and I'm just going to put it over here because I've got the lights the stand this over here it's it's a super light now I wouldn't recommend using this outside on a windy day unless you have a lot of sandbags to hold it down but inside it's it's perfect. So this is what I'll use as the white backdrop and I can like that up and then I'm gonna have you fly in the stand over there and I'm going to show you something else I like to use called anyone ever seen this before it's the ice lights very star wars but basically it's an led light it's dimmable and I take it with me everywhere this is also on my website erin manning dot com and you can turn it and twist it and get all kinds of great light especially if you happen to have a reflector and this is something else I don't know if I showed your not it's called a pocket pack and inside is a twelve inch reflector and a diffused diffuser and I use this I know who all the time especially for selfies because it's just it's instant it's small and it's great light so I can you know you know I go everywhere like this nice to me teo I know go anywhere without my pocket pack um so you know, even without that if I was in some other kind of light I use this and this is like under twenty dollars so I use this all the time when I'm traveling especially for selfies and head shots on my own all right, so back to the ice light when I'm going to do is attach it um to this man fratto bendy arm I just discovered this thing it's so cool it yes, it bends like that so all we need to do there's a quarter twenty attachment here at the bottom of the ice light and I can just well turned awful I was screwing it on so I'm just going to pop it onto this like so and turn it back on and pop it on here and I just got a little connector that it's just like that. So now I've got this light and I can pretty much put this anywhere. I want tio in any direction I used to have some other kind of arm that held this, and it was kind of wonky this is this really super simple, so I've got this and if I want to do some lighting, um, you know whichever way I want to do it if I've got my my phone, I've got a reflector I could be sitting, I could be standing and I've got this, I've got my backdrop so I can kind of be mobile and move things around, but let me also show you so the lighting and the backdrops I'm showing you the equipment right now, but I also wanted to go back so I don't overwhelm anyone with we've got all this equipment you have to have all this equipment you don't it's really cool toe have, but keep in mind that you could be shooting in natural light and open shade. This is one of my favorite places to shoot. This is my friend pat and she's standing in the open shade of an open doorway and another friend of mine who is standing just beneath the shade of a tree. And as I'm setting as you watch me kind of set this up, I'm going to take you to the next set up and this is something I did in my living room same set up the two lights, the white backdrop I've got the ice light here and it's on stand and then that's the chairs and the chair is my reflector because that's where I was sitting when I took this picture for my passport, I have a friend that's gone to two different passport places to get her picture taken she's not happy with either one call in vain, but you have to look at it for ten years, right? So why not take your own? So this is how I did the set up and this is what I'm about to do here and of course, if you are an actor and actress, you might want something a little more dramatic and this is with my dark living room. I had one of these home studio lights it's this constant light and this is a picture of janina and she needed a good acting modeling had shot that looked very dramatic for this play she was doing so that's what we were able to capture with a very similar set up except if you look at her picture, you'll notice in the background it looks kind of models right? Okay that's the set up shot and this is what the other thing I wanted to show you is so many fun things to play with cool gadgets um I admit it I am a scarf addict I have scarfs and like probably every color everywhere for everything and this is one that I used in that particular picture as just like a fun little backdrop to see the shoji screen behind janina in the photograph well, um stir the scarf over the shoji screen in the background and I could easily just throw this scarf over this too and have this be a different looking background. So equipment and backdrops in all its stuff is a great thing but also just keep in mind that you can use other things to be creative with not only using scarves say to put around people which I often use in a lot of my own head shots because maybe there's a color that I really love that I think you know, I look good in and that's what I want to have the head shot being and so I may actually put this on for one of the head shots are going to take with that other camera because it's a great color and if you're taking it close and head shot, maybe this is a little more lifestyle not so business but you've got another option for color um and then there's this one I think I'm going to start juggling I'm gonna learn how to juggle with this but there's all kinds of fun stuff you khun dio so back to the set up so we're working through this I've got I've got the ice light I've got the two home studio lighting kit lights and the next thing I want to bring in is let's do the attachable lens camera okay that's right there all right so I'm going to set up the