Wedding Photography Weekend

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Client Questionnaire


Wedding Photography Weekend

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Client Questionnaire


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Client Questionnaire

I think the biggest frustration as a wedding photographer is probably getting gypped when it comes to the photos like in a not correct I think we all have stories and the problem is so you're doing the writing group photos after the ceremony we had a class as an example we had a client one time back when we first started out that was like hey right after the ceremony we have like I don't know eight or nine minutes so can we do all of our portrait ce ah big group shot of fifty people on the stairs of the church and family photos and that kind of less went on and we were just like and this was like right before the wedding and they were telling telling us and by the way you have less than ten minutes to do all this and we're just going why have we not figured out how to make this not happen yeah and we did it like we snapped a few photos in them we shot the family really fast like gangbusters and we gathered fifty people on the steps of the church and photograph them and it was a disaste...

r right matt it was going we wanted out thes thirty minutes to take some beautiful pictures the bride and groom but they just didn't think it would take that long because they're not for doctors you know they sit around and go oh snap a photo of themselves that's what they think photography is so this stuff helps us get that amazing time to shoot all the pictures that you've seen from us yeah instead of them dictating the day to us we tell them what we need and then it's just happier all around I mean and sometimes we've gotten so fresh we were like oh my gosh they only give us ten minutes for photos and it's like why would they think any differently this is the first time they got married they wouldn't know so I'm like okay this is a learning experience we need to do a better job on the front and fearing things out so we send them this client questioner the main purpose of this client questionnaire is to put together the wedding day timeline but at the same time we also gleam or information so we can market and do some other fun stuff as well so this is the question near that we mentioned that you get you could get us a free download as soon as you send it for a newsletter so if you haven't done that you could do it now and then just follow along so you have to be typing or writing and having your fingers fall off you know that photographers that zach and jodi dot com so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna highlight the main questions why we have them in there and how we utilize them so the first thing we do is we ask them for the preparation locations in the address oftentimes will tell it to us on our phone and all the information is everywhere and then I'm also in map quest mapping out okay how far is it from the preparation to here from here to here and that takes my time right zac and I about simple or about systems of things that happened fast and we don't have to think you know too much about it so I asked them not only were their locations are where they're getting ready I asked them where this ceremony and the reception is a swell and then I have them give me the address as well as the drive times from in between so all that information I call it all that information we collect right there get the address as well as the drive times and then I also get any church and restriction guidelines at that point as well just so we can know going in okay we're not gonna be able to shoot any voters in the ceremony at all or we're stuffed to the balcony excuse me so then also we at when the ceremony is starting and when it's ending often times by three months out they have this nailed down and solidified so we get it when it's starting and we ask approximately how long it's going to take because we need to know how much time we have after that for photos up until when they need to be at the reception so we also ask them when would you like to be ready at the reception to be announced into your ceremony and then the next thing is we ask them if they're planning on doing a first look so we say do you guys want to see each other beforehand or after and we get that information from them and then we also educate them on family photos so how do you guys like dread the family photos I feel it's the worst part of the day because I think okay what drives me crazy it's like you get the bride and the brides like okay I want a photo with my immediate family my extended family then I want my groom in the photo with my immediate family in my extended family and it's like you're together now would you ever print the photo like with him not in it like a part of it now without the groom but that's they go to the knot dot com and where they're getting their information from their getting the information from outside sources that I don't know what they're talking about um and so it's art so what we do how we keep the family photos to a minimum as we give them suggested shots that they need so we give them one two three four five five it's like we say here is what you should do take these five pictures that covers everyone only if you happen to have some more pictures so we say check what photos you want so you have unlisted bridegroom with bride's parents writing her with immediate family bride and groom with a bride and groom's immediate families bride and groom with grimace trans bride and groom with comes immediate family that's it and so they just check every single when they want and then we have another thing for them and we actually got this idea from jeff and aaron younger and and I love it and it says if you want any additional family photos please list them here and a lot two minutes for each extra photo or you can exaggerate it and be like