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Master Your People Skills

Lesson 30 of 31

Create an Action Plan for an Unforgettable Life


Master Your People Skills

Lesson 30 of 31

Create an Action Plan for an Unforgettable Life


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Create an Action Plan for an Unforgettable Life

(audience applauding) Woo! (laughing) We made it to day 30 and I'm really excited about this day 'cause it's wrapping everything that we've done up. This is Day 30, Your People Plan. I have three goals today. I want to put all your skills together, everything we've done over the last 30 days. I want to give you an action plan that you can do after this course is over, and I want to show you how to live an unforgettable life because having fulfilling and deep relationships, looking forward to your interactions, that's what being unforgettable is all about. But of course, I have warm-up to get our juices flowing and this time I want to ask you the question, what is the one thing you could start doing right now that would make the biggest impact in your life? I taught a lot of things over these 30 days and I know you're like, wah, where do I start? I only want you to think of the one thing. I love your hand just popped up, tell me. Better listener. Better listening, number six, day six,...

the art of listening and the RUC technique. Yeah, what's the one thing, yeah? The better questions has just blown my mind because just that alone can draw so much information out of people and from that you can learn more, but just to like, get through the short, you know-- Social scripts. Yes and like, to learn more and have more interesting conversation. Fabulous, Lacey, you had your hand up. Yeah, the listening piece for me, as well, because I tend to get in my head so much that I miss out on opportunities, so listening and then building on that, and asking the questions, and forming the relationship, and having the confidence to actually do all of that. So at home I want you to start thinking about what is your one thing you want to start doing because that's your starting place, that's your starting place for the next 30 days. Yeah, Terry? Just introduced myself, be the first one to do that, 'cause that starts the whole process and that's something that I rarely do. Yeah absolutely and people want to meet you, they want to meet you. Now the next question may be a little harder. What's the one thing that you could stop doing right now that would make the biggest impact in your life? So not just starting, but is there something you need to stop doing, a behavior that's been limiting you. Yeah? Worry what people think about me. Right, because that at the very most could be .02% of thoughts, absolutely. What else could you stop doing, yeah? Stop being afraid of the awkward silence. So that means embracing the awkward silence, but stop talking too much. Are you going to do a vow of silence, are you thinking about it, you want to do one with me? I should, yes. We should do one together. Yeah, I'd love that. I would love to do that, 'cause I have embraced the awkward pause and (exhales) it's a relief, huge relief. So, with these things, the start and the stop, is exactly what I want you to do next to put your people encyclopedia into action. As you know I built this course as an encyclopedia, a reference guide, where right now you might be taking a course for business, in a few months it might for social, a few months after that it might be for romance, and you can pull this out and use any of the segments whenever you want. Quick review of what we've learned. In Part One, we did people intelligence, out innate talents. We learned how to detox and clear the way, set boundaries and say no, we talked about harnessing your charisma, captivating your audience and creating spark to make good first impression as your initial hook on the path to connection. We talked about the art of conversation, or the art of listening, and you learned how to surprise people. What was your favorite day? Do you have a favorite day in here? Anyone have a favorite they were like, yes, that's the one I want to go back and watch, yeah? Number one. Number one, really? You like the intelligence day, why? It's a pattern, I love patterns. Okay. Because your intelligence is. Intelligence, logic, math. Exactly, I love it. Part Two, we talked about how to be memorable. How to be the highlight as the next aspect on the path to interaction, how to light up a room, how to captivate a room. Then we learned how to speed read people with a personality matrix, optimizing interactions and how to speed read people, the science and art of honing your first impression. Then we talked about conquering your fears, a, whew, that was a nerveracking day but a good one, and the half-time pep talk, our check-in. So, does anyone have a favorite on Part Two? Yeah? I loved the Be the Highlight, I don't think I do it enough and yeah, that's a part I'd probably watch again. Yeah, Jason? Definitely Conquer Your Fears. Conquer your fears. Yeah. That was a big day, that was a rough day. Yeah, yeah, I found out that I was afraid of something I didn't really realize before. Mm-hm, that's a good one. In Part Three we talked about creating value, people hacks, the Wow formula and the psychology of attraction before going into love. Creating value was how we tap into someone's real inner core about what motivates them. People hacks and the Wow formula will put everything together, really tactical strategies you can use when you meet people. Psychology of attraction, building connection, and finding love were our love days, and we learned that wasn't all about romance, that was also about attraction in business relationships, building connection with friendships, and honoring, loving and appreciating our clients, and our partners. Then we talked about successful communication, both in business and love