camera first and then I'm going to bring in the other piece of lighting equipment is it ok to set this here I haven't marked I'll help you okay um so I'm just going to get the camera in its place and then I'm going to fly in the reflector we may have to do some adjusting here I'll move this over so we're going in it's kind of a modular set up here you can do all kinds of different things so I had the little reflector right? So this is something groups this is something a little bigger this is called this's the eye lighter I love this thing I just discovered it so I think I'm actually I'm going to just travel around with this everywhere I go better already s so this is a little more expensive than my twenty dollars pocket pack this is to ninety nine and it's also listen on my website but you know if you like gadgets and you want your thinking about investing in additional things that's something to consider so I'm just going to pick it up and move it over here because this is where we're going to be shooting right here and it's kind of a tilt right now it's about a thirty degree tilt I would say so I'm going to move in I slight a little bit closer because I want this light to give me some life that's going to bounce down on the reflector like so so this is all set my I've got lights on the white backdrop so this is like a really cool lighting set up don't you think I think so we're going to take some pictures and show it off all right get the scarves over here and a tw this point what I'm going to do is introduce you to the actual attachable lens camera that we're gonna move teo I love all kinds of tools to play with and you know it's not necessary but this one's really going to help this is kind of the answer to my problem that I was having with taking selfies or using the timer with the selfie or using the remote which is what you're all workable but this makes it even cooler so what it is is an attachable lens camera if you can see the picture there basically what it does is it is is an actual camera and of itself but it doesn't have an lcd screen on it so what you need to do is you can either attach it to your smartphone and this actually has its own wifi connection you don't have to be in wifi you just have to turn on this lens so the wifi connection of the lens connects with your smartphone so all I have to dio if I want to use it is turn it on and once it turns on then I need to go to my settings and make sure that the wifi is connected so I go to settings tap on wifi and in a second I see the wifi for this pop up and there it is it says direct all these different letters after and I know that that's it so I have to do this because I'm using an iphone five s I have to connect through my wife I if you have an android or windows phone or the new iphone six that has nfc near field communication which means it's going to instantly pair so your phone is going to be talking with the lens immediately so why do you want your phone to talk to the lens? Well you want your phone to be able to control the lens from wherever you're at I like to take the lens off this and actually put it on a tripod across the room and I can put it anywhere you could use it as a spy camera if you wanted to but it takes great head shots and the other cool thing too about this is, um I'm still on the uh my phone can I switch back to the power to the kino? Okay, the other cool thing about this attachable lens is it takes a micro sd memory card that's that little teeny weeny memory memory card and it comes with an adapter that's the sd memory card sized pop into your computer, a card reader so that's inside this lynn so I've got a sixty four gigabyte card in there right now, so you know you're you're always running out of room on your smartphone with videos and aps and music and whatever it is you've got on there, but now I can store all the pictures on here, which is great. The other thing is it's got a lens that zooms out farther and it's a much higher quality lens than you have on your smartphones. You're going to get a better photograph out of this attachable lens camera now they're too that I'm using one is called the q x ten and that is this one here look how tiny this is just is on a little strap that and this has a quarter twenty mount on it's like a mountain this on a tripod also so there's this lens and this sells for like I think it's about one hundred sixty nine dollars or something on dh it's got a ten times optical zoom so it's going to zoom out pretty far the and it's it uses a sony lens as opposed to this one that's a little more pricey this is called the q x one hundred and this has an optical zoom of three point six but it's a carl zeiss lens which is a pretty nice lens and it's also a fast lends it shoots it f one eight if you wanted to but I'll show you how we're going to control it through the iphone so this is kind of like my magic sauce that I've discovered for taking photos of myself and having them look good because I can see what's going on on dh then the other thing I wanted to point out the way that it works is once you get it attached you're going to be using something you need to download from the app store cross platform when it works on android or iphone is called the sony play memories app so this is the shooting after you're going to use so first you connect the wifi connection then you turn on the app and I just quickly want to show you a couple pictures I took this is one I took up myself this last weekend and I took it in the hallway of my condo complex all right, so