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Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Lesson 28 of 36

Draping Instructional

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

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28. Draping Instructional

Lesson Info

Draping Instructional

Katie is katie's had a big breakfast so by how pregnant fairly weak. So I like to photograph woman uh usually about at the city five week matt because they have the bigger bump but I mean, this is the the cubist time to photograph them because they just look so cute little bump so but katie's actually are draping model today, so I wanted to just show you a couple of tips and tricks about draping, so come stand over here, katy now so one of the most important things is these rules here you know my posing rules for woman, so I'm chin shoulder hands, hourglass body language connection asymmetry, right? Those and my rules but when we're pregnant, we take away everything here so it's chin shoulder hands are on the belly so their hands when we pose women when you look at an image, wherever the hands are, you're looking at it now I always say it's the belly rubbers right? When you're posing somebody, when you're posing a woman and a woman with a partner, you never touch the belly and they sta...

y pregnant, right? So when they're pregnant the hands are always on the belly because that's where you look in the photograph, if you look at those woman behind you, you look too with the hands are now if my hands are here they're not on my belly there on my waist, and if they hear in the shaping my body so they're not here on my stomach or even on the boobs, right? So we don't touch your tummy, we don't touch your boobs. So remember, my rule is this. If you're going to pose people that don't look like poses that looked more like body language, then you want it to be like fluting, like real body language and in real body language, we touch the parts of our body we want you to look at. So when we talk to guys we like, we touch our here, you know, we touch our face, we touch our throat out, akala, taj, but we never, ever, ever touch your breasts. You might want them to look at them, but it's not like hi, how you doing on you? Never touch the belly it's like I hi, would you, unless you're pregnant and it's like, look, I'm pregnant, so the truth is, is when I'm teaching the maternity posing, I realized the role shifted a little bit, so we always work the chin. Why do we work the chin? So we have a beautiful long neck, beautiful face and connection with eyes, because when we push the chin fourth and then the eyes open up when the eyes opened up, our face looks beautiful and we look slim because we look team pounds. Someone will push her ten forward there now shoulder. We work our shoulder because of what we want is to connect it. And so katie hasn't done any opposing or seen any posing. So I just want you to push your chin forward, just your chin and then down like this. Okay, so everybody can do it it's like a universal language. I don't know how it works, but did you notice when I was shooting one of the mothers used today? I didn't say anything. I just went like that and she instantly went straight away and I never said anything to her. So from the front here, if you watch this, so if you're on this camera here, I want only your chin to follow my hand. That's it and now ford and down that sets the straightaway I could drop her chin now I always shake that chen long nick beautiful chin then I look at katie and I say this just engaged the shoulder form a good girl more that's it now her body language shifts dramatically when she's in this position. So recent your shoulder and look back that way again. And this time I want you to turn towards these ladies here and I want you to bring your chin all the way around to the front. Long nick in ford and down okay, see, she understands. Now engage the shoulder for me, katie that's it and took the elbow and that's a go and then chin down a little bit more and they look at them and just give me a tiny little we smile. Okay, beautiful so that chin and shoulder it doesn't matter if you're pregnant doesn't matter if your bride doesn't matter. If you're holding a newborn child, it doesn't matter if you're in a couple shot, it doesn't matter if you're in a family shot with your sister that shoulder in that ten other two things. That should be in every photograph because I want to see this look good, and I want to see this look good, and I want to see them come together with both expression and body language and, you know, you think about that energy, it just changes everything when you do it and it makes you feel really good, all right? So we've got our hands, we look where our hands are, so if we're not in a pose like this, then you're going to look at my dick. Allah, taj, if I go down to the centre of by the college, taj, you kind of look at my bris line. If I take you to my waist, you're going to look at my waist, I want to make it look as small as I can, and if I take you to my hip, then I'm going to shape my hip in my way. So I'm going to show you the curve of my body by touching my body. We don't ever walk around a bar like this their way. And so when do we ever touched this? This or this? But this is the only time. Okay, so their hands are where we look and so let's look at their hands on their belly because I love to do the circle. To me the circle pushes it especially when they little like this because if you shoot them from the front they don't look that pregnant so if you circle your belly yeah and then around and to me I just like that I like thumbs in to me it's holding the baby she's holding her belly she's holding her baby I think the only other one would be just below your belly button so just on there down kid just to show that and then the only other one would be above it now these two body languages I use in all of my images so I'm going to pose like a glamour she's gonna post like a pregnant so for may I have that direct contact to the camera so to me it's ten forward and down