life and the formula for what to say to get your way. So, were there any favorites in Part Three? Any big favorites, yeah? I think the Finding Value is something that I used to be pretty good at, but I have lost that, so bringing that back into my life will be-- A reminder. Yeah. I love it. Any other favorites days, yeah Van? I think building a connection because it made me realize that I need to be more vocal and outspoken about how I actually feel about people, until they can really truly understand, you know, the kind of relationship I want to have with them. Yeah and that meets your needs and they're able to fill your needs, which is a wonderful gift. Part Four, we talked about business, we talked about building your brand personality, how to inspire and the science of leadership, using the six flexible inspiration styles to become a leader and build your tribe. We talked about human vampires, the difficult people of the world and what to do about them, and what the underlying fears are. We talked about persuasion and supercharging your sales to make sure that you are motivating people in a way that they can hear you. 28 we talked about digital people skills, phone and online communication, social media, and in day 29 we learned about the Awesome Club, how to build our support team, how to ask for help and how to get accountability on our goals. This is how we live an unforgettable life. You are the program director of your life. When you know your goals, when you put your skills into action, and when you live purposely. You can decide how you want to live. I think this is about living regret free. Regret is a big one, I think a lot about regret, I think a lot about will I miss out if I make a certain decision, will I miss out if I don't make a certain decision, and so I went looking in the research for regret, and Thomas Gilovich, also has spent a lot of time thinking and researching about regret at Cornell University and he asks people what is your biggest regret? Now I was going to ask you this question before this slide, but I thought that was a really hard question, so I pose it to you so you can think about what your biggest regret is and I wanted to share some science that might motivate your thoughts and your actions around regret. Thomas Gilovich studied the answers of what is your biggest regret. He found patterns. He found that 75% of people regret not doing something. Only 25% of people regret doing something they did. Which means that most of the time we should just try it. We should do it because we often regret if we didn't just try it once and that most of those regrets were about not taking action with people and relationships. Most of the time it was I didn't ask that girl out, I didn't tell that person I loved him, I didn't build that friendship. People and relationships is how we live a regret free life. So I want to put this into action and talk about your monthly action plan. Every month, beginning of the month, I sit down with this worksheet. The monthly action plan. I put the date, my personal mission right up top, you all have this in your four purchase bonuses. And then I think about my monthly goals, so I want us turn to that page in our workbook, should be in the very back. I hope I can encourage you that every month you'll do this or at least with your Awesome Club, you could sit down and do this together. Every month I want you to do the 3x3x3, which is what are my three main goals this month? What are the three skills that will help you achieve them and if you want you can use your skills worksheet, where I broke down every day and all the skills that you learned from that day, and what are the three action steps I need to do to hit them? Here's an example. So, this was mine for a few months ago and I save them, by the way, and at the end of the year I look at all of my goal sheets and I see what I did that year. It's a really cool check-in, actually, on the first of the year to do. So here was one of mine. One of my goals was to get at least 10 leads from a conference I had coming up. I knew that I wanted to really hone Number 11, Surprise People, I wanted to bring a cool new business card. I wanted to be a highlight, I wanted to go into the conference with the offer mentality, and I wanted to Number 30, use digital people skills, so I wanted to follow up on social media, I wanted to cold contact on LinkedIn before I got to the conference, I wanted to make sure that my emails were really, really strong, with good priming. My action steps were to order new business cards, practice low-pressure with friends on being a highlight, and re-write my online profiles with confidence. So I used the actions, the skills that we learned, and put it into action steps. So I thought we might do one, right now. So I want you to turn to your partner and luckily, you know, you're already been thinking about Awesome Club, so hopefully you can take the goal that you were thinking about from Awesome Club and break it into action steps and people skills that we've learned. So I want you to turn to your partner and think about what is your one, two or three goals you have for the month, what skill could you use for that goal, and what the action step you could take for it? I feel, Lacey, you haven't been up on stage in awhile, who's your partner? Michael, come on up. Turn to your partner, at home I want you to do your entire worksheet, I want you to think about all three of your goals, the three actions steps, and three skills, use your skills worksheet to decide. Come on up. I've been hybriding partners. Yeah, I like it. The benefit of working I know, right. with multiple people. Yeah. So, goal. Monthly goal. What's your goal this month? My goal is to write and post at least 10 blog posts. Woo. Okay. That's a big one. I'm three or four in. Okay, whew. So, like ten total. Okay good. Ten total. Actual this month, as in right now? As in the