there I am in the stairwell and above me is a nice big skylight and it's all white walls and I've got a reflector but I'm just holding up I've got on that shirt I showed you the v neck three quarter sleeve solid color shirt in a flattering color and then I've got this on a tripod placed up in the laundry room and you know, I positioned it and everything and just took pictures and that's the one I was able to capture and just another little story up late one night needed a new headshot for video class I was teaching called howto create your own marketing video the easy way and I wanted a course graphic I took this picture of myself I'd like to in the morning same set up here without even this it was just these two lights um and this and I was playing around with I thought gosh wouldn't be fun if it looked like I was pushing a play button you know, for my video course graphic. So this is I took a bunch of different shots when my fingers a little off kilter there now it's more on kilter and then I went and bought a a play icon and just stuck it on their poor little opacity on the play icon and that was my course graphic so just kind of sharing a little story with you about how I created an instant head shot that was helping to market myself, and then I just cropped the other one, and I use that as my headshot. Now, andi, I'm still experimenting with different head shots on this particular one. It just so happened that, you know, my top of my head was kind of cropped off, which I don't really mind, but for some formats, it's not the right size, so I'm still kind of playing around with what my new branding head shots going to look like and just a little tidbit, and this is what I did to capture picture of myself out of the pool same set up with this, I had this you can't see in the shot because this is taking the picture of me right there, but I'm looking at myself using my phone as the monitor, and then I just look into camera and this is the shot I was able to capture, so that's, what we're going to do here and ok, so now you can go back to my phone and driving you guys crazy back, there are lots of switching around, okay, so quickly I'm going to show you how we're going to use. This camera to take some shots I'm also possibly going to have somebody come up from the class and get in to get in one of the pictures after I show you how this works so right now I've I'm attached wifi I'm going to get out of that I'm going to go and open up my play memories mobile app and it's searching okay so it found me so that's that's what I'm looking like right now on this camera so this is my my monitor it's going to get in my place over here and notice that wow I've got the camera probably not pointing in the right direction so I'm going to get out here and moving around so it's maybe this way a little bit I think I kind of move stuff around when we first okay so now I can see myself in the camera and return it to the side so you can see me better so this is what I've got going on here there's some settings in the lower left hand corner um I can tap on it and I can adjust all kinds of things the white balance one important thing is you're save options and if you want the picture to save on both the phone and the memory card then you turn it to on and in this instance I'm going to do that just because I want things that instantly show up on the phone I'm going to go back and all I'm going to do is zoom in on myself if you can kind of see that tea in the lower right hand corner I'm going to tap on it and it should zoom in on me sometimes it gets a little slow it's like thinking um but ok there we go boop boop boop boop boop oh and I'm coming a bit more okay, so this is a three point six optical zoom the other camera zooms farther but I think I like this lens a little bit better justus faras quality steak but either one so I just kind of position myself in here okay? I'm kind of moving around and because I'm standing I'm not sitting aiken sort of move within it and I'm gonna make sure that wrinkles maybe are not happening and I'm going to make sure I'm looking in the actual camera itself that going to look at myself here in the lens to get situated I'm going to move my iphone out of the way I'm gonna look and smile into the lens and I just hover my finger over the shutter button here and now it's fetching the picture and that's it so I just took and I could really kind of move around and play around a little bit and how this works so I might say move up, move down, adjust myself a little bit and I'm going to do some cropping too so I've decided I know that this is my better side after lots of research and I'm going teo make sure that that's the side that's in camera I'm looking at my monitor and adjusting this and getting their hair done I'm looking in this camera now I've got to review my iphone to see what I'm doing but now I'm looking in that camera going to come down to see a tad and and smiling and it did shut ok so now I've got a couple shots to work with um we have let's see some say is part of our studio audience and she kindly agreed to be a subject for this to come in and after having watched everything that I do here to create it to try and do it herself so all right so how do you feel about it so they don't come now come on all right come on down so coming this way I'm a little technologically lacking so you feel like you're technologically lacking so you know I'm ok with an iphone so I think I think we'll see how this okay yeah it's pretty it's pretty simple it's just that camera