three or four if they put twenty photos down they realise that's contempt forty minutes for twenty pictures holy cow I better near this way down so we're here sitting here going yes you know we have show upto weddings and we'll shoot six shots of the family were seven five and we're like it takes us fifteen minutes you know cause wrangling families like possible now that we always do it immediately following the ceremony because everybody is there and we got knocked out ce profess and if the bride and groom's each other beforehand and their family's going to be ready then we'll often do the family photos of the very last before the ceremony's about again so it just depends on the couple but you know we set that time in there and we nail him out so what I also asked for the next one is we asked for any special family situations you know you can get yourself in a really awkward positions when you put like the mom and the dad up together and they're like hey we're divorced we were like you're grabbing the wrong mom wrong dad it's like step mom and you're calling her mom and it's like you didn't realize that my step mom and the real mom and so man yeah so I asked other any special family situations that need we need to be aware about divorces deaths and sometimes some some weddings happen and there's some serious families situations and dad's not even at the wedding so they'll put that in there I'm not sure if my dad will be attending and then we know not to go where's your dad and she starts crying I walter and she just got married and you're like oh I should have known that so jody has that you know written down in front of her yes and then also I asked for the names of the immediate family so I have them list out mom is sarah dad is john siblings or bubble block and the reason I get this is after I collect this information from the questionnaire I put it together in one document that I title shot list very appropriate and when I when we're at the wedding and I have my name's I'm saying all right we're doing sarah and john with mom and dad betty and john come on up and I have their names and oftentimes people are like you're like because when you say you're my man on tv and it's like which one the bride's aunt and there's three of them it's like the bride's aunt sarah the you know the bride's cousin bill and they immediately hear their name and I go that's me and they run up and boom we got him knocked out yes and I love it and so then I put them in an order that makes sense it's you know either start with a big family photo and pull people out for each shot and then build it back up so whatever works for any situation so how zach and I facilitate that is zack is in charge of taking photos and I'm in charge of wrangling people so I will be like all right gramajo grandpa bob john you guys are on deck you're up next chas echoes shooting the next people and then I bring the next people up and then we just make it super fast and easy so it's super helpful and that's how we're able to knock out family photos really fast and if a bride and groom have a lot of family photos sometimes that's really important to them may not be the funnest thing we do but we will get whatever they want we just want to reach out to them and ahead of time to make sure that we have enough time to do it so the bride and groom photo was charging double question right here and then a question right here and so for folks who might not have a second person there would you recommend using a family member but to be the wrangler or sometimes there's a plans leslie leaf sometimes there's a planner or like someone who likes being in charge and you can kind of grab him and say hey this is an idea I'm going to go through this list call out names you already know these people and they will help you really well we've had actually a wedding that happened before we're bringing in a qualified assistant that's gonna help you with the family photos and all they have to do is wrangle people and they can be kind of yelling at everybody not yelling but you know boston people around and then you're the nice photographer in the picture thank you another question that same things now so that was your question another friend if you do the family photos afterwards do you do it after they threw their exit yes yes we'll have them like come out everybody get together do an exit and then I'll sort of do a drive around the church come back all the families walked those everybody and everybody knows a soon as you leave come right back here for family photos in ten minutes and right on our question ariel see text that has you know make sure to communicate to your family to come right back to the altar immediately after the ceremony or immediately after the exit cause we we'll be knocking out and another great thing that helps that too is telling the past or a priest forever to say hey after the bride and groom leaving everybody walks out can you make a very quick announcement saying family photos you know who you are will begin here in five minutes and then they go oh yeah I shouldn't go wander off for an hour and we're all sitting around trying to expose me shouldn't writing room we're waiting for uncle bill you know dang it uncle bill and use you what will say is it like somebody is lost somewhere and they're like oh I got to get a picture would say you know what we could grab it at the reception we'll get you guys together will make a beautiful picture at the reception just come up and remind yeah okay oftentimes it's like the aunt and uncle better like haley you get a family photo of me and we like you know we would love to um we need to finish these photos and move on to our bride and groom photos but we will be at the reception all night feel free to pull us anytime and we love to grab that photo for you that kind of helps defuse that situation we can focus on what we need to do so another question that we have in there is we want to know if there's anything special