next 30 days. Next 30 days, okay. Alright, great. What PQ skill do you want to use in those blog posts? This is a hard one that you don't have your skill, here I have skills worksheet in front, if you want to use it. (chattering) Here you go, if you want to use it. Oh man. What's the skill that you want to use? I want to harvest stories. Alright. I love storytelling Excellent. and I love the relationships, I know there's a relationship one in here, too. How about endeavor to discover? Yes. Yes, so endeavor to discover stories. Can I use multiple? Of course, in fact it's 3x3x3, I like using three. If you can. Right. Yet, you don't have to, but yeah. And then be relentless, be relentless and curious and be a highlighter. In your blog posts? Yes. I love it. Excellent. With the offer mentality. Right. Yeah. What action step do you need to do that? I need to write the posts. Yes. I need to collect the photos that go with the posts. Great, so you're using faces, digital people skills, okay. Oh and I need to schedule them to actually go out. Yeah. Great, wow. Those are my three. That was like boom, boom, boom. Yeah. I like it. Michael, what's your goal for the month? You want to use this to start, you can. I want to, I'm hesitant to either do, I do a customer profile, finish that up, or actually go to network events and get at least, to talk to three people who could be ideal clients for me. Both, you know, you can have three goals per month, I think that's the most you can do, so let's do both. People skills you need for that? Endeavor to discover for the people. Yep. And the same for the customer profile. Okay. Yeah. Learn as much about them as I can. Yep. How about the matrix for your ideal customer? Yeah, definitely the matrix. One more. I'm just going to go with be a ninja. Be a ninja. (laughing) That's the, you know the trick, the trick is be a ninja, is you can use any skill possible, be flexible. Be flexible. Know what happens in the moment and that's the hardest one, I like it. Very, you guys are like, whoa, whoa, whoa. Very cool, thank you. Thank you. Alright, that was like, boom, boom, boom, quick. That was awesome. So the reason why this is helpful is one, it helps you keep track of your goals over a year and the second reason it helps you put what we've learned into action, to real life situations. So you're looking at what you have coming up on the calender this month, you're saying, okay what are the skills that I need to hone, which helps you move through them to get the action steps you need to do to complete them. This gives you accountability, motivation, applicability, and any time in here you can re-watch. If you're, you bring out this skill sheet, and you're like, wow, this month I have the first negotiation I've ever had, what do I need to re-watch? Ah, I should probably re-watch my persuasion section on this one before I do this negotiation. I haven't done negotiation before, so that's where you can schedule in your re-watches. One of your action steps could be to re-watch one of the segments, just as a refresher. We still have two more skills to do. So number 32 is finding compassion. Compassion, to be our best self we must harness our empathy, our integrity, our hope, and our inner growth, and there's a couple aspects to compassion. First is empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Let me go into some of the science of empathy, what it does for us and how it works. So William Ickes has researched empathy and he found that people with increased level of empathy, leads to increased success in multiple areas. First, there is a direct corelation with high empathy levels and high sales numbers. The best sales people, they can predict, see, and feel what their potential customer or client feels like. So they know how to sell to them. We talked about the pain points of persuasion, what are you customer's pain, that is actually a secret empathy exercise. That is me, just trying to get you to think about what do they worry about, feel as them, because that's how you sell to them. They are the most effective teachers and the most impactful therapists because they understand how they can speak to people in an inspiring way, especially the feeling, inspiration style to tap into what they're feeling inside. This comes naturally to us. We don't often need to worry about harness your empathy, we already have this inside of us. For example, when babies hear another baby crying, they become distressed and cry too. Even if nothing's wrong, nurses know this in prenatal wards, oh my goodness, do they know this. Toddlers actively try to calm a fellow upset toddler with offerings of toys, hugs, and baby talk. We already know how to do this from a very young age, we just have to be okay with it, be safe enough to make space for other people's hurt. Receiving an electrical shock is exactly the same as watching someone else receive electrical shock in the brain. We feel it the exact same way. We already have those neuro neurons. The second aspect of compassion is integrity, being consistent with actions, values, words, and morals. Integrity is a big word, it's something that I would like to have more of. I don't quite know how to do it, actually, and part of building this course has been experiencing integrity on a daily basis. For me, integrity is about being honest, being authentic, even if it's hard, and aligning my actions with my words. On a day to day basis, that means keeping my commitments and respecting people's time and needs. For me, integrity is about reading someone's matrix, understanding their value language, and then respecting it. That is what integrity is for me. But I want to ask, what does integrity mean to you, because it's a big, big concept. So when you think of having high integrity what do you think of? What does that mean for you with in life or day to day. Yeah? Similar to what you just said, being your word. Embodying