talking to this is all of this so there we both are let's take another shot another case is going to look there right first you want to make sure we look good here? Okay? All right. Okay one teo and we're going to wait which one this summer we're gonna look they're ok here we go one two and three I don't know I did well I knew it I knew I did e I did I could tell all right try once said that again and then we'll have her do someone room okay okay, so we're using this is their monitor we're looking in here to make sure we look look good getting flout the hair okay fluff puff right and rico I didn't think that ok looking good now it's it's a little overexposed we could do some adjusting with the lighting but we're also going to do some things in working in the software editing program so let's go back and I'm gonna have you hold this ok? And what I'm going to do in this is what I would do while I'm taking my own head shot too is if I'm looking in the camera I need to make adjustments I'm thinking ok I need some powder so I'm gonna powder and you know just make sure nothing's to glisten e and you know what guys for you too invisible powder you know you can wash it off before you go home but just you got to put powder on because shine is so distracting perfect portrait's need powder how do you like that for liberation and I'm going to use the other side of it if you don't mind, I'm going to do someone you to thank you, and we're gonna we're going to take down the shine a little bit and and also just little things that you'll notice when you're starting to really look into the screen and see how you're looking is ok, so we want to fix her hair a little bit and make sure that we don't have any too much tio to navigate later when we're trying to retouch, and I'm going to move this just a tad. Okay, all right. And you want to kind of come into this a little bit closer, okay? And I might. So these are all things you'll be adjusting yourself because you really can do this yourself. Okay? You don't have to have anybody help you, um, and you might actually want to back up just to a little bit. There you go. Back up and now come forward a little bit. Look at yourself in the el teo. I keep seeing. Yeah, yeah. So you want to look there and I might? And how does that how does it look? Um, I would say, like, right, right, yeah, they father that okay? So isn't that great that you could just look right that monitor and say oh, I know it's not how many pictures have you taken of yourself if you look at it later going why didn't I you know why didn't someone tell me to get that hair out of my face or right why did you you know take it looking like that so yes so you're setting it up looking in the monitor I'm looking here the iphone cameras your ultimate photo you're gonna be looking in this lens yeah looking good on you want to think about you know you don't want you don't want that to necessarily be in the photos so if you want to kind of hover here to come here yeah hover your finger over the shutter button well, I wanted to be and then when you're when you're ready look in that camera on dh yeah so something had to be a little patient with you know that's a nice slap shot let's try another one uh you go back so now yeah top backer here tap the screen and just stay back okay? So I think I'm going to raise it a bit you could get it isn't it fine? I think my husband a list coming up check out my web site and remaining dot com said he liked you when I liked hillary better so all right, here we go all right. Okay, so when you see that little spinning thing I just mean what games yanking its thinking on this is out of the shaft yes, it's working area got a little nice okay? You're looking nice, okay? And right now because we're in the studio we've got it out. I know let's start that again. That doesn't work that's gonna wait till it's done all the way okay, that would actually look good unlinked unlike I don't know if I really want this job or not I'm gonna hold it all the way. Okay, wait but this isn't think okay one more time oh, my god! Just talking I'm gonna check this. Thank you. So because we're in a studio we have other lights that are also lighting the stage and lighting me and we've got some other lights to contend with here but at home you're not going to have is many lights so let's see white what if I pull this out? Because I think I just saw some shadow on your face? Oh yeah that's ok let's try that. I think that's better so you're just looking at that as a monitor but then you're looking in this for the final shot yeah, I think that was it there that looks pretty good that one does it better that looks really good like there let's go with that one do you think my hair my hair looks great all right yes I'm taking a job all right cool thank you very much more are being over your patients absolutely. That was fun. So yes so if you don't you know want to travel with this you can always bring another kind of reflector but we've got all kinds of lights going on here but you could do it pretty much anywhere and control what that camera is doing. So now that we've done all this I want to show you lets anyone have any questions about this because I know I kind of went through a few things kind of quickly yes regarding the backdrop is that naturally wrinkle free or do you just maintain it really well hey, great question about the backdrop so it actually is a stretchy polyester fabric you can put it in the washer and dryer so it does get wrinkly when you fold it up but what I found is if I