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Understanding the Connection From Mobile Devices to LR Hub

If I were to remove a photo from a collection on you're on the phone on the phone on the device that's in another continent collection it will only remove it from the collection you removed it from. It will stay in the other collection because it's that's a different reference always think of it is this it's not the adjustments that you make on a photo travel with the photo in every instance the photo is referenced, so if I change him here on this computer and its reference in three different collections on my mobile device, they will change in all three of them. So change is that you make to the photo get broadcast everywhere because it's the photo right? We've changed the photo unless it's a virtual copy then that means it's separated right? But deleting a photo or deleting a collection does not translate into removing it from other collections or other places because those are different instances which you referenced them and so deleting a photo from the little angels collection if ...

it happens to be in three other collections will not remove it from those collections, nor does it remove it from the desktop itself, so the desktop itself has a collection. If I remove it from this collection here it will it won't remove her from here, however remember the the laptop is considered the the truth so the laptop is everything and so if I delete something here it will remove it here so this is kind of like the mother ship right there, huh? This is it so everything is dependent on what you do here if you do anything here, it will happen here if you do stuff here it just images it will happen here delete images won't happen here. Yeah it's really kind of getting mad mental picture in your mind that like that's the hub of the wheel and then it's just little connections and stories you're telling these other places right it's not like the actual a duplicate of the whole thing right? And so it's just keeping those connections that folks in my view just remember that everything is always secure here like what you got to think of as they this is a protected this is a safe place this's your happy place safe here nothing with a league from here when you're out here messing the crazy world out there is a world out here you're doing stuff watching baseball games and whatever and you click on this and do something accidentally this is your safe place you can always go back here and re connected. Yeah, yeah great because let's do some rapid fire questions, how about that? Okay, rob farc really quickly you're getting a compact rob version that you're working on so then when it goes, I know that you said it just copies those actions on to your raw file or whatever you have on the desktop so there's no quality loss it's a good it's a good question you have the original raw here so there's no quality loss when you export from here because it's perfect right when it goes here it's a small wrong and you're going to an actual in actuality this one here if we go to my ipad this uh this abc senior portrait here, that one I've actually brought all the small ross to here and that's why you see that it says it's got that little arrow with the closed circuit, right? So that means that I could turn off the the wife I hear and I could still be editing these photos, but if I tried to do it on this set here and I turned off the wife, I I couldn't do it because I couldn't adjusting. I still look at him, but I can't adjust them because there's no connection to the raw so the rot and this set is up in the cloud. The raw on this set here is here on the device and it will work on this and then send the changes to the cloud the cloud will send him back here so the small raw is a really excellent copy it is raw data it's very good it's compressed a little bit but it's really, really good I can print a five by seven from a small raw without any problems and it looked just a nice is the original raw it looks really good um there is a little quality loss because it is a compressed draw it's not the original rob but it's still wrong and so it's still got a lot of data and but it's just compressed, so you're not going to lose a lot, especially if you're going to mobile devices you're going to the web or what? You'll never know the difference, but because you've changed it here and the settings here have adjusted the raw and it sent that up to the cloud and the cloud is sent back here, all that's happened is that it changed the slider from, you know, fifteen to twenty and it changed this slider from fifteen to twenty so the same adjustment has done to this raw, which is the full raw, which is absolutely pristine. And if you send everything out from your computer for print and for, you know, books and stuff like that, then you're going to find here and so like for instance, we're going to do books tomorrow and so if I make a book from here but I've done all the adjustments here the quality coming from here to go to blurb is going to be amazing because it's the original rock even though I did the adjustments here while it was a baseball game and other kids were playing can a photo taken with the ipad go directly into light mobile and be enhanced or does it have to go to the full light room on the computer first? No, I can't take this photo that I've well let's go let's go we're already on the ipad so we can take this photo where's my scouting there we are going to my scouting go down to this photo of that's before we started go to this photo and I can adjust it I'm going to just go into my presets and I'm going to go to black and white and I'm going to give it seventy five contrast that I'm going to go to the adjustments and I'm going to bring up the exposure they're so now I have the photo exactly the way I want it it is on its way well, it's not on its way yet because I have to force the sink because I haven't left yet so now it knows that I'm done with its forcing the sink and now it's going to be changed on my laptop it's going to be changed on my phone and wherever I can share from those places to twitter to whatever or aiken print it from my laptop here on dso there's the I do whatever I want and I can share it to my photo application here on any of my mobil's as well so then it could be utilized by anything on the phone because it's in the it's in the mobile phones photo application doesn't answer the question ok? And one more question then we'll go to your question because you just started talking about presets on there a couple of questions