in particular that is going on so for example on we're seeing this one couple and their grand parents had passed away and up at the altar they were having a table with like a frame and then a candle by and we wouldn't have known what in the world that was for anything but we gave him the opportunity to tell us you know hey my groom is going to be singing to me you know as I'm walking down the aisle or something like that and that stuff often sometimes they just forget because there's so much going on and they forget to communicate that to you and it's our job to tell the story so we need to be ready to shoot whatever that story is and sometimes they need to tell us with it story and you can be really taken aback if you shoot like a jewish wedding or an indian wedding is the first time you've done it and you don't realize that when the groom is bowing tio the bride's father this is like tradition history and if you don't capture that image they're gonna be ticked so like knowing those kind of traditions that say because you'll get a list from winning like that of eighty things that you gotta shoot everything that moves you know but it's very important that sometimes you know it's like oh I didn't get a picture of like the tribute to my grandma and it was like this little thing hanging off her dress or something like you didn't know about so little things like that are lifesavers yep um the next thing that we do is we ask what their first stands song is and actually I will not reveal what we use that for we do use it for marketing purposefully where we'll talk about that later and then at this point we asked them what their plans are for the formal exit and we include a little bit more information as well saying hey just a reminder if you having it at night sparklers work best to give some sort of light source that makes the photos look awesome and so at this point they tell us yep it's going to be at midnight at the end the reception pitch black bubbles so we can know just going in what to expect and what to prepare for and I need to build it in the timeline if it's happening happening right after the truman video light is charged ready to go way also asked them for a vendor information this is super hope awful on the back end when you're blogging about the wedding you don't have toe bug the planner anymore and you don't have to book a bug the bride about hey who's your kick artist again and you're scrambling trying to get this blogger and you're scrambling trying to get all this information so we ask we'll ask for you can also will ask for the their names email addresses websites and we have that database put together so we can immediately reach out right after the wedding oh my gosh it was so amazing working with you we got all these beautiful pictures we're putting them together online right now take a pass we build a folder we drop it right to their email group and they day after the wedding they're opening up their e mail and they've gotten down those of their work they are going to put you to the top of the referral list and that's exactly what you want from them and we talked about how it's really important to build relationships with vendors and this is a great way because often it's like okay well a vendor is not going to refer me until I shoot their wedding and I can't give them images hold on what's the circle that ben is not going to promote me until I shoot the wedding and I can't give them images for them to promote me or something like that my mind's a little messed up right now but so it's like I can't give them images of their works of the promote me but I haven't shot of winning for them yet so they won't promote me so what's great about this is we get the vendor information nine months a year in advance and they're like yes I'm working with this planner I'm working with this cake artists and were like sweet so immediately what we do is if we if we don't know who that planner is we send them you don't be like hey we're second jody and we're gonna be doing a wedding with we're doing sarah and john's wedding with you in june we're so pumped to work with you were excited to shoot your work and get your images and so right now even though we haven't shot that planner that florist that kick artist's work yet we're getting on their mind and then then that just starts the relationship sooner and if we know them already you know we'll shoot maybe like esso pump they're gonna work another another thing that I keep in mind too when it comes to vendors is access to your work needs to be one click so easy for them to get it if you some people do this they'll burn a disc and send it to a vendor well then the vendor has to get it in the mail they gotta open it they gotta put in their computer downloaded hopefully you gave them the right ones for the internet and then they gotta upload and then they got to share and there's a lot of processes going on there for them to do it and they're probably just gonna have to got stuff in my book but if instead you shoot a wedding for a planner she brings you an awesome wedding the next day drop box or pass uh send him a past gallery with downloadable images that they click a button share mon facebook boom they're gonna share him and then build them an album get him grab that right there police this is uh called a little kiss from kiss it's a four by four book he started like twenty two bucks and you gotta buy two at a time's over fifty or sixty bucks you can get an awesome plan you you only need two or three planners that think you are the greatest thing ever so you shoot a wedding with a planner you put a little book together ten pages that have showcasing her work showcasing some emotional stuff the bride can you know emotionally connecting to homework member she wants to see her work her design and her layout and her venue put that in that book and walk overto wherever she works two weeks later cause he's will come to you faster than you think and you can build them