just throw it in the dryer with a wet towel or something it just gets everything out and just hanging out you know hang it up or if you have a steam or of course you can see mitt but it doesn't get his wrinkly and also because it kind of gets stretched out by this um yeah not is frankly someone have a dslr with these basic principles be the same as far as the lighting set up and you know maybe they have a remote in that kind of thing yes if you if you're using a dslr certainly can try the same thing the only difference being is sorry keep flipping that around the only difference is that you're not going to be able to see yourself in a monitor so that's kind of the plus of this but absolutely if you want to play around with sitting in front of your dslr with remote definitely do it and take a lot of pictures because you're not gonna be able to see what you're doing but you know, out of, say a hundred shots a couple of them might really turn out and could folks use this lens on dh also the iphone with natural lighting indoors if they wanted a window light oh absolutely yeah and that's really what I was trying to stress in the beginning is you don't have to have all these lights it's great if you want tio but just go outside with it that's what I was doing outside where I live just found a big green wall and you know, first I shot selfies and then I had this set up when I was shooting just shooting away just me my iphone in that little camera perso natural light of course you know I like to bring a reflector with me everywhere I go that way thank you you're definitely so we've done kind of this I might try to take a couple more shots and just see how this turns out and then I want to show you a little bit about the software because there's some amazing susie amazing things you could do with it okay? So I'm turned around and I want to make sure my hands out and also just f y I am shooting in the landscape mode here but you can also on my tripod I could just flip it and be shooting in portrait mode too, but I set it up in landscape mode because it's easier to see on the screen and redoing my hair oh, I know what else is going to show you is a couple things if you're taking shots and you're just by yourself and you wantto mix things up a little bit, this is where you can bring in the scarfs um so you know sometimes you want maybe maybe you you're doing a picture for a dating site or something and you want something more than just your your business shot. Maybe you want something a little six year so you might have something that you can throw over your shoulders and since you're cropping no one knows you've got something else on in between and take the shot so that's just an idea you can have fun and play around ok, so I've kind of work through the different shooting scenarios and sanjay we've got a nice picture of you now what I want to do is I'm going to take the memory card out of the phone because that's where the pictures have been stored not only on my iphone but they're also being stored on this lens and what's cool about this so I'm just going to turn it off she always turn off your camera before taking on a memory card. The memory card is a little micro sd card and it is right in here you're gonna be shocked at how small it is has in micro teeny weeny little card, sixty four gigabytes on this card can you imagine? So this car now has to be put into an adapter and I'm gonna pop this into my computer so I'm just gonna put this out of the way and now I'm gonna pop this little and this comes with it when you buy it the adapter, which is the fd memory card size. So now I'm just going to pop this little micro card into the sd adapter and I'm going to pop it into my computer. Thank you so much. All right, get me all plugged in, okay, all right, so what's happening now is a good question where that's coming up eyes that a raw file no, it is not so the images that air captured on this particular phone r j pegs and the q x one hundred takes twenty megapixel images and the q x ten takes eighteen megapixel images, so those are pretty good size, just since we're talking about sizes of images and things like that while you're shooting on the iphone, just so you know, the face time camera that's facing you on the iphone is going to take us lower resolution file than the isight camera on the other side of the iphone looking out so that's kind of a conundrum, and if you're taking selfie shots that you're going to be using online that's great, but keep in mind if you're going to be using those for prints, they might be a little bit too small and resolution, but these that were shooting with the the attachable lens camera are fine. You can use these for prints or otherwise online. Okay, so what I'm using right now is a software program called portrait professional portrait pro twelve I just discovered this about oh, I don't know a couple months ago, and it started using it and what it does, I kind of call it the autumn magic software, so what it does is it it's photoshopped pictures for you, a supposed to you having to go in and do it all yourself, I have photoshopped many, many photos in my day got rid of all kinds of wrinkles and blemishes and all sorts of things, and I have lots of pictures on you're going to go to the end, and here are the photos that we took today, and I'm just going to open up one of these it's, open up this one, okay, so I'm opening up santa's photo, and what it's doing is it finds her face and has all these kind of algorithms that uses to make instant adjustments, and