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Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Lesson 17 of 36

Shoot: Family with Baby and Toddler

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

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Lesson Info

17. Shoot: Family with Baby and Toddler

Lesson Info

Shoot: Family with Baby and Toddler

All right so he's sitting at five and a half months old and even if he's not sitting unassisted the whole pose our idea of this pose is exactly the same way I would shoot two people is I'll put them on here and sit him here so rachel can come and sit him here and I would shoot it low and directly in the front so it's begun this thing and now he's awake he's just having a cuddle all right so if you come and sit down right and put him in your arms now you have two choices all right one of the choices are that she can kill him up in her arms or he can sit up now he's a little bit too big to kill up this he wants to go to sleep so right now he's perfect you want this to me along that's a little bit hard this floor all right so if you come sit down I need him over here that's it so you come on to your elbows that's it now I need you up on your knees in leaning forward it's not too far for just over that's it so I want you to sue call him there and put your hand across the alex that nice and...

high so he's going to sit in here tyler I want you to come and sit down I want you to kneel beside rachel and I want you to put your arm around here the sound that's it in the sand down here all right and now you two come together so couple first ed baby right couple first pose mom coupled then baby all right so all I have to do a sort hands out she's supporting him tyler's on both of them and if I can I'll get him right under here so long chin and just tipping together and I would put a reflector in here but I'm gonna block the camera so you get it she could just overthrow landon you're perfect jump on up buddy you want to come and sit up here with daddy when he said on your knees like this for may oh yeah give any kind of e going about with his hand under here you go good I don't think she's in the center and I'm shooting it if for I need a smile from you and I am over exposing to bring up and let enough light in there for everybody else are you're a good boy o is that your tourists? I feel like when you're shooting two kids it's like kana landon khanna landon khanna and then you look and mom's tector chinon and it's like okay so why don't you put your arm around him now and bring him all the way into and lending can you look at me? Can you look at me ah, good boy. Landon landon landon oh, I got a smile. Good boy. You're gonna smile. Don't smile no smiling landon no smiling good boy. You got it. Perfect. Okay. So shooting that into the backlight for mae how I retouched that I'll show you later because you know that I love to push those whites out. Name d set to read a little bit and then they get those vanity fear portrait of their best, right, which looks absolutely incredible. S o this is one of the scenarios. If we can go back to the posing manual, this is the one scenario just for election guys and pull back a little bit so I just wanted I look at these ones. So that's, what I put in the manual and so with this one to take a little bit of time because we got the shot let's, just take a little bit of time to reset this. I need you to understand something, and if you look at the picture, you'll see why when rachel brings her hands in, this is the most slimming pose for a woman with her arm for, like, then his shoulder. Okay, now what she'd been does is circles the baby back to her and we do that because then they're the same focal point you see and so I can shoot it even it you know, two point eight, which is a little bit risky with family for but I do do it because I'm kind of, you know, I like taking risks like that it's with the drop away and then I get landon and what he just came in on his own accord because I find if you ignore told us they want to be part of it if you try to make it about them, they team to resist you, I love that about kids and mean, so then tyler came in beautifully, but he put this arm around here, so the biggest mistake everybody makes is trying to put tyler's arms on there because everybody does the same thing trying to put your arms on their your shoulders don't fit in there like tyler's arms won't fit in there because when he does go down like that, his this side by side and the connection is not together, so people, yeah, so if he puts his arm around rachel and then he comes across here, then he can connect there and landon came in on the side lane and set up on the side and leaned on his shoulder landen could even come through and they could swat the baby so let's, try sliding the baby over and land and you can't give mummy a cuddle and here you bring kind of this side and taliqan parliament there there's still so many cool combinations you can do here exactly right so you write your arms around him and he's going to fit into tyler's ants really beautifully make toilet sam's big okay don't let tyler sit like this he's got big arms let him sit out there and then when