what you say, practicing what you teach, yeah? Yeah, having consistency among not only actions, words, but also thoughts because sometimes you think one thing but then you cover it up in a very different way or in a very polite way, so trying to be as true to that as possible. I want to borrow that. Can I add thoughts too. I want to add thought too. Yeah, of course. I like it, yeah. Anyone else on integrity, what does high integrity mean to you? Yeah? Well all of the things that have been said, but what I notice for me is it means that I have to say no to more things because if I say yes to too many then I can't do them all well, and then I got out of integrity and it doesn't feel good. Be an essentialist. Hm-mm. Having high integrity is knowing you have to make space for what's precious to you. Day two in Detox, that's a great aspect of integrity. So the third aspect of compassion is sharing. I also like to call this teaching and what I mean by that is spreading knowledge, love, and wealth to your fellow humans makes both you and them better off, and I love this quote by Seneca who is, I mean, Seneca's writings are fantastic, he's a Roman philosopher and he said, "While we teach, we learn." So even while I teach this course, I have been learning from you. I go home every night and I write down all of your answers. There's been a couple times where your answers have surprised me and I'm like, I need to change this lesson. I need to change, I need to add to, you guys make me level up, you make me step up in major way. This is also backed up in science, it's called the protege effect. So the protege effect, Sandra Okita does a lot of research on the protege effect, and here's what it says. That teaching increases our retention. Teaching helps us apply concepts, especially for a kinesthetic learner. Teaching exponentially increases worth. So you can take a fact that stands by itself, but the more you teaching it, and they teach it, and they teach it, and they embody it, its power and its worth is exponential because you see it embodied in so many different people. So here is my challenge for you. I want you to share the knowledge in this course. Share your favorite people fact. If there was a study that like astounded you, go tell people, share it. Turn our stories, turn my stories, into your stories, make them your own and go share them, and tell them, and harvest opening with them. And I want you to become an influencer. This course, I hoped, empowered you to get out there and make an impact, and that is the best way that you can share. The fifth one is hope. So this is my people skill number 33. Growth and hope, as we grow our skills, talents, and relationships get better and better. So, the science of hope and growth, if you'll forgive me, a few more scientific studies for you. Neural pathways, as we know, they increase with each use. So every time we try something it's going to get easier and easier. That the growth mentality, knowing that we can change the talents we've been giving, makes us happier and more satisfied. And we never stop growing, ever, doesn't matter how old you are, doesn't matter how smart you are, you can always keep improving that. They studied leaders across all fields, Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, and they found that there was only one common trait of leaders across all fields, and it was that all of them were learners. Leaders have the growth mentality, they know that they can get better and better. And the fifth one is gratitude, being thankful and ready to show appreciation for any kindness you receive. And of course, I have some science of gratitude for you. Dr. Robert Emmons found that people with higher levels of gratitude have higher levels of life satisfaction and happiness. People with higher levels of gratitude have lower levels of depression, stress, and loneliness, and they're rated as more generous and less materialistic. So, I want to know right now, what are you grateful for? On Twitter tell me, I am grateful for, and I want you to do this whenever you feel like you're in the mood. You're like, I want to tell Vanessa what I'm grateful for, hashtag me this, 'cause it reminds me, it's my accountability ask, I need to be reminded how grateful I am, as well. So I want to hear right now, what are you grateful for, yeah Maggy? You, this course. This week has been transformative, incredible. Thank you. What are you grateful for, yeah? I'm grateful for this course and I'm grateful because I had sort of a lowness, about four years go, and I really worked back up to being my best self but something's been missing, and this course has really has reminded me, that it's, like, my people skills and my interaction, and my connection with people, and you've given me the tools to get that back and you've helped me boldify my life, and I will be forever grateful for that. So thank you. (laughing) Someone else, yeah? I'm grateful for all of our audience, the connections, the heart, it's not always like that. I'm super grateful for you. So yeah, I'm really grateful for everybody here. Someone else, while I recover, yes? (laughing) I'm grateful for everything, my daughter, husband, the audience here, the class, CreativeLive, but yeah, it's been wonderful, so far. Yeah, yeah? Yeah, I just want to say I'm grateful for this class, for the audience, it feels like everyone's so supportive of everyone, everyone's willing to help each other out, it's basically we created, like, a family in here-- It does feel like that. It feels so great It's like good morning. being in this environment and learning such great skills that's going to help us through, no matter, throughout just everything, help us with everything in life. Yeah? I'm grateful for, first of all for you being here, and secondly for CreativeLive for selecting me for being here, and as well, all the awesome audiences here, and as well as the yummy food they