and looking at the camera exactly the same with the pregnant model she's proud she's maternal she's beautiful she's holding that gays and she's looking at the camera but for me I feel like the gays that's directly for a glamour abode where is more like this it's like I'm earning this I'm sixty but I feel like the gays for her is more beautiful it's this right that's a gaze of pride and it's not she's not going to be like you look at me I got pregnant where she might be she might she might you know just not from my photo shoot but the thing is is it's more like that it's more this place and you she's not looking at me so I'll show you this bring your shoulder forward katie bring your chin to your shoulder technic elbow back a little bit more that just your elbow story now drop that shoulder forward the go long chin towards me and down all right so I sent the post and then I just lay here I finish it off and give me a slight tip this way good girl what I want this for you just to give me a tiny little beautiful smile through your eyes they go see that too may is beautiful that's soft it's beautiful it's proud and I think it encapsulates being pregnant now there's two eye lines she has the airline that is to camera like that and then she has her own body line so I want you to bring your chin down and look down now we do not look down the front okay because the here falls we lose the profile we look at a forty five degree angle so he is the best way to remember if you draw a line from the center of your chin to your nipples okay and then go this way and then down that line I call it down the nipple line okay because to me it's the best way to show where it goes so you go to where your chin is and then you go straight down the nipple line now when I look down the body I'm looking at my own body okay? So fine boudoir sixty glam then I'm looking down my booty but when she's got her hands on her belly she's looking down her own belly but it's not really her belly because if you tell them to look at the belly they go at this alright so down the nipple line forty five to the face pushing forward long chin looking down and when you see this with window here and fabric and you've got the bump, you've got the hands and you've got this beautiful look that is I'm in my own energy and I feel like those are the two I line to the same island to use for glamour but never do we look away because who are you looking at it a portrait you're either connected to me is a photographer or you're connected to yourself and I'm just photographing you I don't do the look away you could do the look away if you want to do the look away, I just don't see many that do it right supermodels do it when they do this when you know but the average woman counter that I got do it, but you know, you know, they look I mean it's like when they go I just look over there but to me they're looking at someone that's walking in the room at satan pretending but I don't see it is the opportunity I don't see this glamour yeah so I like this one toe up and the reason I do that is the knee comes across and what this does is it shapes that everything okay it gives her a little bit of an afternoon back shake her booty makes your thighs look good and it covers her crotch in the front so if she happens to be just an underwear or note you know we don't want to see this we don't want to open up the crutch and you know she hasn't seen her crash for a couple of months so nobody else wants to see it either not for a while oh thank you so to the camera and down the body line all right to me those are the rules so that all my dough and then I really when I went to draw I did four posers for I mean but I'm not going to spend an hour and a half during opportunity showed I would rather spend an hour getting here in here and make up like this look here makeup she looks incredible and how often when you're pregnant when you got children do you get to do that? I would spend an hour doing that in fifteen minutes shooting her because she's trying to get get three shots remember I just want that in there I want the baby and so I'm making a client for life when I bring her into my studio and take an incredible shot right? We're going to talk about marketing afterwards but I need to match the style of opportunity to the style of the mom so what I want you to do now is I need you to shoot if you haven't already so if this is not clearly in your folio I need you to shoot a hipster mom okay? So a hipster ma'am is that cuban go outside, shoot it detail shots you know, I think haley bartholomew she's my favorite portrait outside hipster photographer because she does little love hats and signs and woods and she'd photograph colors and she'd get you in a bright red dress and make you run by brick wall and and then she'd get you and your husband and and you know she just be all doing feet and hands and connection to the belly to me that hips to shoot is not my style but if I was doing this that's where I would show that because I feel like it is so funky and all you need is for someone to like that style and you've got them you've got them straightaway the gland man to me is about the girl down the back in the pink dress it's a portrait with clothes on it's a portrait with clothes on that is just a glam gorgeous portrait maybe she doesn't want to do draping maybe she doesn't want to do note maybe she doesn't feel that comfortable with your body whatever maybe she's more conservative and doesn't want anything with your belly showing none of my pregnancy shoots show the belly on list they note I don't like it but that doesn't mean you don't I feel like it's this bits covered this bits covered and then there's kind of a gut hanging out like I just don't see it is beautiful myself backed we're going to talk about the draping of it because I feel like there's lots of ways to do it see through but covered but there is a personal choice my pa and I own that so the gland man to mei is somebody that wants a beautiful portrait down just a simple gorgeous portrait of me pregnant now I think if you have these folios in katie