on preset is our way to import your presets to your mobile device and will not be nice yeah, well your presets follow light room uh so how does that work at the moment? No, I wish I wish I wish that would be wonderful and let's hope that that happens in the future as light room advance this is this is light room ones of light remote one and so hopefully in the future we'll see that happen but you know that's just a wish right now that's I have the same hope and dreams for the future but is there I thought somebody talking about this online can you when you're using my ra mobile sink the sink, the edits from one to another so somebody mentioned something about taking a photo from your computer over to light remote out, light one mobile on and then somehow like using those elements that were just in from a preset to copy them over to another image yeah yeah that zone around yeah that's an interesting work around so I could let's let's play with that right now because I think that's fantastic work around if I was inside of my scouting which is where we are and I am going to scroll over to the photo that we just did so there we are so now I'm in the photo that we just you know played with and if I'm going to go into my develop module and let's say that I did several things let's let's first add a preset here so I'm going to go to you know, one of my more favorite presets and I'm going to do black and white with clarity which is a little poppier and then I'm also going to do eh oh it's in the second one here I'm going to do kind of thin uh like an older school type of uh photos so I'm going to do thin negative with selenium toner so that's that's what I've given this this item here okay so now if you if you look it's synchronizing the photo you see that so now once it's synchronized we'll go back to this and a little bit we should see those changes come back here because it's just sliders and positions so we're just waiting for those so everything's coming in but we sometimes sometimes it's it's better to go out of the photo and then a lot of times then that will kind of help force the sink coming back down this way. So I go back to scouting, and I probably should have chosen a non black and white so that we could see it really change, but we're just waiting for those changes to come in, did it so yeah, it's there because my grain structure is there now. So then, if I said ok, I really like this photo I'm going to go to, you know, this photo here that I took yesterday or the day before while it was quiet in here on dso, I can just go to my changes here and go all the way over here and say everything from previous everything on there we go, grain structures and everything so absolutely you could do that work around where you say, ok, I'm going to make presets by making photos and have them in, you know, this great you could do that, but that's a really long work around, because if you have access to your computer and this, just go to your computer and do the work like those, but if you were had a couple in there and you put them in every single collection right then you could say ok, I'll steal from that put it on that still that was I just want to give a shout out to tom fogarty who give us that tip so it was time that's a that's an excellent work around but it's a very slow work around like it's one of those things where you're like I don't know that's just a lot of effort I'll just do it here but let's hope that in the future we are able to just take our presets and put him in there yeah really quickly on that though you said it would have to be in the same collection yeah because you could you wouldn't be able to go count of that collection and go to another one and so you would want to have let's say you have five presets that you had to have that didn't have you know there weren't here you would put all five of those in every single collection always and then the rest of it would be you know, just one other thing that I wanted to show that I think really important is the idea of of finding auto finding images and then putting him into your laptop I mean into your mobile and so if you look at my collections here you're going to notice that I've got some auto collections so right here I have these mobile review and I have one collection it auto collects it's just it's just smart collection and that's smart collection draws in a whole bunch of photos based on criteria but unfortunately you can't synchronise a smart collection with light ra mobile if you noticed that there's no option for it here. So what you have to do is create another collection right below it and you could just click on this collection, highlight all the images and drag him in here and then there'd be available. So that's it that's kind of a work around but there's actually a person named rob coal and its eight rob cole dot com who have figured out how to take a smart collection and as you put stuff in it, it looks at that every minute or ten seconds or whatever you tell it to and it looks at the smart collection and then it makes another copy right below it with all the stuff in it but it's all right it's called a regular collection and then you can synchronize this. So this is this is a copy that automatically happens based on what's inside of this one it gets copied to this one and this one can be sink and so just go to rob cole dot com and look for that option for synchronizing with a smart collection and it does a whole bunch of other stuff too but that's the most useful thing that that plugin does so plug ins are great because things that light room hasn't included plug ins have included. And so kudos to rob cold, figuring that out, because that's really cool, because now auto collects and then it auto sends it to that one, and then auto sends it over to there. So now, any time I have stuff I want auto review, all I have to do is hit the blue label. Um, and the blue label tells I'm sorry. The green label tells me it's a go for sending over to here. So anytime I add green it's on my on my mobile device.

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You don’t have to be tied to your computer to make great images. The Adobe Lightroom mobile app gives you the tools to edit images no matter where you are.

Photographer Jared Platt will demonstrate the retouching power of Lightroom on mobile devices and teach you how to take full advantage of it. You’ll learn navigation tips and editing shortcuts that will help you enhance your photos – all while staying organized across every device.

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