feed us there. Oh my gosh, it's really good, it's true. Well I think it's my turn, so I am so grateful for CreativeLive. I mean, you guys do so much, you make it so easy to come in here and teach. I'm like, speaking out to all of you behind the walls, especially all of you who did my personality test. You took personality tests, intelligence tests, you let me poke and prod you, you got on camera and answered these super vulnerable questions. I am so grateful to you, my lovely audience and I actually, I have some special thank yous to give out to you. I have written, last night, and over lunch today, I was thinking about all the things I'm really, just, honored to have you here, and specific things that I want to say to you. So, Ariana, will you come up? Will you join me really quickly? So, I wanted to say to you, specifically, that I am grateful that you have so many talents and you're always endeavoring to find the best way to share them. I think that you, I urge you to harness all of your intelligences, and keep looking for ways to share that brilliance with the world. Thank you. Thank you, can I get a hug? Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. (audience applauding) Joshua, you're up next. So Joshua, I am grateful for and I want to honor you, for having the courage and kindness to build your foundation. I mean, you're here, you're at the beginning of your career and that takes amazing courage, and to always reach out whole heartedly to every single person you encounter. Joshua at the end of every day, comes and finds me, he's like, I just wanted to say goodbye, thank you, I love, every encounter, every person who's encountered you, I think can say this, you are always whole hearted and so, this is for you. Stop being so nice. (audience applauding) Leigh, come on up here. Leigh, so you level up on every single answer, every single segment, you leveled up, and in every single moment, I feel you. I don't know if you know that, but in the audience, you give me incredible nonverbal feedback, that when I'm like, am I doing this right, like are people here? You always are like. (laughing) And so, this is for leveling up. Thank you. (audience applauding) Kim. So Kim, so I had heard about Kim before she came to the course. One of my friends said hey, this girl Kim is on your audience, she's great, I love her, and she does this mindfulness training, and I went to your website, and I was thinking about this course and I was like, I have to stay super calm for this course. You know, I have to get my anxiety down, right, to make sure I'm staying really calm, and so I thought to myself, whenever I see Kim in the audience, I'm going to take a deep breathe, and so you have been a rock for me in that way. Your mindfulness has spread to me. So, I'm grateful for your mindfulness, your presence, and spreading your inner calm. You are a breathe of fresh air. Aw, thank you. (audience applauding) JKO. (audience laughing) I wasn't expecting it. Right here, right here. You're part of this team. Absolutely. No, I've learned so much. So JKO, for always steering our ship towards success and supporting our learning in every possible way. You're a ninja of learning. That's so sweet of you. Thank you so much, it's been wonderful. God bless you. (audience applauding) Lacey, come on up. So, you are like, presence, right, you are so fully present, you're so fully yourself, and you own that, and you live life to it's fullest, and I hope you will never stop doing that. (audience applauding) Ally, okay. So Ally, you have super embraced discomfort. You have owned your fears and I actually want to give you the fear hat. Awe. For owning your fears and embodying spiritual intelligence, embodying the side of you that is compassionate, and giving, and humble, for you. (audience applauding) Jason, you're up next. Come join me. So Jason, I think you're everyone's rock here. You're inner calm, you're stability, and you bring kindness to every interaction. Jason, for those of you at home, knew that we were all like, oh God, we're so sore, and he brought lacrosse balls or those stress balls, for every single person, including crew members, for us to massage ourselves, and he was showing us how to release tension, and that takes an incredible amount of kindness. This is for you. Thank you. Thank you. (audience applauding) Sachit, come on up. So, Sachit came to me the other day, and he was like, we've been together for now two courses. Yes. And you said, you know, I want to take this learning and I want to put it into action, and I want to review it, and I want to submit my case studies, of before and after coming in the audience and doing it, and so I want to salute you for taking learning beyond the classroom in every way, and being fully present plus. You do everything right and I am so proud that you're a student. Thank you. (audience applauding) Thank you. Babar. So I love that you love people. When you said that on the first day, when you said that on the first day, I was like we are going to get along great. So I honor you and I am grateful for your love of people, your love of life, and being the light of the room. Thank you. Yes. (audience applauding) Van, come on up. First all I think you have the best name ever, obviously, but I also want to say that I honor you for building the most amazing story. By taking your adventure that you're doing, traveling across the country, and by conquering the world, and for that, I actually want to give you our Beanie Baby, from the story day, because you are building your story, right now. Beanie Baby, award for you and hug. Thank you so much, thank you. (audience applauding) Terry, your turn. So Terry, I am just amazed and grateful for you coming out of your comfort zone. I know that being here as been challenge and I'm asking you to be vulnerable with me, and so I wanted to give you, as a symbolic gesture, a jump rope, and the reason for that