rachel comes forward tyler puts that I'm around and then l focuses on the kid's right so dead sound behind him look in the picture see dead terms around babies in front that's right? We're not going to take a shot so just relax and that's how I make this happen now this shot looks really good even on the floor so I'm going to show you because these guys can do it I'm going to just pull this back I'm gonna pull this back so even if you have a face black ah right here come on, come on, come on, monster all right, so I will ignore him and you took and lie down on your tummy is that's okay? So you're in exactly the same position but lie down on your tummy and then up on your elbows so you're gonna happen that you're here go to the side that's a go so come on frontier are both now tyler I need your arm all the way up and over here so the good part about this is you need to actually turn your hip that way the good part about this not too fair she just knits in there and then this elbow here really important this elbow stretchers out to here see what happens with her body you put her body language into his his thin connects hands know so you connect fingers so lock fingers here helped it so they can lock fingers and then they touch hits okay and then they found the front you need to shoot that low and on the floor in the back light white floor wouldn't floor looks absolutely beautiful. Okay, it's one of those shots that I would shoot horizontally just touch here look that way okay, so the camera can see you and what I would do then is I would put if it was just right to alone I would put sorry without a baby I mean, I would put her arm up and over here but never outside of her body language. Okay, we never put a woman's arms outside of her night over here outside of his shoulder range so she's never going to be like this okay? Her elbows are always going to be inside her body line and the reason we do that the reason we do that is when we put the body line out that's that farmer joe I always talk about when we like you know I won't get alibis out I'm nobody now elbows always come into our body line here and then we can get those little kept positions but it looks feminine lying down so exactly the same pose we've got a little photo bama and if you put your elbow out okay, this is the one problem with this pose and this is really, really important because because rachel's taking tyler's wait meaning his arm she's giving like this. Okay, so this is where you got to use your tummy muscles, push him up for I'm gonna have months ago. I've never had a baby right now is getting well other than my fake baby, which will soon have a name against a nice until and then take to take with tyler. Okay, so now this is where I'm just gonna pull her elbow out and we're gonna put connor in here exactly the same as the ottoman, but she just has to push up. So I'm gonna watch rachel during this shot and I'm going to say rachel, push up rachel, push up rachel, push up in it's hard because she's taking a lot of weight to do the shot but you know what? It's a good workout and they always thank me in the morning, okay? So they're days even going live by daddy don't die up here okay, so same shot I don't really care if the dummy stays in for now I'm gonna pull it out but they go now landon you give daddy a cuddle landon you give daddy a big cuddle is he close and afters go for it okay hid together lifting up nice and tall all right, you get good boy landon dance my don't smile hey good boys and hear anything that I would do is land and sit out you sit up like so sit like may upon your name lease and you you knew lean on daddy's big shoulder so I would just get laid him to sit into a nail position like this in lane into him and just watch maybe rachel's hand rachel's hand can go around under a little bit more so it's not leading towards the camera and I can see kanis feet and that would be it so you lean on daddy you go like this ah lean on daddy for me ok? And there was a newborn head move on a three year old on its way well, it kind of worked land come down your name you ready? I'm gonna I'm coming all right, relax and sit up alright, so from here one two scenarios I love this scenario this scenario to me is not something I'm going to do necessarily with an older couple um you know, I feel like it's a young po's I feel like making people lie on the floor, but you know, I've seen this post done in a lifestyle magazine and they photograph this supermodel woman and her husband and their three children exactly the same way on the end of the white beard in a big white room and they took that photograph and two may it was the most beautiful portrait family portrait I had ever seen I just looked at it so we're going to repeat the same ottoman pose with a newborn and more of a cradle and make that more of ah baby cradle pose but that was absolutely perfect for what they did, so it differently helps having somebody like kelly in the studio because if she wasn't doing there obviously rachel would be and so it's kind of I'm going to shoot down this white wall and I'm going to do a traditional sitting pose now I'm going to try it with him without the box to show you why so when I go to my