Wedding Photography Weekend

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The Wedding Timeline


Wedding Photography Weekend

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The Wedding Timeline


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The Wedding Timeline

so now that I have gotten all of that information now I put together the timeline and when we send them the e mails setting the questionnaire we say hey three months out it's time to start putting together the timeline of your wedding day I can't go back just for a second um say you know it's time to start putting together the timeline of your wedding day so we're sending you a questionnaire to fill out we'll get back with you and send you our suggested timeline for your day so they know that this is why they're filling it out and they know that we are going to be giving them the timeline instead of them try and put it together and send it so this is how we want to plan out our dame for our timeline we want teo have one hour for guy getting readies one hour for guy photos one hour for girl photos we want an hour for bride and groom photos and then we liked a lot thirty minutes for family and for wedding photos this is a weekend wedding party the whole one yeah we only shoot thirty minu...

tes um so this is our if we could schedule the wedding day anyway we want this is how it would be this is the time slots that we have and the reason that we add so much time in reality we can probably knock all this out in thirty minutes all of it would be super fast and super rushed in they would have tons of variety but we could not get out if we want to we don't want to the reason we put so much time in there because I think we've probably had maybe one or two weddings that have actually run on time especially with the everyone getting ready in the shots beforehand so this not only a lot us time to shoot but lots times for things to run behind without having a stress sound from locations depending on where we are where we want to shoot away the good light is yes and then it also creates a great experience because remember it's all about how the bride feels on the wedding day so if we're running a bit behind we'll save me a lot of thirty minutes for photos of the bride and with their brides maids and then a little bit of photos with the groom say we only had like I don't know thirty minutes left and saw her like on the word and we're really stress and then we're telling them to hurry up and it's like guys were running late were come on you're not going to your photos taken how does that make them feel like it makes them feel russian pressure so the reason we have so much time when we don't need all that time is so it's a relaxed atmosphere weaken joke around and just be like hey and take our time and so they feel really good um during the whole photo taking experience the question just a clarification a couple folks have asked true and julia park do you mean eight combined our for the guys and the girls oh good question I'm no an hour just for the guys an hour just for the girls and we try to do is we try to shoot thirty minutes with the groom thirty minutes of the groom and groomsmen thirty minutes with brian alone thirty minutes with the brides bridesmaids and usually we can do that in half that time well then it allows it to be very chill very relaxing everyone runs late especially the girls and so this is kind of a little trick that we dio we so you have an hour for girls and so the bride's maids think and actually we can click to this next part right here where this is kind of like a typical dae so we always get there an hour before the first photos start to arrive so at one o'clock we have groom and groomsmen photos begin sometimes the groom's we're not ready look at the bride and bridesmaids photos they're starting at two o'clock almost every single time the bridesmaids aren't ready so what we do is like all right girls you know in ten minutes all your photos air you know we're going to start your photos and then they're not ready so it's time we start should be like you know what it's totally okay we'll start with the bride first and then as soon as you're ready come on out and then they end up coming out when we wanted to start their photos anyway they didn't know that we allotted a half hour for just fried photos and a half hour for just girl photos so they have that time ahead that we're actually having them get ready earlier then they need to be anticipating them running behind us that makes sense so we do that with the groom and groomsmen normally the guys are pretty easy the bride and bridesmaid we also have added to our time um when the bride needs to get in her dress often times she thinks okay my photo started two o'clock so I'll get my address two seconds before yeah she's like I'll get in my dress at one fifty and there's eighty six buttons on the back yes he's to be laced after it and then you're like oh thank the lord she's finally in her dress and she's like oh I need to put my gardener and then oh I need to put my veil on and tweak and you're just like well so we have actually added into our timelines that lease enterprises this is when you need to be getting in your dress and we actually asked one of the questions on the questionnaire is do you have a button upper zip up or course it course it because then we know that's not going to take three seconds it's going to take ten minutes to lace that thing up so we make sure to put enough time for her to get ready get in her dress and then our role on the wedding day especially I think with being with the bride and bridesmaids is to keep them aware of time and be nice about it be like all right you know this last wedding taylor taylor and her tell me we're getting married and so I was like taylor you good to get in your dress in about a half hour's is like a great and so I'm like alright girls in about fifteen minutes we're gonna start packing up and leaving cool so I'm always like giving them those times so they're aware of what's going on so we can try and stay on top of time as much as possible um and then the only thing I think I wanted to really touch on the wedding day timeline is you know we have a half hour for family photos were trying to them either before the ceremony or immediately after the ceremony and then when I send them the timeline at this point I have when the reception starts and when the reception ends the stuff in between I say hey when you have the flow of the reception shoot it over to us let us know because oftentimes that stuff hasn't worked out until a couple of weeks before the wedding so I always make sure to follow up with them before the wedding to get that information and the biggest thing that we want to know is are the bride and groom being announced they're going right into first dance and as you saw a shooting yesterday we'd like to have a light sit up I'd like to have metered our cameras meted so we get awesome for stance so that's the biggest thing that we're looking for at that point so we can just be prepared when the first things start happening so wedding day prep you know right before we go out this pretty obvious but you know the day before we want to make sure you want to say something yeah sorry real quick so what I do is when I have a timeline together I e mail it to them be like hey this is the time for your wedding day let us know if you have any tweaks and oftentimes like oh this looks great and so now we have a day that is structured out and we built the entire time for them we get enough time to shoot the photos are relaxed in it makes for an all around better day awesome any questions on that yes we do have a couple questions um each curiel is wondering um regarding the timeline are you sending that to them after the question there or yes yeah because I'm ableto build the questionnaire off of the information they give me when the ceremony starting if they want to see job atari and based on the question and then some folks were asking about how you're dealing with where does the wedding planner fit into the question and the and the timeline that's awesome question I'll answer it uh depends on the planner some planners are like oh my gosh this is what you guys do this is great but it's definitely important to be in communication some planners air very hands on and they're building the day you know we work with one planner dorrie who does like very kind of kinky weddings and we don't even communicate with the bridegroom about this stuff she handles everything and we talked with her about this and we say this is what we need can we kind of do this or that and she she worked with us on that so do you have a plan of his very hands on just make sure that you're communicating clearly with her and make sure that she's cool with you talking details about this kind of stuff with the bride oftentimes that they love it and they're like oh this is great thanks because they don't know photography either we can't leave that in their hands at least tell them hey this is the time we need

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Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

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