I don't want you to be shocked when you first see your photo, because I'm going to make adjustments to it. So it asked you as it loads, is this female male girl or boy? Okay, I'm gonna pick female, and then it does seem or kind of algorithms in the background and what it does is it instantly kind of re touches your entire face, but it in my estimation, it looks fantastic, but sometimes I think it looks a little overly retouched, so this is where you go in and you make your own customized adjustments. So right now what we're looking at on the left here, I've got sante space, and I want to make sure that I'm moving all these little handles air on this purple line. They automatically adjust to like the edge of your faiths and your nose and your eyebrows and things like that but some things might be a little just a teeny bit off, so to make sure the the retouch goes well, you want to make sure you line all these up aboutthe same okay? And you got your chin and they're okay, so this is all looking pretty good over here on the right, but I think I want to make them or customized adjustments and to do that I'm now going to put on my glasses so I can really see uh oh, there it is. Ok, so the first thing you look over on the right what I always do first is I go to the face sculpt controls and it's just a little drop down, I click on it and you can see the master fade slider at the top, going to scoot this over so you can see it all the way. Okay? So master fade and right now it just defaults to forty two I don't know why, but they've decided that that's the default. But if I slide this slider, say all the way over to the right law it like kind of readjust your face in your head and now I'm going to make it weigh more natural and bring it down to something like no, I don't know. I kind of like like six or five or something like that it's just very subtle. That's the master fade. They have all kinds of things in here and you can go one by one and go through each of them. One thing I really like it here is called eye widening so you know, sometimes when we have our photograph taken, we smile in her eyes, get all squinty and, you know, you want the smile, but you want the eyes to be open to and this automatically kind of widens your eyes, which is kind of groovy. Um so that's in the face sculpt controls and I could go in, I could plump up your lips what we want to do it, that trump drives all the way over to the right. I just natural is how we want things to look, so it just does very subtle things skin smoothing controls and clicking on that drop down there's a master fate fade slider at the top, which I can adjust and affects everything this is already going in and adjusting if you have any wrinkles, which you don't really have any wrinkles, but, you know, we all have little things under the eyes just kind of goes in and fix the shadows removes pours things like that things that the digital camera captures that we don't really see with our eyes and we don't want to see so we just want to soften him up a little bit, right? Something to just take the master fade and bring that down just a titch like that um down to like twenty seven and you know the isis customized you need to go in and see what looks right to you skin lighting controls I can go into that I can actually control where it looks like the light's coming from just by moving this around really playing with that um I'm going to go now into what's another fun one mouth and nose controls you can adjust all of those right now it's it's whitening your teeth it's cleaning your tea that's giving any more lip saturation I could kind of bring that down if I think the lips of are looking a little bit too dark I mean there's just so much just automatically does so you have to kind of go through each one of these and adjusted, you know, to how how you wanted to look hair controls I would just leave the hair alone your hair looks great to me, but you could adjust the coloring amount you could add more vibrance, lightning it all sorts of things um skin coloring and picture controls you could do other things in here like crop if he wanted to, but I kind of prefer to crop in photo shop myself I have more control and we're going to talk to you a little bit about that too about the best sizes to crop too if you want to post pictures online, I got also adjust the exposure here like maybe if I wanted to be you know more like what really over exposed or under exposed there are all sorts of things you can instantly play with I think one thing I might have skipped over did I goto ok, so I was in eyes this instantly, you know when you take a portrait head shot and sometimes as photographers you might go in if you're already photoshopping and you do some things to kind of white in the eyes maybe looked on make them look a little more saturated or sharper this instantly does abbott is like darkening pupils it's it's sharpening the eyebrows it's doing all kinds of things I have to do is just look at the picture on the left and look at the picture on the right and just make sure that you're finished picture doesn't look too different from this just a little bit better that's all again, I don't I don't condone, you know, making people look absolutely perfect you're a natural because then when you look at the photo you're just gonna go they obviously retouched it you want someone to look at the photo and say they look fantastic and that's what we've done so I think and whenever you kind of hold your mouths over some of these things a little tool you