remote, I'm going to go to here this one here interesting pose no show you why it works because it's such a beautiful interaction between mom but it's kind of it's a hard one in terms of dead, so I'll show you what doesn't work tyler come here because I see a lot of people do this and come and sit down on the ground and you're going to sit between his legs ok, where's your baby miss you, baby gone. Go get the baby. You can't leave the baby by himself you go get the baby, okay, see what's happening tile is bigger than rachel, but he can't get up and over her because men don't have that waste of a body flexibility. So I need to give him a boost. But this might be too big, okay, jump! And I'm gonna put the sound of him now. Now he can get up on either. But it's too high. Okay, so I've got two choices. Either put a pillow under his bomb, just elevate him a little bit, but not as high as that. Or I get rachel to come up onto her knees now. Not a night ideal sitting position for a lot of people, but we're going to be quick, so come up onto knees now. The reason that I want him to be elevated above her is come and sit down so I want you to sit inside. They're just on your knees nice and flex and put your feet down to don't have your toes up like that that makes you too tall, that's a nice and flat okay, now you're really tall so I kind of want you to just go on one foot like that's a little half have z's and it didn't then it's a little elevation all right, now have a look at the pot's look at may okay, I've got it citrate was here first. Okay, we sit ma'am, we sit dead, we had children all right, so from here she looks beautiful to newton all the way around to may I see it the chin position straightaway because they'll start moving it with their children when the children come in they'll start looking down at the child I see the chin position because they will return to it. Now I want to see a little bit of rachel's body from this angle, so if we can be on this camera I think this would be closer to the angle I'm going to shoot on and you can drop this need down like this. And now tyler can come forward now see he's sitting in a perfect staggered position he slightly elevated but more importantly he's up on his bomb forward instead of being tucked under like that. So when tyler was sitting again the wall his bum was tucked in and his shoulders were back and it's like trying to get your arms forward like this it looks ridiculous now he has full access to her so he can bring his arms all the way around here and then once he's cut down her online okay and that's what anybody shape he's using his arms to make hers look smaller now the whole point is that she has small arms now I've been photographing thousands of women and long, long time and all women no matter what their body size say don't give me fed arms women all body sizes height fed arms now we don't see our arms from the side we see them from the front and mirrors we don't see them inside until we see a photograph and then it's usually a white space being hit with light and we freak out don't wait like even my skinny skinny friends always like look outfit my arms are like really, really okay, yeah but it's true everybody is the same, but I've never heard a man say could you make my arms look smaller just like you never hear a woman say look, I'd really like to look wider you know make me arms wider I love my stick and chin I like my signature and more than my first chin to give me but like get both of them be kind to both of them and you know, so I always think to myself this so now if I can move rachel's body have a look at this pull away from tyler and go out there and turn into him that's it more more not with you here just with your shoulders that's it so now scoot your bum out a little bit more okay so she can see what's happening now so from this angle he is now fully in circling here and her body's just tucked right in there and it's perfect okay if you have a really cool the girl and you have a slimmer dead but you have a really kooky girl this is hard for them to do okay because she's now forty five degrees in his arms facing away from him so I had to get his arms all the way around her that's actually difficult however you khun take this hand away so disconnect this hand tyler and take it away that's it and you still have the same pose without him looking like I can't get my arms around here so if she is really curvy at the moment that's ok make her look heart from the front to me that's equivalent to wearing a dress unzipped looks really good from the front just don't turn around okay so that's where it's at now we're going to quickly do this except I duel this quickly of course because his children waiting I'm going to connect rachel's chin to me more and now I'm going to get you two whole tyler's hands so I want you to lock hands with him that's it beautiful right now right toe and the other hand because you can locate now tip forward and now tyler, come forward with your face more, more, more, more rachel, go back a little and bring your ten down this way now they're connected they're beautifully the case is straight away now if I had a newborn a little wee newborn this is exactly where