is you jump out of your comfort zone and you are making the biggest life leap, and I am so grateful to experience it with you. (audience applauding) Michael. (giggles) So, you definitely get the award for furthest traveled, for sure. Easily. I want to thank you for showing up, taking action to fulfill your personal mission statement and I know that you have, we've been in contact, you've been amazingly supportive of my business, I want to be supportive of your business, and so, I know that you're nervous about being a body language trainer, and this is a symbolic gesture, it's a planner, monthly planner for 2015, and it's a symbolic gesture that I will help you do that, I will help you get that goal, we will fulfill that mission statement. Perfect, thank you. (audience applauding) For you. Thanks. Maggie. So Maggie, I am so, okay, (exhaling) first, this is symbolic wings because you are taking your business to the next level, sharing your talents, reaching new heights by sharing your talent with the world in a completely new way, by taking your photography and putting it in a course. Thank you. (audience applauding) Erica. Whew, these are hard. Okay Erica, yours is the shortest but it's the most the distinct, the most fabulous. I want to give you, you were being absolutely fearless, so I want to give you this stress reliever because every single answer has been conquering a fear and I think that you've inspired everyone else to be absolutely fearless. So to relieve that fear and then, the simplest and the most direct. Thank you. Thank you. (audience applauding) So, Fatima come up here, it is your turn. I want to thank you, I look forward to your answers so much. First of all you have in infectious laugh and a wonderful smile, and so, I want to honor and thank you for having an inner warmth, and I know you don't think that you have it, but you do, for a growth mentality and an infectious compassion. Thank you. Thank you so much. (audience applauding) Thank you to my audience, that staff around, I want to just call you guys out. Kate and Brian, Greg on camera, I see you, Alex, thank you. (laughs) I want to thank everyone in the booth, Ben, Daniel, Josh, Stacy, I hope I've not forget anyone. John, I make sure I mention you. You guys are like, magic, you're like magic behind the walls and I am so grateful for all of your help. So, I also want to thank my friends and family. I have been a crazy person the last three or four months writing this course, in the zone, thank you for your patience, and for you guys at home, for being here for 30 days. I know it takes a tremendous investment in time and energy, and I am so grateful for you for being here. Remember it doesn't end here. I am happy to keep supporting you on my website. I will keep posting innovative science, tips, and advice. I'll keep adding skills, the support does not end with this course. It is time for the last, what is the most important thing you learned in the last 30 days? Not just today, but what's that one thing, that was your ah-ha moment in this course? I'd love to hear from three of you, if you're willing to share, yes? The matrix, hands down, and not only just having the matrix, but learning how that applies to me and how I interact with others, and learning how other people's matrix, how I need to treat them the way they want to be, or yeah, the way they would treat themselves. So that's the core of everything for me. That these skills really are learnable, that they're just skills we can learn. I really thought that you were either born with it or you weren't and that's not the truth. Yeah, yeah? For me it's actually, like, the 30 day plan at the end. Yeah. Because we learned so much and it kind of felt a little overwhelming the last three days Yes, yes. and I flipped the page in the workbook and like, there's the 30 day plan, so you can actually learn it again and again, over time. Absolutely, thank you. Now I want to hear from you. I want to hear what was the most important thing you learned in the last 30 days, on Twitter @vvanedwards with the hashtag, people skills, and the most amazing answers over the last 30 days, you will get my free dating course and entrepreneur course. And we're looking forward to reviewing all of those and Sachit made a really good point there, there's still more details in the workbook, there's still so many wonderful things in there. So make sure you have that, it's available, it's a purchase upgrade, and that's going to be really guiding you for the next 30 days, and the next 30 days beyond that, so make sure you have that. Vanessa, this has been absolutely amazing. You've rocked CreativeLive now twice. It's been fun. So what are we doing the third time? Oh god. Go ahead, go ahead and think about that. But as Vanessa was saying, I do want to say a huge thank you to all of you. You are the reason that we're here and I want to say a wonderful thank you to our students, and you're so much better than the students we had on day one, trust me. (laughing) So why don't you all come up. Yeah, come up and join us. We'd love to have you here, for Vanessa. Could not do the course without you guys. What would you like to leave our online audience with, in just one final thought. So this has been an adventure, it's been a huge, huge adventure, and the ride keeps going with growth mentality and all of us in this course had a growth mentality that we just can keep on growing and make more changes. Come here, come closer. Well thank you to all of the CreativeLive crew, there's so many people who make all of this happen. Thank you to everybody who's worked so hard on this particular course, but of course, we want to say thank you to you, thank you to our wonderful students, but let's say a huge thank you to the amazing Vanessa Van Edwards. (audience applauding) (cheering) For this 30 day course we want to say, that's a wrap. Good bye. (audience applauding) (cheering)