know tip will pop up which keeps happening to me so you can go in and do lots more with this let's say okay we've done all these sliders on the right and there's a couple things that I still want to fix like maybe I just want to get a little bit of that line under your eye out okay I may want to zoom in a little bit so there's a zoom slider at the top just to click hold on drag on that appear on the right and at the top in the middle is something called a touch up brush and if I click on that I can choose a brush strength I can also choose a brush size up here and if I just this is my brush now I'm hovering it over your face and it shows up as a little circle is a brush I can also change the brush size just by tapping on the bracket keys on the keyboard the right bracket makes it larger the left bracket makes a little smaller and all I need to do is click hold and drag. Over that line and it's you know kind of goes away but it's still sort of their let's say you know what I just brushed something out and I don't know I think I overdid it so I'm now going toe going to tap on a pier in brush sized the brush minus sign and this coming over here and now roll over it and now some of that comes back so what would you like me to do some say um good okay you want me to know I did that's always what I have a problem with little puffy things you know don't we all you know I mean other than that I'm just going like you know any my chins that need to go where yeah I mean I don't think and you're looking pretty good they're so what I'm going to dio is appear in the upper right I'm going to click on next and and now I'm going to save it I can say it is a j peg a tip for png file I was like to save to the highest quality and just click ok and what it does is it automatically puts that underscore peopie for portrait professional in your file name so now you can store it anywhere I'm going to go and put on my desktop you can start anywhere when you'll always know hey I've already run it through reporter professional because I've got the peopie after it okay, so here's her fabulous photos so what I'm going to do now is bring it up in photo shop and I right now I'm using photo shop cs six but you could use photo shop elements or whatever whatever version you have and I'm just going to go and open it up and I put it on the desktop and I know which one it is was it's got that pee pee on it portrait professional okay? And I want tio I've already got like a a crop on it I don't want to put a crop on it yet, okay, so what I want to do is, um, crop it so some things I may want to crop out, we kind of forgot about this because you have a mike on and the mic now is in the picture, so we could either photoshopped that out or maybe crop it out. One thing I wanted to tell you when you're when you're putting your picture on any kind of social media, they typically want the picture to be square so it's a good idea to save in a couple different versions. I like to save just the original file that I did, so you know, always retouch and then crop don't crop and then retouch because you want to be able to go back and make changes or make it different sizes so what I recommend is I'm keeping this and now I'm going to crop to let's say just a square that were instantly going to put on I think facebook is a square twitter is a square instagram is a square linked in I mean a lot of them are all squares and then and then you could also so the back and then re crop it maybe in a portrait depending on whatever you wanted to do but the other cool thing is because we took it in the landscape mode we've got lots of negative space which is a positive thing which not only gives the iaw place to breathe in the photograph but also if you wanted to use this for let's say let's say you know you sold real estate or something you could have something about your business over there in the the negative space of the picture so it gives you a lot of options especially when you shoot on white so we don't have to knock this out of anything of any background we could just use it for a lot of different things, so I'm going to go ahead and just crop to square my friend janine warner, who teaches a social media design class here and creative live gave me all kinds of tips on, you know there's all sorts of different sizes that you can crop too, but basically if you're doing for the social media, it's good to have a square and six hundred by six hundred pixels is a good size course. Each site has its own parameters, so you might have to do a little research on that for each particular one. But I wanted to crop to say on the six hundred, six hundred pixels, so I've I've just tapped her on the crop tool in the tool bar and at the top. Now, aiken, type in what I want. Six hundred p x, make sure to put in the px for pixels and, you know, seventy two or sometimes I used one fifty, neither one going to put in one fifty resolution, so here's the square, but I want to move her face up, so I'm going to do some re adjustment here and to keep that aspect ratio of six hundred to six hundred square while I'm adjusting, I keep I hold my finger down on the shift key on the keyboard and then place my mouth's in one of the corners click hold in drag like that, and I'm dragging this into put in the right spot, and I sort of move her around. Now, I typically like to take headshots where people are a little bit off center, but sometimes you're getting up really, really close and some of these online. Portrait shots being right in the middle might be okay because