comes into my studio and I go katie what style you and when she says what style I showed katie what the styles where I was like are you a glam mom a your hips to mom would you like to do the fabric draping nude or are you and do you want to be like outside on a beach in a pretty dress and when I showed her all the styles she was like I'm differently glam mom draping node like straight away so I know now I have a photograph here and she's definitely my client so straight away I'm like yes okay then draping node finance style and illustrative silhouettes. That's what I really want to show you because I feel like so many woman want this done because it's the one time even if before you got pregnant you weren't that happy with your body that you'd never get a nude shoot. The closest you would get toe a note shoot is when you're pregnant and if you do this beautifully, you know they love it absolutely love it. I also find pregnant women take off their clothes quite easily. It's, like everyone else, has had a look this month. Alright, the environment opportunity portrait again not something that I'm really they're into, but callie is kelly doesn't she also lives in brisbane. So she shares exes to a beautiful beach, even in winter. And so if it's something that is in your area so if it's in the city you come from, I think this is really important. So these are my four based poses. All right? This is how I started off and then we can change the map, and then I'll show you how to do it, so I started off girl on a background so if you tuned towards me, katie, and just bring this foot out and cross over comfortably if you start to lose your balance, you can put your foot down to me if I was just going to do a portrait of a lady in the middle of a bit ground. This is something that we don't often do that anymore. We don't just do the straight portrait to the background this beautiful background I pictures from ali fan studios in new york this was on my bucket list one day when I grow up, I'm going to buy an ollie fame bank job it's elephant with a no and it's handpainted, and they're the ones that any leave of its users and it is like my bucket list. I actually hangs in my lounge as a war peace because it's like to me always ready to shoot someone, always ready to go, and I think it's, the most magnificent thing I've ever put just in my life, and I cried when I got out like it to me, it was like that are, you know, pinnacle of something that I've dreamed off my whole career is to own something like this I know it's a big traffic like I'm easy to please, yeah, so too may what makes this image so beautiful is what what she's wearing and I would happily do this image in a long black dress in a in a kind of slinky evening gown but I don't want it to look to fashion into evening I wanted to look more pretty and beautiful. So to me this is were there the standing simple pregnancy shot and then she content to the side and do the demi shop. So in the downloadable video from yesterday there I showed you she does the demi shot in pink chul on this background and then I moved the black beef led around her she doesn't even move and I just pulled a chilled laugh and she's wearing a brown underwear and I do the demi from the side and it looks node but it's not so two interchangeable poses in five minutes very fast, totally different looks okay, then I drew this lying down pose. This is a post I'm going to do today in the next three girls that come in and the reason that I do this pose is because I've actually been doing it for about fifteen years. I had a beautiful woman come in once pregnant and has that can you lie on your side and she's uh, I can kind of lie like this and she laid down on the ground and I lay down to in front of her and I shot it on the hassle bled years ago. I'm in nineties and it's still one of my favorite all time favorite shots that in my repertoire of shots and I've done this post for many years, it hides the breast if you want to and you can still wear a bright and none of my nudes nude can't always wear a g string because they compose so much easier in underwear and they could move around, lie down and not feel like they're flashing everybody. So this is a beautiful pose in it, and it translates very quickly to that so it's, just one of those images that you can do lots of different ways, you can do this black and white and silla wit. You can illustrate this, you can put ages, borders you could drop in, you know, elements. I think she done this shot here and then photograph the ground like a woods in a forest and then put her in the woods and then put flowers around here and I entered it into a competition. I was trying to find it last night, but it must be on one of my older hard drive and it's exactly that pose and I mean something like that they might want to have a big one for them or wall or they might want to keep it private but for that's a body study and they love it absolutely love it my clients have always requested it and I think it's awesome all right? So you can see that the whole shooting, the video you can see me do it and it's really interesting this pose here was simply about being a little bit more I always call it calvin klein when I shoot white on white and it's black and white gatsby blackened wide it's just simple not all girls of girly girls not all girls want to fool around them not all girls want pink you know some of them just want the white single in the james and when they're pregnant the white single in the white box is absolutely fabulous shoot you could be more lifestyle casual you could do that home study but when you show them this and they'll go oh no, I am definitely a white single it kind of girl or I am definitely the nude one or I'm differently the draping wonder I'm definitely the evening gown on the big dress well, can you put flowers in my hear that they're just sold your portrait shoot? Do you understand how easy it is to pre sell your work when you take it and show it and say what do you like? I just went to a talk last week and one of the speakers was a gap. A session op elicit