kelly's gonna cradle right here. Okay? Right in here is our little cradle so I'm going to get fake baby on even fake babies even fake baby's former thank baby's quite pink. Come here to you two I think babies a little fake baby's going to go in here and then kelly would do here little thing. Yeah. All right, so this shot here this shot here really important. Okay, win it's bigger baby, bigger babies now going to be here. All right, so down a bit lower, rachel, so bigger baby is gonna be there and then we'll put connor in here and see if we can get a shot of him and then I want to go through my interaction shot. Now this shot here looks really good with jane's and a single it jeans and a t shirt white wall family black and white looks really funky, really contemporary, and it also looks really good in a black scylla wit okay, so we're going to take it down and then take the angle up a bit so we have a b flat here. Black might be flat, bring the beef laid in and I'll show it to you because I always have to do is not move these guys it's just part of the food around them to change this post significantly so just while they're in this pose, I'll get kelly's camera. All right, holding hands, bring your turn around so I'm going to re sit right? So I'm going to do the here first, that's it and then I re sit here here, chin forward tyler okay, there, there, there. Now this leg out a little bit more tyler and your legalese to come around rachel so your knees together so you can pull your foot out in sliding around if you want that's it so sliding around a little bit more big oh, tyler, look up to may. Okay, so I'm going to shoot this generally down here like this. All right, two chin this way. Rachel tyler, come forward. Don't hide in here here, so generally I'm going teo once the funky little angel going on here, I'm going to shoot this low like this, okay, I'm not gonna move anything the background, you get it so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to shoot that about tyler I line my case I'm going to be about here I'm going to bring the baby and and this is where I can sit landon landon come on you want a fatherland e I would sketch about this way and set him right here can you push back a little inch landed and income comes to hear daddy I'll tell you secret come and sit next to daddy I can't give him connor cal come around here and shoot it all right two there they are there one two three just like that and if I could all get landed in here or I'll do you one better I'll get them to scooch forward slightly and put landon behind him on his back so he can actually stand this would be the one position that he constrained and land in constand in with his arms across his back landed come in can you help me? Can you be my help? I need you to shake the rebel come on, I need you to help me. Good boy. You're gonna make on a smile but you have to do it over here so I need you to help me because your big bro so it's really hot in here and they're cuddling you know so it's just going to get harder and harder for them little step you see the book hey e need you to be my special helper you said about us on the box okay all right so we're getting a little bit squishy so if you can pull away entirely can lean towards you if you can pull away like with your mom makes you scoot away that's a girl perfect perfect all right so obviously I need babies no don't smile darn you smile he's going teo rick with you are so cute rods go okay can you stay there lane and stand up I'll show you a big boy post I can't push for you to say that you can with the boxes well tyler so push forward rate that's it that's it more more more you stand up behind eddie okay push forward yeah a little bit more that's the one now tuck your foot back under where you were and reset your pose you wanna piggyback on daddy you jump on daddy's back thiss side body landed look at may land I came mom climate mom shoulder chin that's a girl down low lion don't expect landed smile and my own coming continue cut come on good boy give me a cuddle I need your help landon upon the box I think daddy needs a cuddle and just keep shooting without him shoot this horizontal so I can create a square I'm only leaving space between the wall and so landing can come and give daddy a cuddle I can't get there wow!

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World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

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You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

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Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.

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a Creativelive Student

i LOVE this workshop!Sue Bryce is AWESOME!! I'm enjoying learning how to pose the mum to make her look beautiful. and I want to specialise in maternity and newborns... Thank you soooo much! I'm learning so much.... Kylie, NSW Australia


I LOVE this workshop, it is absolutely amazing material and I enjoying watching it again and again! Every time I learn something new from it. And you can't imaging how thankful I am!! Sue and Kelly - your are the best in maternity and newborns!! Love you both so much!!!