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Synchronizing in One Catalog

Here's an important point this is really important. You can on ly synchronise tow one catalog so you have it so I have four since light room came out, I have been shouting them from the rooftops use one catalog for all your working files and so many people have fought me on it and said, well, I like to use one catalog per job. Great, you can't do this if you're doing one catalog per job because every time you try and synchronize, it will unsinkable eyes. The old catalog and recent denies this one, and you'll all of your all of your synchronized here will disappear and the new synchronized will come up. You can't do it so you have one catalog for all your working files, and at that point, you can synchronize them all very important before you ask your question. Yes, what about multiple collection? So the catalog is one thing, the biggest thing, right? What about multiple collection? Liken synchronizes many collect rings as I want? I mean, I've never synchronized thousand collections, ai...

ken synchronize multiple collections and aiken synchronize the photos in multiple collections as well so I could have, you know, this little angels shoot, I can have that synchronized to it, and then I could have another one called favorite children's photos, and I could synchronise that one and singer has the same photo in it to a different one. In fact I could make a virtual copy of that one so that I have two different versions of the same image in two different collections and both um when synchronized over to my mobile devices so you have infinite possibilities when it comes to collections and what you can synchronize and what gets crossed yeah if you're using the synchronizing on your own devices and you have an assistant who say out of state and you do a photo shoot you have the the actual files, the actual memory cards and everything yourself can you synchronize with someone else's computer or their device let them do the hashing out of you know weeding out the photos and everything is send you back what they worked on in light room so that you can process the images later that evening the limitation is that it's this catalog is what's sinking and so if I have this catalog my catalog on my computer sinking and you have catalog in your computer you can't see because that's a different catalog and so if you synchronize that mine will have to turn off and would that be ok? Something is possible though if we both shared the same catalog if you show the same catalog it's the same catalog so if you took if I if I if I close this down and sent you the catalogue and you opened it up it would synchronize to these things because it's the same catalog okay, so absolutely you could do that but if you had two different catalogs on two different computers and you're trying to do that then you'd run into problems because they're different catalogs even though they were copied now they're different sues you duplicate a catalog it's a copy and now it's a new catalog some make sense yeah that so I'd have to actually be the catalog so you can't I can't do it from here and then you do it from there you'd have to send it to you you work on it you send it back to me but catalogs are small you can zip them up if you zip a catalog up and you email it to each other it's like less than a megabyte okay if you zip the catalog up and send it now because I think I've seen people kind of trying to have understand that as well I could I use lightly mobile tio be sinking between a desktop at work and a another desktop at home or you know different computer at home the you know in the office so that's kind of a different use case you're not just that would be that would be called light room mobile that would be called light room sitting on your desk with a cloud connection which we all hope will come yes but right now, light room mobil's purposes not to synchronize to computers to synchronize a computer with various devices. That's the point of great thank you so light room mobile is kind of taking away that you don't need to take a laptop with you everywhere you go, you need you can take your device with you. Is that correct? That's exactly what's going on, okay, so my my purpose in having light ra mobile is so that I can go to a baseball game and accomplish work while I'm at the baseball game without pulling out a laptop in looking like a complete fool because you're not watching. I kind of looked like it's cool because I'm not watching the game, but at least you know, I'm I look like I'm looking at, you know, you know, I look like I'm a sports fanatic looking at my stats or whatever, but really I'm actually doing my work, so you know, father of the year there during their son space looking, I was wondering on the image that you fixed before the leaf one where you carried over, you know, you went to the previous sets, right? So that image did it probably go on its own, you know, you forced to this one to go to the cloud, they will go on their own on a minute by minute basis okay, so once light room mobile thinks you're done with that image, it will start sending the data but the reason it didn't go on this image that I was working on is because I was still sitting there and so it's like while he's still thinking about the image so there's no point in sending it because then I'll have to send it twice so it's trying to intelligently decide when to send stuff and it's going to wait until I'm done by forcing it that means I'm done even though I'm still on this photo don't worry about you know waiting send it now so yeah ok so that is there a way maybe not in this but does it is there does away exist that would let you sync to separate computers? Well, there are plenty of options to do that like for instance, you could use dropbox as an option for that you could use lighter mobile doesn't have army light room itself can't can't be done on a network situation the photos can be networked so you can put the photos on a network and as long as the the light room catalog is sitting on your computer itself it can then look at stuff on a network and so a lot of people use dropbox they'll put their catalog in dropbox and so then multiple computers air getting that same catalog and so they'll open up that catalog and then they'll go over to the other shut that down go to the next computer, open it up and they've got the same catalog but but but you have to be careful you have to be careful because you can't be opening them bowl from two different computers at the same time you probably introduced problems s o the best way to do it is to there's a pause button on dropbox pause dropbox so if I'm opening it up I will pause my dropbox then open up the catalog and work on it close it a npas dropbox and now it's going to sink, rise all the changes and send them over to the other computers and then when you go to the other computers pause dropbox, open it up so you have to have like a checkout system everybody has to be on the r there on or not to open up the same catalogue at same time because then you could be like, screw something up yeah, it break it out right? And you know another thing by the way, this isn't a quick books class, but if you're doing quickbooks, I do cookbooks on dropbox so so that no matter what computer I'm on, I could open up my quick profile you have to pause dropbox because what'll happen is they'll start synchronizing your financial data while you're working on it and it will totally mess it up so you have to pause dropbox before you open up that quick books and then you a npas it when you're finished so yeah when you made it black and white on your ipad and then opened it on your computer do you have the ability to undo what you did on your ipad once you're looking at on your computer or is that kind of a knife? I go right back here and say I don't like any of this I'm going to go back to going to reset the photo so whatever so I'm gonna reset all what's that oh well so I just reset it on my ipad and so now it's going to change it here in a minute we'll so usually takes a few seconds to come across but it's going to change it here and it's going to change it here it just needs toe you know oh that's because I had to force it it still thinks I'm thinking so so we have the phone up here now I just forced the change and so now that change is going to occur here to this photo here in a second we'll get that information change down here and then we'll change over here is well so and it kind of depends on the speed of your connection as to how quickly it changes but usually so you can only that the whole photo you can't just take out like certain steps now I could undo step by step. Okay, see, that's change back if I just undo did one step, it would just go back one step, which I think we're the last step we did was contrast. So what? Undid the contrast, which would not have been very dramatic for me to show you the change of that too color. So that's, why did undo all, um, ok, so now is a very pretty comfortable with, uh, adjusting photos and I mean it's pretty simple, right? It's just slide things back and forth. I don't need to go into any more detail on that. Is that correct? Please say no. Okay, all right. So I'm gonna go back to my ipad because I like working on the ipad. Better, more information little nice to look at and I want to show you looking at the photos in the grid. So when I when I go back here and I look at the photos in the grid, you can see that I've got information here. So the information that showing currently is f or one four hundredth of a second, I also four hundred so it's showing, you know, the data on the photo, if I again, two fingers to finger click. It changes that information and shows the size of the photo. The data, the photo, the time of the photo, the name of the photo, click it again, and then it hides all the info. Cook it again, and it tells me what the stars and the the flags are. And it will also show me if it's been adjusted, so you can see right. You know, right under there, there's, like a little plus minus thing.

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You don’t have to be tied to your computer to make great images. The Adobe Lightroom mobile app gives you the tools to edit images no matter where you are.

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