was that even campfire melanie barren put on this amazing event and it was like a kid style talks and I did one as well it was very good experience for me to be up on this amazing state here in seattle and there's this woman that stood up and gave this keynote she's the sister of arianna huffington and she's written a book about the heart unbinding the heart and she has just gave this wonderful uplifting speech and she said this was my takeaway from the day she said what I believe in is radical generosity and I looked at it and I was like I love that radical generosity she said that's what you need to live in radical generosity she should think about it if you look at somebody and you say how can I help you it's no longer about you it's what you can do for them and I was like imagine that with a client how can I help you? Oh oh you're not here to see rock staff photographer me and my purchase is my word good enough honor that's right it's a service how can I help you? What would you like or how would you like to do this? How can I help you uh I would like the beautiful I would like the most beautiful part of the scene of myself how exciting you chose me to do that. What an honor it's going to that? I'm very excited about how I could do that to you. How can I help you think about that? What do you want? How can I help you? Radical generosity it just comes from a place of entirely service driven. So if you show these women all these all the ways I can photograph you this's more calvin klein he is a nude style I've got all these fabrics here that I can drape you in. You know, these fabrics here cost me nearly four dollars a tch. You know, and it's like I've got these beautiful feb it's like this and then I can show you all we can do an outside study with your kids or we can do this or we can do this and then they go oh that's me there and you go yes it is and then you go and create it for them and sell it to them because I'm telling you, when she puts her thinker down and goes, I want that solved the only thing standing in the way from getting paid is delivering and then the only thing getting in the way of you getting her baby in the next month is your follow through do you understand that so fricking easy to make friends and business radical generosity think about it it's just so applies to what I do and I just love it um I wanted to do the demi post cause I think it works in clothes I think it works nude I think it works illustrative lee and even better you khun slim the back, the arm and the butt and thigh from behind and no alter the shape of her body in the slightest so if she's worried about it I'm on the side if she's worried about it buddy, if she's worried about his front you can just lend that down you khun retouch it and smooth it, you can retouch your arm and you change no structure of the pose and she still looks like her body it still looks like her shape you keep the shape of her arm, you just bring her into a beautiful line and then you have a client for life and I love that. So before we start shooting the girls and creative, we're going teo find out nude poses were going to do environmental ideas home study, portrait clan, mom and then we're going to do some fabric draping, so I just want to show you very simply how I make this so fast now I didn't want to go on by anything that you couldn't buy because I don't want you all to think well at sammy's birthday brian because you know she can just get anything she wants because I can you know I'm just like you and also I'm smart enough to know what am I going to spend money on when I can make it myself so we have a saying in my country called kiwi ingenuity um you know it is macgyver so here we ingenuity means kiwis can pretty much do anything they want like they can just make anything cleary's kiwis have to just do it because we've got this old saying a new zealand court she'll be right she'll be right mate just put a bit of chicken wire on it she'll be right so I got a twig and I put a bit of tape on it and I made a crown okay? And I actually bought these from a florist and I bought a big bunch for like fifteen dollars and every woman that's put them on has just loved them and so what I've ended was I put the crown on like that and theresa had a bigger crown so I just added more and more and then I was like, oh, where are my flowers? Hmm? Yeah, you know, when my flowers I can all right, so then what I did was I grabbed my flowers and I just pin them in so as soon as I saw this, I actually do it on the video so he can watch the video when you watch the video, you see me make it because I actually said, I don't wanna I don't want you to think that I spent hours making this huge piece because I didn't. So I want you to know how easy it is, so I actually do it live on the video that you watch, and then you can watch me do it, so I just gotta watch the pins, I grabbed my flowers and I just went like that, and I just took them all around here he piece right there, and I did it all, so she had a little crown of them, and I wasn't too worried about the shape so much because I felt like what I was doing wass if it if for any reason and then I stuck it to the back of the head with a pen, if for any reason I didn't like the shape, I could alter the shape and photo shop, but I did it quite quickly, and then what I did was appended to the back of her here with a clamp, you know, like a hairdressing pen, so it's that simple, and I love styling like this, so if you want to make it if you hit pieces like this not just for you opportunity but for your illustrative shoots, you know, for your outside shoots I think they're just beautiful and it's really just twigs and flowers. Okay, so I just wanted to show you this because I think that was a really important component. And then there's a few other components I used and one of them was in the video. I put this chill around, theresa and I think it's really important that I show you a couple of things. One of them is how I make my clients on dress because obviously katie's about to get undressed in front of everybody and I want to show