Class Description

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Learn how to inspire, influence, and engage people in this life-changing program with Vanessa Van Edwards.

If you want to succeed in business, life, and love you need to master the science of interpersonal intelligence. Master Your People Skills will show you how to effectively communicate with partners, clients, and colleagues so you can flourish in all aspects of your life.

In Master Your People Skills, Vanessa will teach you the communication methods and relationship-building strategies that will transform your interactions. You will learn how to increase your likability, deal with difficult people, be a master conversationalist, and quickly identify personality types.

This is class has 30 lessons each 45-60 minutes that are comprehensive lessons, activities, and challenges to assess and improve your people skills.

You’ll also develop techniques for overcoming awkward interactions, avoiding toxic people, and building rewarding relationships. Not only will Vanessa show you how to be proud of your in-person interactions, but you will also learn how to communicate more effectively online — via email, text, and social media.

Here’s how Vanessa will help you increase your impact:

  • You will be able to command respect and supercharge your first impression.
  • You will know exactly how to win more deals and attract more clients.By the end of week three you will have learned the art of speed-reading people.
  • You will have mastered your presence to be more persuasive, likable and influential.

Vanessa transformed lives in her previous CreativeLive class, The Power of Body Language. In Master Your People Skills, Vanessa will go beyond non-verbal communication, showing you how to boost your emotional and social intelligence.  



This is the best course I have ever taken on anything, anywhere, ever. As an adult with Asperger’s, I have been studying social skills and nonverbal communication for a long time. All the books I’ve read and other courses like these I’ve watched prior to this one, didn’t even teach me half of what Vanessa has taught me in this course. Master Your People Skills has provided me with literally everything I have ever wanted to learn from inner confidence, charisma, making conversation, making a great first impression, being memorable, etc. Vanessa is such a charismatic, passionate, and knowledgable mentor, who has a real gift of taking her many years of research and hard work, and teaching it in a way that is easy and fun to learn. This course is the real deal, you will be a master after you are finished with it, and I would recommend it to anyone.


I have just finished day 13 and so far the course has been amazing every single day. Vanessa is a great teacher and I love how her work is down-to-earth, practical, very applicable and rooted in scientific research. It's not the usual "ra ra ra, I can turn you into a master people schmoozer-type courses" found elsewhere. Anyone that wants to improve themselves and have better relationships in all aspects of their lives, both professional and personal, should get this course. There is so much quality material in this course, I look forward to going over the videos and the workbook more than once in order to improve my own people skills. The course is worth every penny and much more! Thank you Vanessa!