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Shooting and Selling Hybrid Photography


Shooting and Selling Hybrid Photography


Class Description

Sound and motion transform a still image into a dynamic, moving experience. Event and portrait photography have more impact when enriched with sound and motion — and it's remarkably easy to apply both effects with the use of today's camera and software technology. Join Will Crockett and CreativeLive for an introduction to shooting and selling hybrid photography.

This comprehensive course will give you all the tools you need to blend photo, video, and audio into a single file that can be viewed on any screen. You’ll learn about the basics principles of audio and video production and build strategies for incorporating them into your still photography workflow. You’ll also learn about how to choose the right gear or repurpose still photography gear you already have and purchasing the right — all while lowering production costs to keep your profit margin high. Will will share his post-production secrets for creating a higher quality project in less time. Will will also cover how to leverage your newly developed skills to build a new client base and how to sell hybrid services to your existing customers.

If you’re ready to attract new clients and build your studio’s profits while taking your work to the next creative level, this is the course for you.