you how I keep her covered. So when I'm in the studio, even if it's just me in an assistant, I would still do it this way if you open up your robe and so she's bring underwear and then I'm going to cover here babes like this and you just hold this over your boob line all right? So straight away I go to the like that and then I in the video I wanted it be like a body, so I went, wait a minute, I got a needle and I pulled it tight like that and I just made this whole bodice line, so I do it on the video and then I start draping fabric around here and then all I did was when I hold it is to end this way I'm going to take this off you so you can hold that and that could just drop down to the ground, but I always make them feel like they got something on the body you know, like I never just let them stand there without holding something around them and I always make them feel like they're covered in some way even though it's neutral so I got this chill and I just started to pull it around here like that and I keep the brand knickers on always that's optional first question you ask a pregnant woman is do you want to show you brace yes or no if they say yes, you take the graff if you say no you don't and then as I started to do it, I just started to record up so what? I don't like about a lot of pregnancy shots and I don't like the two too, you know? I like to too, but I don't want to see a woman with a tutu wearing mid thigh with his belly hanging I've written because I get that little disney hippo thing going on in my head on I just don't think this woman wants to look like a disney I scaring him because she wants to look magnificent and so I literally stand here and I checked away to them, you know? And I don't make them feel awkward about being andrea to me I'm just any year and I'm like, oh my god, this is so beautiful and I look around having a boy or a girl so you can call us too I'm kidding it's a bad name? So I asked my mother what she was thinking, okay, I don't care about this little bit of the bank because it just kind of looks beautiful to may and as she gets more and more draped um you can let go of your babes in the front because I tucked it into you brown um I don't really care too much about the back and then I want to put something in here so these little bits of children just cut away pieces and they they cost about two or three dollars on this railway bin and then I want to just shape it around your body like dan so the different colors to one of them snowed one of them's pink, one of them's dusky and as I bring it around, that's how I made it and to me it looks node but it's beautiful but it's not julie but it's not fluffy and it was so simple and then I just started photographing here okay, really simple, so when it comes time for her to get out of this outfit and I thank you, katie, that was such a beautiful shark let's put you into the streets, you hold that there and I just went up and I do this and I got all my gosh, I can't wait to show you that photograph that was just absolutely beautiful. It was like the demi moore pose for vanity fear and I just love it and then she can go to the bathroom and get changed like that and that's all I do it's that simple and my knicks won, I get something like this and I'm like, well, what should we do next now if she doesn't want to be see through so she wants to be draped in fabric, but she doesn't want to be see through and I'm going to go for us a fabric that's not see through and instantly I've got silks like this, you know? And I just get these a cutaway bagman I love going to fabric shops, not fabric and stationary crazy makes me feel so excited and I can actually put draping around here that is not, um, see through if that's what she wants, but if you put your hand up, I'm just gonna go under your arm all right, so but what I'm not going to do is make it dre be what I want to do is fit into your boo blind and then what else I want to do is fit into her belly line at the bottom so from the side turn around this way I can see that right now push your thigh forward and then she can put a hand in there are under her bottom of her belly that's it and albert down and then I can shape the belly and make it nice and tight and just fit it down but I can make like little dresses in colors suit and all I do is graver here clip like one of those clamping white ones, which should be everywhere but I can't and I just spend it at the back and tighten it, okay, so straightaway there looks absolutely beautiful see, hold the gold one it's it and drop down and then when I'm shooting, I just make a hell of a mess and then I cleaned up afterwards I found this bit of fabric for about eight dollars and it's it's simi see through so it's nude skin color so if you drop the gold one and keep this one out and just put that on your body, then it's sort of suits his skin time and that was stephen dollars and I love that, and for the length of it, I could tack it into her bra like this talking into her brat. I could go around too like this and then penn heavier and to spring your nate ford, they're ok and then drive. So too may I was just like that is so classically beautiful it's so easy to create, I haven't penned it yet either only need one pin get me my b should keep them in my here I think they might be in the suitcase kalidas suitcase that came so too may I love that I love it and black eleven no that's a seven dollar dress, then I've got this and I'd like to do this shot today I gotta palek chul because to me the black tour it's in the show that you get it was a little bit I'm node, but I'm not note so theresa's in the black chul and I do like it. I would actually like more black tour. I tried to sell some the week before, but I couldn't because we were shooting every day, so I would like to get more because I feel like this and black chill right down to the floor would just be magnificent and then kamei from the internet folks are wondering how long those pieces of fabric this one this one I actually found was a cut away so it literally was the end of the roll so this one is easily four