it's so tight so I'm going to bring it up and get rid of that microphone and make it so your eyes are kind of in the upper third of the image there and I'm not really cropping off your head and just double click and now I'm going to make it um trees, ivs looking good I think sansei now has has her new portrait online photo and you took it yourself tada so those are just some of the things that you can dio with using port to professional course you can crop also within portrait professional, but I I just personally like to have a bit more control in photo shop or photoshopped elements um and I'm going to just zoom in here and look at this and you know it's I'd say it's it's looking pretty good everything looks nice and in focus the eyes look nice the hair's looking pretty good a little hair kind often side but that doesn't bother me too much and if you never really did, you could go in and do a little photo shopping on that too, but I think that just keeping in mind when you're taking that head shot of yourself where something that's not too distracting make sure that whatever context you're going to be using it in that it works within that context so if you are you know let's say you you work in a bank and you want to put a picture and lincoln of course you're not going to use the selfie of yourself on the weekend vacation with a beer in the background you're going to have something that's a solid color backdrop in probably a business suit or a solid color shirt and typically the darker to mid tones look really nice if you're going to wear pastels or lights tryto layer it with some thing you know jean's jacket, jacket whatever whatever your sweater something like that that gives it some interest but that isn't too distracting just think super simple and less is more so when you're looking at photos like this it's like oh wow ok how who took your headshots on say all right um I'm just going to go back to portrait pro quickly and ex out of that and open up so I'm just going to quickly bring in our photo that we did together and just point out to you that if you happen to take a group shot that it will also help you with multiple faces in the picture and sometimes it immediately identifies everyone other times you might have to click and say find and find a new face it will find a new face and go in and start fixing it and all you have to do is just click on whichever one you want to work on and you know, start re touching that so you can have multiple faces in one photograph and really, well, ok, I'm looking like I'm twenty again great, so I would go back in and obviously do a few adjustments on this, so I didn't look quite is fabulous, and people thought it was actually current head shot, not something that was from throwback thursday. Yeah, so you can go in and make all kinds of alterations and really make things the way you want them to look fault for that. So, like you're saying, it's coming up, sort of in the middle. Can you change if you would find yourself counseling going back to certain yes, once you go into the software program, you can set up preferences for yourself so that let's say you're editing a batch of photographs, you know, you're going to be doing pretty much the same thing and all of them you can set that up and make it work so it's instant she's a, um how do you feel? Are you excited? You feel like you want to go out and take your own head shot. Now you already did. Not you. How about you now? I think I think you now have the knowledge and the tools and hopefully the confidence now. To go out and just do some playing around, do some testing and take your own head shot don't be afraid to give it a try because you're going to be the only one there no one's judging, you know ones huffing and puffing and waiting for you to do anything, you know how to make all the adjustments now yourself, and you can capture your very own head shot and make a look. Fantastic, great ready for last question, sure, so a lot of folks notice that you were doing this on that iphone. Is there an ipad solution as well? You know I'm for doing like, could you use that for doing this selfie? Oh, absolutely could shoot with an ipad for sure, it's just I don't know if there's a clip that you can use on the extender for the ipad that there might be I might just have you have a long arm or put it on a tripod, and he was a remote like that remote I was using him for the iphone. You can use that on the ipad and take a shot that way.

Class Description

A great headshot is an essential marketing asset for promoting your businesses online – learn the trick to snapping an amazing one, yourself.

In this class, Erin Manning will show you how to create a great headshot without a lot of trouble or expense. You’ll learn about everything from choosing the right clothing to finding and creating flattering light. You’ll walk away with all of the tools needed to put together your own professional-looking headshot.


Walt Snell

What a fun class! I think that a lot of the lighting she achieves could be created using much cheaper equipment for the photographer on a budget But this isn't a class about lighting on a budget (guess what, that class exists!! I think it's called DIY lighting) this is a class about how to take your own "selfie" style headshot and make it look professional. it's even easier now that there are things like "selfie sticks" and smart watches that let you control the camera on your phone but Erin makes this class fun and informative taking your "i-phonography" to the next level.