and swat in like fifteen minutes I kid you not which we'll talk about it you bring it over to him or build him a ten by ten linen like this one right here built bring a plant or a book like this and it's got her work showcased let me show you really fast reception you bring her this you walk it two weeks after a wedding you want gonna go hey you were amazing by the way here's a little gift for you and I'm glad you got all those photos that you been sharing on facebook for the past two weeks that was awesome thank you and now she's gonna go to every brian go look at how awesome I am and by the way if you don't hear this photographer that's on that's what you want you don't want to be on twenty people's lists you want to be at the top of three we set a long question um green kate lake is wondering how do you ensure the vendors credit you guys on the photos and I think she's regarding you know sharing on facebook if you're just giving them downloadable images how do you how do you manage that awesome question and the last thing you want to worry about is a vendor uh you know like people get so concerned about a water market vendor put an image up there's no watermark on it oh they're not crediting me credit doesn't come from a watermark credit comes from a solid spoken referral if they think you're awesome they think you're awesome they will talk about you and then make it easy for them to get back to you that's why I love passed you share a past galleries got a link back to your website automatically built into it yeah absolutely and so you can't put your watermark on it definitely um but you want them to feel good about your experience their experience with yousef you're all like nit picking and like many make sure my watermarks on it then that can actually hurt the relationship definitely put it on and when they shared online your name will be on it as well all right moving on um uh like I was in say something else about the vendors but brides and brad's mates so it's at this point that we also get a list of the first and last names of all the bridesmaids and all the groomsmen and we do this for twofold one I'd like to try and memorise the bridal parties names beforehand and so then when I meet them cause remember these are the best friends of the bride and you're going to be with them a lot for the whole day so it makes it even you know they really begin to make a connection to you if they see that you've gone out of their way to learn their names so often times I'll try and at least for the bride's maids I'll try and memorize their name beforehand then when I meet them the day of or if we happen to shoot the rehearsal you know I try and make those connections with them and I try and use their names as much as possible because they're like oh this vendor knows my name and then by the end of the night you know we have the bride coming out to us and like e that's actually very powerful marketing tools well dale carnegie says the sweetest sound to any human being is the sound of their own name being spoken to them so you show up and you can say hey sarah oh my gosh you're absolutely amazing great job today and sara happens have just got engaged and is looking for a photographer she's gonna be like these photographers are incredible even knew my name so if you could go out of your way and jodie doesn't cause I'm terrible with names jody does that and it it means a lot to people when they hear their own name spoken back especially they don't expect it yeah so and then the second reason that we get their names is we want them to be our friends on facebook so I kind of said that really funny anyway uh so what we do is we don't something friend request yet because they're gonna be like who is this zach and jodi gray wanting teo be our friend because there are photographers or whatever so we utilize this information after the wedding the night of the next morning either myself or our office manager is going into our facebook account and befriending the whole bridal party and what's great about this as soon as we have images that we're putting on facebook guess who were tagging in those images all the bridesmaids and all the groomsmen and we'll chat about that a little bit more so that is when we collect that information from them we also ask them when are they leaving for their honeymoon and when are they returning from their honeymoon we want to know if there's a day in between we want to make sure that we get there sneak peek images up before that if we know that they're sensitive and want to see you know their images before everyone else and they're leaving that night they're not they're not gonna have internet service than when they get back on friday we'll make sure on friday we do their sneak but that's a really rare instance it also helps us to gauge when we're going to set up the previous session to look at the photos because we know when they're getting home some people go on to week honeymoon some people go on three days so it's also good to know nothing we want to get is their married address this is awesome because you know you have all your product at the end of the day and then you're about to send it and you send it to the old address and they just moved and it's like crap and now you're trying to basically mismanage and field out more information and it just causes more work for you if you already have it in the database but we got there married address and then the last thing we have is um is there anything else you want to communicate there's fifty other questions on here that we didn't talk about these are some of the highlights the goodies so we say is there anything else and so often times will be like no where they're like oh yes as a matter of fact so we just give them the opportunity to communicate anything else that we may have missed

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Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

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