to five yards, so yeah, I if I'm ever going to buy fabric I tend to buy it and the team made arrange all the teen yard range around there because I make traces and chili skirts and so if I find pieces like this too may four or five meters is the perfect size exactly the same with these big pieces remember, these are the ones have always show is my police to chiffon and I this is a pretty stock standard size for mai and this is its wits and I pretty much have like one, two, three, four like four yards of fabric is enough to make a gown. Okay, well, thank you then there's something else I like. I did find it in the navy blue, so that's kind of like that this is my big dream too. I'm like, but if only I had a maid like kevin pick it all up and I'm like, I've got nothing to wear, okay, I find dresses like this so this was actually a very expensive dress and this dress wass that's a size fourteen large australian size so that's about a fourteen sixteen here, so it's going for anyone and claim for the back I found it. It was about a two hundred dollar dress. But I found it in the bag and bin because it has a pull at the front like it. Just pull. Really it's pulled the fabric really badly and so I found it in a bag and then for about thirty dollars. And I thought not only is that a great maternity dress it's the dress the mona is wearing in the mum video on my website. So it's not even for pregnant it's, just beautiful and that's. Obviously the one ashley is wearing in this shot. Now you can tell them to bring their own outfits. But this is just outfits I have. And when I started to put the girls on them, they loved plane triceps in them. But, you know, it's, even dollar dress is even better than that, right? Because this isn't very flattering on the body, but that is magnificent. Okay, I found this for twelve dollars, and I felt like, what a great way to do a nude shoot with this overuse it just lightly see through its body hugging it's a nude color. I think it's sweet it's going to fit a belly, innit, um, so I really like that. And this was a beautiful vintage pace. One of the girls here at creative live is a vented shopper, and she purchased it for me as a gift because she said she saw it and she just thought, I have to give this to you so that's from jessica drake and she gave us to me and I love that and it's one of my beautiful pieces, and I haven't photographed in it yet, but it's really from the fifties? Yeah, so, you know, you get pieces like this and they become your studio wardrobe, but really, what it means is you can photograph this piece is make amazing folio shots and then say your clients, what what do you? Because if I showed katie the images off the draping dress and then I said to her what you and she said, I'm differently the fabric kind of girl I'll say great going choose a fabric that suits you, she could bring her on, I don't have to do it. I mean, if you don't want to do it, educate your clients to do it, but all you're doing is giving them the the the idea and the education and the more committed cheers to that shoot, the more she turns out with something, the more she's going to buy it it's that simple, right? So, like I said, take you through the styles are you hipster ma'am are you single it tank top white tank top white shorts mom are you just a beautiful portrait ma'am? Are you nude ma'am like which one are you show them you environment or on the beach pregnancy show who the stiles what do you but which would you have picked yeah so you'd like the beautiful portrait standing on the backdrop sorry I always talk to them and that they might I'm sorry I would for sure just let go draped in nudes I owe from my first pregnancy had to have some nude pictures just like how many did you have a tte that point of wasn't just like super excited just like about them and I have actually in my bedroom hunting too great and this is your second pregnancy? Yes cool and this time I'm planning to do like a huge one in bedroom good girl. All right, so that's all I have in terms of needing tio do stuff I tell you what I want to show you one little shot that I did maybe about fifteen years ago that I hold dealy to my heart and that is I need the fan for this one so the fans gonna make a little bit of a noise but what I'm gonna do is this, uh, thing comes out kelly up so I got a twig I've got some forestry all right, so come and stand here. In fact, it would be better if I can. I'm just gonna show it to you over this fabric because if I take if I take her rep, er she'll have here I'm bum exposed to the camera that way sums going to leave this on so you can see. So I did this incredible shot where I put this here like this hold with your armpits and it has to be very see through a fabric. So either a chill or a light ship on and my client is wearing underwear and the fan is over here, so we're just gonna do it as an example. So tune your body this way to the fan, okay? And what I did was I got here into the body position, so the only way I could do that was tucking this into here. Brad what's cold. Okay, and then I get her into the post, so bring your lift me forward and the hands are flying back. So it's just they're effective. And I just did this it's one of my old time favorite shots, and I shot it with one of the girls throwing the fabric just here, so not the long drapey shot, but just the one we're this is sucked onto the belly and this really sucked onto her belly and she's looking down her body line like this and it's just one of my all time like the woman lying down I didn't around the same months one of my all time favorite shot, so I have to facebook it and I just did that like that and she's nude here, which looked really incredible, but the fans just holds it if you hit it directly this one's coming in on an angle so fortuna directly there I shouldn't have to hold it in fact, um chul will sack to the body without being tapped in it would just suck onto the body, but you just have to be aware that it's cold and the baby of the fabric, the more it's gonna fly and if this is not so much about it being a holding shot it's more about, he is lying fabrics flying, but I don't do that long drink the shots because they feel like it looks to bridle yeah, thanks count so that it was something that we should shoot definitely and we're gonna try and do it with chul so maybe we'll do that with katie. Maybe we'll blow that with katie and we'll try it on this and then we'll have to shoot this beautiful dress because it's gorgeous well, I would love to read you a comment esu this is from trudy scrumptious photography who says, oh, my goodness just purchased the course and watch the bonus video with the maternity shots. Wow, wow, the girl, the styling, the photography, the posing and the processing blown away by the beauty of every single image and love the way the video blends from straight out of camera edited images showing the subtle but superb changes I am in all of you. Sue thank you created five so I just wanted to read that because we're talking about how you take what you're doing here even further. So the whole point is that you see what's in my roll camera because let's face it, I'm a good editor and sometimes I can be a really lazy, shitty photographer, but my connection is always there, okay? So I fix a lot of stuff from foshan I see a background, I'll fix it later, you know, I'm I'm not and I love it when I do slow down. I do try and slow down a lot special when I'm teaching because I want to look incredible, but I see my images come out of raw images and I'm like you, but I know what I've seen is the I know the structure of the body is there and the connections here, so what we do is in that video you do see it raw come out of the camera there's no point showing you retouched images that's like it's like I always say this you know when you order a bacon burger it's kind of like this if I show you a shoot and then I show you a retouched image you've missed the whole point if I am lying tio and it's photographers I love it when people come up to me and say you know like I love this thing you did and so neat to see you the images because they went that good and I think no way but they did look good when I finished with them no but that's important to me I think it's really important so you see the rule but at the end I said to him take the images and show them retouch the lines the retouching lines like the q b mom okay like syria in here oh I did that retouching to finish his show sirrah how beautiful she is by taking away what she doesn't like what no woman likes and so I did the retouch lines and then you see the finished product so they do like a slide show at the end it's quite name that you want two three one, two three on the editing so we have so many mom's in the chat room that are concerned about the the lady here everyone's like can we get her chair or some water while it's his teaching that's what I said I said not sick e I told lady hawk in the lounge I'm saying I said you want me to interrupt right now until the model needs a break that's not gonna I was gonna I was gonna say to him could you clean up my stuff and I'm just standing here looking beautiful is looking beautiful isn't that what you want? Take another question yes okay question from s p love s p s love how do you bring up doing possible nude or semi semi nude with a client? I always get instantly shot down. Oh, really? Oh no okay, you show those photos so when you do the styling so when you like how would you like to be photographed so I can do it straight ping I could do sort of this hipster street study I'm going to just get kicked on and I could do this and then I get to the nude and I'm saying you can do nude find out mode in the cool thing about these notes that you don't even have to take your underwear off you don't take your bra off because none of them is showing their brat it's really just skin shots when I say that I take the fear away and then I'm like, they instantly go, you know, I would love to do that, but I'm like, whatever, bebe, you have to do that now. That it's really easy. I'll show you how I do it. I'm just like you wear a bra, you cover your boobs, you're wearing underwear. I removed the side on finish up a pose, you look gorgeous, and when I explain that to them, they're always like, I want to do that. Yeah, so mostly they do want to do body stuff with me, but I had to take him through that jenny of trust, not just like. So do you want to do anything nude in that voice? Yeah, way we could all be node one awkward created like me to do a new class. Don't get the people started one. We're very quick question, and that is from an h photo. Would you ever wrapped the arms for clients that are worried about their arms? We talked yesterday about how women will not buy images about not with these slim and photoshopped, slim, imposing, finishing, photoshopped, slim, imposing, finishing, photoshopped, it's. Okay, you know, it doesn't matter what size your arms are, you just want them to look a little bit smaller than they do when they're on the against your body from inside you know you're dealing with two variables one is that when you are on your side it's against your body okay and so it's always going to squeeze down on your arm it's always gonna look smaller win it to get a bigger when it's against your body and when you squeeze ford on the breast okay so when you competing with your boob is well this here I'm just drop that shoulder I call that the league of him you know when it pops out the back and it just looks ron it that's not part of your arm that's something that you know it's like when you go at this you know but sit apart so all you have to do is trim that off it's not here she doesn't want it nobody wants it just get rid of it stuck even keep out of it so yeah, a couple more questions so you can actually go and sit down but let me get you this so all of my clients then once if in a shooting they go into the robe that's it and I can tell take this off and check to here just like that so I'm here I'm here and I'm going to keep this straight because I'm going to shoot you in it because it's just absolutely perfect in you can literally stay ahead of it thank you, katie. That was really wonderful. And we'll get you back after the break. Someone please get her chance. Ah, okay. And a foot massage. And I felt that that woman a foot massage question came up from rebecca nash and a tough tootle also asked this all the colors are nude and pink. Is this what you recommend, sue? Or what if they were having a boy? Would you recommend dr heller's? No, that is just super rise. Yeah, it's not anything to do with baby it's. My it's it's that joyce tennison and may it's the wannabe joyce tennison it's the wannabe. Any labor that's you know it. That one? I also love these to mate. But these pellets that excite me is a photographer. If I showed the draping to katie and she loves baby blue and she's having a baby you know susan, you were baby blow your eyes go, baby blow I would put you in baby blow because you are blonde you look magnificent in baby blue I don't look good and nude I look good node I just don't look good in name and so I that's why she made that sweets are gonna go crazy with a quote of the day everyone yeah, sir, to may yeah any palate that soft is beautiful I don't even like black on pregnant women that's why the children nude is ok but to me not even black black kiss fashion and it's edgy to me I just wanted to be soft and feminine so yes, I am so attracted to the nude palette and the ballet colors that I'm still a woman that gets a little bit mike hat stops when I see ballet shoes in all of those nucleotides and stockings and the car colors just like on so yeah, I would have a whole studio a new colors if it was my my jenny but that's just personal choice again you don't have to hold a wardrobe of fabric or you have to do is educate your client in let them bring in what suits them. Okay. Question from t j m photo what is the best timeline to do maternity sessions? How far along what? My sister at five months. So that's twenty five weeks just over to about twenty five weeks looks for tim she's had four children for nine pound babies and she looks for tomb a five months or five months. People have stated here any day now and she'd say no, no another sixteen weak and people were guy oh you having twins eso from my sister I would cheat her at five weeks or five five months but a lot of these girls have little bellies so it really depends on the frame how they carry what they're having you hit twins count will you big so but also when you're pregnant after a thirty seven weeks you become really uncomfortable and you start to contain a lot of fluid you fake it so I wouldn't actually photographing after thirty five weeks although that shot that I told you about the lying down shot my favorite shot the nude ran which I shot about fifteen years ago I want my fifteen years ago maybe those young guys that may be about twenty six when I shot there and she actually was a little pregnant woman like she only had a little bump I shot that she went into labor that night so she rang me up because I had a boy today and I think what I photographed two years today but she was at city I think thirty nine weeks so it depends I'm going to go with help pregnant tell you how big are you how do you feel right now and you know you want to get them when they feel really really good when they just body feels great they look great I have I've made belly's bigger okay I have walked belly's bigger because I've had girls say I want you to photograph me now before I put on more weight but can you make my belly bigger and I've actually done that, so if that's what my client wants sure I've made I make boobs bigger when they make a belly bigger. Does anyone have a question? What about maybe making belly smaller eyes there anything you'd do differently posing or wardrobe wise? If you're carrying really really low just opened in yeah, I mean proposing wise sometimes I've had the mom with hands down here in the dad and it just it looks wrong because it's beyond them yeah, so so well, the hard part about that is if you're warping from the front is your hand just need to come higher because you look with a hand is so if it's right down there is gonna look wrong so hank and go on her belly there and there if it's from the side when you've got that really big, low belly, just bring her hand there not so much underneath, but on the about basic her belly under her belly button, but if you walk pit you pretty much warping that hand as well. So that's what you'd have to be careful of that you don't change or stretch pixels on the hand, the hand looks very awkward when you warp it and you notice it straightaway, so maybe just place the hands so it's no different than doing for waste in the opposite so you move the waist, too. We want if I tell you to look at the camera and put your hands on your hips, everybody does this out here, but when I say now give me your phone waste, which is your fake ways, then that's when your hands come into here. Now, when I do this, my waist looks smaller because I'm showing you a different line. When I'm out here, it looks bigger and when I'm in here, it looks smaller. Do the same with the belly, just watch the hands and where they look good and they know that if if you cut it off earlier, you can just make it look like that it's a little higher, but only when it's, that odd shape some people carrying an odd shape. My friend had twins and she went straight out. It was just crazy. It was like you couldn't have done the demi on here. I don't know how she held out for something that was really great.

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a Creativelive Student

i LOVE this workshop!Sue Bryce is AWESOME!! I'm enjoying learning how to pose the mum to make her look beautiful. and I want to specialise in maternity and newborns... Thank you soooo much! I'm learning so much.... Kylie, NSW Australia


I LOVE this workshop, it is absolutely amazing material and I enjoying watching it again and again! Every time I learn something new from it. And you can't imaging how thankful I am!! Sue and Kelly - your are the best in maternity and newborns!! Love you both so much!!!